For Hopemia and all the wonderful Squalls, Seifers, Zells and Irvines out there. You know who you are.

Beware of yaoi, dirty words, PWP and silliness. I don’t own the kids, but I’m not doing this for profit, either.

In the Spirit of the Holidays, I am dragging out a traditional scene. Pure nonsense below, enjoy!


By Race Ulfson

Zell threw down the wrench, or attempted to; it was frozen to his woolen mitt covered hand. So instead he stood, shaking his hand violently. When the wrench finally tore free, the impetus of Zell’s gesturing caused it to fly up and nearly brain Squall.

“Not working yet, I take it?” The commander said, almost amused, as he picked the irksome – and slightly fuzzy- tool out of the slush.

“Not working yet or ever again. It’s dead, Sir: dead, dead, dead.” Zell punctuated his disgust with a sharp kick to the generator.

Squall nodded. “It doesn’t matter, the liquid fuel has jelled in the pipes anyway.”

That earned the generator another kick.

The door to the cabin flew open and Irvine rushed out, holding on his hat and yelling, “Take cover!”

Without waiting to ask why, Squall pushed Zell down in the wet snow and threw himself on top of him. Irvine joined them just as the cabin rocked with an explosion, the force of which causing the snow from the roof to slide off and bury the three of them.

Seifer appeared in the doorway. “Ok, fire’s lit, flue’s unstuck, chimney’s clear, roof’s clean… what are you pussies doing lying in the snow?”

Irvine, being the tallest and also topmost, struggled out of the bank first. He slapped his hat against his leg in an attempt to knock some of the snow and ice off it. “Seifer, I don’t know who or what you have junctioned, but you are a Hynebedamned menace with those Firagas.”

“Sure, bitch at me. How come I’m the only one doing any work around here?”

That comment caused Zell to spring up, taut and spitting with fury. He’d just spent the better part of two hours trying to fix the generator while his shoes filled up with ice water and he was not going to let Seifer Almasy act like he hadn’t been doing his part. Zell started to go into his angry kitten bounce… but found he was shaking too hard to carry it off.

“Holy Halfassed Hyne, Dincht, you’re bluer than Shiva’s tits. Get in here before Squall falls in love with you.” Seifer’s show of concern for his fellow SeeD’s accomplished; he turned and went back inside the cabin.

Zell looked up at Irvine and blinked. And blinked again as somewhere under the remaining mound of snow, Squall’s cell phone rang.

“Better go on in, “ Irvine said gently. “I’ll be in as soon as I answer the snow drift.”

“D-don’t l-let S-s-sssquallll t-talk you-you into-“ Zell sighed and gave up. Irvine was wearing a heavy fleece lined long rider coat, after all, and Squall had Shiva and probably could sleep comfortably right there in the yard. Meanwhile, it was getting very hard for Zell to keep his teeth from banging together. He nodded and stumbled towards the front door.

Irvine scooped several large handfuls of snow and found Squall, lying comfortably on his back and talking on his cell phone.

Squall sighed and disconnected. “Quistis says the parts Zell needs to fix the generator need are available in the village, but the roads were just closed. They can’t get back.”

“Quis and Selphie are stuck in town with the parts we need in order to have heat and light?” Irvine helped Squall to his feet and whapped him a few times with his hat, in theory to remove the excess snow dusting the Commander.

“The roads are closed,” Squall confirmed.

“And we can’t ski down and get the parts, because the skis are in town with the girls, still strapped to the truck, which is also in town with the girls, along with the parts we need to fix the Hyne-cursed generator?” The whapping became more forceful as Irvine’s synopsis progressed.

Squall tried not to take it personally. “…We better check on Zell and Seifer.”

The cabin itself was a modified A-frame, with a single great room dominated by the large fieldstone fireplace and massive overstuffed leather couches. Off to the side nestled a tiny kitchen and dining area, then a small foyer leading to the bathroom, a single private bedroom, and the stairs up to the loft, where the rest of the beds were located.

