By Kuttner

Squall swung his gunblade down again. Seifer countered with his own.

Sparks flew.

"Had enough?" Seifer hissed through gritted teeth, as their blades locked together, causing them to be close - face to face.

"Never," Squall growled back.

Seifer grinned and pulled violently back to release the weapons. Squall stumbled slightly from the sudden movement, then he readied himself for further combat. They were fighting in the rocky valleys behind Balamb Garden. It was late in the afternoon so any stray students out for a walk or midday picnic in the grassy area close by were long gone back to Garden, wary of curfew. Seifer didn't care for the curfew and Squall wasn't going to use it as an excuse to stop the fight, so here they were. The regular duel - alone together.

"Got more?" Seifer taunted gently. "Show me!"

Squall yelled low in his throat as he came at Seifer full force. Seifer was ready for it. Gunblades clashed.

Then Squall made a clumsy move, giving Seifer an advantage which the tall blond was quick to take. Disarming the brunette quickly, Seifer declared himself the victor.

"I win again!" he proclaimed proudly. Lately he'd been winning most of their duels. It was going to his head.

Squall was on the ground, defeated. He stood gingerly, shaking the dirt from his jacket and brushing himself off. He said nothing. He knew his clumsiness had cost him again. He'd have to work on it.

Seifer threw his gunblade to the ground next to Squall's fallen Lion Heart as if it didn't matter to him, and he approached Squall with fluid, slinky strides. Squall had finished brushing the dust from his pants and looked up to Seifer's grinning face.

"Now the real fun begins," the blond said.

Squall smiled, a come-on-then look laced with underlying lust that appeared particularly alluring on his face, especially as it was so rarely seen.

He dodged Seifer's arms as they reached to embrace him. His eyes flirtatious he backed off towards the nearby grassy patch. Seifer sighed but he was still grinning. The way Squall moved - it drove him insane. He felt a stirring in his groin which he silently encouraged secure in the knowledge that it wasn't going to be disappointed. Squall sat carefully down on the grass, leaning back, stretching seductively. He eyed Seifer as the blond approached.

Seifer got down on his hands and knees over Squall's prone body. This time Squall didn't try to escape Seifer's touch. Their lips met in a sweet kiss which swiftly grew in passion. Seifer pressed forward, urging Squall's body to the ground. They kissed lustfully, Squall ruffling Seifer's fair hair with his hands almost subconsciously. They continued kissing as Seifer's hand sought out the brunette's leather pants. His hand lightly brushed across Squall's groin and Squall moaned against Seifer's eager lips. Teasingly, Seifer ran his hand back over the obvious hardness he felt there, causing Squall to alternatively sigh and moan. Gently he squeezed the bulge in Squall's pants and the brunette gasped in delight. Seifer smiled greedily into their kiss. He wanted more. Deftly he unbuckled Squall's belt, opening his fly. He then slid his hand between material and skin to grasp Squall's hardening member. Seifer noticed that Squall hadn't worn any underwear - he was prepared for this tryst today. Kissing Squall's mouth harder, Seifer's fingers gently played with the brunette's penis. Squall was finding it hard to kiss Seifer as he couldn't prevent the groans of pleasure from his lips. Lightly, Seifer ran his fingers across Squall's genitals and out of his pants, causing the younger man to moan in disappointment. He soon recovered to kiss Seifer with more passion and attention. They kissed for a time, indulging in the taste of each other; holding each other close.

Sparks flew.

Seifer felt heady as he broke their kiss. He wanted to take it further. As he was going for his buckle, he was interrupted by Squall's hands. The brunette unzipped him and reached inside. As Seifer had done earlier to him, he felt for Seifer's penis, however he didn't stop there. He pushed the blond's trousers down so he was exposed then ran his fingers across Seifer's groin and along his shaft. Seifer threw back his head and sighed in pleasure. Squall bent low toward the kneeling blond and kissed the firm abs, his tongue flicking across the bare skin. Seifer watched Squall intently as the brunette moved lower still, using both tongue and lips to taste his body. When Squall reached Seifer's stiffened penis he looked up, as if he needed permission. Seifer ran his hand through his lover's brown hair, smiling with encouragement. Squall slid a hand to Seifer's buttocks and teasingly squeezed. Rising he started kissing Seifer's mouth again. The blond responded by embracing him tightly, his almost full erection pressing against Squall's thigh. Squall eased Seifer down so they were lying on the thick grass. Breaking the kiss, he dropped back down to Seifer's ready cock. He licked the shaft, from base to tip, sending a shiver through the blond. Then he used his tongue to lick at the head, his hands stroking Seifer's inner thighs softly. The blond's penis became more erect, darkening with blood. He writhed slightly under Squall's ministrations, not wanting to come too soon. Squall's mouth opened to capture the head of Seifer's penis. Very gently he sucked on it. Seifer groaned, it felt too good. Squall had an amazing mouth. The younger man's tongue still flicked lightly on the tip of Seifer's cock as he sucked the head. The hands between Seifer's legs now moved to the shaft, one gently stoking as the other gave an occasional slight squeeze.

