Letters From Home


By The Wandering Englishman

Keep running.

Stay away from me.

I dare you.

You never back down, do you? Never gave up. Not even submitted.

Don't turn around.

Keep running.

Look away from me.

Fuck you!

You have no right to look at me anymore. Never the right. Nor the privelage.

Don't think about it.

Keep running.

Lonely away from me?

Little slut.

You should be on your knees, bitch. Never been patient. Not gonna beg.

Don't stop sucking.

Keep running.

Get away from me.

You can't?

You always loved it here at my feet. Never wanted to leave. Nor fight me.

Don't leave me.

Squall lowered the note. He was always so angry, though, wasn't that how he liked it? The roughness of the taller man as he thrust his smaller frame against the wall never ceased to arouse him more completely than their coddling could have been.

He'd forgotten why they had a bed in the room, since neither of them slept. The walls and floor more a testament to their constant actions than the king-size matress would ever be.

On a normal day, Seifer would come home, pressing Squall against the wall next to the door, kissing him forcefully before gripping the brunette's hips hard enough to leave finger-shaped bruises.

He always knew what to do, the same way he knew that he'd always be wanted like this. And wasn't that what he wanted? To be needed, and not cast away like a useless piece of meat when the attention died down?

He let his deft fingers work on the belt the taller man wore. Son of a bitch never needed more ammo, prefering to maim his target with the expert blade skill he had. Squall quickly made small work of the jeans, causing them to drop to Seifer's feet.

As the blonde stepped from them, he let Squall to the ground, smirking at him in silent instruction as the brunette's pale hands shifted to the button of his tight leather pants, his crystal-grey eyes never leaving the already dripping erection nestled within the golden curls of his lover.

Fuck, could he even say that about Seifer? It wasn't like he stayed around for anything other than the frequent sex. Not like Rinoa. They were perfect, while it lasted. As soon as the camera's decided that a squirrel waterskiing was more interesting than the Commander and his princess, she'd upped and left.

But he had to be, right? As soon as his leather pants were on the ground with the jeans, so was he. His mouth vaccuum sealed around the throbbing member of the arrogant man above him. He listened carefully to the mewls and moans as he presssed his tongue to the slit of Seifer's erection just to make sure he was doing it right.

He never ceased to please him.

They had to be at least at the level of lovers. Not even Rinoa would dare press a thick finger into his puckered entrance. His erection never twitched and leaked as it moved within him while he was with the airhead sorceress.

"Hyne, stop! You're gonna kill me." He'd whisper huskilly, pulling Squall up forcefully before thrusting his tongue into his companions. Almost as if he was reminding him of who was in charge.

As if there was ever any doubt.

Turning the short brunette around, Seifer pressed Squall against the bare wall, returning his finger to the tight channel. The blonde would always make him beg for more. Even as the evidence marked the grey walls, and the sweat began to bead and plaster the unruly brown bangs to the side of the SeeD Commanders face, he would always make Squall beg.

It was a game.

A Game they both loved.

"Tell me." He would whisper into his ear, biting at the lobe before attacking the prone neck with his teeth. Squall knew how to play, and play it well, merely moaning in reponse. Seifer grinned against the pale flesh, quickly adding a second unprepared finger into the opening.

He gasped, biting his lip hard enough to draw blood as he pressed himself back against the digit.

"Tell me." He'd repeat, jamming the caloused finger in as far as he could before removing it. Squall shook his head, the bands of hair clumping together with the moisture as he waited for the fingers to return. Mentally counting the seconds, the shorter man yelped when three pressed into him, striking his prostate in a swift movement, hard enough to send sparks across his vision.

"Hyne." Squall breathed, the blood from his lip dripping down the wall to join the precum.

"Tell me." Seifer ordered, rotating his digits against the magical spot, colours dancing in Squall's vision.

"Hyne, fuck me! Please!" He screamed, making sure the elder man heard.

Chuckling, the blonde withdrew his fingers, Squall shuddering at the sudden loss as the smell of mint wafted over him. He closed his eyes tightly as the thick length slid into him with practiced precision, the burn crawling up his spine as the taller man inched his way inside.

"I wanna feel it, Hyne...make me feel it!" He begged the wall as the other man's large hand circled his hardened arousal. Squall almost forgot how to breathe as Seifer thrust completely into him, almost tearing him in two as he sat their buried deep within him.

"Fuck, you're still so tight..." The blonde moaned through clenched teeth, his own breath shuttereing as he regained his composure.

Running a thumb over the slit, Seifer pulled out, leaving on the head of his swollen cock in the pale man before slamming it back in, causing them both to gasp as it brushed against the brunette's prostate before melting deeper into Squall's body.

The Comander thumped his head against the wall hard enough to form a lump, the pleasure almost unbearable as the rough hand carressed his manhood, pressing it against the wall as the wild thrusts within him continued to bombard his senses.

Time stopped existing as the two became one. Sweat dripping from the blonde's forehead dripping onto the lithe man's back mingled with the brunettels own as it fell down past the small of his back. As it slipped onto the white-hot heat of Seifer's cock, it evaporated before it was pressed back into the youth.

Warmth erupted within Squall, the blonde pressing closer to his lover as he continued to rub the head of Squall's dick against the wall roughly, causing the small boy to come almost at the same time. As waves of ecstacy crashed over the two of them, time began again as both struggled to get their breath back in the now humid dorm room.

Pulling his now flaccid member from Squall, Seifer picked up a previously discarded towel from the floor and threw it at the brunette.

"Mine." He murmered as he removed his shirt, tossing it onto the pile next to the hamper.

Opening eyes he hadn't realised he'd closed, Squall looked down at the letter once more. It wasn't always like that. Sometimes he was soft, taking the time to drink in the features as they made love. And then it hit him:

Did Seifer love him?

Hyne, he was turning into Rinoa. But at the same time: could he stand it if he didn't mean anything to Seifer?

What if all he was was a piece if meat to him. Just a good fuck?

If Seifer was here now, he'd probably just laugh at him. No no, he couldn't tell him face to face.

But, there might be another way...

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