Inside the cabin and out of the breeze and softly falling snow it was noticeably warmer. Zell hunkered by the fireplace: there was no fire, since the decorative logs had vaporized from the force of Seifer’s fire spell, but the stonework still radiated a faint ambient heat.

Squall did a double take. “Seifer, you cast Firaga in a gas fireplace? Are you insane?” He was damn glad the fuel was jelled and caught at the emergency shut off down near the tank.

“Why do you think I ran?” Irvine shrugged.

Seifer’s voice drifted down from the loft, “What’s the big hairy deal? I had Wall up.”

As the Commander, Squall figured it was up to him to explain. “If you’d blown up the cabin, Wall wouldn’t give us much shelter.”

“Then we’d jump back in the truck and hie our sweet asses back to a hotel, take a hot shower, order room service, and spend the rest of the weekend watching porn on the closed circuit TV.” Seifer threw a towel and a blanket at Zell. “Best I could do. Where the hells are our luggage?”

“Oh, “ Irvine said. “I bet I know.”

“What do you mean?” Seifer asked.

“Bags are still in the truck, remember? We barely had time to get ourselves out before Selphie decided she and Quistis just had to go shopping.”

Seifer shrugged. “I still say that spider wasn’t that big. I think it was just an excuse to make us do the housekeeping.”

“…And now the roads have closed. So the girls are stuck in town with our only means of transportation, the parts we need to fix the generator, and all our gear.”

“Stuck at the hotel, no doubt. Bitches.”

Zell had been struggling out of his wet clothes and Squall went to help. He pulled the trembling young man to him and tried rubbing his arms. “Seifer, we need more blankets. And fuel, something we can burn in the fireplace for heat and light.”

“How about that fuck-ugly coffee table?” Seifer headed back upstairs on linen quest.

“Irvine, see if you can find something hot we can pour into Zell.”

Irvine sauntered to the kitchen and commenced snooping, tossing back over his shoulder, “We can always fill a pot with snow and have the house pyromaniac cut loose...”

Squall meanwhile finished stripping Zell out of his clothes, removing his own jacket and wrapping it around him, following up with the blanket. Zell mumbled some assurance that he was fine which Squall ignored. “Seifer, we need those blankets!”

A selection of blankets, pillows, and a down comforter sailed over the loft rail to land on Squall. He muttered something that Seifer decided to assume was thanks. Hard to tell: it was too muffled by all those the blankets.

Irvine slammed a cupboard and stalked back to Squall and Zell. “We can add another thing to the list of what the girls have and we don’t – food.”

Seifer jumped down the last few steps. “What do you mean? This place is supposed to be fully furnished!”

“I’m telling you there is nothing in that kitchen but an emaciated mouse holding a sign that says, ‘please’.”

The resulting swearing from Seifer scorched the air but did little to warm the room.

Zell hunched into a miserable ball of trembling ice. “I feel like I took a direct hit from Blizaga.”

“Irvine, take off your clothes.” Squall built a nest of the blankets and settled Zell in the middle.

 “I like the way you think,” Seifer said with a smirk.

Irvine carefully set his hat on the end table and shrugged out of his coat. “Not that I’m complainin’, but why me?”

“Because you’re het,” Seifer guessed cheerfully. “And Squall’s too cold.”

“I’m never cold,” Squall protested.

“An’ who says I’m het?” Irvine purred, slowly stripping. He was unable to resist a little bump and grind as he shed his clothes.

Seifer leered. “I’m feeling warmer already.”

“Seifer, get a fire going. Go ahead and burn the coffee table if you must. I’ll go outside and see if there’s anything in the outbuilding we can use.” Squall shook his head at Zell, who was offering to return his fur-trimmed jacket. “I’ll be fine. Shiva protects me.”

“Hey, Zelly”, Irvine said, settling into the blankets. “cuddle up to me.” He pulled Zell into his lap and tucked his long coat around them.

“Look for a web cam,” Zell shivered, involuntarily clinging. “I just know Quistis and Selphie are lying on a bed in the hotel eating cheesecake and watching us get naked.”

Irvine chuckled and lay back, pulling Zell down on top of him. It felt like every bit of his own body heat was being sucked away by the blonde’s chilled skin. “How’s that fire coming?”

