Taming of Tempest


By Sasha Petalinkar

A duel.

An evil mercenary and noble knight.

A Sorceress set in the back watching.

Assasin hid in clock tower, his shot failed.

SeeDs watched their leader in the struggle with knight, to far to help.

A gunblade against gunblade, one coated in fire other in ice.

Crowd cheered at unexepted spectacle.

A slash. Parry. Fire spell. Ice spell.

A pause.

Seifer stands, his gunblade pointed towards his oppenent, a smirk on his lips. He seemed fresh. Squall hold his weapon defensively, his clothing is torned and burned in few places.

"You are going to loose this one. Surrender now and spare yourself unnecesarry pain."

Squall was quiet. Seifer casted quick fire spell, but it seemed absorbed by Squall. He was surprised for moment, then he understand as Squall unleashes Shiva on him.

"Glitter Dust."

Ice shards flew. Frostbites form on Seifers skin. Some of the civilians near were frozen to death. A magic shield protected the Sorceress.

Seifer used the time while Squall recovered from the GF summoning to cast Cure spell on himself. Frostbites disappeared, cuts healed.

The battle commenced with Gunblades. Attacks, defences and counter attacks were exchanged at blinding speed. The battle turned into deadly dance with gunblades. To both Seifer and Squall rest of the world disappeared, ignored, irrelevant. Only each other mattered to them. This fight was personal, like kiss or making love. As all their fights were.

Squall knew that he was loosing, slowly small cuts gathered, slowing him down. In the desperation he used his utlimate attack.


A series of rapid slashes. Seifer's white trenchcoat covered in blood. Squalls stepped back, expecting his opponent to fall down.

Slowly Seifer rose to his feat. A pain was in face, but yet he has not lost his smirk. He rose Hyperion to the air, the blade coated in flames.

No Mercy!

Fire burned Squall, a blade cut him. And he fell to the ground loosing consciousness. Other SeeDs watched this and their leader fallen they run.

Sorceress turned to her triumphant Knight, "Well done, my Knight. And now to claim the first prize for your service. I give you this SeeD."

"Thank you, Mistress."

"This is also a test and a lesson. It is time for you develop some skills which were neglected while you were in Garden." Sorceress moved to her Knight. She touched his hand. Seifer felt a rush of power, as she transfered lots of regen spells to him. "You will find this useful while you train him."

"I will not disappoint you, Mistress."

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