Sexual Harrassment

By Purple Penguin

Seifer stared in shock as Squall got in a good move and he landed on his ass, dropping Hyperion. The brunette dropped to his knees leaning over him to pin his arms.

“I win.”

“You were lucky.”

Squall smiled seductively and rocked his hips into Seifer’s crotch.

“S-Squall what are you doing?”

Seifer’s eyes widened in shock when the brunette leaned in to kiss him; slowly he closed his eyes and kissed back.

The blonde’s eyes shot open and he sat up in a rumpled bed. Oh god another dream. This was insane. He wasn’t gay he couldn’t be gay that was impossible he was Seifer, the bully, the bad guy there was no way he was gay. Maybe it was something he ate that was making him think this way, but this wasn’t the only dream. It wasn’t always Squall either lots of male SeeDs guest starred in his dreams including the Chicken and that was the strangest. He had teased Zell all his life, he didn’t like him that way and he hated Squall. That guy always got what he wanted, he had everything Seifer had ever wanted.

He had visited the local gay bar just to see what it was like, that didn’t mean anything but he was spotted by the chicken. The little blonde had laughed at him as he fled the bar so now Chickie knew what would he do? Would he tell? Seifer wasn’t in a hurry to come out; he wanted to hide it for as long as possible. He still had hope that he was bi but he’d never fancied a girl and at 19 that was worrying.


The brunette looked up from his book in the library.

“Shh!” People hissed at him.

“Sorry.” He said back and moved to sit with his best friend Squall. “Squall you’ll never guess who I saw.” He leaned in to whisper in his friend’s ear.

The brunette’s eyes widened. “You saw Seifer in a gay bar?!”

The blonde grinned. “Yeah and he freaked out when he saw me so you know what that means.”

Squall looked blank.

“He’s in the closet and I think we owe it to him to help.”

“But you hate Seifer.”

Zell grinned. “Exactly. He’s in denial, think how much fun it’ll be to show him what he’s missing.”

“You’re evil.” The brunette shook his head.

“Yep, you’ll help right?”

“Me? I don’t know.”

“Oh come on Squall, I’m cute and you’re sexy he won’t be able to resist.” He gave his friend the puppy dog eyes look. “Please?”

“What did you have in mind?”

The blonde grinned.

Seifer sat in the cafeteria finishing off a bowl of cereal when Zell came in. The bully stiffened and watched him as he walked straight up to his table and sat down on one of the free chairs. He had hoped, prayed that he little blonde wouldn’t sit with him.

“You don’t mind if I sit here right?”

Seifer frowned. “Okay what do you want?”

“Want?” He asked innocently.

“I keep quiet.”

The little blonde chuckled. “I don’t want anything.”

“You mean you’re not going to tell anyone?”



Zell moved his chair closer to the other man causing Seifer to jump. “Well now that I know you’re one of us...” He placed a hand on the blonde’s thigh slowly moving it upwards as he spoke. “....there’s no need for us to be enemies, right?”

“I-I-I-I-I’m n-not-” His flicked between Zell’s face and the moving hand franticly. He leapt up so quickly that the chair fell backwards when the little blonde’s fingers brushed his crotch. “I-I-I h-have to go.” He ran out of the cafeteria as fast as he could.

Zell laughed.

The blonde stopped running outside the cafeteria he paused to relax leaning on the directory. He swallowed his fear and the desire that he had felt. He straightened his clothes self-consciously. He headed for the library nothing like reading to calm the nerves was there?

The place was nearly empty only a couple of people behind the desk and Squall who sat reading at one of the tables. The blonde walked into an isle unaware that Squall watched him out of one eye. The brunette got up with his book and headed for the same isle as Seifer. The bully stood in the middle of the isle looking at the books on one of the shelves.

Squall went to walk past Seifer through the small gap between the blonde and the shelves. The other man jumped as their bodies brushed together. Seifer instantly took a step back and Squall followed him with a step forward.

“Oh I’m sorry.”

Seifer’s eyes narrowed. “He told you didn’t he?”



“Told me what?”

The blonde opened his mouth but shut it again.

“Can I borrow this?” Squall reached up for the book that Seifer held the blonde dropped it like it was scolding.

“Oops.” Squall bent to pick it up right in front of the blonde, purposely showing off his ass as he did so. By the time he was standing up again Seifer was long gone. He walked out of the isle looking at the confused staff and sniggered to himself.

Zell stood the guy’s showers laughing as Squall told him what had happened in the library.

“You’re right this is fun. I’m glad you talked me into it.”

Someone entered the changing room so both boys fell silent concentrating on washing themselves. The rustling of clothes stopped and someone came towards them and froze in the doorway. Zell looked round and nudged Squall.

Seifer stood frozen between the changing room and the showers. He was completely naked and suddenly very aware of that fact.

“Hi Seifer.” Zell waved teasingly and Squall had to bite his lip to keep from grinning.

“Aren’t you coming in? Are you going to stand there all night?”

Slowly the blonde walked in and took the furthest shower from the two boys.

Zell waved at him and nudged Squall so they were standing side-ways on and started to wash each other giving Seifer a nice view. The tall blonde stared for a minute before quickly forcing his eyes away to stare at the floor.

The little blonde took the soap and walked over to the other blonde “accidentally” dropping it at Seifer’s feet.

“Oops butter fingers.” He dropped to his knees in front of the bully, one hand creeping up the inside of Seifer’s thigh.

“I-I know what you’re trying to do a-and it won’t work. I-I’m not g-gay.”

“We beg to differ.”

Seifer turned at the sudden voice from the right of him. Squall stood there walking fingers up his chest, teasing the blonde’s nipples to harden under his touch.

Zell who was still on his knees breathed over Seifer’s cock causing the blonde to shiver. Squall leaned in to kiss him, winding the blonde’s arms around himself forcing the taller man to touch him.

The little blonde took the head of Seifer’s cock into his mouth, swirling his tongue around it slowly drawing in more and more. Seifer moaned into Squall’s mouth, wrapping his arms willingly around the brunette. Zell’s golden head bobbed between his legs sucking the taller man harder, knowing the Seifer was close to the edge.

The blonde moaned into Squall’s mouth and came into Zell’s. He leaned an arm on the wall to steady himself.

“What’s the verdict?” Zell asked as he licked come off his fingers.

“Okay so m-maybe I am sort of gay.”

Squall grinned and nodded. “Hmm maybe.”

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