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Sweet Litanies

By Alexis Logain

Kissing Squall is a lot like being drunk. Your brain doesn’t work quite right and all you can concentrate is how soft his lips feel against yours, how warm his tongue is inside your mouth… The room tilts and spins and you just know you can’t keep your balance. Well…for me anyway. If I ever catch anyone else trying to kiss my Squall, I will kill them. …Just as long as we’re clear on that. I mean, it’s very simple: touch him and die. Now, where was I? Oh yeah, kissing Squall.

Now kissing him is definitely one of my favorite activities. Right up there with fucking him. Making love, screwing, having sex, doing the horizontal mambo – whatever you want to call it, it’s all the same. Now, true, there are certain emotions that go with each description, but we pull off all of them…just depends on the type of mood each of us is in. In my opinion, though, the fucking is just…mind-blowing. You can’t compare to being in bed with Squall Leonhart – you just can’t. In fact, it’s probably my most favorite activity.

Now sure, I like to do things that don’t include sexual activities, but you have to understand something about me: I’m a pervert. My mind is nailed to the gutter. It will never leave. Nor do I want it to. But I do enjoy non-sexual things. Like sparring…with Squall, reading, drawing – usually Squall, listening to music, watching Squall, watching the sunset, teasing Squall, kissing Squall, laying in bed with Squall curled up against me, taking showers with Squall, licking Squall… Wow, I never realized how much of my activities revolved around him. Interesting.

But the fucking is the best.

I can still remember our first time with vivid detail… We hadn’t really been dating long, but we had been dating. Flirted like crazy, but only in private because, well, he’s the Headmaster and we needed to be discrete. We were in his office and he gave me this…look and for some reason, my blood went straight to my dick and I lost all ability to think. Hyne, I practically pounced on him, dragging his mouth to mine, bruising his sweet, soft lips. He moaned into my mouth and I straddled his lap, knees against the sides of his legs. He arched against me, pressing his growing erection into mine, my name leaving his lips in a strangled plea.


"What?" I whispered to him.

"I…I want…" He looked at me, gray eyes all intense and my blood boiled within my veins. I didn’t give him a chance to finish telling me what he wanted because I already knew. My lips smashed against his and I fisted one of my hands in his hair; the other untucked his white undershirt and skimmed up his smooth flesh. I could feel his muscles ripple under my fingers and he gasped into my mouth when I played with a pert nipple. He arched under me again and I shifted to create more friction. We fell off of the chair and landed on the floor with a loud ‘THUMP!’ I stared at him, my eyes wide, and was briefly thankful that I didn’t bite off his tongue. He just sort of blinked then began to laugh softly.

"Whoops…" I grinned. He chuckled once more before leaning down to claim my lips. I’m not quite sure how I was the one who managed to be on the bottom, but the view was immaculate. Squall’s eyes were half-shut, his lids heavy, and his soft hair was tousled; his lips were swollen…as were other parts of his body.

I pushed my hips up and ground my dick into the firm flesh of his ass and those sweet, cherry-red lips of his formed a large ‘O,’ I sat up, tearing at his jacket and shirt, fusing my lips to his skin. I leaned him back ever so slightly, leaving little love bites along his collar bone and sucked on an apricot colored nipple.

"Sei…fer…" he hissed as I tormented it with my teeth, then gave it a long, soothing bath with my tongue. He arched back and I lowered him to the floor, untangling myself from his legs. Biting at the back of his knee through his pants, I moved my hands further down to remove his boots and socks. He propped himself up on his elbows and watched me, his eyebrow raised and a playful smirk on his lips. I smirked back, plotting to put a much better expression on his face. Settling between his knees, I slowly unsnapped his slacks, purposely making sure I added extra pressure on his swollen cock. He made this lovely little ‘nnnhhh’ sound that reverberated through my spine when I finally freed said swollen member from his constricting pants and boxers. Together we managed to pull them off of his body and he was just about to complain about my state of full-dress when I swallowed his cock whole. No gentle sucks at the tip or long, teasing licks along the underside and along the bulging veins – but whole. Squall later swore that at that second, he went straight to heaven, met Hyne, smiled at her, then plummeted back to earth where his eyes proceeded to roll back in his head. Half words and moans and whimpers all poured out of his mouth while mine was wrapped around his dick. I pulled away with a loud slurp and he raised his head, blinking at me.

