Santa Baby

By Dark Angel Genesis

WARNING!! This is a yaoi story starring Squall Leonheart and Seifer Almasy from Final Fantasy VIII. Since it takes place after the game it contains lots of spoilers. If you have not played the game and intend to, you may wish to wait until you finish it before reading. (Unless of course you are like me and are far too impatient to wait, and knowing the end of things does not ruin the story for you.) Since this is a yaoi site, of course this story involves a relationship between two men. If for some reason this offends you, than why on earth are you here? Shoo! Shoo! Be off with you now! Also be warned that this story is MUCH naughtier than my usual fics and should be rated NC-17 since it does get graphic at the end, so if you are under age, than buh-byeee. Come back when you are 18!

Squall sighed as he sorted through the huge mound of mail cluttering the box on his desk marked IN. Most of the mail consisted of applications from various hopefuls from other cities and towns, hoping to become students at Balamb Garden. Balamb was well known across the world for being the Garden that trained the SeeDs responsible for defeating the evil Sorceresses Adel and Ultimecia, and thus was quite popular among those who had dreams of heroism and glory. The rest was mostly junk mail telling Squall how he may have already won a million Gil, warnings from Timber Maniacs telling him that his subscription was due to expire in six months, and letters from competing phone companies willing to sell thier souls to Squall for him to switch to thier service. The only letter of any significance was from his girlfriend Rinoa. Wondering why she was sending him a letter instead of talking to him personally, he opened and read it.

Dear Squall. I have tried on several occasions to get you to commit to this relationship. Every time I have brought up the subject of marriage you either change the subject or are too busy to discuss it. At first I thought that it was because you were scared and being the headmaster, I could understand being busy. But after several weeks of being put off, I began to wonder if you truly love me. You hardly ever talk to me much these days, let alone hold me. It finally occured to me after you changed the subject to the care and feeding of the Grats in your training center from marriage, that you do not love me anymore. For this reason, I am going to do the best thing I possibly can for you. I am going to set you free. You are on your own now Squall. I have my life as a Sorceress and will be alright. I hope that someday you will find the person who will bring you the happiness that you deserve and need. I wish it could have been me, but it was not meant to be.
With love,

Squall let the letter flutter to the ground as he raced to the room that he gave Rinoa. Indeed all her personal things had been removed, and the bed was neatly made with the standard bedsheet and blanket issued to all of the rooms. It was obvious that Rinoa was gone, and she had no intention of comming back. How could she do this? I thought we were friends. I thought she understood that I did not think of her that way, I loved her as a friend and not romantically. I thought she was kidding about the marriage thing...she was serious?!? Damn Rinoa, how could you do this to me? Squall thought to himself as he gazed bleakly into the vacant room. Finally with a resigned sigh, he closed the door and returned to his office with the intention of burying himself in his work.

Months passed and Squall worked diligently into making Balamb Garden truly a force to be reckoned with. He resored Quistis to her position as instructor, and hired a new staff of teachers to relpace those lost during the Garden Master incident. Zell was put in charge of the cafeteria committe, Selphie was in charge of morale and entertainment, and Irvine was given the position of image coordinator, since he had the gift of making even the dullest task or story seem exciting. Squall even gave jobs to those who sought a second chance in life. Fujin and Raijin were given positions in the disiplinary committee that Seifer founded long ago. Seifer himself, to the shock and amazement of others was given a job. The fact that Seifer was made into a janitor in charge of cleaning out Grat and T-Rexaur dung from the training center, made others feel a little better about his being there. Squall never saw Rinoa again.

Squall also kept himself busy with outside projects. He sponsored the projects to rebuild Trabia and Galbadia Gardens. He assisted in helping Esthar clean out the monster population that had flooded the region during the lunar cry. He helped Edea and Cid rebuild the orphanage, and lent his support in protecting Winhill, the town of his birth. As the years passed, Squall went from having the reputation as a silent, cold person to being an aloof workaholic. It was only thanks to Selphie that he did not forget his own twenty first birthday several months ago in August. She always made sure to keep him posted of holidays that came and went, and tried valiantly to get him involved in the various projects she cooked up.

