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Author's Notes: .....used to be a GW fic (1x3)....re-edited, re-formatted, and re-named for FFVIII...still nice though....Squall's kinda wimpy in this one...


By Plum

Seifer drew his tongue along the other boy's lower lip, testing the softness before sinking his teeth into pliant flesh. Slate eyes snapped open. A barely perceptible intake of breathe. And that was it. He growled slightly, and tried again. This time he dug his hands into the hair at the nape of Squall's neck, forcing the boy's head up. He dragged his teeth along the delicate jaw line, the smooth throat, stopping once he reached the curve of one shoulder. He bit at the flesh, then soothed the injury with soft sucking kisses. Squall's head dropped back easily. Too accommodating, too quickly. Seifer slanted a glance upward, taking in the slightest clenching of Squall's jaw, the resigned expression. But Seifer wasn't about to settle for resignation this time.

So there was a tension in the jaws, Seifer mused. Apparently that meant the shorter gunblader was able to feel and react after all. One who felt could never be completely resigned. Keeping that in mind, Seifer tried again. He pushed back the now ripped shirt from Squall's naked shoulders and pulled it off of him completely. Seifer kept his palms flat on Squall's skin and moved it up along the smooth planes of his body before the callused hands encountered one nipple, then the other. Seifer looked at Squall carefully as he rubbed the two nubs with the roughest part of his hands, again and again.

Squall's breathe released with a soft hiss. Smirking slightly, Seifer bent to capture one nipple in his mouth, playing the flesh between his lips. He stabbed at the nub with his tongue. And still Squall remained impassive. Almost reluctantly, Seifer tracked his mouth wetly up to the other boy's ear. "You love me."

A flicker of... something in those stormy eyes. Apprehension perhaps. The response breathed more than spoken.


No, it had been concern. Seifer pressed against him, forcing him to stagger backwards. A soft thunk, and he was against the doorframe. A shifting of weight; a knee forced hard between his legs. Seifer rocked his thigh up against Squall's groin, his mouth still wet at Squall's ear. "Tell me you want me."

Another flicker, and those eyes turned away. "I..."

The calloused hands traced down and around to the back of the shorter gunblader's thighs, up over his buttocks. Fingers curving inward, Seifer tightened his grip and pressed Squall even closer. "Tell me you don't want me." A frustrated sound forced its way through Squall's throat. Fingers bit into him once more as the mouth dragged away from his ear with a hiss of annoyance. Squall's mouth was open even before Seifer's kiss hit home. The hot tongue licked around his mouth, teasing. With the barest turn of his head Squall gave himself away. Seifer laughed softly as he slipped inside. And just as suddenly, he retreated, drawing the other boy's tongue into his own mouth.

A slight stiffening on the part of the shorter boy was the only indication of his reaction. Seifer once again took the initiative and ventured further as his tongue met Squall's, teasing him every now and then while his hands wondered to the front of Squall's pants. With one hand, Seifer yanked at the zipper, hard. A startled gasp escaped from the shorter boy at the sudden advance and Seifer smiled to himself, he was finally getting some kind of reaction. "So ... " Seifer licked and sucked at the pulse point. "How would you like your first time?" He slid his hand down to the front of Squall's briefs and started to rub him in a circular motion, pressing and tugging at him occasionally.

"Seifer ... I-" Squall's voice had the slightest trace of strain in it, as if he was struggling for control.

Seifer hummed in encouragement and slipped one hand inside the other boy's briefs, pressing rhythmically against the hardness he found within that constricting fabric. Squall's hips surged forward, but he didn't finish. Seifer pulled back once more to study the shorter gunblader. Squall gave out a soft whimper in response, eyes a little frantic... a lot confused. Testing, Seifer curled his hand around the boy's cock and pumped. A ragged breathe, a faintly imploring look. Satisfied, he slowly drew his hand out and yanked the rest of the boy's clothes down. He stepped close again to drag his mouth across Squall's cheek, over his mouth, then down. Sinking slowly to his knees, Seifer traced his tongue over the smooth belly, carefully avoiding the cock that jerked impatiently. He chuckled softly, letting his warm breathe hit the neglected flesh, but nothing more. Moving further down, he mouthed the hollow of one thigh, trying to catch the flesh between his teeth. Gripping the back of Squall's thighs, he shifted slightly to run his tongue along the underside of the boy's balls. He laved them a moment, until he felt the shorter boy sag a little, knees beginning to buckle.

