Stitch In Time

Chapter Twenty

By Scarlet Fever

Everything was white. It was blinding. Zell wondered for a moment if he was still in the state of Time Compression. NoÖ. They had defeated Ultimecia. She was dead, and deservedly so. After Zell had left Seifer in the castleís prison cell, he had cleared his mind of all thoughts not pertaining to Ultimecia. He only brought his deep-rooted rage with him. Despite the fact that Ultimecia kept throwing curve balls at them, like form changes, and summoning Griever, the strongest of all GF, they had defeated her, and Zell was proud of his teammates, proud of himself.

SeiferÖ.. Zell concentrated on the moment when his lips had first rested against his loverís, when he had heard Seifer actually laugh instead of snicker, when he and Seifer had been the only people in the world, sharing their first kiss among the grass and night sky. What if Seifer got lost in Time Compression? What if he was gone? Zell couldnít imagine what life would be like without Seifer. He had never known life without him, and didnít want to find out what it was like.

The white began to gave way to pale gray, a gradient of time. The grays became darker and darker, until it was all black. The darkness, however, seemed more natural than the pale, garish white had been. He no longer felt like he was floating in an endless, milky sea of nothingness. The dark surroundings actually had substance. Zell moaned, his head hurting, like the sharp pain of eating something too cold too fast. He clenched his fists, which hurt terribly from all the fighting he had been doing. He could feel the rough surface of grass under his opening and closing palms, the blades tickling his fingertips. He could also feel the grass on the undersides of his bare calves and arms. He breathed in. He could smell the ocean, the salty tang that hung in the air. He would have opened his eyes, but he felt like there were weights on his eyelashes that were preventing it. It took a lot of strength to open his pale blue eyes. He smiled when he stared up at the blue sky. Blue like Seifer's eyes.

Zell suddenly sat up, groaning at his bodyís protest. He waited a few moments for his head to stop spinning. When he opened his eyes, he let out a small gasp of relief that he was in fact in Balamb, laying in the soccer field that could be seen from his backyard. He had never been more relieved to be in Balamb in his entire life. I made itÖ. He stretched his arms over his head, swiveling his torso to crack his back. He then whipped his head around, looking for Seifer.

"Please say heís hereÖ." Zell whispered to himself, turning to look behind him. His body practically shook with relief when he saw a familiar figure lying in the grass a few meters away from him. He smiled, biting his lip. He crawled over to the spot where Seifer was laying. The other blondeís eyes were closed, and he was breathing steadily. Seifer was lying on his back, his head tilted to the side.

Zell smiled, admiring Seifer's fair face. He curled up next to Seifer, resting his forearms on Seifer's chest. He tilted his head before propping his chin up on his wrists, still watching his lover. After a few moments, Seifer stirred from his sleep. He didnít immediately open his eyes, but rather sighed, as if he wanted to go back to sleep.

Seifer felt a weight on his chest as he awoke from his soupy sleep. For a few moments, it felt like any other morning, and he frowned, not wanting to get up. Suddenly, images of the most recent events in his life flooded through him. He slowly opened his eyes, expecting to be staring up at the ceiling of the cell in Ultimeciaís Castle. Instead, he was looking at a clear blue sky. Seifer felt the weight on his shoulder move, and he slowly looked down.

"Hi," Zell said simply, smiling brightly at Seifer. He noticed that the green of the grass brought out the green highlights in Seifer's eyes.

"ZellÖ.." Seifer blinked a few times, surprised to see him.

"Arenít you glad to see me?" Zell teased, pouting.

Seifer couldnít help but smile. He felt like crying, but tears of happiness this time, instead of agony.

The tattooed blonde noticed Seifer's eyes watering up. "Whatís wrong?" He sat up slightly.

"NothingÖ.." Seifer bit his lip. "Nothing."


Seifer shrugged. "I kind of want to burn these clothesÖ." He trailed off, sadness coming over him at the memory of his disgusting violation.