“Hyperion was not designed to hack kindling, “Seifer grumbled. “Leonhart is going to be sharpening my blade for me to make up for this.”

“Sounds kinky.” Zell muttered.

“I wish.”

Irvine tugged the down comforter up over Zell’s head. “Just be sure an’ get the table bits into the fireplace before you blaze up, Hot Stuff. We don’t need a damn fire in the middle of the room.”

“Gimme some credit, Kinneas. Fire is my element, no one can manipulate it like I do.”

“Manipulate faster, I’ve had ice cream warmer than Zell is now.”

“Little dork needs to learn to wear a coat.” Zell’s indignant rejoinder was lost as Seifer threw some of the coffee table into the fireplace and hit it with a Fira. The varnish burned off in a roil of black smoke, but then the chimney started drawing properly and the wood caught and crackled merrily. “Am I hot or what?”

“You da man, Seifer!” Irvine laughed.

He mimed basking in the praise a moment, then stood, dusting his hands. “Ok, you guys curl up the fire and I’ll go track down our Fearless Leader.” Seifer tugged on his coat. “He’s probably out there dry humping a snow mound, pretending it’s Shiva. Those two’s obsession with each other is way unhealthy.”

Irvine thought about Squall’s sweet ass in the air and squirmed. He suddenly became acutely aware of the cuddly armful of blond currently in his grasp. Irvine wriggled a bit more.

Seifer left in a blast of cold air that let Irvine know just how much the fire had already warmed the room. Zell grumbled and stretched out on Irvine’s belly to soak up as much body heat as possible.

Irvine shifted uncomfortably, rubbing Zell’s muscular back and shoulders. “Ah, Zell… I really should tell you…”

“Mmm?” Zell peeked up from under the blankets that completely covered him.

“I’m… not all that het,” Irvine confessed in a whisper.

He got a fangy grin in response. “Yeah, Baby, I felt that.” Zell patted Irvine’s hip and the cowboy squirmed. Leaning over, he lapped at one of Irvine’s coppery nipples, making a happy noise when it hardened into a tight knot. Zell settled down and started suckling.

“Zell…” Irvine moaned, rocking his hips to rub his erection along his tormentor’s. He ran his nails lightly along Zell’s spine, making the blonde arch and purr. Zell reached down and grasped both their shafts, stroking them together. “Gods …”

Zell kissed his way down Irvine’s chest and belly, then flicked his tongue over the head of his cock. This time it was the cowboy’s turn to arch. He flexed his fingers and found Zell’s soft hair, his crest - unlike other parts- still limp from exposure to the elements.  “Zell…” This time Irvine made his name sound like a psalm.

Zell continued working his magic and Irvine canted his pelvis, aching to thrust. He felt like he was superheating, like he was going to burst into flames. Irvine moved his hands down to knead Zell’s shoulders. “Zell…” he breathed… and then he stopped breathing as the orgasm hit.

The door burst open and Seifer appeared, carrying Squall over his shoulder.

Irvine collapsed against the pillows with a soft groan. “What the fuck?” Gasped, slightly wheezy, that question was partially addressed to Seifer and partially to Zell, who was still licking, down below, cleaning him up.  He stared half a second and then managed to pant, “Is Squall ok?”

“Squall found the pond. It’s not frozen all the way through.”

“Put me down, Seifer.” Ice water dripped off Squall’s hair, and his lips looked blue. “I’m fine.”

“Listen, Numb Nuts, just because you can’t feel the cold with Shiva doesn’t mean you can’t take damage from it.”

That got Zell’s attention and he wiggled his way back up Irvine’s body, rubbing against him more than was strictly necessary; Irvine pinched him. Zell looked up, unrepentant, and flashed his wicked grin. “One way to warm up fast, Baby: come and get naked!”

“Our Frozen Chicken has spoken,” Seifer said, cheerfully stripping Squall of his wet clothes.

“I’m fine. Stop it,” Squall snapped.

