Warnings: Romance (Ah! Screw it! It a PWP, okay? Or very close to it.),Yaoi, Lemon, Language, slightly AU (The sorceress' war never happened, but they are at the Garden with our favourite holiday ~_^ ), OOCness (What can I say? Valentine's day has that sort of effect on people.)

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Author's Notes: HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! I know it's cliche, but all the bright colours, hearts, flowers, and chocolate (Mostly the chocolate, I believe 0_o) I was inspired to write a little Squall and Seifer romance, get together story. You know, the ones that don't have much plot, but make you smile. I absolutely drool when I see fanart with these two together. I love other couples, but Squall and Seifer are my favourite guys in the game, and having them together is just so . . . so . . . hot! (There is absolutely no other word to describe it. I mean can you just see them getting it on . . . . so I'm hentai, sue me :P )

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By Drakon Sword

It was perfect. Pink, red, and white streamers laced the ceiling and walls of the ballroom. Large red, and pink hearts joined the twisted streamers together as the same coloured balloons also were stuck, and dangling from various parts of the ceiling. Cute little pictures of cherubs with bows and arrows as graced the wall, giving the ballroom a overall feel of love.

The tables were covered with the traditional white table cloths, but on top was a big red heart-shaped candle, and a small bowl of cinnamon hearts. The DJ's table had a pink sheet over the table with a large heart on it reading, 'Happy Valentine's Day'.

"It's perfect!" Selphie exclaimed, clapping her hands in glee as she bounced on her feet, spinning around the room. Selphie loved Valentine's Day. Actually, realistically, she loved every holiday. Any excuse to have a huge party, and dance. Some liked to drink and get wasted. Selphie liked that too, but decorating, and making the party was her favourite part. Something to do with her visual expression.

"I agree. It looks great." Quistis agreed as she smoothed out the table cloth she was putting over the last table. Rinoa beside her, putting the candle in the middle and the bowl of cinnamon hearts. Quistis stole a few, and popping the spicy, but sweet candy in her mouth.

"I can't wait! It should be so much fun! Valentine's Day is my favourite holiday!" Rinoa said, clasping her hands in front of her chest as she looked over the room as she came up beside Selphie. She could already feel the excitement of that night budding in her chest.

"You know, I have never seen what was so special about Valentine's Day. Great. A little, fat child is running around in his underwear if he feels like it, otherwise is naked, with a bow and arrow on the pretense of shooting your heart to make you fall in love. I find it rather disturbing. I mean, if you're shot in the heart, you're dead. It should be censored." Seifer muttered, as he carried some chairs in with Squall, Zell, and Irvine behind him doing the same.

"Seifer!" Rinoa scolded, frowning as she put her hands on her hips. Seifer looked at his ex-girlfriend, and shrugged.

"No Seifer. Valentine's Day was created by the woman's lib so they could get flowers, chocolate, and gifts." Zell grunted as he put the chairs he was carrying around a table. Squall coming up beside him to do the same.

"I hope you got me a gift, Zell. Otherwise my red, slinky dress will go to waste. Such a nice dress too." Quistis said, tapping her chin. Zell straightened up, and thought quickly to make up for his last comment.

"Of course! I was just complaining about the fact that there isn't really a day where guys get gifts. Valentine's Day is really for the women we care about. I feel a day should be created for men to get gifts from their girlfriends. However, if you're wearing that dress you bought in Deiling City, that will be enough of a gift for me." Zell said, digging his hole deeper, but somehow, miraculously, getting himself out. Quistis smiled, seductively as she brushed past him to help fix chairs.

"Nice save." Squall murmured as Quistis walked away, smirking as Zell let out a relieved sigh. He had successfully not pissed his girlfriend off on Valentine's Day. Zell turned to Squall and frowned, putting his hands on his hips.

"Shut up! You don't have to worry because you don't have a girlfriend, lucky asshole." Zell muttered back. Squall shrugged. He and Rinoa, Seifer's ex-girlfriend of 3 months, had dated for a record 5 months before facing reality, which was they weren't right for each other.
The first few months had been great, other than Seifer growling and challenges, but Squall and Seifer had one last run-in near the end of Squall and Rinoa's relationship, and it ended. It was their last spar off because they had severally hurt each other, or more than they ever had before. Cuts, bruises, and scraps were common, but the slice between the eyes was too far. Squall had passed out from loss of blood and was in the infirmary for 2 days while Seifer was punished to stay in his dormitory for the weekend after he received medical attention, which was not as much as Squall needed. Both still had the scar from the fateful battle.

Seifer was upset that his ex-girlfriend, of which he had dumped, was dating Squall. There was a few months of an interval between them, but it still upset him for unknown reasons; still of which he couldn't explain. Anyhow, he started insulting Rinoa to Fujin and Raijin in front of Squall till Squall snapped, like he had hoped, and challenged him.

Squall had insinuated this battle for a change, and ended up worse off. Mostly because he was lighter, and shorter than Seifer. He wasn't as strong because of this, so blood loss had affected him worse. Not to mention, Squall wasn't a great healer. Seifer was bigger, and had more blood to lose, so he was able to drag Squall to the infirmary to get medical attention. He was feeling faint, and needed to rest, but didn't need to stay in the infirmary like Squall had too. However, his scar was just as predominate as Squall's. Seifer had a feeling that they didn't want the two of them in the same place for a while. They were dangerous together because sparks always seemed to fly when they were in the same room.

Seifer and Squall had avoided each other like a plague since then, and were, for the most part, civil to each other when they did see each other, which was more often then they liked because they had the same friends.

Squall had dated Rinoa for a few months after, till they broke up. Rinoa wanted to go out all the time and party, while he preferred to stay in and relax. There were many other problems that they could never explain, other than it was just too opposite for them to really get along. It was a mutual break up, and they were still great friends, like she was with Seifer. She didn't know about the rude names Seifer had called her, and no one was going to enlighten her. She was a great, warm person, but wasn't too bright. They loved her anyway though.

"Whatever." Was all Squall said, shaking his head. Zell and Quistis were the last couple he expected to get together. He knew that Zell had a crush on her, and Quistis always seemed favour him after Quistis got over her little crush on him, but Squall never expected them to actually get together. However, when Squall went away to visit his father, Laguna in Esthar, and came back to find Quistis and Zell hand-in-hand. Squall decided it was best not to question.

"Looks great, sweet cheeks." Irvine said as he walked up to Selphie, his girlfriend. He promptly pinched her ass that was barely covered by her little yellow dress, and made her squeal, jump. He chuckled as she playfully hit him on the chest.

"Which? My ass, or the ballroom?" Selphie asked, smiling as she took Irvine's hat off his head, and put it on her own head. She showed it off, pretending to be a model, as she winked. Irvine smiled, his violet eyes sparkling as he wrapped an arm around her waist.

"Both. However, I think I like your ass better." Irvine said, making Selphie giggle. Irvine, and Selphie were the two hentai's of the group, and were proud of it. However, they both could be very sweet. They made a great couple.