Seifer pulled himself up until he was once again facing that hardness. Mouth teasingly close to the tip, but refusing to touch, he spoke again, exhaling sharply. "You have to ask for it. I want to hear you *say* what you want." Seifer looked up and met Squall's gaze. The shorter boy looked so feverish, as the feeling of desire was evident in those eyes. Seifer wanted to hear him say it, he wanted Squall to ask for it, to beg for it. Oh, how would he love to see the expression of embarrassment from the usually stoic boy. He broke his gaze with Squall and leaned a little closer toward his erection but pulled back right as Squall attempted to seek contact with him.

"Ask, I said," Seifer said sharply, a small predatory smile quirked up at the corner of his lips. He ran his finger along the underside of the shaft while his other hand kept Squall in place. "Ask or I'll make you stay this way for the rest of the night ..." He felt Squall tensing beneath the feel of his palm, ah ... so the reaction was getting stronger. It was evident that Squall was in the throes of the first intimate encounter of his life, and the thought of it only excited Seifer more. He heard Squall said something. "I can't hear you..." Seifer's lips was awfully close to that aching member, his hot breathe bathing the tip. "Louder, Squall."

Squall's mouth worked silently a moment as he swallowed convulsively. Seifer pressed forward to lick around his navel, nudging that indentation with the hot point of his tongue. And Squall groaned. The first completely unrestrained sound to come from the boy. With that utterance, Seifer could feel some of the tension leaving the taut body before him. Something had finally given.

"Aaah.... I --I...."

"Yes...?" Another press of that mouth, anywhere but where it was most needed.


Seifer schooled his features against those imploring eyes. A flush had crept along the boy's cheeks, with embarrassment or excitement; Seifer was equally pleased with either possibility. But he was waiting for more. "I want to," he began, sounding as resigned as the other boy had been. "But I can't. Not until you tell me what you want."

Another swallow, and Squall's eyes darkened. He hesitantly raised one arm, and then dropped it, his hand falling to tangle loosely in Seifer's hair before jerking down to rest against one cheek. Seifer turned slowly to catch one finger in his mouth, sucking on that digit. He drew his tongue slowly along its inner length. Another gasp.

"You... please, just... you."

Seifer's lips curved into a small smile around Squall's finger. With one last nip, he pulled away. "Close enough."

Licking one palm liberally, he wrapped it around Squall's cock, just under the head, and pulled down. His tongue flicked out to taste the precum that had already begun to glisten at the tip. When he felt Squall jerk at the touch, shy hands resting lightly on his head for support, Seifer pressed his mouth against that tip, pushing down slowly, allowing the thickness to force his mouth wider as he gradually took more in. The hands tangled in his hair flexed and tightened, pushing just slightly. But Seifer wasn't about to speed up. By the time the tip hit the back of his mouth, Squall was whimpering, and at that sound Seifer found the last of his own control give out. He drew back more quickly this time, slick palm sliding up after his mouth. His hand continued to pull on the shaft as his tongue swirled around the tip. He felt Squall begin to squirm, and brought both hands up to grip the boy's hips, slowing him down to a more fluid rhythm, then encouraging him to set the pace as he drove in & out of Seifer's warm sucking mouth.

Hands clenched convulsively against Seifer's scalp as Squall's whimper melted into one last groan. Seifer tightened his grip on the boy's hips, stilling the frantic movements as he sucked in his cheeks and waited for the release to flood his mouth. It hit once, twice, and he swallowed, allowing Squall's cock to slowly slip from his mouth. He pressed a kiss against the taut belly, as the other boy began to sink to the floor in front of him.

Seifer cupped Squall's face in his hands and gave him a long hard kiss. He pulled away suddenly and reveled at the fleeting expression of surprise in those gray eyes. Bring his hand to the top button of his own shirt, Seifer watched Squall intently as he slowly unbuttoned the shirt. The corner of his mouth quirked up a little as he watched a faint blush stole across those pale cheeks. One button undone, two buttons undone, three and then four. Seifer licked his lips slowly and grinned at Squall, who could do nothing but watch. Letting the shirt hung loosely on him, Seifer held up his hand and licked at his finger languidly before sliding it down over his own exposed skin, watching Squall's every expression at this quiet act of seduction. He could sense Squall's breathing speeding up from watching this little act of exhibition. "Do you like it?" Seifer murmured. "Or would you rather ... " He ran his finger down over Squall's chest and stopping at a nipple. "that I do it to you?" Seifer wetted another finger and ran it over Squall's member this time. He would make Squall come again, but this time ... they would come together, with Seifer inside of him, taking him completely.