Zell frowned, Seiferís sadness echoed by him. Seifer had been okay, well, as okay as he could be, considering the situation. He smiled, not wanting to feel anything but happiness. He sat up, pulling at Seiferís arms to get him to sit up as well. "Come on. Letís go home."

"Home?" Seifer raised his eyebrows.

"My house."

Seiferís face flushed with shame. "Oh, I donít think thatís such a good idea, ZellÖ"

"Why not?" Zell asked, confused. He stood, crossing his arms over his chest.

"After all Iíve done, I donít think Iíd be very welcome in your motherís house. I mean, I was the one who ordered Balamb to be attackedÖ.. And I tried to kill her sonÖ."

"Yeah, well, her sonís also in love with you. Plus, she wants to meet you."

"Huh?" Seifer looked up at the other man, raising his eyebrow.

"I told her about you." Zell offered his hand to Seifer, helping him up. "Before we went to Lunatic Pandora, I told her about you. About how Ultimecia was controlling you, and that you werenít like thatÖ." They began to walk slowly to Zellís house, despite Seiferís reservations. Zellís squeezed Seiferís hand as they walked, not letting go. "And, I told her that I was in love with you. She wants to meet you."

Seifer frowned. "ZellÖ."

"Too bad."

Seifer smiled sadly, knowing that Zell was very stubborn. "But, Iím not really very presentableÖ" He plucked at his torn trenchcoat, which was also covered in bloodstains. Any physical reminder of the rotting corpse was gone, for it had been magic based. The memory would remain, however, staining Seifer forever.

"You look beautiful."

Seifer scoffed, almost laughingly.

Zell frowned, turning so he was facing Seifer and walking backwards. "You are beautiful."

Seifer thought of the way his reflection had looked the last time he stared into a mirror. He sighed sadly, feeling like crying.

"What?" Zell asked, concern in his eyes.

Seifer shook his head, refusing to burden Zell.

As they approached Zellís house, Zell squeezed Seiferís hand. "Weíll talk about it later, okay?"

The taller blonde nodded dully as Zell led him into his house. He found that he suddenly found his shoes to be very interesting. He didnít want to look Zellís mother in the eye after all that he had done to Balamb, to Zell.

"Ma?!" Zell called. He noticed Seifer's hesitation. Leaning in, he whispered, "It will be okay."


Seifer felt deep shame and fear at the sound of Mrs. Dinchtís voice. He continued to look at the ground as she came in. He could feel his cheeks becoming red. This was a bad idea.

"Oh, Zell, Iím so glad youíre alright!" Her throaty voice was filled with relief.

Zell let go of Seifer's hand so he could embrace his mother. He must have squeezed too hard, for she let out a gasp. Mrs. Dincht may not have been his birth mother, but, to Zell, she was his mother.

"Are you okay?"

"Piece of cake!" He winked at her, then turned to Seifer. His brow knitted in concern as he looked at the tall blonde. His loverís shame and nervousness was evident. "Ma, this is Seifer."

Seifer raised his blue eyes. When they met a pair of kind brown ones, he smiled sadly. He could at least be polite to the woman, even if it wouldnít make up for all the terrible things he had done. She smiled at him, understanding in her eyes. She offered her hand to him. He instinctively took it, kissing it. It had been engrained into him to kiss the hand of Edea, and he did it without really thinking.

Zell raised his eyebrows. "Hey, stop hitting on my mom!" He shoved Seifer gently.

"Such a gentleman," She winked at Seifer. The light in her eyes dimmed when she stared into Seifer's eyes. "You donít have to feel ashamed. Zell explained to me what happened."

"Itís not an excuseÖ.." Seifer began.

A waving of Mrs. Dinchtís hand silenced him. "Please, letís not even bother discussing it. You donít have to try to sell yourself to me. Zellís word is more than enough." She looked over at the spiky-haired blonde. "And he speaks very highly of you."

Seifer blushed, and it wasnít all from shame. "I think he exaggerates."

"What, Zell? Never." She gaped, sarcastic.