"Do you have a date?" Squall asked, Rinoa as he sat on a chair as she sighed. Rinoa turned to look at him, smiling.

"Maybe. Jealous?" Rinoa asked, almost sounding hopeful. Squall arched an eyebrow, not at all feeling the green-eyed monster if she was going to the ball with another man. They had been broken up for about a month.

"Rinoa. I don't care what you do. I was just asking to be friendly." Squall said, sounding somewhat exasperated. Rinoa seemed slightly deflated with his answer, but shrugged as Squall popped a cinnamon heart in his mouth, letting the tangy treat tickle his tongue.

"No, I don't have a date, but maybe I'll meet someone tonight at the dance. I shouldn't be the only single. Do you have a date?" Rinoa asked, sounding curious. Squall dropped another candy in his mouth, and just crunching it this time.

"Nope, and don't want one. I'm not even sure if I'm coming tonight." Squall said, getting off his chair as Rinoa gapped at him.

"SQUALL!!!" Rinoa protested loudly, causing everyone to turn to them. Squall cringed at the tone, and the volume it was projected at. "You have to come! You helped decorate, and it's going to be great! You can't skip it! You. . . you just can't!" Rinoa continued, not as loud, but just as whiny. Squall sighed.

"Squall, are you planning not to come? Don't be such a stick in the mud!" Selphie scowled as she put her hands on her hips. Squall rubbed his temple, feeling a huge headache making its way. He should have said nothing, and not have shown up. Though, knowing Selphie and the others, they probably would have hunted him down. Using dogs if it took that much to find him. He wouldn't be able to get away so easily.

"Ya! I have to come!" Zell said, throwing his hands up. He caught Quistis' glare, and quickly tired to crawl out the hole he was constantly stepping into. "Not that I don't want to!" Zell fixed as Quistis quirked an eyebrow.

"Aw! Come on, Leonhart! It'll be fun. You might even find your true love tonight. You know the story of Cinderella, just you'll be wearing the white gown waiting for prince charming." Seifer said, somewhat sardonically. Squall glared at him.

"Whatever, Seifer." Squall finally said, somewhat tightly, but refusing to let Seifer get to him. Seifer just smirked, the only one noticing the tightness in Squall's voice.
"And you're planning to skip it tonight too. I know you Seifer, and you're planning just not to show up." Quistis said, coming beside him with her arms crossed. Seifer turned around to look at her with an innocent expression that Squall could see right through if no one else could. He had the same plan Squall had, however, he wasn't going to get caught. Seifer was planning to leave as soon as possible to get ahead start.

"Ya! You have to come too! Even if you don't have a date!" Zell protested, coming behind Quistis for protection as he glared at Seifer over her shoulder.

"Shut up, chicken-wuss." Seifer muttered, not liking where this was going as he crossed his arms. No, he didn't have a date, and it was rather disturbing and insulting for him. However, the kind of date he wanted was sort of looked down upon in the Garden, and almost everywhere else. It was rather . . . degrading.

"Who's calling the kettle black, Seifer? You weren't planning to come either, you and I both know it." Squall said, coming before Seifer, glaring. Seifer returned it as Selphie watched with a certain, secret, interest.

"Believe what you will, Leonhart. Whether or not I was planning to come, I will do what I want." Seifer said, looking down at Squall as he took a step forward, causing Squall's glare to go to Seifer's collarbone. Squall hated when Seifer used his height against him. Squall titled his head to return his glare to Seifer's face, making it harder than before.

"Is that so?" Selphie asked, sounding somewhat playful, but dangerous. Both Seifer, and Squall turned around to look at Selphie who was playing with an end of Irvine's hair.

"What do you have in mind, sweets?" Irvine asked, cautiously. Trying to decide if she was going to blow, if he should remove his hair from her grip, and flee. Selphie could be quite dangerous when she was angry. Having someone not show up to her party without a ligament reason was enough to piss her off.

"I worked very hard on this, as you did too. I think I, and everyone else, deserve at least a couple hours of your time. Besides, I'm the one that is in control of your community hours, remember? You don't show up, and I won't write that you two helped decorate." Selphie said simply, still sounding cheerful.

Both Squall, and Seifer cringed. They needed the community hours because of their last fight. After Squall got out, both he and Seifer were called to Headmaster Cid's office. Part of their punishment was community hours, or detention. Community hours were less time then detention, and they could get Selphie to write more time off for them if they helped her with her clubs, so they both took the community hours way out. Besides, they helped her out as a friend all the time anyway. Both, Seifer and Squall hoping Selphie would cover for them, which she would, on her terms.

"That's evil, Selphie!" Seifer protested, dropped his arms from his chest where they were crossed. Selphie just smiled playfully, and spun Irvine's hat on her finger. Squall tightened his lips to a thin line as Seifer sighed.

"My rules, Seifer. You two want to get rid of these hours and me to cover you then you too have to do the time the way I want. You don't have to work, or help, just have a good time for a couple of hours, and I'll write your hours off." Selphie explained, shrugging like it was the easiest thing in the world. Mind you, it is for every other human being, but Squall didn't like crowded places much, and Seifer didn't like Valentine's Day. Both of them considered it the worse holiday ever invented.

"So-o . . . are you coming?" Selphie asked, turning to look at both of the chagrin faces of her friends. Everyone else was quiet, leaving Selphie to enjoy her power trip over, most likely, the two strongest people in Balamb Garden.

"Yes." Both Seifer and Squall answered, not at all sounding amused. Selphie just grinned, and clapped her hands.

"This is going to be great! I can't wait!" Selphie exclaimed, bouncing away as Squall and Seifer glared at her retreating back. Though both were having trouble because the back never stayed in one place long enough to really concentrate enough to burn into in.

"Looks like you two are screwed." Irvine said, waving his eyebrows at his doubled sided comment. Squall looked at him exasperated as Seifer glared.

"Guess what? We don't care." Seifer said, also waving his eyebrows in sarcasm. Irvine just smirked, and went to follow after his girlfriend, who was still fleeting from place to place in excitement.

"So, I guess I will be seeing you tonight, Leonhart. Unless of course you are planning to face the rubber ball's wrath." Seifer sighed, sounding somewhat friendly to Squall. Actually, when either ever really thought about it, they could never figure out when, or why their rivalry started. They would have made good friends instead of enemies, or rivals. Neither really hated each other.

"Not if I value my life. Besides, we only have to stay about an hour. It shouldn't be too bad." Squall said, shrugging as he ran a hand through his unruly chocolate locks.

"Sure." Was all Seifer could say as he studied Squall, not noticing the sparkling emerald green eyes studying them from afar. Christ! He's gorgeous! Seifer thought to himself, and started as soon as he said it.