Squall's voice hitched on the word, his eyes widening in apprehension and... something else. His gaze dropped to the waistband of Seifer's jeans, and then even lower, biting his lip in an attempt to stifle his erratic breathing. Giving Squall one last caress, Seifer brought his hand back up Squall's chest, achingly gentle, tracing up and around one shoulder and skimming down the smooth arm to grasp Squall's hand. Twining his fingers around the other boy's, Seifer tugged the slender hand towards him to press against his straining hardness. Squall's hand flexed once hesitantly, twice experimentally, eyes focused desperately on the tanned hand that rested atop his own. "That's it..." Slowly, Seifer guided Squall's palm upward, fingers curving to trace the line of his erection. Again, Squall's mouth opened, words tumbled out breathlessly.

"Y-you want... "

Curling Squall's fingers into the waistband of his jeans, Seifer leaned over the shorter boy, his breathe hot and damp, fanning against Squall's mouth. "You. Underneath me." The pink tip of Squall's tongue darted out nervously to wet his lips, and Seifer closed in to capture it. Squall opened his mouth to him, shyly sliding his tongue against Seifer's, drawing a groan from the other pilot. A little braver, he dipped his fingers further into Seifer's jeans, reaching awkwardly across the tensed stomach until he brushed against the velvet heat of Seifer. And he froze. Seifer canted his hips slightly to press against Squall's fingers, murmuring into the other's mouth. "C'mon Squall... don't stop now. C'mon...." Again, Squall's fingers flexed, sliding across the tip of Seifer's erection, teasingly soft and aimless. Impatient, Seifer reached down to guide Squall's other hand to the top button of his jeans.

He pulled away, watching Squall's face intently. The other boy looked down shyly, the colour on his cheeks deepening. "Undo them," Seifer growled, dipping his head back down to nuzzle Squall's jaw. Shaking fingers fumbled with the button, the soft hiss as the zipper was jerked down. Seifer exhaled slowly against Squall's neck as the coarse fabric was parted and pushed awkwardly back, lifting his hips to allow the jeans down further.

Seifer raised briefly to remove the last article of clothing on him before sinking down onto the carpet again. There the two boys sat facing each other, taking in the sight of each other exposed down to the most intimate details. With a predatory smile, Seifer leaned forward suddenly and pressed Squall onto the ground, leaning over him. "Now that we've gotten rid of the minor inconvenience ..." He trailed off as he gestured to the scattered pieces of clothing strewed about the small apartment. "Maybe we should get down to business." Wouldn't the others be surprised if they walked in on them at this moment? Seifer smiled a little at the possible risk of being seen and disregarded it. He nipped at Squall's neck and made tiny suck marks at the most conspicuous places. It was definitely time to mark his territory. Seifer trailed tiny wet kisses all over Squall's chest, taking his time to lavish enough attention on those hard little nubs, even as his hands wandered all over Squall's body.

All the while Squall tried to stifle the gasps that were escaping from his lips, his fingers digging into Seifer's back in a desperate but failed effort at holding back. Moving lower now, Seifer felt his abdomen rubbed against Squall's shaft, which was getting harder by the moment. Let him suffer, Seifer mused as he thought of his own aching erection. Squall had his release, it was only fair that he waited for Seifer this time. He bent Squall's legs and his hand went under to cup one of his buttocks. Squall arched up in frustrations, it seemed that all attempt at self-containment was lost as the shorter boy ached for the release that was not being given to him. Fingers brushed against the tight ring of muscles and Squall tensed. "What-" He started but was cut short when a digit found its way inside.

"Don't you worry about it," Seifer said in a low voice. He would have his fun yet. Squall was his. He would be Squall's first, and last.

Pressing rhythmically, Seifer eased deeper into Squall, watching the confusion play across his face before settling to mild discomfort. A little further, and Squall stiffened under him, a cry escaping his lips. It was just enough to assure the shorter gunblader there was more to come. Satisfied, Seifer eased his finger back. He carefully pressed a second finger into the boy beneath him, stretching him. Squall was panting now, an anguished sound that made Seifer feel all the more possessive. But when the other boy began to push desperately against his hand, seeking that jolt, Seifer pulled back sharply. "No! You'll get it when I want you to get it," he admonished, slapping the gray-eyed boy across the ass. Squall whimpered. Mesmerized, Seifer reached out to trace the livid colour that blossomed along the pale flesh.

Again, Squall pushed against him. "Can't you..." Seifer ran his hands up the back of Squall's thighs, drawing them closer to the boy's chest. Hooking ankles over his shoulders, he pressed against the exposed pucker.

"Now ask me."

Drawing in an uncertain breath, Squall tried again. "Please... c- can't you do it?"

Again, that predator's smile. Seifer leaned forward and began to slowly press into the other boy. Easing in, then pulling back, and in a little further, Seifer worked until the head of his member was fully within the boy. Tight. God, Squall was so tight. Seifer paused, eyes squeezed shut, gritting his teeth, trying to keep his body under control. The boy squirming under him didn't help. Reaching down to grip the slender hips beneath him, Seifer drove forward, groaning as he slid all the way in. He pulled back and began pumping into that heat, long and slow, and deliriously tight. Dimly he was aware of Squall straining to match him, pushing against the carpet.