“Zell, you junctioned? Hit him with a Scan and let’s see for sure,” Irvine drawled slyly. “Stop arguments before they get going.”

“Seifer, cut it out-“ Squall growled in exasperation as Zell cast the spell. “Zell…!”

“Yowie! He’s right, Squall, you’re borderline hypothermic.” The spell’s glow faded from Zell’s eyes, but the concern remained.

“You heard the man.” Seifer grinned and yanked the tight white tee shirt over Squall’s head, muffling his protests and exposing the chilled white skin and nearly blue nipples. “All right, warm him up.” He pushed Squall into the pile of SeeD’s and blankets, turning the Commander’s complaints to a startled yelp.

Zell caught Squall and drug him into the nest under the comforter. Irvine laughed, angling a lean swath of tanned torso, and Squall was cradled between them.

“Seifer…” Squall started.

“Be right with you girls. I’m soaked from fishing the Sprat out of the pond.” Seifer slipped off his damp, frost-stiffened vest.

Irvine mimicked the wha-wha of a saxophone in a classic striptease melody; Zell joined in with the boom shaka noises and Seifer paused to glare. He was about to riposte a depreciatory comment when he saw Squall’s eyes- challenge, amusement, and a faint flicker of interest, beneath the ice chill.

‘Oh, ho’, Seifer thought. His own expression changed from sneering to cocky and he ran his hands slowly over his damp skin, dipping towards his fly.

Zell pumped his arm and hooted with delight, momentarily breaching his rhythm accompaniment. “Shake it Baby,” he crowed.

Squall propped himself up to watch, supported by his fellow SeeDs.

Seifer gave them the ‘fuck me’ face and swiveled his hips at them. He managed to toe off his boots without breaking up the dance, and even got his socks off fairly gracefully. Slithering from the wet confines of his trousers, he revealed black silky boxers that the dampness had melded to his body. Seifer turned and shimmied his ass at his appreciative audience, earning more hoots from Zell, and a stumble in the faux saxophone as Irvine laughed. Once freed of the wet shorts – trickier than it looked, they had to literally be peeled off – Seifer stood proud, bare, and admittedly slightly hard. He twirled the boxers around on his finger and let fly. Squall ducked just in time to avoid catching them in the face.

Seifer lifted the duvet near their feet and crawled in, chuckling as Irvine, Zell, and Squall thrashed and kicked, protesting the additional cold flesh against their chilled extremities.

Insistent on escape, Squall tried to squirm away, so Irvine and Zell each trapped one of his legs between their own. Irvine lay with his right arm was under Squall, wrapped around his shoulders. He rubbed gentle circles on Squall’s belly with his left hand.

Zell had his head on Squall’s right shoulder, tucked under his chin. He held both Squall’s hands in his own, trying to massage some warmth back into them.

Seifer exhaled warm breath along Squall’s pale legs, making him goosepimple and his nipples harden.  Squall fell back, wet hair soaking the pillow, as Seifer worked his way up to nuzzle between his legs. Zell and Irvine shifted slightly, spreading Squall’s legs and granting Seifer the field.

“You okay with this, Baby?” Zell whispered.

“I’m not cold,” Squall said, sulky, but he quit struggling. Irvine noticed Squall’s eyes had taken on the quicksilver glint of excitement.

“He’s okay with it. He doesn’t need his hands free to cast Stop.” Seifer asserted. “Squall is all about control. He likes having it and losing it and having it taken away.” He nipped Squall’s flat belly and the captive commander’s cock twitched, seeping silent concurrence.

Zell leaned over and latched onto Squall’s nipple, rolling the flat of his tongue over the hard nub. Irvine kissed along Squall’s throat, happy to be able to taste his beautiful commander at last. Seifer continued to nibble and kiss where he was, drinking the sweet musky scent that was Squall.

He tugged his hands free from Zell’s grasp and rested both on Seifer’s head for a moment, threading his fingers through his strawberry blonde hair. Squall’s eyes fluttered closed as Seifer took him in his mouth. “More,” he breathed.

