Author's Notes: My writing condition's kinda called too much Utena...

So Now You See...

by Silver Angel

You never understood, did you. Always passing each class, always having Instructor Trepe give you that nice, little, "Come after class, and we'll fuck" smile. I know you did. I heard you and her once, when I actually tried to come after class to tutor.

You and Rinoa never screwed, though. Surprises me, Lionhartless. You spread your legs for anyone, male or female, who smiled at you. I know I said you hadn't gone through puberty. I wish to Hyne I was right.

So that's how it is now. Rinoa says she's leaving the Garden. I think I'm glad. Shit, I can't believe you never realized it! She's going to Trabia. Something about a threesome with Irvine and Selphie. Heh, I saw how she looked at Sefie. You were too love blind to see. But I'm not. I saw it all.

Are you going to come kick me out of the Garden now, after reading this? You won't find much left. I'm leaving. I'm fucking leaving. I can't sit here, watching you. You never understood. You never saw. And now you see. I hate you. I hate you, because you never saw the words I can't say. I was never strong enough to tell you.

So now you see...

I love you.


Author's Notes: Alright, I think I've watched Juri's episode of Shoujo Kakumei Utena a bit too much... Ooh, I think I have the urge to watch it again.

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