Zell scoffed. "GreatÖ."

"You boys are staying for supper, right?"

"Oh, I couldnít imposeÖ." Seifer answered.

"Itís not an imposition, and Zell would probably be very angry if I didnít invite you. He can be very stubborn."

"That he can," Seifer echoed. A small smile graced his lips.

"Stop talking about me like Iím not in the room!" Zell exclaimed.

"Oh, Zell! I almost forgot. Two people came looking for you. They sort of looked familiar. One of them I think was the man who got food poisoningÖ."

Zell snorted, laughing. "Raijin was here? Was he with a girl?"

"Yes. With silver hair. Actually, they asked for both of you. Theyíre staying at the Hotel. Something about apartment hunting and Seifer's things being delivered from Galbadia. He said Ďya knowí an awful lot."

Seifer nodded. "I should probably go see them. You can stay here and talk to your mom some moreÖ"

"No, Iíll go. You can stay here and have a shower if you wantÖ." He trailed off sadly. "Besides, I want you and Ma to get to know each other better." He was already turning for the door. "See ya later!"

"But, ZellÖ." Seifer trailed off, huffing as the door closed. He turned to Mrs. Dincht. "If Iím staying for supper, you have to let me help. I donít want to mooch."

"Youíre just as stubborn as Zell. Why donít you use the bathroom in Zellís room? And Iíll hear no more about imposing." She tilted her head. "It wasnít your fault, you know? I know Zell doesnít think it was, and neither do I."

Seifer smiled sadly. "I think your son is a little too kind to me."

"He loves you, and you love himÖ. Right?"

"Yes," Seifer answered instantly and honestly. "I love him very much."

"Now, go. Zell should be back soon." She shoved him lightly towards the stairs. "I think you know where everything isÖ." She winked at him.

"Mrs. DinchtÖ." Seifer blinked a few times, totally surprised at the womanís sexual innuendo.

She laughed. "I may be old, but Iím not blind or stupidÖ."


"Supper should be ready in a couple of hours."

Seifer would have replied, but she was already in the kitchen. He sighed, slowly walking up the stairs. This was the first time he had been in Zellís room since the night of the SeeD ball. He stood in the middle of the clean floor, looking at everything. Pleasant memories of Zellís mouth on his, Zellís body in his flooded over him. He couldnít help but blush. He realized that he didnít like being without Zell, even for a little while. The small SeeD had a way of making Seifer feel better about himself, and now that Zell was gone, his melancholy returned as well. He sighed deeply, going into the bathroom. He purposely avoided looking in the mirror, and closed the door soundly behind him. He decided not to lock it in case Zell came back.

Seifer wrinkled his nose sadly as he shrugged out of his torn trenchcoat. He was lucky that he had a second one, for this one was ruined. He dumped it on the floor unceremoniously. He turned on the shower, letting the water run. He looked around the bathroom, which was mostly black. It was as clean as the rest of Zellís room. Seifer was surprised that Zell was such a neat freak, for it countered greatly with his personality.

"Guess we still have things to learn about each otherÖ." Seifer trailed off, pulling off his collar. He quickly removed his clothes, the memory of his latest rape clinging to him. He quickly got under the pounding stream of the shower, shutting off his mind, just letting his muscles be relaxed and massaged by the water. He began to think of what Ultimecia had made him do, but he turned off all thoughts so that his mind was totally black and blank. He jerked his head up as the water ran cold. He must have lost track of time. He turned off the now cold spray and stepped out of the spacious stall. He reached for one of Zellís large black towels, hoping the smaller boy didnít mind. As he was drying his body, he heard a knock on the door.

"Seifer?" Zellís voice wafted through the door.

"Itís unlocked."

Zell opened the door. "Feel better?" He closed the door behind him. "Shit, I was hoping youíd be naked."

"I am under the towel." He crossed his arms over his bare chest. "How are they?"

"What, Raijin and Fujin? Theyíre fine. I didnít think Raijin was so organized. They could have sneezed and knocked me over."