"Watch me…" I whispered to him and, with my eyes still glued to his, I moved my head back down to continue my activities. His skin was hot to the touch and felt like wet velvet under my tongue. Veins pulsated with his heartbeat and I scraped my teeth against one to elicit a moan from him. If there is one thing on this earth that I love more than Squall, its him moaning. Especially when he moans my name.

"I’m gonna…I’m…oh gods…I’m gonna…" Squall’s body tensed up and his eyes squeezed shut while his mouth hung open in a silent scream. I shivered and hummed against his cock and his fingers clenched around his office carpeting. He came while in continued my ministrations on his flesh, feeling the hot, sticky substance coat my throat and stomach. Letting go of the floor, Squall’s body kinda collapsed and he rested his head on the carpet, eyes shut and a small smile on his lips. Giving his cock one last hard suck, I pulled away and crawled up his body, planting a chaste kiss between his nipples. He sighed happily then tugged at my shirt, whispering my name softly.


"Off…take it…off…" He cracked one eye open then proceeded to change his mind; grabbing a fistful of my shirt, he hauled me down on top of him, pulling my lips to his. Deft, callused fingers dipped down and then up, under my shirt and across my back. The rough skin from his calluses scraped against my spine and I arched against him, moaning like a whore and not giving a damn. "Now take it off."

"Off eh?"

"Yup. Take it all off." I smirked at him and sat up, straddling his lap much like before. I tugged my plain blue t-shirt up and off of my body, flinging it somewhere in the distance and grinned while he hungrily licked his lips, eyeing my skin. His fingers climbed up my across my skin and I began to lean down to kiss him when he held his arms straight, holding me back a little. I frowned at him and then grinned as his hands moved lower and lower, unbuckling my belt and then unzipping my pants. I knelt back from Squall, tugging my pants off of my body, then paused. Part of me wanted to ask him if he was sure he wanted what was happening, wanted me…but I changed my mind – the way Squall over thought everything made me sure that he did want that. He trailed a hand up and pressed it against my cheek; I nuzzled against his palm and placed a wet kiss against his wrist.

"We need…" I began, wondering for the first time how expansive his knowledge was when it came to having sex with a man.

"Bottom drawer, left side," he told me and I slid the drawer in question open to find a small bottle of lube and a box of condoms. I pulled out one foil-wrapped condom and pulled it over myself, wanting to get that part over with before my hands were slick with lubricant. After that was done, I proceeded to slick the cherry flavored lube over my fingers, warming the substance up before leaning over him and pressing my lips against his. He gasped into the kiss as I slipped a finger into his body. The immediate heat that surrounded my skin made me think of what it’d be like to bury my cock into it and I moaned at the thought. Waiting for his body to get used to the invasion, I slowly moved my finger in and out, my tongue mimicking the motion while I ground my cock against his thigh. He reached down and grabbed my free hand, bringing it to my cock, and I wrapped my fingers around myself, his hand controlling the motion.

"Squall…" His name was strangled and garbled, but my voice was shaky and I was beyond heaven.

"Just imagine how good it’ll feel when you’re in me," he whispered and I swear to Hyne that I could have come right then and there. Instead, I slipped a second finger into his body and stretched him out even more. "I want you…now…do it now Seifer. I need this." Biting my lip, I pulled my fingers away and lifted his hips enough to be able to penetrate his body. I did so, slowly, until my eyes rolled back at the sheer heat that surrounded me. Squall cried out a little at the sudden and full intrusion, but as I pulled out a little and then thrust back in, he moaned loudly. Wrapping his legs around my hips and throwing his head back to gasp wantonly, I thrust into his body roughly. His body tensed and his cock stirred to life as I hit his prostate over and over.

A litany of curses and moans flew from his mouth and I grinned to myself, thinking that that had to have been the longest string of words I had ever heard him put together.

I would like to say that my stamina held up and that we went on like that for hours. However, there’s one thing you need to know about having sex with Squall – it’s incredible and completely mind-blowing. I slid in and out, each thrust growing more and more erratic, until I saw him wrap a fist around his own erection and roughly jerk himself off. My eyes rolled back and the room went dark as my body tensed. I screamed his name loudly enough for all of Garden to have heard me and his muscles tightened around me. Squall came for a second time, his seed spilling down his hand and pooling onto his stomach while my own orgasm washed over my body.

"Seifer…?" he whispered a few minutes later.


"Next time…bedroom. This carpet is driving me crazy."

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