Author's Notes: Silly, bordering on insane story, third in the ĎInto the minds of othersí story arc. Itís not really a series cos the only thing in common with the other two fics is that Seiferís with Zell and Squallís with Irvine, and of course Squall and Zell can read minds. Warnings: Selphie madness/insanity, robots (well one), Raijin bondage.

Selphie FM

By Purple Penguin

"Oh please Squall, I wonít be in the way Iíll take up the space where Norg used to be. Iíve got it all figured out and-" Selphie bounced on the spot, hands clasped behind her back. "You could always read my mind to see if Iím up to anything."

Squall leant back in his high backed leather chair and eyed the girl in front of his desk, He wasnít sure he wanted to delve into Selphieís mind, it was scary but then again everyone in garden scared him now that he could read their minds. He had fired the doorman for perverted thoughts towards the running boy only to later expel the boy for working as a prostitute both in Balamb and the garden. Squall always had to press his hands over his head to try and block out the thoughts wherever Seifer and Zell were around, those two were like rabbits on Viagra. Xu had had a plan to kill everyone on her list of people that annoyed her over the years, he had Zell interrogate her for hours to see if she was seriously considering it or not. And after viewing headmaster Cidís cross dressing ideas it was all too much for Squall and he had locked himself in his dorm room for weeks letting only his lover into his room. The image of the headmaster in a corset and stockings still haunted him to this day.

"Squall? Squall!?"

He blinked, looking up at Selphie, her hands on her hips. "You zoned out on me again, so can I have my radio station in the basement?"

"What music will you play?"

"Iíll take requests for people, the radio can go out over the tanoy and if you need it you can just say sorry to interrupt Selphie FM but-"

"Selphie FM?!"

She beamed. "Well yes thatís what I was going to call it, isnít it a great name Squall?"

"Um- Iím not sure everyone will like it."

"Well everyone that likes me will like it and thatís most people." She grinned.

Squall sighed, dipping into her mind, seeing all the plans of the radio station and- oh, mother of hyne! The designs for decorating the studio. He shut his eyes as he started to feel the heavy throb between his eyes, the start of another migraine.

"Okay Selphie you can have your radio station."

"YAY!" She jumped up and down, running round the desk to hug Squall who stiffened uncomfortably then pushed her away. "Thanks Squall you wonít regret it!"

"Your hours will be 1300 hours to 1600 hours on Monday and Friday okay?"

Her face dropped. "I have to have a shift? Canít I stay on air full time?"

Squall winced at the thought. Selphie on air full time? It would drive people mad, or madder in some cases. "Sorry Selphie but that just isnít possible, we donít have enough power in the garden to go around to everything."

Her eyes twitched in a crazy psycho type of way before the cheery expression was back full force. "Okay well thanks Squall, Iíll go right now and set up my studio for todayís show." She skipped out of the room but not before Squall could read her last thought.

"I will have my full-time radio station just you wait! WHAHAHAHAHAA!!!"

The brunette sat down heavily on a chair in the cafeteria, he placed the glass of water and the two painkillers on the cool surface and rubbed his face with his palm.

"Wow Squall you look like shit."

He looked through his fingers at the little blonde. "Thank you."

"What happened? Still having a hard time with the mind reading thing? Squall youíve got to stop taking things so seriously and control whoís mind you look into, itís easy."

"I read Selphieís mind on her radio ideas."

Zell laughed, sitting in the chair opposite his friend. "Ouch, no wonder you have a headache. I feel for you man, can you believe she really thought you would let her have this radio station all to herself? Youíre smarter than that itís crazy to even think-"



"Shut up."

The blonde paused. "Please tell me you didnít."

Squall silently looked up through his fingers. "Noooo! Why would you do it Squall? Why?!"

"I didnít see the harm, sheís only on air for 3 hours, 2 days a week and she seemed really happy when I told her she could have her station."

"Well of course she did, sheís in the system now she has power."

"Zell what the hell are you talking about?" Squall rubbed his forehead again, a meeting first Selphie and now Zell would set him up for a day-long head ache.

"You said you read her mind, so did you see anything suspicious?"