"What do you mean?"

"They had all your stuff delivered from both Galbadia and Balamb Gardens, because they knew you wouldnít want to go back to either. And, theyíre apartment hunting. I expected Raijin to loaf around the Hotel for a few months, at least." Zell lazily gestured to the door. "I brought you some clothes, and a toothbrush and stuff."

Seifer raised his eyebrows. "Why? I could have just gone to the Hotel when I check in."

"Check in my ass. Youíre staying here."

"I am not. Iím already staying for supper. Iím not a freeloader."

"You can repay meÖ." Zell trailed off mischievously, wrapping his arms around Seifer's wet frame. He stood on his tiptoes and kissed Seifer. He moaned happily when Seifer gently returned the kiss, softly pressing his lips to Zellís. "Mmm, thatís a start." Zell moved his hands lower, so that his fingers were beginning to travel under the towel around Seifer's waist. He frowned when he felt Seifer stiffen. "What?"

Seifer shook his head, trying to smile, but Zell saw the distant look in his eyes.

"Youíre remembering them, arenít youÖ.?" Zell flinched, knowing he stuck his foot in his mouth.

"So, you did watch the tape. I figured you would."

"I burned it, and Iím sorry I mentioned anything." Zell held his lover closer. "Weíll only do what youíre ready for." Zell planted a small kiss on Seifer's throat. "But, youíre staying. I want to fall asleep next to you, and wake up the same way."

"What about your mother?"

"I donít want to sleep with her."

Seifer snorted, making his way to the door. Zell noticed that Seifer's gaze purposely avoided the mirror.



"Why wonít you look in the mirror."

Seifer shrugged, trying to be airy. "Some people arenít as vain as you are."

"Seifer," Zell repeated, more sternly this time.

The taller blonde didnít respond.

"Whatever you think you see, itís just a mind game that Ultimecia played with you."

Seifer closed his eyes wearily. "Itís hard to tell where the mind games end and reality begins."

Zell sighed, pulling Seifer closer to him. "Keep your eyes closed." Zell looked over to the mirror, wondering how Seifer couldnít see how beautiful he was, how beautiful they were together. "Do you remember when we were kids, and Edea took us to that Carnival in Winhill? I only recently remembered, but do you?"

Seifer nodded, his lashes fluttering against his orbital bones.

"Yeah, we were all really excited because we got to go on a boat and stuff. I remember that Irvine got sick after riding the Tilt A Whirl, and Quistis kept beating all the boys at ring toss."

"You cried when you dropped your ice creamÖ" Seifer whispered, smirking wistfully.

Zell groaned. "AnywayÖ. The thing I remember most was when we went through the fun house, and you and I were the last ones, and they had those mirrors where your reflection is all stretched out, or squashed up. I was always sensitive about my heightÖ. It didnít really help that you teased me all the time."

Seifer unconsciously apologized by squeezing Zellís body affectionately.

"I looked in the one that made you all short and fat, and I got really upsetÖ."

"You criedÖ"

"Stop that!" Zell chided, scowling. "I thought thatís how I really looked, and you said to me that it was only illusion, that you couldnít believe everything you saw. You took my hand and pulled me to the mirror on the end. It was the one that showed your normal appearance. You made me look in it and told me that the first two mirrors were fakes, and only showed unrealistic images of what we were, and that the last one was the mirror that showed true beautyÖ. You made me look, and I had never felt more relieved. You know, you were a pretty smart kid."

Seifer tilted his head, opening his eyes. Zell cupped the sides of his face, making him look in the mirror. "Donít believe everything you see."

Seifer blinked a few times. His face was no longer misshapen, and he was staring at his actual reflection. He shook his head. "I do see true beauty, and it isnít me. But thank you for trying." Seifer smiled gently. "You can chase away the mind games, but my own feelings of inadequacy are deeper than that." He turned and opened the bathroom door.

Zell followed, frowning. "I wish I could make you seeÖ.."