"Secret Santa?" Squall asked tiredly as he gazed at Selphie past the mound of paperwork littering his desk. "What on earth, dare I ask, is that?"

"It is where everyone puts thier names in a hat, and everyone draws a name, and you have to buy a present for the person you drew, but not tell the person you drew that you drew him or her, so it is all a secret and everyone gets a present, and everyone is happy!" Selphie said excitedly without once pausing to take a breath.

"Sounds like a stupid idea. What if you drew the name of a person you hardly know or did not like?" Squall told her as he sorted the clutter on his desk.

"That is the idea! If you get a name of someone you do not know, get to know them better! That way you will have more friends! If it is somebody you do not like, well consider it an opportunity to find out what they do like, and than maybe you will find out more about them, and see that whoever it is is not so bad, and than maybe you will grow to like him, and everyone is happy!" Selphie exclaimed as she practically danced around Squall's office in excitement.

"It is never that easy Selphie, but alright. Go ahead with your 'Secret Santa' project. Gods above know you will not leave me alone until I approve it anyway." Squall sighed with resignation.

"Damn skippy!" Selphie agreed cheerfully as she presented a cowboy hat she already had prepared full of tiny slips of paper. "Ok! Draw a name, and you will now be that person's Secret Santa!" Squall rolled his eyes and reached into Irvine's hat and pulled out a piece of paper that had neatly been folded up into a tiny square. When he unfolded the paper he saw incribed upon it in red and green ink: Seifer Almasy. He clamped his hand to his forehead and groaned. Oh god, what have I gotten myself into? Squall thought as he rubbed his temples and reached for the bottle of asprin he always kept on hand for the occasions of dealing with Selphie.

Seifer grumbled to himself as he shoveled dung and fought off hoards of monsters that attacked him while he worked in the training center. He came to Squall three years ago and applied for the position of Garden janitor, knowing that it was a dangerous and dirty job, that very few people were qualified for. Even so, he was still surprised when Squall gave him the job, fully expecting that Squall would hold his past as the Sorceress's Knight against him. Seifer now had the fun filled job of not only cleaning up after monsters, but disposing thier carcasses once those who trained here were through, mopping up the blood, and battling monsters himself as he worked. He also had the oh so exciting job of cleaning and mopping the bathrooms and disposing the trash. Most of Seifer's job he hated, except for fighting monsters since it gave him a chance to relieve his aggression. Surprisingly, he also did not mind having to take out the trash, since it gave him a chance to learn more about what made others tick, particullarly Squall. It is amazing what one can learn from observing what others throw away. And the more Seifer learned about others, the safer he felt. It also gave him an excuse to get close to Squall, since Squall's trashcan always seemed to be filled.

Ever since Seifer could remember, he had always found Squall fascinating. When they were little boys growing up together in the orphanage, Squall was the only one who ever gave Seifer any kind of challange. They always contantly tried to out do each other, and Squall was the only person Seifer could never intimidate or bully. He and Squall would often wrestle with each other, mostly in fighting, but sometimes in play. As they grew older, Seifer discovered that he wanted to touch Squall and to be with him. Seifer found himself making any sort of excuse to get Squall to touch him. Much to Seifer's annoyance, Squall was a shy person and often kept to himself. It also did not help that Squall was a boy. Seifer often found himself wishing that Squall was a girl so he could be allowed to like him. In many ways Seifer found Squall to be like a girl, in his delicate appearance and almost feline grace. He often fantasized as to what Squall would look like dressed as a girl, but knew deep in his heart that he wanted Squall to still be a boy.