"No-" He paused. "Well-"

"Well what? Was there anything?!"

"Not when I was talking to her but she wasnít too happy about having to have a set time shift she wanted to be on air full time."

Zell gasped. "Please donít tell me you agreed!"

"Of course not, what do you take me for?"

"Do you me to answer that?"

Squall felt a ripple of lust in the air and looked up to see Seifer walked in towards them. Oh great, just what he didnít need. He picked up the pain killers and took them with his water.

The taller blonde grinned at his little lover. "Hey chickie." He ran hand over Zellís right shoulder, across the nape of his neck and over to his left shoulder. The little blonde shivered and leant up to kiss his lover in greeting. They broke apart and Zell smiled, eyes dancing. On any other day Squall have thought it was sweet if he couldnít read their minds.

"Will you two stop?!"

"Stop what?" Seifer asked feeling genuinely confused.



"Thinking about Zell- that way- in public."

Zell frowned, looking up at Seifer. "You were thinking about sex with me?"

Seifer paused. "ÖYeah."

"Thatís so sweet." The little blonde beamed. They kissed again, a deeper kiss this time causing Squall to groan. "Oh for hyneís sake."

"Squall you should try to control these mind reading abilities and take it easy like me."

Zell had learnt over the year since they get their powers to shut off the flow of thoughts unless he wanted to hear someoneís thoughts.

"I donít know how you do it." Squall said.

"Itís easy really, Iíll show you tomorrow if you like."

Squallís ears pricked up. "Tomorrow?"

Zell chuckled. "Okay itís a date, Iíll come to your office and we can work on it."

Seifer dropped into the seat beside Zell, a hand moving not very discretely to his loverís knee. "Whereís the cowboy today?" Seifer asked, looking around.

"On a mission." Squall mumbled.

Seifer laughed. "Aww is Squally suffering for withdraw symptoms?"

"Shut up Seifer, he gets back tonight. No doubt my fatherís been fattening him up."

Seifer raised an eyebrow. "You sent the cowboy as one of the Seeds to guard your dad?"

"Yeah, we needed one more Seed and hyne forbid I split you two up and thereís no way Iíll send you two together."

Zell frowned. "You donít think weíd make a good team?"

"Zell I donít think youíd get out of bed long enough to do the mission."

Zell blushed and pouted but Seifer just laughed.

The tanoy chimed cheerfully. "Hi everyone welcome to the first ever edition to Selphie FM. To celebrate this historic event Iíll be taking callers and of course later thereís matchmaker Selphie and the best couple in garden award."

Seifer groaned. "Oh hyne."

Zell calloused on the table, his forehead pressed to the surface. "Why did this have to happen?"

"But right now letís play some music starting with a request from junior class man number 780. This is the Chicobos with Let me be your only."

The cheesy love song filled the airways and the three guys groaned.

"I donít know what youíre complaining about Squall, youíre the one that let this happen." Zell said.

Seifer peered through his fingers. "MustÖ escapeÖ. noise." He grabbed Zellís arm to get his attention. "You want to go back to my dorm and fuck till she goes away?"

The little blonde seemed to think about it for a minute. "Okay."

Both of them got up. "Weíll see you later Squall."

The brunette rolled his eyes as they left. Somehow he didnít think the painkillers were going to work.

Selphie sat happily in her radio studio. "Now itís time to take some callers. Hello line 5 youíre on the air at Selphie FM." She put the caller through.

"Hi Selphie, itís your friend Trepe 9, weíre all thinking about changing our name to the Sel-phets in honour of you."

"Aww thatís so sweet, thanks Trepe 9."

"Bye Selphie I love the show and I hope you never come off the air."

"Thanks thatís my wish too but that meanie commander wonít let me. Everyone thatís listening to this do not listen to Squall, heís turned against us!"

Everyone in the cafeteria turned to glare at Squall who tried to sink into the table. Selphie couldnít say these things about him, he was the commander. He quickly slipped out of the cafeteria and hurried to the radio station. The door was locked and guarded by two girls to hideous pink uniforms.

"Yes commander?"

"I want to speak to Selphie."

"Weíre sorry but the queen does not wish to see you."