Seifer shrugged, picking up a black golf-style shirt from Zellís bed. He also chose a pair of baggy khakis and black boxers. "Thanks for bringing me some clothes."

"Itís the least I could do."

"No, the least you could do is absolutely nothing."

Zell laughed, wrapping his arms around Seifer again. "Need any help getting dressed?"

"I think Iím capable of dressing myself." Seifer disentangled himself from Zellís octopus-like grip and headed back for the bathroom. He closed the door.

Zell sighed, deciding to give Seifer his privacy. He leaned against the wall. "I love you," he called.

"I love you, too," Seifer answered, his voice sounding quiet through the door.

Zell sighed, resting his head against Seifer's chest. The cool night air came off the ocean and wafted through Zellís open bedroom window. It was one in the morning, and Zell couldnít sleep. He found that he didnít really want to, for he wanted to burn the feeling of Seifer sleeping next to him into his memory bank. He traced lazy patterns on Seifer's chest with his fingers, pulling at the fabric of Seifer's black tank top. It had sort of disappointed Zell that Seifer didnít feel comfortable sleeping nude, but he had been through so much that Zell totally understood.

He sighed, yawning as he pulled himself closer to Seifer. He was about to fall asleep when he was jerked out of his lulled state by a sudden motion on Seifer's behalf. Zell sat up, reclining on one of his elbows. He watched as Seifer gently tossed in his sleep, his scarred brow knitted in distress. Zell sighed, brushing Seifer's gold locks off his forehead. He was having a nightmare, or a flashback. Zell felt lucky that he didnít have to deal with that stuff, and then felt guilty, because Seifer didnít deserve it. He continued to watch as Seifer's discomfort seemed to mount.

Seifer gently whimpered in his sleep, a single tear rolling down his pale cheek. Zell crawled on top of Seifer's body, straddling his loverís hips. He moved to gently shake Seifer's shoulders, to free him from his nightmare, but stopped when Seifer's eyes snapped open. He gasped, blinking a few times.

"Seifer?!" Zell whispered, leaning in closer to Seifer's face. "It was only a dream."

Seifer blinked his clear blue eyes, looking up at Zell. "ZellÖ."

"Shhh," Zell wiped the wet trail on Seifer's cheek away. "Itís okay." He kissed Seifer gently, parting the otherís lips gently with his own.

Seifer sighed, the chaste kiss lulling him into calmness. He had been dreaming about the dogs, their sharp canines in his body, jerking his limbs like he was a rag doll. He felt his leg throb with sympathy pains upon the remembrance of the attack. When Zellís tongue slowly pushed into his mouth, Seifer felt a warm flush pass over his body. He shifted his weight under his lover, gasping at their groins brushed together. He knew that he shouldnít have felt aroused, that Zellís mother was downstairs, that he didnít deserve the pleasant waves that rolled over his skin.

Zell groaned quietly as Seifer's cock brushed against his scrotum through the fabric of their boxers. He could tell that Seifer was getting aroused, and knew that Seifer could feel Zell hardening. Zell whimpered happily as Seifer deepened their kiss, throwing all his passion into it. Seifer's tongue thrust into the tattooed blondeís mouth, their tongues wrestling against each other. Zell moved his hands down Seifer's chest, stopping at the hem of the tank top. He began to skirt it up Seifer's chest, slowly and teasingly, waiting for Seifer to stop him.

The scarred blonde didnít want Zell to stop. He wanted to chase away all his bad memories, and replace them in his mind with pleasant ones. The lust and love he felt for the man on top of him pushed all his anger towards himself away. He broke the kiss, raising his arms over his head. He silently urged Zell to remove the garment. The other blonde didnít need encouragement, and practically ripped the tank top off. He smiled with desire, throwing it on the floor. Once Seifer's toned chest was bared to him, he shifted his weight down so he could cover the pale flesh with kisses. He occasionally flicked his tongue out, teasing Seifer by tracing the lines of his muscles. The taller man sighed, suppressing a moan as he arched his body up to Zellís mouth, the teasing driving him insane. When Zellís moist tongue reached his nipples, Seifer gasped, unable to hold back the noisy response.