Eventualy the time came when Ellone, known to all of the children as Sis, left. Squall was the closest to Ellone, almost seeing her more like a mother, and was devastated when she was gone. Shy to begin with, he began to withdraw into himself as a defense to protect himself from the pain of losing anyone else. Seifer found himself having to try harder and harder to pull Squall out of his shell. He soon learned that the only way he could get Squall to pay any sort of attention to him, was to pick on him. As time passed and they were transfered to Balamb, both Squall and Seifer forgot thier childhood due to the GFs. But Seifer never forgot Squall. He knew that he loved Squall and that Squall rejected him. He knew that he could never tell Squall how he felt. He knew that he would do anything to get Squall to like him, and when Ultimecia through the body of Edea made him the offer to become her knight, Seifer jumped at the chance. For maybe than, Seifer would have the chance to fulfil his romantic dream. Maybe by proving to Squall that he was good enough and powerful enough, he could get his attention and win his affection.

Seifer sighed as he thought of his past. Look at me now. Only good for shoveling monster shit. Everybody hates me, they deserve to hate me. All I ever wanted was for Squall to like me. If only I knew that turning into the Sorceress's Knight would make me a villian. That she would rob me of my will and feed me her lies to make me jump and hop to her command like a puppet. God I am such a fucked up fool. Seifer thought as he mowed his way through the rampaging Grats blocking the path to the door, showing them no mercy as he cleaved into them with his gunblade. At least this job has its perks. Seifer thought as he exited the training center and closed it down for the night. Just as he was inputting the lockdown code, Seifer heard the sound of somebody approach behind him.

"Too late, loser. Training center is closed." Seifer grumbled as he turned around to chase off the student if need be. "Oh god, not you." he said in an anguished tone as he saw that it was Selphie standing there.

"Oh good! Seifer, I did not miss you. I need to tell you about the.....hey! Wait up!" Selphie said as she ran after Seifer who was blatanly ignoring her and walking away. He fished around for his walkman and listened to the soothing sounds of hard rock as opposed to the shrillness that is Selphie. Selphie, however was not to be deterred and ran after Seifer. "Seifer! Hey! Seifer! I'm not going to go away until you listen to me Seifer! Come on!" Selphie threatened in a sing-song voice that even penetrated through Seifer's walkman turned on at full volume.

"What girl! What, what, what!" Seifer demanded, spinning around and glaring at her in the way that could cause even Fujin to cringe. Selphie seemed to be completely unaffected and cheerfully went on to explain to Seifer about her Secret Santa project.

"So all you need to do now is to reach into this hat here, and pull out a name!" Selphie said with triumph as she held out the hat with great ceremony. "And don't think about ignoring your Secret Santa person, cause if you do, I will be forced to follow you around singing Kumbayah with all of the junior classmen!"

"Ah shit, anything but that." Seifer snarled as he reached into the hat and yanked out a name. His jaw dropped when he saw the name Squall Leonhart. Of all the names to pick, it hadta be his. Damn. I gotta buy him a gift or something? He hates me. The only reason he hired me is to keep an eye on me, I'm sure. Ah damn.

Squall looked gloomily down at Seifer's name. Alright. So I have to be Seifer's Secret Santa, never mind the fact that he hates me. Yeah sure, no sweat. Can I fight Ultimecia again? It would be easier. Oh well, may as well find out what he wants. Squall sighed as he rang for Seifer on the intercom. Seifer sauntered in fifteen minutes later to find Squall impatiently drumming his fingers on his desk. Seifer could not help but notice just how sexy Squall looked in his uniform, especially since he had forgotten to button the top portion of his shirt, leaving him looking teasingly half dressed.

"Something you wanted Leonhart?" Seifer asked casually as he sat in the chair across from Squall without first being invited to do so.

"Hmm. You took your time getting here. I wish to discuss the upcoming holiday. If you wish for time off, I need to know about it. If there is anything else you may require, now is the time to tell me." Squall said cooly as he brought out his plan book and opened it.

