Author's Note: A spur of the moment songfic, I can study later ;) This story takes place in a sort-of alternate dimension. This has light tones of romance and yaoi (male/male relationship), nothing put blatantly but if you have half a brain you can figure it out. This is my first actual finished fic, so it's very strange.

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Save Yourself

By Koorime

Seifer overlooked the green terrain, his eyes narrowing to slits as the explosions of magic and fire lit up the sky over Balamb Garden. He paused for a moment, the slow breeze filling his senses and he thought of the other. His nemesis.

He smiled.


I know your life is empty
And you hate to face this world alone

The charred roar of hungry engines shook him from his reverie and he glanced back over his shoulder at the awaiting legions of Galbadian soldiers on their iron horses. It was too late for regrets. Live now, bear it and accept it. Seifer cast his cool gaze on the dancing, silver giant before him, inhaling sharply. Face the future.

"Go, now!" he shouted, his hand lashing out to signal. He stood back as they soared through the air in flashes of blue and grey, leaving a trail of fire and wispy smoke.

So you're searching for an angel
Someone who can make you whole...

[Come to me, Squall.]

Zell narrowed his eyes, not flinching as the Garden was hit and the ground beneath him quaked. "Squall, DID YOU HEAR ME!?"

Squall's frustration reached its boiling point, he knew Rinoa was in trouble, but so were they all. "YEAH! But she's not the only one in danger!" [I have too many other lives to worry about. Rinoa...]

I cannot save you
I can't even save myself

"Didn't think you were so heartless, Squall. Rinoa is going to die! Don't you realize that!?" Irvine snapped, clenching his fists. He didn't know the Heartilly girl too well, but she was still one of them. And he wouldn't forsake anyone. He thought that Squall, of all people would understand that. He was their leader, and they all knew how much Rinoa was falling for him.

And then just like that, it was as if Squall read his mind.

His cold mask settled over him again, and he began setting the plan. "Selphie, you go with Xu."

Rinoa looked about desperately, trying her best to keep calm. However as her anxiety grew, her grip became more slippery and she bent her head low, trying to think of something else. Don't panic.

[Squall, hurry. Save me, please...]

I know that you've been damaged
Your soul has suffered such abuse

This Galbadia Garden was way too big. He was getting lost again. Squall looked up as he felt a sensation of lightning trickle down his spine. A strong sense of familiarity. He looked to his right where a pair of elevator doors stood in the shadowy end of the hall.


But I am not your saviour
I am just as fucked as you...

He paused to look back at Irvine and Zell, flanking him from behind. Irvine was peering up at him quizzically from beneath the rim of his coyboy hat, as if trying to figure something out. Squall noted that Zell was mumbling something about Seifer and hotdogs. The brunette shook his head.

[I sure hope Rinoa doesn't rush in now as she seems to do. That girl has the worst timing. I wonder if she realises that she only gets in my way...?]

I cannot save you
I can't even save myself

Squall shook his head as he powered down from delivering his Renzukoken. Seifer lay before them, beaten and bloody. He wouldn't give up. That was the one thing that Squall admired about the bully, his persistence. And so all of his life he had strived to better Seifer, to match and even surpass the arrogant blonde. And he had won, for now.

Please don't take pity on me

Squall only allowed himself to blink as he was met by Seifer's mesmerizing aqua gaze, burning with tears of loathing. But there was something beyond his eyes that screamed at Squall, whilst begging him at the same time.

My life has been a nightmare
My soul is fractured to the bone

Squall bit his tongue, resisting the urge to reach out to his archnemesis. Turning his attention back to the Sorceress, he recoiled as she bowed her head, sinking through the floor in a twirl of light.

So if I must be lonely
I think I'd rather be alone

Squall lowered his gunblade as Edea froze, a pink light emanating from her body. Movement out of the corner of his eye captured his attention, he watched with a small frown as Rinoa knelt by the fallen Sorceress' Knight. [Rinoa...]

You cannot save me
You can't even save yourself...

Moments later she collapsed, Squall took a hesitant step forward as Seifer stirred, not rising. Quistis rushed to Rinoa's side, taking her friend's wrist in hand.

"Rinoa, are you all right?" she asked, but received not response. She looked up as Squall joined her side, looking down at Rinoa, an odd expression registering on his face as he stared down at her.

Quistis looked back at the raven-haired girl, eyes closed as if sleeping. "Squall, she needs immediate medical attention, I don't know what... Squall?"

I cannot save you...
I can't even save myself

Quistis gasped as Squall walked past Rinoa, bending down to cradle the Sorceress' Knight in his arms. She watched in curiousity as her commander and former student watched Seifer's face for any response, and when he received none; stood, strong arms embracing his archnemesis, despite their significant difference in size.

"But, Rinoa..."

Squall looked to her, his stony gaze silencing her. "I have done more than our contract ever agreed to. This is a war, survival of the fittest, Instructor," he began; Quistis shrank back at the way he spat her lost title, seeing a new side to Squall she had known was there but never expected to surface. Until now. Squall pulled Seifer closer to him, the unconscious blonde's head moving to rest at the crook of his neck.

"If you worry yourself over her welfare so much then you care to her, I have my own patient."

Quistis fell flat on her backside, his statment shocking her to silence. Squall smirked, as her jaw hit the floor, turning on his heel, he exited the auditorium, cradling his load.

Save yourself

[Rinoa, you tried too hard.]

So just save yourself

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