Authors notes: This was set as a challenge by my friend Art-a het fic but with unrequited shounen ai stuff......

Disclaimer Seifer: (high on cocaine) Daisy Daisy, give me your answer do.
Me: He's on a cocaine high, excuse him
Seifer: I'm half crazy over the love of you
Me: Anyway, Final Fantasy 8 doesn't
Seifer: It won't be a stylish marriage, I can't afford a carriage
Me: Belong to me I have no money anyway so don't sue BUT I'm one of the keepers of Gun-Chan
Gun-Chan: Hi!
Seifer: But you'd look sweet upon a seat of a bicycle made for two (Grabs Gun-Chan and a two seated bicycle and they ride away)
Gun-Chan: BYEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!
Me: NOOOOOOO!!!!! Come back here, I need Seifer for this fic!!!! (Chases after the bicycle)
Selphie: Here! OVER HERE SNOW ILLUSION! (Throws Snow Illusion a flamethrower)
Me: Heh heh heh (charges flamethrower) On with the fic.

Quistis used to use a Staff

A FF8 prequel story

By Snow Illusion


Staff and gunblade met and sparks flew.

The gunblade swiped low causing the woman of the staff to jump and bring her weapon down to the man behind the gunblade's head.

The gunblade uppercutted, causing the lady of the staff to stagger backwards a few feet.

It then made three fast swipes at the wizened staff of the blonde girl causing her to slam into a fence.

The owner of the staff swiped suddenly outward, causing the man of the gunblade to gain a small look of surprise as he was forced back a step or two.

Then staff and gunblade met again, the pressure of them meeting was great, neither owner was willing to give up.

Neither wanted to lose any pride.

Finally the owner of the staff felt herself weaken and she was forced to step backwards.

In doing so she stepped on a stone and fell the pressure being such that the bishounen of the gunblade was forced on top of the bishojo of the staff.

The owner of the gunblade sat up slightly, looking into his opponent's eyes, realising how heavily he was breathing.

It was he who broke the tension "I win, you lose Quistis "

"Seifer " Quistis said, caressing the back of his neck, bringing her soft hand through his hair.

Seifer moved forward to kiss her deeply. This tension had gone on long enough

"LOOK LOOK AT SEIFER AND QUISTIS! THEY'RE SNOGGING!" came a voice, loud and shrill.

It was Zell Dincht.

Seifer was ready to murder him.

Christ, he had lusted after Quistis long enough *I get one chance and he blows it* he thought murderously.

He got up off Quistis and shot Zell a look of pure venom.

"I'm gonna fucking kill you chicken wuss!!!!" He screamed at Zell who promptly ran away.

"SEIFER ALMASY!" barked a voice "If I hear language like that ever again I will personally escort you to the headmaster! DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?!?!!"

"Yes Instructor" Seifer groaned.

"Everyone back to the classroom for combat practise analysis" The Instructor barked and everyone began to troop back to the classroom.

Seifer walked away leaving an incredibly confused Quistis.

Later that Day

" fancy Quistis. Why didn't you tell us before ya know?" Rajin asked his blonde friend.

It broke his heart to say this, he wanted to scream at Seifer and have the tantalising blonde at his mercy, begging him to hurt him in some way. It was this deadly secret he wanted to admit to so much, only his soul mate and lifelong friend knew - that was Fujin and no one else dared to get closer to her.

Seifer himself tried hard but he gave up and settled for friend.

"Fancy?" Seifer questioned "My friend that is not a strong enough word..."

"LOVE?" Fujin asked with a look at Rajin. She bore into his soul and saw the shatters of glass that remained of Rajin's heart, she knew Rajin - he had been in tears because of Seifer's naivety and lack of care for his emotions.

Her usual cold and steely gaze became eyes of lost tears, never flowing or moving, and the gaze never wavered.

Fujin never lost her composure.

"My dear Fujin" Seifer paused and brushed a lock of hair away from her eye "I'm not sure that might be too strong a word....I don't know it's this thing that she does to me, I just want her...I mean she's a goddess to me but then how can I say that if I'm not sure I love her...Christ this makes no sense...I mean this is it, this is what she does to me."

Fujin and Rajin looked at each other.

Fujin had to act natural, ignoring the tears that threatened to spill out of her eyes and she said "SMITTEN?" then she gave a wink at Seifer who roared with laughter.

"I didn't expect that coming from you" he said smiling.

"EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED" was Fujin's reply.

To which Seifer's answer was: "Right, lets go get something to eat"

Even later

Quistis looked at herself in the mirror, a section of her hair was loose and she pulled her hair out of her tight ponytail. It blossomed onto her shoulders and with that she looked at Xu who was already asleep.

She lay down on her bed *Christ I'm weak* she thought as she remembered how badly she had lost.

She remembered the lusting gaze of Seifer and how she had teased him so.

She remembered his heavy breathing *I made him do that* she thought with satisfaction.

As she began to fall asleep a certain bishounen appeared in her dreams.

The next day

Quistis ran down the corridor - she was running late literally.

*Awwww man if I am late that bitch instructor is gonna kill me*

Her arms were folded across her chest carrying her books, she barely noticed where she was going before she bumped into someone tall and muscular...Seifer.....

"Hey oujousan, watch where you're going" and he helped up the blonde girl.

"Um thanks" then Quistis thought "We'd better go to class, we're late as it is"

"Class can wait" Seifer said, the books on the floor a pile of forgotten memories. He grabbed Quistis by the arms and pushed her against a wall "Now listen I have been having very dirty thoughts about you, you want to know why? You fascinate me in every way woman, just tell me why!"

Rajin was walking around the corner his eyes went wide and he stopped to watch and listen, that blonde bitch had his Seifer.....

"I don't know Seifer I don't know" said Quistis wriggling out of Seifer's grip "But I know I want something from you, you bastard hentai"

Quistis trailed her fingers lazily up Seifer's neck every touch followed by a kiss.

Seifer leaned forward to kiss his blonde bishojo on the lips and he did fully, soul searching and when they broke apart they were both gasping for air.

"Aishiteru, Quistis"

"Oh gods, aishiteru, Seifer"

Their tongues began to dance again.

Rajin could bear it no longer he had put up with shit like this before and he dealt with it but this? *This* was pure torture. He felt his eyes turn white and he saw charges of yellow electricity run through his skin.

This was a limit break.

*But limit breaks happen only when you are injured* Rajin questioned himself, but not for long as the waves of yellow became waves of the most shocking blue. He felt them running through his skin, then his scream came in a voice unlike his own....


Waves of the purest white ran through his fingers, the couple were hit by a wave and slammed into a wall.

They fell to the floor crumpling.

Rajin returned to himself and he took Quistis' staff and swapped it for his own whip - now she wouldn't be able to train with him.

He then ran for help and the two were carried to the infirmary.

It was Seifer who woke up first, "Where am I? What's going on here?"

Rajin looked around the door his eyes in tears "I love you Seifer Almasy by god I hope you understand, I did it for your own good"

Since then Rajin has been able to access that limit break but has never used it for fear of his own broken heart.

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