"The queen?" He asked. "Why are you two out of cadet uniform?"

"We work here at Selphie FM now and this is the uniform that she has given us."

"Look this is important I must speak with Selphie."

"Well sheís busy."

He folded his arms. "Iím the commander you canít forbid me from parts of my own garden."

"This isnít your place anymore you gave it to her, now you have to leave or weíre force you out."

Squall glared at them both before turned and storming away from the studio. Fine, heíd come back later at the end of Selphieís radio shift she couldnít avoid him forever.

Squall turned and headed for the library he could wait in there for the end of Selphieís show. As soon as he stepped in, everyone turned and looked at him, he ducked his head and hurried into the aisles. He picked up any old book to help hide his face, cadets pasted by him, staring at him.

Squall sighed, he didnít have to put up with this he was the commander he was in charge of fuckís sake. He could expel them all if he wanted to. He walked to one of the tables, ignoring all the looks focusing on him book. Squall heard whispering and looked up at the counter, the staff whispered to themselves, glancing at him.

He gritted his teeth and walked up to the counter. "What?!" He demanded of a blonde girl who paled when she looked him in the eye.

The library manager came up beside the frightened girl and glare back at Squall. "Commander do try not to scare my girls, I know youíre not too fond of girls but-"

"What? When did I say that?!"

"Well first you pick on poor defenceless Selphie, and you drove Rinoa away and now you scare the library staff."

"Poor defenceless Selphie? Sheís evil! I didnít do anything to her, I let her have this stupid radio station she owes me!"

The cadets in the library fell into silence, staring at Squall.

"A-And I did not drive Rinoa away she left when I told her I was gay and didnít want her!"

The staff stepped back from the counter. "I think youíd better leave."

"What?! Why?!"

"Anyone that dislikes Selphie is not one of us." She said out loud and Squall got a look at the image in her head of himself being hung from the roof of garden. He swallowed hard and glanced around the room to see the other people standing and glaring at him too. He sighed and walked out of the library, he could hide in his office till everyone calmed down and stopped being soÖ insane. He took the lift to the top floor and frowned at the empty desk outside his office, he had employed a secretary a few months ago so she could handle the paperwork and he could spend more time with Irvine. He stepped up the desk and picked up the small note.

It read: Commander,

Gone to a more worthy cause.

Squall gritted his teeth and crumpled the piece of paper in a fist, the girl had only been on the air for an hour and it was like she had brainwashed everyone. He walked into his office and took the lift up to the bridge, a figure jumped in the corner.


Squall glanced at Nida, surprised to see him. "Thought youíd be pilotingÖ. Something for Selphie by now."

"Excuse me?"

Squall threw up his hands. "Sheís taken over my life, everyone hates me, they wonít let me in the library anymore and my secretary has left me for her."

"Oh." The pilot glanced up his watch.

"Am I boring you?"

"What? No, no, no but Iíve lost Xu she was meant to be up here so I could go to lunch half an hour ago and Quistis is normally back by now and sheíd not here either."

Squall frowned. Those two were forever on time. "You go, Iíll be here for a while."

"You sure?"

The brunette nodded.

"Thanks Squall."

The commander watched him go then leant back on the wall with a sigh.

Squall stared at the clock as the minute hand moved past 1600 hours and Selphie was still on the air. Any minute now sheíll stop but she didnít or even pause for a second.

The brunette sighed and again marched down to the radio station, hoping those girls were gone by now, he picked up Lionheart and sleuthed it to his hip not that he planned to use it but it helped make him look dangerous.

The door wasnít blocked this time and he opened it easily, maybe she was about to leave. Squall took one step inside when he was tackled to the floor byÖ.. Raijin. The brunetteís eyes widened.

"What the hell are you wearing?!"

The dark man was dressed a type of leather bondage thing with straps of leather around his waist and groin area.

"Ah Squall good of you to join us."

The brunette looked up at Selphie who sat in a high backed leather chair with a strange grin. She clicked her fingers and Raijin scampered over to her on all fours, which was scary.