Okay, yes, he was attracted to the male persuasion. Actually, if we wanted to get technical, he was bi-sexual. He liked his women, and he liked his men. Seifer was a very sexy man with his hot exterior to go with his just as passionate interior. Because of this heat, he had a lot of energy to burn, and being a teenager, his hormones were on a rampage. Go ahead. Try and find at least one teenager that hasn't had sex come to his mind once in one day. I liked to see that, personally.

Being gay wasn't a problem to Seifer. Actually it was another rebellious thing he could do against society, and enjoy it at the same time. He liked guys as well as his women, so what? What were they going to do? Shoot him. Ha! He had his rights and freedoms, and one is the freedom of association. However, this wasn't what bothered Seifer.

It was the fact that Squall was . . . well . . . Squall. The one that has always one step behind him, constantly making him work hard to never let Squall pass him, and if Squall happened to, which he had done on a few occasions but Seifer never really let him know, he wouldn't let Squall get too far ahead. Squall was his rival, enemy, competition. Squall wasn't someone to look upon sexually. However, Squall was very good looking.

Squall had that 'I don't care look'. You know, the unruly chocolate brown hair that was never in place. It was messy, but in a sexy way. Not the 'just got of bed' look, it looked like he just combed his fingers through it, and left. Actually, it made anyone want to run their hands through it. It looked so soft, and silky. You just wanted to run your hands through it, and see how soft it was. To be honest, Seifer had when he was dragging Squall's ass to the infirmary.

Squall also has those bluish-grey eyes that tended to go bluer when he was fighting, or had any other strong emotion. Those pink pouty lips that made him look so cute and adorable when he did pout, which he did often without realising it. Squall was dressed as a badass. The leather, chains, almost gothic kind of look, and it looked great on him. Besides, it showed off his gorgeous body, nicely.

It wasn't just Squall's looks that were so attractive, it was also the feel around Squall and his personality. Squall was sharp, witty, and very intelligent, which acceded with Seifer's hot, sarcasm. When hanging around with either, if not both when they got along, could be quite amusing with both of their sly comments and such. Not to mention, Seifer's heat seemed to live off Squall's ice.

It was strange. Squall was like his counterpart in everyway, down to their scars which mirrored the other. Squall was like the Ying, and Seifer the Yang. The dark, and the light, but so close. Seifer was the fire that was intrigued, and desired Squall's ice. Squall seemed to be just as interested in his heat, which was why they kept running to the other, looking for any attention the other was willing to offer. Even if it was a fight. There was something between them that no one, including Seifer and Squall themselves, could ever explain. Other than it was always there.

"I guess I'll see ya later." Squall waved, unnerved by the way Seifer was studying him. It was making him feel turned on, and that was weird. Seifer was his rival, and he had never thought of a man as attractive, but Seifer was. Squall wasn't gay, or at least didn't think he was.

However, whether he was gay or not, Seifer was very attractive. His towering 6'2'' frame that was usually covered with his long grey trench coat with crimson cross in the arms. Seifer, like Squall, also preferred the leather pants to the jeans Zell seemed to like. Leather was easier to move in, if it was soft. Besides, it added to his dangerous look and showed off his fine body.

Seifer's hair was light blond. It was bright yellow that was like a halo, but Seifer didn't fit the angel stereotype. Seifer was anything, but goody-two-shoes. The big bad bully suited him better, though he never really hurt anyone other than Squall. Even then it was by accident.

Seifer cat green eyes that never seemed to miss anything, and picked on whatever they found that was not to their liking for any reason. His creamy skin that covered his large, but not bulky, muscles. Seifer was larger than Squall, and often made sure Squall knew that. Squall hated the fact Seifer rubbed it in his face that he was smaller, and slightly weaker than Seifer because of weight and height, but was strangely comforted by it.

Whenever Squall had been picked on, or in trouble, Seifer had always been there to get him out. As bad as the two were to each other, they always were at the other's side in an instant during trouble. Squall was there if Seifer needed help, as was Seifer for Squall. For being rivals, they were great friends.

Squall never really understood what attracted him to Seifer. Squall would never admit he was sexually attracted, he was more considering as rivals and the possibly friendship, if you dared to call it that.

Seifer had a certain heat, and masculineness that Squall never had. Growing up, and even now he looked feminine. It was something to do with his lean, willowy body. Compared to Seifer stern body, which practically screamed masculinity, a lot of men would seem like women. However, Squall had always envied Seifer for various reasons, and that was one. The other was that Seifer had always been on top, just a little ahead of Squall. To Squall, it seemed that Seifer never had to try as Squall worked hard to achieve his place on top beside, or barely behind Seifer. Little did he know that Seifer was working just as hard. It just wasn't obvious, and Seifer liked it that way.

"Huh? Oh, ya. Sure. See ya then, Leonhart." Seifer said, seeming to snap out of his revive. Squall shook his head as he walked, and they said he was the brooding one. Ya, he did do some thinking from time to time, but so does everyone else. Everyone had this idea that he sat around contemplating life, or something else deep like that. Right. Sure. When someone figures anything important like that, let him know.

Squall walked down the corridor to the dormitories, considering Seifer. Seifer studying him had him thinking, and considering certain things. Like, why the rivalry had started? Why didn't he ignore Seifer like he ignored all the other jerks that tried to make his life miserable? What made Seifer different from others that one minute he felt close to the older teen, and then others where he wanted to beat Seifer to a plup?

Yes, Zell was also like that time to time, but it didn't make him react so passionately, or violently. Zell was just irritating, which caused him to snap at him. Other times Zell could be a great friend to hang out with. Seifer made him angry in seconds, hence the scar, but they could talk like good old friends, and joke around the next minute.

Squall could remember times they were dragged out by Selphie, Rinoa, or someone to go somewhere. He and Seifer got along well then. Joking, and having conversations about anything going. Seifer seemed to know exactly what to say to keep Squall talking. He always said more than Squall, but Squall seemed to hang onto his every word. It seemed whenever school, gunblades, or any other type of competition was involved, testosterone took a step in.

Seifer had always been intriguing to Squall as he grew up. Seifer was like his role model. The one he always wanted to better, if not be. Attractive, strong, passionate, and good. It made Squall wonder why they had never become friends like Irvine, and Zell had. those two never parted. they always were doing something or another together, and teased like great old friends. With Seifer and Squall, one minute best friends, next enemies. It was rather ridiculous.

Squall stopped as he was swiping his keycard in the slot to unlock his room. The door clicked, and started to swing open, but Squall grabbed the knob as he pocketed the keycard to take the red envelope that was taped to his door.

Squall studied the envelope for a moment to see it was sealed, and only had his name typed by, what Squall assumed, computer in black ink across the front. Squall then looked down the hallway and up, to see no one. Frowning in slight confusion, Squall went inside.

Squall shut his door, and snapped on the light switch. Collapsing onto his bed, Squall ripped open the red envelope to reveal a folded piece of plain white paper. Curious, Squall unfolded the note, and read it with unblinking eyes.

'Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
I can deny it no more,
I want you.