"Time off? If I wanted time off, I woulda told you Leonhart. You are the one who needs time off, always working and shit. You seen yourself lately? Look like Rocky the fucking Racoon with those dark circles under your eyes." Seifer responded with an annoyed scowl at Squall's icy demeanor.

"I thought maybe you wanted to spend some time with someone else instead of working. Fine. I can see you do not, so what else may you need instead?" Squall asked as he tapped his pen on his plan book.

"What the fuck do you care? Who would I go and see? In case you hadn't noticed Squall, I am not exactly Mr. Popularity around here, and I ain't got no family, not like you."

"Excuse me?" Squall said, taken aback a little at Seifer's bitter tone. He sounds so lonely. Small wonder, for I would be lonely too were I in his shoes. I would be your friend Seifer....more than that, but I think that you do not wish for such things. Squall thought to himself as he gazed deeply into Seifer's jade green eyes.

"You know, daddy dearest in Esthar." Seifer said as he shifted uncomfortably in his chair when Squall's ice blue eyes locked with his. He returned Squall's stare challangingly, noticing that the frostiness of Squall's eyes were slowly warming to that of a rich sapphire blue. Oh Squall, don't look at me like that! I don't think I can stand it, not being able to touch kiss you. Seifer thought to himself as he watched Squall purse his lips in thought. Seifer could not help but notice just how kissable Squall looked just now. It took every ounce of self discipline for Seifer not to leap across the desk, pin Squall to the wall and have his way with him. "Damn Leonhart! Get to the point, whatdya want from me?!?" Seifer cried out in a voice bordering on despair as he tore his gaze free from Squall's.

"I want to know what you want Seifer. There has to be something. Look, you can tell me, there is no one else here, the intercom is off, and I have made sure that no one is listening at the door. Your pride is well protected." Squall said as he gazed thoughtfully at Seifer.

"My pride?!? Fuck you Squall, I don't give a shit about my pride anymore. Do you honestly think I would be shoveling Grat shit if I did? Especially for you? I know I sold out to the sorceress. I HAVE NO GOD DAMN PRIDE!!" Seifer hollered with surprising venom as he angrily brushed aside a tear that dared trickle down his cheek. He than abrubtly stood up and began to head for the door, not wanting to cry in front of Squall.

"Seifer, wait. I did not mean to offend you. It's just that Selphie came up with this hare brained...." Squall began before Seifer abruptly spun around and glared at Squall.

"Wait a minute. I get it. So the only reason you called me in here is to find out what I want for the holidays is that it? Just when I think that you finally, maybe, well actually AHH! Motherfucker! Damn do you think I am made from marble? How stupid are you Leonhart? I HATE YOU! I wish that I never laid eyes on you! I wish that you would leave me alone! Stop haunting my dreams!" Seifer cried out as hot, angry tears leaked from his eyes which caused Squall to gape in shock.

" want me to like you?" Squall asked after a momentary pause of shock at seeing Seifer actually cry. "In what way?"

"Figure it out for yourself Leonhart." Seifer said as he turned to face the door again. As he reached the threshold he muttered softly, "You wanna give me something for the holidays? Dress up like a god damn girl and sing me 'Santa Baby.' " Seifer than turned and stomped out.

Squall was left staring at the door as a myriad of thoughts and emotions swirled about his mind. Seifer LIKES me? That is sure how he made it sound, even though he said he hated me. Dress up like a girl? What on earth for? Don't I look girly enough? What, does he want me to embarrass myself? They way he sounded though when he asked me that is the same way he sounded when he hinted about that romantic dream of his. I would give a million gil to know exactly what that dream was. Maybe if dressing up like that would make him happy. I just want him to be happy. WHY do I want nim to be happy? Why should I even care? This is Seifer we're talking about here. The man who tortured me, always invaded my space, never gave me a moment's peace, was always there....even in my dreams. Squall sighed as his inner monologue wound down to its conclusion. Squall considered how he truly felt about Seifer. He mulled over the dreams he would ocassionally have of Seifer undressing, Seifer bathing, Seifer inviting Squall to join him....Oh god. I thought I was the only one who had dreams like that. Seifer dreams of me?

