Notes: Hm... ^-^ A short little piece of insanity. Irvine wanted attention, *shrug* I couldn't say no. ~_^*

Strawberries and Cream

By Sniffles

A sniper by nature. That's what she called me. I still don't know if that was an insult or a compliment. I don't really care to think about her really, or the things she said, but that comment confused me, it still does. What did she mean? I suppose I could ask her, but I don't like to speak to her.

We didn't part on good terms, but I suppose you caught that.

"That's a nasty habit."

I turn and look at him. The moonlight crowns his head like a halo, but he's no angel. I could never be drunk enough to imagine he's an angel. I hold the cigarette out and he takes it. I half expect him to take a drag, but instead he tosses it to the ground and grinds it into the dirt with his heel. He steps close, so close that I can smell his breath. Sweet. He smells like strawberries and cream. Or at least I imagine he does. I can't smell much at the moment, this stupid cold has drained my senses so that I can barely see, I can't smell shit, and I have troubles with my hearing.

Yeah, yeah, what am I doing with a cold when a simple cure magic would cure me? Little pun there, sorry. I can't help myself sometimes. What was I saying? Oh right, well, funny thing is cure magic doesn't work on this type of cold. It's built up a resistance to the magic, so, once again science has no cure for the common cold. The cold has been an age old problem and it seems man will never be able to cure it.

"You smell like alcohol." He says, his tone is accusing.

Well, excuse me. I'm not allowed to have a little drink? "You smell like shit." I find myself responding. Yeah, that's another side effect of the cold. My mouth and brain are not in accordance. They rarely if ever agree and they certainly don't work as a team. And no I'm not drunk. I just had one little glass of... well, whatever it was that I had. I can't remember anymore.

The moment I speak I find myself wheezing and then coughing. When I open my mouth the air tickles my throat and makes it hard to breathe and this in turn triggers a cough attack. When the coughing subsides I straighten and find him looking at me disapprovingly.

"You should be resting." He scolds.

"Make me big boy."

Suddenly he leans over and grabs my chin with his right hand. His left hand grabs my hip and pulls me close to his hot body. No, not hot sexy, though it is sexy. I mean, hot as in warm. He's radiating heat. It's uncomfortable. Hell, I'm running a mild fever as it is, I don't need his body heat warming me up even more.

"Don't tempt me." He says softly. Then he leans down until our lips meet.

I jerk back. No wait. I've been waiting for this for how long, and I jerk back! What's wrong with me?! He starts to move away, taking my movement as rejection, so I quickly lean up and kiss him. His eyes open wide. I meet his surprised gaze and let my lips do the talking... erm.... you know what I mean.

Slowly his eyes flutter closed and his long, thick eyelashes brush his cheek. He's so beautiful. I wrap my arms around his waist and put all my energy into giving him a kiss he'll never forget. Remember how I said he smelt like strawberries and cream? Well he tastes like it too. Delicious. I could eat him.. gawd, I wish he'd let me.

Remember the cold? I can't breathe through my nose and now... well, now I can't breathe through my mouth. I don't want to break the kiss though dammit. I've waited so long for this moment. I struggle with the need for air. I will not... I will not... I will not ruin this perfect moment!

But, remember how I said my mouth and brain weren't in accordance? Well my body isn't listening to my brain either. I find myself pulling away from the kiss. The moment his lips leave mine I gasp for air. The air touches my throat and I start to cough. Oh gawd it hurts. His arms wrap around me and he rubs my back as I cough and wheeze.

After a moment the coughing stops but his arms stay around me. He starts to move. I look up and see that he's guiding me towards the exit. "Where...?"

"I'm taking you to your room so you can rest." He sounds amused. I look up at him and he looks down at me with a smile.

"Shit." Is all that my addled brain can think of.

I let him guide me to my room.

He pushes me into the room and I flop onto the bed. The moment my head hits the headboard I pass out.

My last lucid thought is; I really love strawberries and cream... yum...

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