If you want to know who I am,
To make it a secret no more.
Come to the secret place,
I'll be waiting at ten o' four.

This may be a challenge,
Or maybe a chore.
Curiosity will eat away at you
All the way to the core.

Just to know who could have been yours,

Your Secret Admirer'
Squall read it once, and then again, confused. Curiosity was flowing through him as was confusion. Squall turned it over, looking for any sign of a signature, or any clue to whom it was. The note was typed like his name was on the envelope, so whoever it was, was good. They had this planned, and it was intriguing Squall even more.

From some reason Squall couldn't just throw the note aside, or in the garbage and forget about it. There was something different about it. Someone wanted him, and had for a long time, but who? Did he have a stalker?

Squall was thoroughly disoriented, but had decided that he was going to pay a little visit to the secret place at 11. See who is was, and set them straight. He didn't want a stalker, and he wasn't about to date a stranger. Dating wasn't his thing, and sex was a private thing. The only reason he had dated Rinoa is because he was her friend before, and they knew each other for a long time. Besides, she asked him out. He liked her, but never had enough courage to ask to take it to the next level, even thought he wanted to.

Now he knew it was mistake, but they both had learned. Squall realized what a real relationship was like, and Rinoa matured again with dating someone. She still had quite a bit of maturing to do, but so did everyone else, or so it seemed.

Reading the note again, Squall decided that whomever the person was had gone to a lot of trouble, and deserved him to come. Even if it was to say a few words, and tell them he wasn't interested. Normally, he wouldn't even be considering this. Maybe Valentine's Day was getting to him. All the hearts, candy, and red had to do something.

Deciding to take a shower before the dance, Squall shoved the note back in the envelope, and put it in the top drawer of his desk. Squall was starting to feel a little better about himself, though he never say it. Sexual attraction never meant much to him, or at least he thought, but knowing someone wanted him and thought he was attractive was ego boosting. He was feeling better already.

~* @ *~

Squall sat at a table in the corner watching the dancers swing around the dance floor as the DJ played every type of music imaginable. Something to make everyone happy, including the older teachers. As much as Squall was feeling pleased with himself for having a secret admirer, he still wore black.

Since it wasn't a formal school dance, uniforms didn't have to be worn. They were rules to what everyone wore like certain lengths and certain body parts covered, but no scratchy, annoying uniforms. Squall was quite comfortable in his black soft leather pants, black tank top, three belts, and Griever pendant because it was quite warm in the ballroom with all the bodies moving. Squall decided to leave the jacket in his room since he last mistake at New Year's where he had to drag it around.

"My, my, you look so happy to be here." Rinoa said, sighing as she looked over Squall's black clothes with her hands on her waist. Rinoa was in a short wrap around pink dress with a red and pink beaded necklace around her neck. She had out her hair up with little pink roses poking out. She looked very pretty.

"What? Is there a dress code to this dance? I don't like Valentine's Day, and I like black." Squall shrugged. Rinoa frowned displeased, but seemed to contemplate this for a few moments, tapping her forehead in thought. Then grabbed a big red heart off the wall, and stuck it on Squall's chest.

"There! That looks better!" Rinoa exclaimed, clasping her hands. Squall straightened from the push Rinoa had given him. She was fairly strong, probably from all her optimism. Looking down at his black tank top which now had a rather large bright red heart in the middle, Squall then looked up at Rinoa and glared.

"Thanks. Happy Valentine's Day to you too." Squall muttered, reaching to take the heart off when a deep, familiar voice rang out to him.

"Well, well, well, Leonhart. You look positively festive. Giving Cupid a target?" Seifer asked as he pulled a chair up beside Squall, and sat down. Squall rolled his eyes as he removed the heart from his chest as Rinoa also sat down across from Squall.

"Whatever." Squall muttered, giving Seifer's outfit a glance. He was dressed it his typical black leather pants, and a white dress shirt with the first few buttons undone, showing off his neck, and collarbone. His silver collar chain glinting in the candle light. Seifer looked sexy, and romantic causing Squall having trouble looking away, but did very quickly causing Seifer to look at him, curious. However, Squall had already turned, so Seifer looked Squall over, not even fully sure why he was, considering Squall would kick his ass if he noticed..

As the song ended. The rest of their friends making their way back to the table as Squall stuck the red heart back on the wall.

"You guys came!" Selphie exclaimed as she bounced her way over. She was wearing a purple dress with magenta heats on it. Her hair was it its typical flip with heart clips on either side. Give it to Selphie to go all out, easily staging her boyfriend who was in his tan leather pants, and a very dark purple t-shirt.

"Of course, Selphie. Squall, and I value our lives. You may seem sweet and innocent, but we all know different." Seifer muttered, leaning back in his chair, lounging. One arm thrown over the back of the chair as he leaned partly on the table. Squall found himself watching him.

"No kidding. They should name some sort of monster after you. Something big, yellow, and supposedly cuddly. It may seem cute, but it has bite, and can kick your ass around the world before you can say, 'Selphie!'." Zell said, dryly as he sat down with Quistis at his side. He was dressed in jeans, a red dress shirt that was open revealing the red tank top underneath. Which matched Quistis, who was in her long, red sparkly dress that had slits up to her mid-thigh. It was strapless, and her hair was down with waves of her soft blond hair on her shoulder. A small red heart-shaped sapphire pendant that Zell had given to her. For hating Valentine's Day so much, Zell sure went out for Quistis.

"They're already called it a Chocobo." Squall muttered, rolling his eyes. Seifer let out a barking laugh as the others chuckled. Everyone knew about Squall's run-in with the Chocobos. He had come by, what seemed to be hurt Chicobo, and was going to help it out, but ended being chased by its mother till Seifer distracted it enough for Squall to get away. The Chicobo was fine, and Squall was frazzled. Seifer had given Squall a yellow feather after as a memory. Squall had snarled and growled at him embarrassed, but kept the feather though Seifer had teased him relentlessly on it for weeks.

"Oh! Seifer told me all about that! I'm sorry I missed it!" Selphie said, ignoring Zell's earlier comment. Either that or she had forgotten.

"Is it just me, or does everyone know what Selphie's talking about? Please enlighten me." Irvine said, sitting down and pulling Selphie into his lap. She did with a smile.

"Please don't." Squall sighed, knowing his plea was falling on deaf ears. Time to remise on Squall's past failures. It was his turn this evening it seemed. Someone always seemed to get shit on every night for some stupid mistake they did in their youth, even if it was barely hours ago.

"Oh come on! I love this story!" Zell said, leaning in as he sipped the punch that was being passed around. Quistis smiled as Squall pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Thanks Zell. I thought you were my friend." Squall said, glaring at Zell, who kinda shrugged. Squall rolled his eyes as he got up.