Seifer slid all the way out and thrust inside again, earning a small cry from the boy below him. Oh, he was definitely glad that he made the move tonight. It was worth it, so worth it. He drove in and out of Squall, harder and harder with each push as he watched the shorter boy pushed back against him. "Is this how you want it?" Another thrust. "Tell me Squall, is this how you want it?!" Seifer demanded, wanting to see that blush across that pale delicate face again. Sure enough, those pair of slate eyes opened and looked away almost immediately.

The shorter gunblader blushed even harder as he noticed Seifer watching him. Seifer reached down and pumped Squall's organ slowly, carefully so that Squall did not come before him. He wanted to take his time on this, so that he could try something different while they were at it. Seifer smiled at the thought and leaned down. He wrapped his arms around Squall's slender waist and rolled both of them over in a swift movement. He gave Squall a long kiss before releasing him. Lying with his back on the carpet now and Squall impaled on him, Seifer reached up and caressed Squall's face. "You don't expect me to do all the work, do you?" He said in a low voice. A confused look spread across Squall's face at the remark. "I'll guide you then," Seifer grabbed a hold of Squall again and thrust upward suddenly, earning yet another cry from him. "Now, ride me."

Startled, Squall dropped his hands to brace against Seifer's chest. Seifer's hands on his hips pushed him up, almost completely off, and then... nothing. The hands were gone, grasping his wrists and pinning them to the carpet on either side of Seifer's waist. "I said... Now. Ride. Me." The shorter boy was too still for a moment. Eyes forced shut, cheeks a furious pink, he shifted his weight experimentally. Seifer bit back a groan, and stopped himself from forcing his way back into that heat. Painfully slow, Squall pushed back down. Seifer tightened his grip on the other boy's wrists, rising up to meet him just a little. He wanted to pound into Squall until he saw stars. But more than that, he wanted *Squall* to take them there. And already the shorter boy was rising, thighs sliding against Seifer's hips as he strained upwards, crying out as that jolt came more intense.

As Squall's movements became more sure, Seifer relaxed the pressure on his wrists and pushed himself up until he was sitting, drawing Squall's hands to rest against his shoulders. The other boy's fingers clutched at him, surprisingly strong, as he continued to slide against Seifer, faster... faster, pressing closer to Seifer, his cock trapped between their bodies. Breathing harshly, Seifer cupped the delicate face above him, running his thumb along the bottom lip. Pressing, Squall's mouth opened slightly, his breathe erratic against Seifer's skin. Seifer opened that mouth even wider and pulled the boy down so he could push his tongue inside, echoing Squall's rhythm.

So warm, so hot, so soft. Seifer pressed his lips harder against those yielding lips. He just couldn't get enough of Squall. He sucked hard at that pale neck, biting and nipping at it and moved downward. He captured a nipple in his mouth and teased it, again and again, repeating the foreplay, trying to bring the smaller boy to climax before he did. "Seifer..." He heard Squall gasped out and smiled to himself inwardly. Squall was his now, all his. Without a warning, Seifer pressed the smaller boy down again so that he was on top of him once more and resumed his own thrusting even as he felt Squall pushing back against him. No more holding back this time. He wanted release too and damn if he was going to come after Squall. Iron fingers wrapped around Squall's member and moved up and down on that aching length. Squall's head was thrown back, his lips parted in ecstasy as he arched up and matched Seifer's rhythm. Seifer was driving into him harder and rougher with every thrust, as if he was trying to pierce through him completely, possessing him. With one last squeeze, Squall climaxed, his body shuddered and convulsed around Seifer's member. Seifer leaned down to kiss the swollen lips as he continued his thrusts, he let Squall swallowed his name as he came inside of the shorter boy, emptying his seeds into that hot welcoming embrace of his body.

Seifer dropped his weight onto the boy shuddering beneath him, pressing his face into Squall's neck as he waited for the starburst behind his eyes to fade. God. How had he gone so long without this? Sighing softly, he shifted and eased himself out of Squall's warmth. He reached down to twine his fingers through the other boy's, squeezing tightly. 'Mine,' he mouthed against the damp skin of the his neck. Then again, aloud and fierce as he pushed himself up to look at Squall's face.

Brilliant gray eyes opened slowly to his, and this time they didn't look away. "Seifer..."

Seifer leaned up to pressed his lips against Squall's in a hard close- mouthed kiss. He murmured against the yielding mouth, and smiled as he felt an answering curve in the other's lips. Finally, he'd found what he wanted.


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