NOTE: Song is done by the Pet Shop Boys.

S A Vida E

By Domino
(Lyrics by the Pet Shop Boys. For the full affect of this songfic, I recommend the "Deep Dish Liquid Remix")

He's finally made it. Seifer Almasy, SeeD. He looks at himself in the mirror, "(I look like a dork in this uniform, yet I still feel so proud wearing it. I can't believe I did it... Now I can make my real dreams come true.)" He sets his blonde hair with some styling gel and straightens out his uniform. His deep blue eyes sparkle as he walks out of his dorm. Tonight is the SeeD ball, and he, along with several others, are the guests of honor...


Come outside and see a brand new day
The troubles in your mind will blow away
It's easy to believe they're here to stay
But you won't find them standing in your way


The tall blonde sips on some alcohol free champagne, "This stuff sucks. It needs booze."

"Now now, Seifer... We're only teenagers!" Zell jokes, watching Squall and Quistis dance, "Glad those two got together... I guess Rinoa was too whiny for him."

"She's extremely whiny. I should know," Seifer chuckles when he glances over at the other "couple": Selphie and Irvine. He sighs to himself, "(He looks gorgeous tonight. Too bad he's with her...)" He watches them as they giggle and chat, "(It hurts to watch them... they look so happy.... I wish he was happy with me...)" Irvine Kinneas... Galbadian transfer and all-round flirt. For as long as Seifer can remember, and that's not that far back, he's been in love with the pretty cowboy.


Although we see the world through different eyes
We share the same idea of paradise
So don't search in the starts for signs of love
Look around your life, you'll find enough


Seifer keeps watching Selphie and Irvine throughout the evening. He blinks when the much smaller girl hugs the cowboy as she giggles, pecking his cheek before she walks over to... Nida? He decides to watch a bit longer, and soon sees her kissing the more quiet SeeD. Irvine stands there waving before he gets a glass of punch and sits in the corner. Seifer takes that as his cue to make his move. He walks over to where Irvine is sitting and takes a seat himself, "Hey, cowboy..."

Irvine tilts his hat up, smiling weakly at the new SeeD, "Hey, Seifer."

"You look sort of down. Is Selphie cheating on you in front of you?"

"Nah. We never hooked up. She fell for Nida after we crushed Ultimecia, but we remained good friends. Sometimes I wish I could find someone though... I always wanted to settle down..."

"Amen to that," Seifer winks, putting his champagne aside. "I need a drink, and not that champale crap either."

"I hear ya. I could use a good stiff one myself."


"And drink it down... that would hit the spot," Irvine licks his lips. Naturally, he's talking about alcohol and not what Seifer's dirty mind thinks. "Didn't know we had so much in common, cowpoke."

"We both enjoy liquor and we want to settle down. Yup, we're a match made in heaven." He rolls his eyes, making Seifer's heart sting a bit. Irvine stretches out as he removes his tuxedo coat, "This thing is so uncomfortable."

"How do you think I feel? This SeeD uniform is wool," Seifer snaps playfully. He eyes Irvine's slender body, "So.. wanna dance?"


Why do you want to sit alone in gothic gloom
Surrounded by the ghosts of love that haunt your room?
Somewhere there's a different door to open wide
You gotta throw those skeletons out of your closet and come outside


Irvine looks at Seifer, "Did you.. just ask me to.. dance?"

"Yeah... looks like you could use the cheering up."

"But... we're guys."

"Your point being?"

"I don't swing that way," Irvine gets up, only to be cut off by Seifer, "Have you ever tried?"

"Um, no. I repeat, I don't like men," Irvine scoffs.

Seifer smirks, "Liar. I can read it on your face. I didn't make it into SeeD by kissing ass, you know." He runs two of his fingers through Irvine's auburn bangs, "Your hair's pretty silky..."

"Th... thanks," Irvine blushes.

"See? You're open to the possibilities. I like that," Seifer takes Irvine's hand and leads him to the dance floor.

Soon the taller boy is leading the cowboy in a simple waltz. The other SeeDs, including Squall, stare at the graceful couple. Seifer leans over to whisper to him, "You're.. an amazing dancer.."

Irvine smiles, "I had lessons when I was a kid." The keep dancing, both the SeeD and the cowboy as light as feathers on their feet. Seifer shows off as the waltz comes to an end by leaning Irvine into a low dip. The others clap wildly, and in the noise, Seifer plants a gentle kiss on Irvine's neck. The move surprises Irvine, making him gasp a bit. Seifer wants to go further, but instead he picks Irvine up from the move and leads him off the dance floor, "You're really good."

"So are you.." Irvine blinks. Seifer smiles slyly, taking Irvine's face into one hand as the other wraps around his waist, "S.. Seifer.. really.. you're a good dancer and all... but..!" The cowboy gets silenced by a gentle, and very wet, kiss.


So you will see a brand new day
The troubles in your mind will blow away
It's easy to believe they're here to stay
But you won't find them standing in your way


The soft, passionate embrace lasts for quite a while. When the blonde pulls back, Irvine blushes wildly, "What was... that?"

"A kiss, genius," Seifer grins.

"I.. I know that.. but you're a guy and..."

"Don't get so hung up on gender, Kinneas. I think you're incredibly sexy.." The SeeD gives Irvine's butt a playful squeeze, making Irvine yelp, "Hey!"

"Sorry... couldn't help it..." He kisses Irvine again.

"You're terrible!" Irvine finally loosens up when Seifer hugs him right. "Mmmm... Irvine.... How about we ditch this party and go out for some dinner? I can order you some booze..."

"You're... asking me out on a date?!"

"Don't tell me you're STILL hung up on me being a guy..." Seifer frowns.

"No... but what about everyone else?"

"Welcome to dating 101 with Seifer Almasy... You're gonna learn all about indulging once in a while," He smirks, picking Irvine up in his arms, "Now about dinner... how does seafood sound?" He chuckles and walks right out of the ball with Irvine in his arms, not caring about what anyone else thinks or says. He's in love with the cowboy... and to whomever objects... tough shit.


Se a vida e, I love you
Come outside and feel the morning sun
Se a vida e, I love you
Life is much more simple when you're young
Come on, essa vida e
That's the way life is
That's the way life is



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