"Hey! Where you going, Leonhart? I'm just about to tell them the Chocobo story. Come on, you know! Stay, blush, and enjoy!" Seifer said, his voice teasing as Squall turned to glare at him. Seifer just smiled, and Squall found himself looking Seifer over. Seifer always looked good when he really smiled. No a smirk, or a sneer, a real smile.

"That sounds wonderful, but I have to piss." Squall said, snapping his attention to the heart on the wall, and then turned, walking away. Seifer arched an eyebrow, and narrowed his eyes as Squall walked away. Something was up with Squall, and Seifer knew it. He always knew when his counterpart was up to something.

Squall sighed, wryly as he came out of the washroom. Selphie had been very thorough. pink, red, and white streamers were also in the guys' washroom. Heart surround the mirrors, urinals, and were pasted on the washroom doors. Leave it to Selphie.
Squall ran his hands down his black tank top to straighten it as he looked at the clock across the ballroom. It was also surrounded by hearts, and streamer, but that wasn't important. It was almost 10. Almost time for him to meet his secret admirer.

Giving a glance to his friends, he saw that they were all dancing, or munching at the buffet table. With the swiftness he was known for, Squall slipped out of the ballroom to the hallways to make his way down to the secret area in the Training Centre. That was where Squall assumed the person met. It was the only secret place that was in the Garden, and only last years knew about it, making it not that big of a secret. However, it lowered Squall's possibilities to whom his admirer was. She had to be in her last year.

Squall made a quick stop to his dorm to get his gunblade, 'Lionheart' before continuing his way to the Training Centre. He was probably going to run into some monsters in the way, and being unarmed would be just plain stupid. Unless of course he was there to train, but today, or rather tonight he just wanted to get through to see this admirer.

Quickly, and efficiently Squall made his way to the secret place. He still couldn't put his finger on why he was going. Why didn't he just crimple the note up, and throw it out? Ignore this burst of hormones from some girl, and continue on in the single life? Was it because he didn't like being alone? That he missed the presence, and care, if not love, from someone. He hated being alone, and maybe this person could fill that void. The void that Rinoa had attempted to fill, but only left him feeling emptier.

Will contemplating his reasons, trying to make his actions logical which Squall had a habit of doing that, he quickly finished of a monster and continued on. Making every word, and action he did had a logical reason. Squall still hadn't learned to act on impulse, and instinct. To react without thinking. He did in battles with Seifer, but not in everyday life like Seifer, and Zell. However, they got in a lot more shit than Squall did, but they seemed to have fun on the way. Maybe he was missing something . . . ?

Squall came the secret place, remembering the last time he was there. Quistis attempting to have a conversation with him, warm him up, and see how he felt about her. He had shut her down in a matter of minutes. He was a cold bastard then, and that was a year ago? He still was a cold bastard, just not as frosty. At least she was with someone who appreciated her. Zell was good for her as she was for him. He loosened her up, and she toned him down. Opposites attract.

Squall had sheathed his gunblade which was good because if he hadn't, he would have dropped it. It would have made an awful clang, though what he was looking at needed a certain noise of surprise because Squall's throat wasn't operating. However, the other did it for him.

"Leonhart? What the hell? What are you doing here? Seifer asked, incredulously. Squall's mouth was agape as it worked silently, looking for an answer, but he mind refused to work as it registered. Not to mention, the wind was making Seifer's white dress shirt move around his body making him look positively beautiful, and dangerous with his gunblade at his side. What a combination; beautiful and dangerous.
Beautiful? Squall asked himself, mentally. He had never considered Seifer gorgeous. Dangerous? Yes, that was a given. Mind you, Squall had never really considered Seifer more than a rival till the past few months. He considered Seifer a friend of some sort, but as a lover? He never had, but for some reason the thought didn't disturb him. Actually, it turned him on.

"Stop gaping! It's becoming." Seifer muttered, waving his hand at Squall to shut his mouth. Squall instantly complied, shutting his mouth with a snap. "You didn't answer my question. Why are you here, Leonhart?" Seifer asked again, somewhat dryly. Squall blinked.

"Don't you want me here." Squall returned, straightening as he took a few strides in. Seifer looked at him arching an eyebrow in question. Squall saw it, and crossed his arms, he was also confused.

"What? Why would I want you here?" Seifer asked, frowning at Squall. Squall just narrowed his eyes at him, and shrugged.

"You tell me. You're the one that left the note on my door." Squall said, tapping his foot. Seifer scowled at him further, and ran a hand through his short blond locks. He seemed confused, which in turn made Squall confused. What exactly was going on?

"Uh . . . I didn't leave a note on your door. You must have left one on mine because I'm supposed to meet someone here, and you're the only one here. So you must be my secret admirer. Aw-w, Leonhart! I never knew!" Seifer exclaimed, causing Squall to stare at him.

"I didn't give you a note! Secret admirer? What the fuck are you talking about? If we are the only ones here, then you must be the secret admirer that left me the note! Not me!" Squall said, feeling the flame of anger that Seifer always sparked, being to warm.

"Don't flatter yourself! I didn't leave no note on anyone's door! Especially, not yours!" Seifer said, crossing his arms. Seifer nose rose defiantly in the air.

"I'm flattering no one! I didn't leave a note on your door, and I received one on mine!" Squall said, scowling at Seifer who was also getting quite angry.

"So did I!" Seifer said, tapping his pointer finger at his chest as he uncrossed his arms. Taking a few steps closer in hope to intimate Squall with his size. However, Squall was so used to it that he barely noticed.

"Fine! Then where is it?" Squall asked, which caused Seifer to loose his ground. Looking a little lost for a moment before his frown returned. Squall could feel the sweet taste of victory on his lips.

"I didn't bring it, but that doesn't prove anything! Where's your note?" Seifer challenged, poking his finger in Squall's chest. Squall didn't move, but let his arms drop.

"I didn't bring it either, but it seems that one of us is lying. I know it's you. Just admit it! You wrote me a note to bring me here - for what reason? - I'm not sure, but it was something about desire." Squall said, evenly. His tone able to pass over the words desire, though his mind reeled at the prospect of Seifer desiring him.

"Ha! You're the one that is lying! You wrote the note, came, and now can't finish the job, can you? You're just one big pussy!" Seifer growled., pushing his face in Squall's. Squall glared his death glare as his hands at his sides clenched into tight fists.

"I didn't write the fucking note! You did! You're the one that is lying, and trying to back out, you coward!" Squall spat in Seifer face. Seifer's face was taking on a pinkish colour in anger as Squall's knuckles went white.

"I'm not a coward!" Seifer hissed, his face a few bare inches away from Squall's. His warm breath tinging Squall's skin, making him feel uncomfortable. Maybe he should just leave.

"Right! Whatever! I don't have time for your games! You didn't write it, and I didn't, okay? The end. Period. Fini. Owari. Kaput. So on, and so on." Squall said, taking a step back and making various swiping motions with his hands to end this spat. Squall normally wouldn't back down so easily, but something in the air was making him uneasy. Getting out was his best option at the moment.