Squall leaned back into his comfortable office chair and considered his childhood. Most of the details were hazy since the junctioning of GFs tended to interfere with memories, but one thing stood clear. That was the fact that Seifer was always there. Squall was always the kind of person who was far more comfortable around a small group of close friends, as opposed to being the Lord of Popularity. Large crowds of people tended to overwhelm him, thus he was grateful for Quistis, Selphie, Irvine, and Zell who helped him deal with the public and keep the Garden running smoothly. Squall also cherished his privacy. It was when he was alone that he found himself able to relax and come to terms with various situations. Normally after a brief conversation with himself Squall found himself able to find the solutions to his problems and move on with life. But this time the problem was more unexpected and more personal that anything Squall ever had to face before.

I always resented the way Seifer would always invade my space when I was trying to think. How he always felt the need to prove himself better than me or the rest of the world. How he was always grapping me, touching me. Funny thing is though....when he was not being forceful, I....actually liked it. God. I liked it. And now that I think about it, I like it still in spite of what Seifer did in the past. At least he feels sorry for the things he had done, I would not want to be with him if he did not. I guess that there is only one solution to this problem, and that is to give Seifer what he wants for the holidays. As Squall finished this thought, he nodded to himself in satisfaction and left his office to go out shopping.

Seifer sat glumly in the privacy of his room as he fished around for the darkest, most gloomy music he could find. After selecting a CD that had been banned in several towns for its controversial content, he placed it in his expensive stereo system and turned the volume on as loud as his ears could stand. He sat there on his bed feeling like crap for hours, not caring about the time, and ignoring the protests of others to kindly turn his music down. After a while Seifer grew tired of listening to his music and shut it off and lay on his bed, feeling like a complete fool. He cursed himself over and over for allowing the barest hint of how he truly felt for Squall to slip. Any minute now, the axe would fall, and Seifer would find himself kicked out of Balamb. He sighed and began to pack his things. When the knock on the door came, he opened it and found Squall standing there wearing a heavy black trenchcoat.

"May I come in?" Squall asked shyly. He was blushing furiously for some reason which Seifer found only made Squall look even more adorable.

"Yeah, sure. It's your Garden." Seifer said as he moved out of the way. Squall slowly walked in and looked around. In all the years that Seifer had been here, Squall had never once set foot into Seifer's room. He looked at the various band posters hanging on the wall, a collection of weapons neatly stacked upon the bed, and several suitcases placed near the door.

"Going somewhere?" Squall asked softly as his eyes rested upon the luggage.

"Yeah. Figured after all that, you probably don't want me around no more." Siefer said simply.

"I never said that. If you want to go, than go, but at least let me give you your holiday present first." Squall said as he reached into the pocket of his trenhcoat and pulled out a santa hat.

"Wow Squall, you shouldn't have." Seifer said dryly as his eyes rested upon the hat. But instead of holding out the hat, like Seifer was expecting, Squall took a deep breath and placed it upon his own head. He than removed the trenchcoat, revealing Squall's red velvet miniskirt and blouse trimmed with white ermine fur, designed in such a way to make it appear to be a sexy version of Santa's outfit. The outfit was completed with red stockings and shiny black leather boots. Seifer could not help but stare as Squall posed before him in a sultry way and began to sing 'Santa Baby' in sweet, dulcet tones. When Squall was finished, he grabbed Seifer's face and planted a long sweet kiss upon Seifer's mouth.