Squall wrapped his arms around his head, the dark manís thoughts were flowing towards him. Lots of images of Selphie holding a whip over him and- Squall shuddered. Not the sort of thing he EVER wanted to think about.

"Selphie- What-?!" He looked up from his place on the floor at Selphie in the chair his eyes flickering to Raijin.

The girl ran a hand over the dark manís shoulders. "Raijin here is my new bitch."

"What? Selphie you were meant to come off the radio at 1600 hours."

"This isnít about the radio anymore Squall, this is about power and I have it now." Her mouth twitched in a un-human sort of way before she threw her head back and laughed.

"Raijin show Squall to the door."


She paused. "What? Would you like to stay and play with Raijin here?"

Squall looked up into a pair of hungry dark eyes and quickly shook his head. The large man picked him up and took him to the door, Squall was placed out in the hallway again and Raijin disappeared back inside the studio. Squall sighed, he really needed a drink. He took the lift back up to his office, he opened the door to see Zell seeing on the edge of the desk swinging his legs and Seifer sat on the worn green sofa.

Squall sighed in relief. "Iím so glad to see you guys." He paused. "Wait you donít hate me too do you?"

"Hate you? Depends you didnít tell Selphie she could stay on the air do you?"

"No Iíve been down there twice but she wonít stop andÖ." He glanced at Seifer. "Iím sorry."

"For what?"

"I saw Raijin, heís Selphieís new bitch heís wearing this bondage gear and oh hyne I saw the horrible images from his mind."

"Selphieís bitch?!" Seifer yelled. "But whereís Fujin?"

"I donít know I havenít seen her."

Zell pointed at the brunette. "I told you didnít I? I said Selphie wouldnít stop at having a radio station she wants power."

"We canít just grin and bare it, how do we get in there?"

Seifer shook his head. "We donít have to, we can switch him off at the source. Someone can take the elevator down to passageways under the garden and switch off all the power in garden just for a minute then turn everything back on one at a time."

Squall nodded. "And since it was your idea."

The blonde frowned. "I just volunteered myself didnít I?"

Both Zell and Squall nodded.

Seifer sighed and shuffled off the sofa, standing up. "What are you two going to be doing while I do all the work?"

"Zell is going to help me with reading peopleís minds, after seeing the images of bondage Raijin itís become a priority thing."

Zell shook his head. "And-" He gave his lover a radio. "Weíll tell you where to go from here with this."

Seifer kissed his lover briefly before taking the lift down.

The tall blonde climbed down the slimy long narrow ladder to the cold and damp tunnels under the garden. He wrapped his coat around himself tighter when he got to the bottom of the ladder. He drew his gunblade, keeping an eye out for Blobras.

He took the little radio out of his pocket and spoke into it. "Okay Iím down, itís fucking cold down here."

Zellís voice cackled on the other end. "You see a large machine ahead of you?"


"Well pass that and go down the next two ladders."

"Oh more ladders." Seifer whinged and climbed down.

"Okay, now what?"

"Walk to the end of this passageway and itís the machine at the very end."

"Okay." He switched off the radio and headed for the machine and looked through all the buttons. A large level had: power shut off, written on it. He smirked. Machinery for stupid people. He pulled the level and the power whined as it left the garden. He sighed and switched on the lights, heating systems, electricity and all the other needed systems. He skirted around the tanoy system level and did all the other ones.

A tiny noise footsteps made him freeze, his grip on Hyperion tightening. Another little sound of a pebble being kicked and he spun round and grabbed the figure that had stepped up to him.

"Okay, who the fuck are you? And what are you-?" He trailed off.

The figure was dirty and weak for lack of food, they had obviously been down there for a while.

"Seifer?" She whispered. Usual bright hair was dirty and clung to her head.

The blondeís eyes widened in shock. "S-Selphie?!"

She swayed on unsteady legs and he caught her as she was going to fall forward. "Are you okay?" He let her lean against him and reached for the radio. "Did it work?" He asked.

"Sort of, she did go off the air but the powerís being sapped from the lights and door controls to get her back on the air."

"Guess who I found down here?"




"I know, sheís been here a while sheís quite weak."

"Get her to the infirmary."