Zell smiled against the hard surface of Seifer's chest, gently tugging on the hoops that hung from Seifer's taut nipples with his tongue. He smiled as his lover gasped again, a quiet purring noise escaping his throat. That purring sound went straight to Zellís groin, and he felt himself become fully aroused. Zell flattened his palm over Seifer's flat stomach, sweeping his hand down towards Seifer's crotch. The heel of his hand brushed the bulge trapped in Seifer's black boxers, and Zell groaned. The smaller man moved his weight off Seifer as he hooked his thumbs under the waistband.

When Zell had gotten the boxers down around Seifer's hips, the taller blonde sat up slightly. "Zell, what about your mom?"

Zell grinned, pulling the underwear off. "What, do you want her to join us?" He raised an eyebrow, dropping the garment to the floor, where it joined Seifer's shirt in a messy, forgotten heap. "Please say noÖ."

"No, I meant what if she hears us?"

Zell studied Seifer's body, paying particular attention to his impressive cock. He then straddled his loverís hips again. "Well, weíll have to do something about that, wonít we?" He covered Seifer's mouth with his own, muffling the former Knightís moans with his tongue. He rocked his hips slightly against Seifer's exposed groin, kissing him more passionately when Seifer arched his body off the bed.

"ZellÖ" Seifer whispered, breaking their kiss so he could pull off the tight white T-shirt that the martial artist was wearing. Immediately, Zell captured Seifer's mouth again, tossing the shirt away. Without breaking their current kiss, Zell pulled off his own underwear, wanting this so badly. It had only been a couple of weeks since the night when he and Seifer had made love for the first time, but it felt like far too long, like it had been a lifetime ago. When their nude bodies pressed together, both men groaned into each otherís mouths.

Zell pulled away first, reaching over Seifer's body to his nightstand. He pulled out a small vial of lubricant. He unscrewed the cap, breathing in the smell.

"Where did you get that?" Seifer asked breathlessly.

"In Deling City," he breathed in the scent. It immediately sent a wave of desire through him. "Itís an aphrodisiac. Smell." He held it out so Seifer could breathe it in. After a few moments, Seifer purred with lust. Zell smiled. "This was the mild one. Maybe Iíll get the stronger one when we donít have to worry about volume levels."

"Youíre such a Boy Scout," Seifer murmured. "Always preparedÖ." He trailed off, warm waves shooting through his nerves. He sighed. That stuff really worked.

"I donít think theyíd look too kindly on this sort of thing, thoughÖ." Zell trailed off, pouring a small amount of the amber coloured fluid into his palm. It gently warmed his flesh. With a grin, Zell reached down to Seifer's erection, slowly coating it with the lubricant. Seifer pursed his lips as he incoherently murmured with delight. The fluid made his skin warm, and created a need for release greater than any he had ever felt. He felt like he was on the brink of climaxing already.

"Will you do me?" Zell asked, handing the lubricant to Seifer.

"Thereís a double meaning in that, I thinkÖ" Seifer trailed off, coating his fingers. He paused for a second, brief memories of the Soldiers attacking him.

"SeiferÖ.?" Zell nuzzled against his loverís throat, which caused Seifer to forget about it. The desire he felt for Zell at that moment was so pure, so right. It couldnít be compared to that, to the horrible violation. The wonderful aphrodisiac didnít hurt, either. Zell positioned his body so that he was still straddling Seifer's hips, but so that his ass was sticking up in the air. He pressed his tattooed cheek to Seifer's shoulder, closing his eyes, waiting for Seifer to touch him. The taller blonde moved his fingers around Zellís virgin opening, making small, compact circles.

Zell gasped, pressing his face into the crook of Seifer's neck. He practically sobbed with relief when one of Seifer's long, lubricant-coated fingers entered him. Seifer slowly moved his finger around, working the lubricant deeply into Zellís body. When he was satisfied, he inserted a second finger, eliciting a moan from his lover. He continued to work the fragrant fluid against the walls of Zellís channel, slowly scissoring his fingers open and closed. Both felt like they were about to reach orgasm, the warm feeling the fluid was creating driving them both insane.