"So that's it, eh? You're backing out. Leaving me all alone." Seifer said, softly as Squall turned to leave. Something in Seifer's voice was unnerving, yet comforting. Squall spun back around to look at him, disoriented by Seifer's words and tone.

"What - ?" Squall started to say, but was interrupted by lips on his own. Hands gripped his upper arms tightly to keep him in place, and to cease any attempts to run away, but Squall was thoroughly taken off guard as lips came on his own stopping his next flow of words. He couldn't have runaway if he tried, that is if he wanted to. Seifer's intent was to shut him up, and he did so quite efficiently.

Seifer wasn't really sure what he was doing, but his thoughts about Squall lately were making him see Squall differently. Squall wasn't a rival, or competition anymore. Squall was a man, and an attractive man at that. A man that he wanted, and he had wanted for a long time. However, he hadn't fully realized this till he had acted on impulse, and decided to kiss his counterpart.

Squall leaned back, surprised, but somewhat pleasantly, by the hot mouth that covered his own. Seifer's scent wafted up to him, filling his senses; hot and spicy. As Squall unconsciously pulled away, Seifer hand glided up Squall's arm to the back of his head. Threading his fingers through the unruly chocolate stands, Seifer pulled Squall's head up, closer to his own, and deepened the kiss. Squall didn't seem to object. Actually, he responded.

Squall moved his mouth against Seifer's, slowly yet yearning for something that only Seifer could fulfill. His hands moved up to Seifer neck timidly, almost afraid of Seifer's reaction or that Seifer would leave. Like a dream that wold glint away in a matter of moments if he dared to touch him. However, Seifer encouraged Squall's movements with a small little growl.

Taking his clue, Squall wrapped his arms around Seifer's neck to pull himself up a little higher to press his lips more fully upon Seifer's. Squall's weight resting on Seifer. To Seifer, this was a welcomed burden as kissed Squall deeply again before pulling away gently for air. Both gasping, and staring at each other shocked, and confused. Not sure what was making them do this. Pent up desire had a way of making tension. Had they been dancing around this all the way along?

"Squall . . . ?" Seifer started to ask, but found he didn't have the right words to say. Their mouths only a breath away from the other. Squall panted, his breath caressing Seifer's face. Neither made any effort to remove themselves from the clutch they were in. Seifer's hand still twined in Squall's soft hair, and the other resting on Squall's hip. Squall body was pressed tightly against Seifer's as he arms remained around Seifer neck. Both were unsure to what, exactly, happened, and how they should proceed.

"Seifer." Squall murmured, not fully sure what he wanted, but he knew what was going on. Seifer had just kissed him, and he kissed back. He liked it, and a whole bunch of feelings were swirling around him. Almost as if cupid had hit him straight in the heart with a arrow like the legend said.

No, Squall decided, it wasn't Cupid. It was Seifer. Seifer had hit his ice shield with a flame from his fire. Penetrating his thick frost in a different way, but certainly just as effective. Squall realized that was why Seifer always found a way to make him react. Seifer knew him just as Squall knew him in return. Being so close, yet so different. Seifer used his passion and flame to melt Squall ice and frost.

There was a flame between them and always had. The hottest flame; a blue flame. The flame ignited rage, hate, fear, confusion, and pain with ease. However, the flame, which Squall was just realizing, could just as easily ignite passion, lust, yet there was something else budding in Squall's chest that he just couldn't quite describe. Something strong, and it was filling the gape in his soul.

"Do me a favour, shut up, and kiss me." Squall commanded after he had gained most of his breath. His voice still soft as his lips already red, and swollen. His eyes were taking their baby blue tinge as he looked into Seifer cat-green eyes which were soft, yet bright with emotion.

"You have always had a natural ability to be commanding. Or is that demanding? Whichever it is, I suppose I am supposed to say, 'Yes sir!'" Seifer chuckled. He was still disoriented by what happened. He didn't expect Squall to react in such a way. He had acted on impulse, and for a change he wasn't in trouble. Well, actually at the moment by the glare Seifer was receiving, he was, but in a good way. Why hadn't he tried this before?

Squall not having anymore patience, growled like a lion, and grabbed the back of Seifer's head, pulling Seifer's lips back to his own. It was his turn to insinuate the kiss. Seifer returned it passionately as he wrapped his arms around Squall hips, pulling Squall closer.

"And you, Seifer, could never take orders." Squall murmured against Seifer's mouth before he slipped his tongue to gently lick the red and swollen lips. Seifer tried to smirk, but Squall had already pulled himself back up to slip his tongue in the slightly open lips.

Squall's head spun as soon as his tongue entered the heat. It was mind boggling. Seifer was as hot inside as he was hot, maybe more. Squall's tongue was instantly met with Seifer's, duelling for a few moments before Seifer let Squall wander, and taste as he pleased.

Seifer's head was spinning at the sensations Squall was making him feel. He had never felt this way before as he ran his hand up and down Squall's side. He could feel Squall's muscles quiver at the touch. He smiled at the feel of Squall's little shivers, and pulled the shirt out of Squall's pants to put his hand underneath.

Squall pulled away for air, and slipped back down, not able to stand on his toes any longer. Squall ran his hands down Seifer's still shirt-clad chest as Seifer's hands snaked up his shirt, searching and finding ticklish spots. Squall smiled as the fingers caressed and tickled, but not enough to make him laugh.

"You're beautiful, you know." It wasn't a question. It was a statement, and it made Squall's head spin. Squall looked up at Seifer, and stared into the eyes. There was something there. Something deep. It was stronger that care, affection, or adoration, and Squall knew it was mirroring his own.

Seifer pulled Squall back with him, and turned them so Squall was up against the wall. Lifting Squall slightly so Squall was at his own height, Seifer pressed against himself to take his turn to explore Squall's mouth. Seifer knew his hardness was pressing against Squall abdomen. Just like Squall's that was pressing into his thigh.

Seifer's eyes rolled into the back of his head. Squall's mouth was as hot as Seifer's, but in a different way. You know when you get a frostbite, and it starts to burn? That heat was just like Squall's mouth. Squall kisses could be very addictive. However, it seemed Seifer was already as he pressed Squall harder to the wall, wanting to feel every inch of Squall against him.

Seifer pulled away from Squall's lips, letting Squall breathe as he gained his own. Ducking his head to trail kisses along Squall's neck, Seifer ran his palms across Squall's chest as he felt Squall's deft fingers undo the buttons of his white dress shirt. Seifer pulled only his chest away enough to let Squall fully remove it, and let it flutter to the side, unheeded.

Squall's shirt was quickly pulled up. However, let out a gasp as Seifer trailed his tongue down Squall's torso. Lapping, licking, and nipping across his collarbone and chest with Seifer's mouth as his head, and arms still stuck in his tank top. Squall moaned, feeling his arms give out, unable to finish removing his shirt. Seifer came to help as he worked his way up Squall neck.