Seifer bit his lip. "I donít know if thatís a good idea, everyoneís- you know- metal and I bet crazy Selphie would love to get rid of normal Selphie."

"Okay well leave her in your dorm and lock the door, get her for food and stuff, thatíll do till we can sort this out."

"Right, Iíll see you."

Seifer pocketed the radio and picked up Selphie, they struggled up the ladders to the top. The petite girl managed to get up the ladders with Seifer climbing with her so she had nowhere to fall.

Zell had filled Squall in on Seiferís find, the brunette pressed the button for the lift.

"You going to go kill Selphie, not our Selphie, crazy Selphie."

"Thatís the plan, you coming?"

"Yeah." Zell pushed off the desk and followed his friend into the lift. They got half-way down when the power from the lift whined, leaving the machinery and the lift stopped.

"Oh fuck, not now." Zell pressed all the buttons then punched them for good measure.

"Zell! Stop that, Selphie drained the power and itís not going to come back if you break the buttons!"

The blonde frowned and dropped to the floor, sitting cross-legged. "Alright, alright no need to get stressed."

The brunette glared at him. "No need? An imposture has taken over my garden, brain-washing my cadets and Seeds, Xu and Quistis have gone missing, everyone in the garden hates me and Iíve lost yet another secretary so I think there might be something to be stressed about." He knelt on the floor in the opposite corner to Zell and glared at him.

After several minutes Squall was starting to lost the will to live, Zell fidgeted slightly out the corner of his eye every second and being in the enclosed space his thoughts are easy to read and bouncing off the metals walls like an echo.

ĎAre we getting out of here soon? Better had I really need a piss, I hope Seiferís okay with Selphie, how the hell could Selphie not be Selphie? I would have noticed if it wasnít her. Iím forever noticing things I notice faults in moviesÖ. I hope Seiferís okay.í He glanced at Squall, seeing the brunette twitch. ĎThink Squallís a little stressed think he needs to get laid, Irvine had better get back soon, what if the lift broke and we fell to our death? What if the cables just snapped with no warning? What if I died? What would Seifer do? Do you think heíd find someone else to fuck? I donít know maybe. He probably would eventually, yes I guess youíre right , youíre the smartest one.í

Squall gave his friend a worried look. He spoke to himself but that was insane. "Zell?"

The little blonde didnít reply, staring at the wall. "Zell?!"


"What the hell are you doing?"


"We are not going to die, the lift will not break itíll be fine."

The tanoy chirped again and the lights flickered and died casting the two guys into darkness.

"Oh hyne, oh hyne, oh hyne, oh hyne."

"Shut up Zell!"

Selphieís voice filled the airways again. "Hello again, sorry for the disturbance everyone but Iím back and donít worry about the lights Iíll have emergency power up and running soon. Iíd like to take this to moment to say Iím to control of garden now, all senior Seeds have been dealt with except for the following member whom I know you will deal with if you see him. Seifer Almasy is the only senior Seed not accounted for."

"Oh Hyne, Seifer."

"At least heís not stuck in a lift, guess that explains why Nida couldnít find Xu and Quistis but theyíve probably got him too now."

"Who cares about Nida?! Theyíre after my Seify!"

Squall made a face. "Seify? Does he know you call him that?"

"Well sort of, I only call him that in bed usually."

Squall made a face. "Never tell me anything about your sex life, ever! Iím scared enough now!"

Quistis squirmed again the ropes, glancing behind her at Xu, they were both tied back-to-back to a large wooden pole that was part of the remains of the stage in the quad.

"How did we get into this?"

"I donít know." I squirmed more. "Wish I knew where Squall and the others were."

"You heard the last announcement they canít find Seifer, thatís good right? He could come for us."

The blonde snickered. "Typical Seifer, always the last to do as heís told."

When Xu had gone down to lunch a few of the so-called ex Trepies had grabbed her and gagged her. She was taken to the quad where Quistis already sat tied to a pole. They were tied back-to-back and left there in the dark.

The lights whined suddenly and emergency power came back on the dim energy saving lights made the place look eerie more so because the place was so quiet for once.

"Maybe sheís having trouble staying on the air under emergency power."