"Still gonna leave?" Squall whispered softly into Seifer's ear. Seifer could only shake his head no as his voice was momentarily paralyzed in surprise. "Good." Squall purred softly as he waked over and sat down on Seifer's bed, "For as you can see, I want to be with you, I love you, and I am glad that I laid eyes upon you. It just took me a while to figure that out."

"You talk too much Leonhart." Seifer said with a grin as he wrapped his arms around Squall's slender waist and leaned forward to kiss Squall upon the mouth that seemed to me made for kissing. He than ran a hand slowly down Squall's backside as he undid the lacing of Squall's bodice. Squall for his part, reached out and slowly worked at the buttons of his shirt, sliding it off as he went along. Seifer pulled off and tossed aside his own shirt, pulling Squall down on top of him while he lay on the bed.

Squall leaned over Seifer and ran a tounge over Seifer's nipples, licking and carressing his chest as he undid Seifer's pants and slowly worked his way south towards more interesting things. Much to Squall's delight, Seifer was wearing a pair of tight black silk underwear that bulged out with the promise of Seifer's arousal. These Squall removed with great glee, as he knelt lower still and began to suck upon Seifer's manhood with surprising adeptness.

Seifer gasped with ecstacy as he felt Squall's tounge suck upon the tip of his manhood and Squall's hands gently caress and stroke his balls. Seifer's gasps quickly turned into moans of pure pleasure as Squall took Seifer's shaft deep into his throat and began to suck hard. Seifer wrapped his hands around Squall's waist and stroked his ass, noting that Squall's backside was as soft and as smooth as a baby's bottom.

Seifer leaned back onto the bed, gripping the bedsheets as hot flames of desire coursed through his body. He felt himself grow harder still as he began to leak, than explosively climax into Squall's mouth. Seifer thrust his hips forward, calling out Squall's name as he licked up every sweet drop. When Squall was finished, he gazed up at Seifer with a smile of satisfaction. Squall's ice blue eyes were now a deep sapphire blue, as clear as the summer sky. Seifer noted to himself that Squall's eyes only turned this color when he felt any sort of deep emotion.

"Hard to believe that you have never done this before, Leonhart. Something I should know?" Seifer asked casually as he wrapped an arm around Squall and drew him close. Squall happily snuggled against Seifer's side and gazed up into Seifer's eyes.

"No. You are my first time with anyone, male or female. I never did it with Rinoa. I...never wanted to." Squall admitted as he traced the lines of Seifer's face.

"Heh. Same here. Well, there is still my present to give you." Seifer said as he drew Squall closer still and gave his buttocks a gentle squeeze.

"Mmm? And what would that be?" Squall purred softly, thrusting his hips closer to Seifer's hand.

"You will see." Seifer promised as he ran a finger around the opening of Squall's backside, enjoying its virginal tightness. He than mounted Squall as his own manhood grew erect once more and plunged into Squall's backside and began to thrust with a deep even rhythym, that began slowly at first, but quickly built to a rapid crescendo. Squall could not help but sing out Seifer's name, adding to the music of thier primal symphony. Seifer cried out as well as he thrust into Squall, and felt his own climax building once more. After exploding into Squall with all of the intensity of a volcano, he and Squall quickly shifted position, this time granting Squall the pleasure of removing Seifer's own virginity. They both proved to each other thier endurance as they continued to make love long into the night, pausing only to kiss, caress, and hold each other. Eventually they both fell asleep in each other's arms.

"So Squall and Seifer finally put thier differences aside and slept with each other huh." Irvine said as he leaned back in his chair and rested his feet on the desk. "Always figured that those two had a thing for each other, guess you did too. So how did you do it Selphie?"

"Well. You know that Secret Santa project?" Selphie said as her green eyes twinkled with mischief.

"Yeah, what about it?" Irvine asked.

"Well, I set it up so that Seifer and Squall would draw each other's names. And you see, it worked and everyone is happy!" Selphie told Irvine as she happily skipped out of the room, humming 'Santa Baby' to herself with gleeful satisfaction.

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