Squall head popped out and his Griever pendant fell to his bare chest. Seifer gently, and slowly pulled off Squall black tank top the rest of the way. Seifer wanted to enjoy this, not hurry. He studied Squall under the moonlight, and the glow of the outside lights in the distance around the Garden. Squall looked like some sort of dark demon with his dark hair, and glowing baby blue eyes. His light skin, but tanned compared to Seifer's pale.

Squall was enjoying the moment, but wanted contact, levered himself from the wall to lick Seifer's neck up to his ear where he licked the shell before nibbling. Seifer moaned deep in his throat as his skin shiver at the coolness of the breeze, drying the saliva Squall left behind. Lifting Squall higher, Seifer let Squall do as he pleased. However, as Squall went to work, Seifer did too.

Gently, and tentatively Seifer undid and removed Squall's three belts. Dropping them to the side with their shirts that were keeping each other company on the ground. Squall reached up, and thread his fingers in Seifer's hair as he felt Seifer undo the button, and fly of his leather pants. Squall let out a little gasp as the coolness hit him, pulling away from his work on Seifer neck, and ear. Seifer had removed his pants, and boxers with one movement. They were currently at his knees, but Seifer corrected that as he kissed his way down Squall's torso, yanking the clothing with him. Till finally Seifer was on his knees before Squall's erection, and Squall pants around his ankles.

Squall gasped as Seifer kissed his hardness, causing Squall erection to almost become painful with wanting release. Seifer obliged, going to work. He licked, and kissed down the length hearing Squall disjointed moans, groans, and his whispered name on Squall's lips. Seifer's own pants were becoming a constriction, but left it as he encased Squall's entire length causing Squall to let out a breathless scream with pleasure.

Caressing the skin around as he worked on Squall, Seifer could feel the shivers and quivers from Squall. Enticing Seifer to continue, and work tenderly, but fairly quickly to bring Squall to release. Seifer wanted to taste Squall, and did when he felt Squall tighten around him, and under his hands.

"Seifer . . ." Squall murmured as his release took over him, his fingers tightly gripping Seifer's short locks, but then releasing then, only holding them loosely. He felt Seifer swallow everything he gave, and stood up, trailing his fingers up Squall's legs. Seifer then kissed him, letting Squall taste his own salty essence.

Squall wanting to return the favour, undid Seifer pants, and pushed them as far as he could after he kicked his own boots, and other garments off. Seifer pulled away, and took off his own shoes, and clothes aching slowly. Squall watched, and waited till finally Seifer's hot body was pressed against his again.

"Squall." Seifer whispered, gently as he ran his fingers through Squall hair. Squall smiled as he quickly leaned up to give Seifer a quick kiss on Seifer's lips. "Can I be inside you?" Seifer asked, his hand resting on the small of Squall's back. Squall blink, but then smiled.

"Whatever." Squall said, playfully and Seifer smirked. Making Squall give a rather unmanly squeak, Seifer yanked Squall's legs up around his waist, and slipped a finger into Squall. Seifer quickly shushed him.

"Sh-h! Relax. I'll try not to hurt you, I promise." Seifer said, kissing him, and Squall sighed as he forced himself to relax as another finger joined the other. It was rather enjoyable as another joined. It was slightly painful, but pain was part of pleasure, and he was receiving both. Seifer was busy kissing Squall's cheeks, forehead, and eyelids of Squall's closed eyes as Seifer worked. Squall could feel Seifer hardness, and was being to feel a little impatient as he waited.

He didn't have to wait any more. Seifer entered him quickly, and swiftly. Seifer had decided that all at once would be better than dragging out the pain. Squall still gasped in surprise, and pain as he tensed. His eyes clutched closed as a tear of pain escaped running down his cheek. Seifer winced at the sight, not wanting to harm Squall, but quickly kissed the tear away.

"I'm sorry, Squall. Are you all right?" Seifer asked, his voice soft, and comforting as he stayed still. Squall shifted, trying to contain his grimaces of pain, and did fairly well if it hadn't been anyone, but Seifer. Seifer knew him like he knew himself.

"Just move, Seifer." Squall commanded. Squall's voice tight, and deep as he contain emotion that was taking over him. Timidly, something people would never associate with him, Seifer moved. Squall clung to him desperately, and even harder when Seifer finally hit it. Squall's body relaxed as pleasure took him over as he moaned in pleasure.

Squall own body came to attention as Seifer moved inside of him. Seifer kissed Squall's shoulder as he reached between them to stroke Squall's length to release. At first Seifer's thrust were deep, and meaningful. Slow and paced as he gave them both pleasure. The wind breezed across them causing Squall's hair to tumble onto his face.

Seifer leaned down to give Squall a small kiss as he ran a hand through Squall's hair before returning it to the small of Squall's back. Squall not able to take the slowness anymore, arched his body back further, and hugged Seifer's body closer to him with his legs.

Seifer feeling this, and his own release on its way, quickened the pace. Pumping it and out of Squall harder as Squall continued to moan and groan in his pleasure. Squall sighed Seifer's name again as he came again. Seifer following instantly after, taking Squall's lips as they collapsed.

They were both quiet as Squall sat on Seifer's lap after he had traded places with Squall to lean against the wall. Squall was facing him, and watching as Seifer's long fingers gathered the substance that was splattered on his stomach, and swallowed it. Seeming to be addicted to it. Squall felt an interesting, but pleasant, fluttering in his stomach.
"What are you thinking about?" Seifer asked when he was done. Brushing Squall's bangs away to the side. Squall caught Seifer's eyes, and stared at him for a few moments as they waited for the next words.

"About us. What happened? Not that I didn't like it, but . . . why? I'm not gay, or at least I don't think I am. I have never been attracted to a man before, but - " Squall asked, running his fingers up and down Seifer's chest as he scowled, thinking. Seifer sighed, and put his hand under Squall's chin to stop his endless flow of words.

"Squall, just answer this. Do you regret it?" Seifer asked, his cat-green eyes steeled on Squall's, waiting for the answer. Squall studied Seifer, and bit his lip.

"No." Squall said confidently, and shook his head to make his point. Seifer just smiled, and nodded his approval. There had been no hesitation on Squall's part. There wasn't any of Seifer's either.

"Then don't worry. Nothing else matters. Besides, anger, hate, and frustration can be used for so many other things then a rivalry." Seifer said, embracing Squall, who leaned in and put his head under Seifer's chin.

"Maybe that's why. We fought because of attraction, and l. . ." Squall stopped, not wanting to finish. Being rejected because Squall was jumping was the last thing Squall needed. Squall knew now that he loved Seifer, but everyone else that he had loved either rejected him, or he lost them. Squall was just learning to be open because of Rinoa, but it didn't stop his hesitation.

"What? What were you going to say?" Seifer asked, wanting to curse the hope that had budded in his chest. He gripped Squall tighter which gave Squall confidence to talk.