Zell groaned impatiently, pulling his body away from Seifer's nimble fingers. He shifted his weight on top of Seifer, positioning his stretched entry just above the slick head of Seifer's cock. He smiled down at Seifer, then lowered his body onto the impalement he so wanted. He had planned on teasing Seifer by doing things slowly, but quickly lowered the rest of his weight so that Seifer was filling him completely. Zell quickly covered Seifer's mouth with his own to prevent himself from letting out a loud moan of ecstasy.

Seifer gently bit down on Zellís lip, holding back his own cries. Zellís body was so warm and tight around him, and his muscles contracted strongly, coiling around Seifer's cock. They remained still for a few moments, letting Zell get used to the feeling of Seifer inside him. Zell began to slowly move his hips, the wonderful burning in his groin becoming too much to ignore. He ground his hips against Seifer's, wanting deeper, more. Zell panted into his loverís mouth as Seifer began to thrust upwards, his rhythm slow and grinding. Zell raised his weight off Seifer so that the taller blondeís cock fell out of Zellís body. He then gripped the base, lowering himself onto it with one viscous thrust. He couldnít help moaning noisily into Seifer's mouth as the hard column of flesh hit his A spot. Zell whimpered in agonizing euphoria, clamping his muscled thighs around Seifer's hips. He began to thrust down hard, his tailbone slamming against Seifer's pelvic bone. He wanted release, and he wanted it right then.

Seifer reached one hand up to Zellís face, cupping his cheek, slowing the pace of his kisses while the pace of their fucking only increased. The pressure of his desire was almost painful, and Seifer had the same desperate urge to climax that Zell had. With his free hand, Seifer gently stroked Zellís erection, making slow circles on the head of his loverís shaft, which was beginning to drip onto Seifer's belly. As their thrusting became more and more furious, more and more maniacal, their kiss slowed to the pace of sweet molasses, their tongues moving together in perfect sync.

Zell whimpered as the almost painful pressure was washed away, all his muscles tightening, and then relaxing in a wonderful wave. His full-body released was echoed by his semen, which splattered over Seifer's chest. Zell broke the kiss, moaning softly as Seifer continued to thrust up into him. Zell clamped his muscles down, smiling at the small gasps that Seifer was making. Seifer closed his eyes, arching his body up as far as he could, unconsciously moving his hands to his chest. He slowly rubbed Zellís warm ejaculate into his skin, smearing it all over his chest.

Zell sighed, sitting up on Seifer's body, arching his body backwards, thrusting down, wanting to feel Seifer come inside him. The tall blonde slowly opened his eyes, admiring Zellís body. The position he was in perfectly showed off all his muscles, the elegant lines of his body. When the smaller manís muscles clamped down on him again, Seifer came with a strangled cry, which came out as a small whine. Zell panted gently, murmuring softly as Seifer's release filled him. Their bodies, joined as one, lowered down to the mattress slowly. They both remained stationary, catching their breath.

Zell sighed, reaching over to his nightstand. He plucked a few tissues from the box and slowly cleaned Seifer's chest. When he was done, he leaned in, kissing his lover. "That was niceÖ." They rolled over so that Zell was lying beside Seifer. He moved his body so that Seifer wouldnít have to pull out just yet.

"Yes, nice is the word I was thinking ofÖ" Seifer kissed the end of Zellís nose. He pressed his head into the pillow, wonderfully worn out. He watched Zell, whose eyes were closed, a blissful smile on his face. "I love you. Thatís something that Ultimecia could never destroy."

Zellís eyes fluttered open. He smiled wearily. "I love you, too, Seifer. So desperately."

Seifer nodded, pressing his forehead to Zellís. He sighed, feeling sleep falling over him. He knew that nightmares wouldnít find him again this night.

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