Notes: Hee. I just decided to write something from Squall's POV. Short, as usual, and not based on dialogue. Just a sequel. There'll be a next one, and sorry it took long.

Something As Perfect

By Alix Vitesse

I'm still waiting for you, Seifer. I've waited every day, ever since you left me. Since you left the orphanage. I got a place near there, just so I could see you if you ever came back. I know it's hopeless. I know you're not like me. I know that once you run away, you never come back to just be hurt more. You didn't like being hurt more than once... no one likes to be hurt. Something that I should have learned.

I always came back because you were really all I had. I figured that since you've always been there for me, that I could be there for you without being obvious. And the times that you pushed me away I wanted to stop... so I ran. But the further I ran, I could never run too far away from you. I couldn't stand that.

I didn't talk to you because all I convinced myself that I all I wanted to do was be a little useful for you. Companionship, even if I rarely paid attention to you. But I did, not by choice. I gave you my full attention, whether you were around me or not. Everything I thought of was you. And every time I ran away, that's what I felt.

And I ran away because it hurt me that I thought of you as everything to me, and you were angry. Angry at me, at being my friend, at me being there with you. It was always like that between you and me, and it still hurts. A dull throb in my chest, waiting to stab me again as soon as you spoke.

But you always took me back when I came. You would never regret me appearing there waiting, by the corner, in the benches, in the lot after school. You would always come with a smile and a thanks, yet it would always end with you becoming angry and me running away. And sometimes you called.

When we were young, you always called after me, chased after me, and I would stop and ignore you. But I would walk back with you.

When we were older, you called after me, but you stopped coming after me. I'd start to walk home alone, but out of the corner you came, offering a silent apology by joining me.

But soon you stopped calling. I ran away and walked alone, and when I came you were never there. You never apologized.

And then you left and I didn't need to run away anymore. I was alone.

I am alone.

No more running away. Just sitting here and waiting for you, Seifer. Praying that something as perfect as you and I will find a way to each other. And I know we will.

I always have.

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