Both girls looked up when a sound of footstep and a struggle came their way. "Look who we found creeping around." Trepe 2 and 5 held Nida between them, the brunette struggled.

They tied him to the other pole. "You canít beat us we are many, there are so few rebels remaining."

"Rebels? Weíre the Seeds, the ones in charge. You guys are the rebels."

The male Trepie smiled tightly. "We will see." Both of them turned and walked out abruptly as if they had been called.

"That was weird." Nida muttered.

"Niida, we thought something had happened to you, they didnít announce you missing like they did for Seifer."

"I was in the training centre with some junior class men but-" He shrugged. "They knew we were there somewhere thereís cameras all over the place."

"This is insane what is Selphie thinking?"

"Maybe sheís brainwashed too, Iím pretty sure thatís whatís up with the cadets."

"Then why didnít they brainwash us, the Seeds too?"

"I donít know, maybe they canít I meant we have a higher defence against status magic maybe thatís it."

Irvine walked towards garden after getting off his train from FH, it had been a long journey to FH from Esthar then to Balamb from there. He frowned, the first thing wrong with garden that he noticed was the lack of people in the court yard, he walked through the front gate, the replacement doorman who was just a cadet was missing from his post. A loud crackle sounded over the tanoy until it turned to music.

The cowboy frowned. What the hell was going on?

The mission had ended earlier than expected he wasnít due back until nightfall but Laguna had got bored of having him around and if Irvine had to put up with anymore girly gossiping with the silly president he would have gone crazy. Laguna was nothing like his son, maybe Squall took after his mother.

"Excuse me?"

The cowboy spun round to see a smiling Trepie. "Can we help you?" She asked.

"UmÖ Whatís going on? Whereís Squall?"

"The commander is unavailable at the moment and the garden is under new management."

He blinked. "New management?"

Two more girls stepped up behind the one Trepie. "All senior Seeds are to be detained until further notice."

"Detained? Listen just tell me what the hell is going on?"

The girls shared a blank look then all three of them moved to grab him at once. The cowboy moved swiftly, shoving one to the ground and the other two away.

"Do not resist!" They advanced again.

Irvine held up his hands. "You know I donít like to hit women."

The red head lunged at him again, the cowboy easily dodged and hit her, knocking her out. The other two followed.

The cowboy knelt beside the three of them. "Sorry ladies." He glanced down the hallways before headed towards the quad to look for his friends.

Zell tried to pry the doors open for the 100th time this time with Squallís help. The little blonde parted them an inch enough for them to get their hands round and pull the doors open. Hands appeared on the other side of the door helping them. As soon they were open a gun was pointed to Zellís head. The 2nd floor was just above them, at the gap that was level with Zellís head knelt a person with a machine gun.

"Oh crap." Squall muttered.

"FRIEND OR FOE?!" A loud voice asked.

"Fujin?!" Zell asked. "Youíre not with Selphie?"

The albino looked into the lift and shook her head whispering. "Iíve been hiding."

Squall had never heard Fujin whisper before. "I was looking for Seifer when I found you two instead."

The tanoy chirped to life suddenly, music flowing into garden till Selphieís voice interrupted. "This is a code red announcement senior Seeds Seifer Almasy and Irvine Kinneas have been spotted on the premises it is very important that these two get dealt with. 6 cadets have already been attacked." Her voice faded away and the cheerful music came back.

Squall and Zell shared a look. "We have to get out of here now and help the others."

Fujin lay on the ground and reached down an arm. "Come on."

Zell took her hand and Squall helped lift the blonde up to the gap. The albino knelt and pulled Zell through the hole, he was almost through when the lift started to move.

"AHH!" The little blonde hurriedly got his legs out of the lift as it when down. "Squall!"

The tall blonde knelt beside the lifts as it came down, he thought the power was down so he wanted to see what would come out of the lift.

He had made Selphie comfortable on his bed with some of his share clothes, which were miles too big for her but they would keep her warmer. She had seemed to fall asleep almost straight away but he had placed a glass of water and some leftovers from last nightís dinner beside the bed in case she woke up.