"Ohhh, Squaallll, " sighed the tall blond, beginning to slowly thrust upwards.

Squall clamped his hands back on Seifer's thighs to keep his lovers cock from moving too much, but he smiled around the thick manhood in his mouth, liking the blond's reactions. He soon gave him what he wanted, taking the long penis into his mouth, down his throat as far as he could. Sucking with more force he allowed Seifer's thrusts.

Seifer was not so far gone in bliss that he wasn't aware of Squall's mouth and its effect on his own throbbing erection. He reached into his coat pocket and pulled out the small tube he'd brought along today. He was prepared for today as well.

"Squall," he said.

Squall heard the way his name was spoken and looked up from Seifer's cock, still performing wet circles on it with his tongue. He saw the tube that Seifer was waving at him and reluctantly released the blond's penis. Seifer felt the loss of Squall's hot mouth but he knew what he wanted this time. Squall went to kiss Seifer again. They lustfully locked mouths and tongues, Seifer running a hand to reach for Squall's loosened pants. He pulled them down. Fondling for his backside, Seifer briefly played his fingers at the entrance to Squall's anus. He smiled as Squall turned around, getting down with his rump in the air, the expression on the pretty brunette's face full of longing for what was to come. Seifer got behind him, laying kisses on Squall's taut buttocks. His tongue probed at Squall's hole, making the recipient shift and moan. Squall's penis was now stiff between his legs, having not been touched since the start, he would try to control it until Seifer was finished and satisfied. The blond had opened the small tube of lubricant and, his fingers liberally coated with it, he inserted a finger slowly into Squall's anus. Squall never got tired of the feeling of being penetrated. Parting his legs more he invited further, larger access. Seifer obliged, sneaking two extra fingers inside to join the first. He thrust them gently into Squall, loving the tight hold of Squall's entrance around them. The brunette moaned loudly.

"Seifer... more...," he murmured.

Knowing what they both wanted, Seifer extracted his fingers. Kneeling behind Squall's ass, he parted the cheeks with his hands and pressed his cock forward, entering the lubricated passage. Rhythmically he began to thrust. Slowly at first, then quickening as he felt nearer to climax. He gasped as he thrust, the sound accompanied by Squall's lust-filled groans. His hard erection slid smoothly in and out of Squall, causing intense sensations for both of them. Seifer cried out his lover's name as he ejaculated into him, clutching at Squall's buttocks. Squall in turn, thrust back to force Seifer's dick deeper into him before he could remove it. This wrenched another cry from Seifer, the orgasm causing an pleasurable spasm. He thrust firmly for a short time longer then pulled out.

Seifer turned Squall's body back around to face him, mounting him to kiss those lips again. Squall's erection was still intact but it was hard not to let go now. Seifer felt it digging into him and he wanted it then more than Squall's mouth. He slipped between the brunette's legs , mirroring what Squall had already done. However, he skipped the foreplay, Squall was ready to burst. Seifer took Squall's hard cock into his mouth, eagerly sucking the shaft. Squall thrust his hips quickly, at the edge. As Squall spilled his seed, Seifer greedily sucked and swallowed. A finger probed at Squall's anus again, causing Squall to buck hard into Seifer's face. Finally he was spent, and Seifer, with a lingering final lick, let his softening penis go.

The sky was dusky now. The shadows around the craggy rocks deepening.

As Squall lay, recovering his breath, Seifer pulled up his own trousers and buckled his belt.

Rising, he asked:

"Same time tomorrow?"

Squall graced him with a serene smile and replied:

"I'll be waiting... here... I promise..."


- End -

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