Obligingly, Zell stopped suckling and nipped at the now rosy bud. The slight pain made Squall gasp and his hips rolled involuntarily. Irvine alternated kisses with gentle bites along Squall’s jaw and neck. Blind with ardor, Squall turned to him and the cowboy locked his mouth over Squall’s, devouring him with a penetrating kiss. When Irvine released him, they were both panting.

All thoughts of the cold outside were forgotten. Zell shrugged off Squall’s jacket and kicked away Irvine’s long rider coat. “Wait… “ Irvine said, and grabbed his coat, delving into the pockets. He removed a small travel sized lotion bottle and held it up for Squall’s approval. Squall cut his eyes to Seifer, making his choice, and Irvine nodded and passed the vial to Zell.

Seifer stole kisses from Zell and then Irvine before moving up so he could kiss Squall. The commander was panting and shuddering from the teasing and petting he was enduring, and he pulled his legs free so he could wrap them around his rival and lover.

Zell opened the bottle and sniffed. “Woo, tingly!  Warm it up first!” The lotion had a faintly green and sweet scent, like fresh winnowed hay. His pointed grin quirked and he poured a generous amount in Irvine’s hands before slicking his own. Zell reached down and coated Seifer’s cock, stroking it lovingly. Irvine slid his hand down under Squall and smoothed the slippery stuff around and eventually within his opening, causing Squall to arch and shiver minutely, and not from the chill.

Seifer eased into Squall, earning a hitching purr of pleasure. Zell ground his erection against Squall’s hip, unconsciously mirroring their rhythm. Irvine deliberately followed suit.

Squall rocked under and with Seifer, his eyes glowing with silver fire. He reached down and took Irvine and Zell in hand, giving both men a better source of friction. They responded by entwining their fingers around Squall’s hard cock, and soon all four were moving together.

Seifer found the angle and stroke to make Squall buck and thrash. Despite waves of pleasure that reduced his thoughts to mewls of passion, Squall managed to keep his grip on Zell and Irvine.

Zell came first, his skin flushing, and as he tried to muffle his cries, his sharp fangs sunk into Squall’s shoulder, initiating a chain reaction. Squall bowed up against Seifer, releasing his own climax in a hot rush. Irvine and Seifer followed almost immediately after.

Seifer kissed Squall tenderly and eased out of him. He moved to the side to snuggle next to Zell, who leaned up to taste him. Irvine drew Squall into his arms and kissed his hair while the commander struggled to reach his abandoned jacket. He took a packet of baby wipes from his pocket, and soon they were cleaned up and wriggling around to cheat the wet spots.

Irvine was just about to follow the others into sleep when the ‘wark wark’ of a chocobo caught his attention.

The door burst open.  “We got the generator parts!” Selphie rushed in. “Omihyne! We’re too late! They’re all dead!!!!”

“They’re not dead,” Quistis said as the door clicked shut behind her. “They are lazing around in the bedding. I thought you guys were going to make the beds and such while we shopped?”

“Yeah! We bought food, parts, lamps and oil and had to deal with that creepy chocobo boy…”

“Ride up here in the midst of a blizzard…” Quistis added. She frowned and plucked Zell’s still wet shorts off the hardwood floor. “You’ve only been here a couple hours and already there’s laundry thrown all over?”

“Holy Halfassed Hyne!” Seifer sat up. “You left us here with no power, no heat, and no food!”

“No way to get the parts to fix anything,” Zell contributed.

“You are the ones who took our gear and only means of transportation,” Squall coolly reminded Quistis and Selphie.

Irvine added his glare. “And you come in and bitch at us?”

Selphie and Quistis blinked at them.

“Heyyyyy,” Selphie said. “Are you naked? You are! You guys are naked!” She rushed over and tugged the comforter.

Seifer and Irvine clutched the covers in a death grip, while Zell and Squall retreated by burrowing back underneath.

“I want to seeeeeee! Quis! Come help me, all the boys are naked!”

Quistis put her hands on her hips and surveyed the once tidy cabin. “What happened to the coffee table?”



Special thanks to XIneko for beta-ing. I didn’t take all her suggestions, so the mistakes are all my own!

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