Seifer glanced around, seeing no one to slowly stood up as the lift reached the ground floor and the doors opened. He unsheathed Hyperion and held her out at whatever or whoever was inside. Both guys jumped when they saw each other.

"I wish people would stop pointing weapons at me."

"Squall! What are you doing in there? Whereís Zell?"

The brunette stepped out and carefully looked around. "Weíve been trapped in the lift for ages until Fujin on the second floor broke us out but she only managed to get Zell before the lift started to move, did you fix it?"

The blonde shook his head. "I donít know what happened, I just got here."

He looked at the blonde and projected. "Is Selphie okay?" Into the blondeís head, not wanting other people to hear.

Seifer nodded. "Theyíve taken all the weapons from the weapons store so I raided your dorm instead."

The brunette noticed for the first time that a gunblade was still attached to Seiferís side while he held Hyperion in his hands. He handed Squall Lionheart. "Come on, letís go kill us a Selphie."

The brunette took his weapon and nodded at the other gunblader.

The cowboy carefully walked into the quad on the look out for more insane Trepies. "Irvine!" Someone hissed.

"What the hell?!" He hurried towards his friends who were tied into the posts of the stage. He untied Nida first as he was nearest. "What the hell is going on? First I was attacked by Trepies and now this!"

"Selphie has taken over the entire garden and everyoneís brainwashed into doing what she says."

"Selphie? Our Selphie? Thatís insane!"

"I know maybe sheíd possessed too or something, we donít really know either."

The cowboy untied Xu and Quistis too. "They took our weapons."

Irvine handed Xu a knife and Nida a hand gun, before holding his Exeter at the ready.

"But theyíre cadets you canít shot them!" Quistis protested.

The cowboy grinned. "Maybe not but-" He turned his gun around. "Makes a good club too."

The four of them hurried out and Xu told Irvine where to go, where the studio was in the basement. The lift went down to the basement with no argument, all expecting a fight but all the cadets were already in some sort of fight it seemed.

Irvine picked Squall out of the crowd and ran to help his lover, hitting people with his gun just like the brunette was hitting people with the hilt of his gunblade. Raijin took frozen to the spot with a stop spell. Xu, Quistis and Nida started to use their magic to send most of the cadets to sleep.

There was a loud crunch and all the cadets fell to their knees, holding their heads some crying out in pain.

The Seeds wandered into the studio and stared. "You killed her!" Irvine yelled at the tall blonde.

Seiferís blade went right through the petite girl but no blood came out instead she bleeped and made the same noise that the garden had made when the power died.

"Itís a robot?"

"Selphieís in my dorm." The tall blonde told the cowboy. "I found her in the lower levels, guess robot psycho Selphie here wanted the real one out of the way."

He pulled his blade free and the girl flopped to the floor. Trepie nine looked into the room, holding her head. "Um- What the hellís going on?"

Quistis smiled. "Weíll explain later."

Squall pulled the radio wires from the wall and the power came back on, lights, doors, everything.

"Whereís Zell?" Irvine asked suddenly.

The little blonde clung to the outside of the garden not daring to move knowing how high up he was. "F-F-F-Fujin!"

The albino was climbing down quickly and easily. "Chicken!"

"I donít like heights!" He whined, clinging to the wall desperately.

"Fuijn? Fujin?!"

A golden glow appeared behind him, his eyes widened to see Siren closing in on him. She smiled and held out her arms to.

Carefully she took him off the wall and carried him to the ground outside garden beside her master. The blonde picked up his lover. "Zell, what the hell were you doing?!"

"Seifer, put me down! I donít like heights!"

The tall blonde frowned. "Zell, youíre like 2 feet of the ground!"

His lover shivered. "No high!"

Seifer shook his head, ignoring the request and walked back into garden. "Did we win?"

"Yeah we won." He grinned, seeing Fujin bitch slap Raijin for being so weak towards brainwashing.

"Selphie okay?"

"I think so, the doctorís with her now."

"Thatís good right? And no more Selphie on the radio?"

"Yes, thank god no more Selphie radio."

The little blonde rested his head on his loverís shoulder. "Oh good, everythingís back to normal."

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