Author's Note: This is an AU poem, written when trying to avoid doing work, running low on caffeine. Thanks to Ronni for her inspiration, one of my fellow psych buddies ^_^

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Silent Reverie

By Koorime

"Sadness is the only emotion that feels real."
- Ronni Phillips


I wonder...
       Did it hurt when you left?
       Did you feel pain?
       A soul's agony
       Did it linger in your heart
       And threaten to devour you?
       Did you succumb?
       Did you cry?
       Did you scream
       Did you rage?

I wish...
       Did it exhaust you
       To fight on when you wanted
       The peace of oblivion?
       Did you think of me?
       Call for me
       As I prayed for you?
       Did the silence finally come
       On the whispers of an angel?

I wonder...
       What seduced you to leave?
       With what promises
       Did they entreat you?
       What comfort did they offer
       That this world did not?
       Did they promise no pain?
       Did they free you of your tears?
       Of the pain we endure?
       Did they melt away the fury
       That we fight to contain?
       And when they stole you away
       Did you accept?
       Did you Refuse?
       Did you want to stay?

I know...
       Adieu, my battle angel
       Your fight is over.
       Live on in eternity,
       In your silent reverie.

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