"I . . . I-I think, no, I love you Seifer." Squall stuttered, and paused. Seifer gave a soft smile as he pulled away to look in Squall's eyes. Squall refused to as he blushed brightly. Seifer caught his chin again, and forced Squall to look at him.

"I love you too, Squall. You and no other. However, I didn't know till tonight. Valentine's Day of all days." Seifer mused, lightening the mood. Squall's heart fluttered at Seifer's proclamation of love. Smiling he leaned into Seifer, and pulled Seifer's head down for a kiss.

The kiss was more meaningful then the ones they had shared before making love. This time there was no hesitation, or fear. The revealing of all emotion, and feelings. Enough to make both swoon at the feelings that were taking over. Didn't take long before sparks began to fly again. Just like old times, but in a complete different context . . .

"My room?" Seifer asked, pulling away. Squall nodded, panting. In a rush of hormones, and desire, they gathered their clothes, and quickly dressed. Then basically ran out of the Training Centre, strangely, not meeting with any monsters.

Zell, Quistis, Selphie, and Irvine were walking down the dormitories feeling tired after the long hours of dancing, eating, and drinking. The wine, and such were catching up with them Not to mention that many of them had more Valentine's Day activities planned that did not include a crowd of people.

The four stopped when they heard giggling, laughing, and a familiar gruff voice ring out. Frowning, they silently came closer, and all, but one gapped at the seen before them.

Seifer was fumbling for his keys cursing, and occasionally cooing that the brunette that was attached to his back. Seifer clothes were all wrinkled, shirt open with hands trailing across the chest, and Hyperion was barely strapped around his waist. Seifer was an attractive man, and that wasn't surprising that he had a lover, but it was who the lover was.

The brunette was the cold, iceberg Squall Leonhart, Seifer's arch rival. Squall had his arms around Seifer's waist, letting his hands caress the strong, muscular chest of Seifer. Squall was letting his tongue play with Seifer earlobe. Squall clothes were also wrinkled, but all properly tied up, except for his belts which were half shoved into his back pocket.

No one was really disgusted by the scene. It was just . . . this was Squall and Seifer. Was this some new challenge? Whatever it was, it was hot. Everyone thought Squall and Seifer were beyond attractive, and as soon as you put them together. . . let's just say it melts sand, okay?

"For fuck's sake." Seifer grumbled once he finally got his keys out. Squall just giggled near his ear, licking it again.

"It's taking you long enough. You seem a little preoccupied." Squall murmured, but it was aloud enough for the gang to hear. Squall was teasing, and they could hear the seductiveness under Squall's tone.

"I wonder why? Christ Squall! If you want to get in so you can fully remove my pants, can you wait like, 10 seconds?" Seifer asked, his voice somewhat sarcastic as he pulled Squall's hand from his open fly. As much as he liked Squall's touch, it was foggy logical thought to find the fucking key to open his door.

"Okay." Squall said, pulling himself away, and Seifer let out a sigh of relief. "You know, I wonder who really left the notes. I mean you didn't write mine, right? And I didn't. Not that I'm complaining, but I'm curious to whom our little Cupid is. We owe them." Squall said as Seifer finally found the key, and unlocked the door to his room.

"No I didn't write it, and I will show you mine later, but for fuck's sake, shut up!" Seifer growled as he spun around, and caught Squall's lips in a deep, passionate kiss. Squall leaned into it as the four spectators were instantly turned on, and checking for nose bleeds. It was enough to make anyone burst from the heat in that hallway.
"'Tay." Squall murmured as Seifer dragged him, and slammed the down shut. The four blink, and adjusted themselves, thankful the two were inside and the rooms are soundproof.

"So it did work! They both owe me one. Just call me the matchmaker, Cupid!" Selphie said, clapping her hands as she jumped up and down.

"I don't want to know. I really don't. I just saw the two of my best friends that I have know for life, and hated each other for life, just necking in the hallway, and now I hear that somehow Selphie, the human rubber ball, set them up. I just don't want to know." Zell said, shaking his head as he covered his eyes. Shifting his feet since his pants were somewhat of a constriction. Come on! Squall and Seifer were very attractive, and hot together! Zell wasn't gay, but what he just saw was enough to make anyone wanna fuck.

"How did you do it? I heard Squall say notes. What did you do? Do they know?" Quistis asked, running her hands down her dress to whip her sweaty palms from clutching them from seeing the scene before her.

"Simple. I left a note on their doors to meet each other somewhere. I signed both with 'secret admirer' so they would go with curiosity. I was pretty sure that somehow they would become lovers. I started it, and was praying the real Cupid would finish it. It seemed he did." Selphie said, grinning like a idiot.

"Why?" Irvine asked, adjusting his hat. He was throughly confused to why, and was completely unbashful to the erection he was sporting. Selphie would help him with that later.

"Squall and Seifer have been denying their feelings for like forever! The desire was changed it into the rivalry, but if you have noticed, they have been hitting on each other without being fully conscious of it. I was getting tired of it, and decided to take fate into my own hands. It worked, and they owe me big time!" Selphie exclaimed, jumping up and down.

"You know, Selphie you shouldn't play with people like that. What if it back fired?" Quistis asked, taking the motherly sort of role she took upon herself being the oldest. Selphie just shrugged, before she grabbed Irvine's hand, and bounced off.

"Like I said, I don't want to know." Zell said, shaking his head. Quistis just smirked, and took his hand.

"It was hot, don't ya think?" Quistis said, playing with Zell's fingers. Zell looked at her, slightly taken off guard.

" . . . . I suppose. However, it was also, slightly, disturbing." Zell admitted, shaking his head. Quistis took his finger, and gently sucked on one arching her body closer to Zell's.

"Well, I'm feeling very hot. Want to help take care of it?" Quistis asked, seductively. Zell didn't bother answering. Both jogged down to Quistis' room which was the closest. As they ran down the hallway a decoration on the wall smiled to gin wider. It was a Cupid holding a bow and arrow, and was dressed in a white sheet around his waist. Blond curly lock falling on his forehead as he winked.

Who doesn't believe in Cupid?



Author's Notes: I apologise that this is so late. Valentine's Day was . . . 4 days ago! I started writing it Valentine's Day with the intention of loading it up on the 15th, latest the 16th, but things didn't go as I planned. I still had to check it over, and the story kept getting longer. I was only planning maybe 12 pages, not 23. All well! It's not my best, but it ain't my worst. And yes, to answer your question, I have more Seifer x Squall stories coming. Actually, I'm half done a Squall x Seifer x Zell fic. I'm not sure what you will think of that, but should be interesting. They are just taking so long because I have a whole bunch of stories started, half done, and it's taking me awhile to finish them. I got more Gundam Wing, a Cardcaptors story (Sakura x Syaoran), and Harry Potter (Harry Potter x Draco Malfoy) on the way. Not to mention a story of my own creation coming. I'll try to have another finished by the end of the month.

Luv ya,
CJ May
aka Drakon Sword

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