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Punishing Almasy

By Rain

He probably should've left them alone.

Now that he thought about, Seifer should've just walked away, but he couldn't. It wasn't in his nature.

The boys were asking for it; how could he not deliver? They kept taunting him with their sarcastic remarks.

"Brainwashed, my ass," one of them said.

"Yeah," the other one agreed. "If he was brainwashed, I'll wear a tutu on the day of the SeeD ball."

Seifer had been sitting right in front of them, seething. He tried to ignore it; the last thing he wanted was to get kicked out of Garden. For a while, he did manage to ignore it. Until one of them called him a flaming faggot. He used a fire spell on them, and made both boys beg on their knees for forgiveness. The instructor in the classroom didn't think Seifer's actions were appropriate. Luckily, she had sent him to the commander's office, instead of the headmasters.

The commander's office was in the basement of the Garden. After Master Norgs departure, Headmaster Cid converted the abandoned space into Squall's office. A lot of the students were sent to Squall's office for punishment, and from what Seifer heard, Squall wasn't an easy-going guy. He began to wonder what his punishment would be.

Propping his legs up on the wooden desk in front of him, Seifer made himself comfortable while he waited for the commander's arrival.

Even if Squall was the commander of Garden, he was still Seifer's childhood rival; there was no reason for Seifer to treat Squall any differently.

"Back again," Squall sighed, closing and locking the door behind him. "What did you do this time?"

"I didn't do anything," Seifer growled, more out of anger, rather than defense.

"Instructor Cole doesn't think so," said Squall as he took a seat behind his desk. "In her report, she said you used a fire spell in the middle of class."

"Yeah, well, those guys were asking for it," Seifer grunted.

Squall raised an eyebrow. "Using magic within the Garden is forbidden." Squall had to learn that the hard way; his SeeD rank went down because he showed a couple of kid's magic on the second floor hallway.

"I know," said Seifer. "I was on the Disciplinary Committee, remember?"

"Which makes your actions inexcusable," said Squall. "I'm going to have to punish you."

Seifer sighed. "Fine, Leonhart. What're you going to make me do? Shovel Grat shit for six months?"

"Get up on my desk," Squall ordered.

Seifer blinked at him. "Excuse me?"

"Get up on my desk," Squall repeated.


Squall glared at him. "Follow your orders, Almasy. Or do I have to tell Headmaster Cid that you refuse to cooperate."

Part of Seifer's 'conditions' upon returning to Garden was: he needed to follow all of his orders. If he didn't, he could kiss his chances of becoming a SeeD member goodbye.

Seifer scowled and sat on the edge of Squall's nearly empty desk; the only thing on top was a few stray papers and a couple of pens. What the hell did his rival have planned?

Unexpectedly, Squall pushed him back.

Seifer fell back against the desk, too surprised to do anything. Something cool wrapped around his wrists, and then there was an audible click. Seifer blinked, again. He was _handcuffed_ to the desk.

Squall was pleased to have Seifer pinned down to his desk. His arms were stretched out over his head, and his wrists were crossed. He effectively had Seifer handcuffed to one of his locked desk drawers. If Seifer wanted to get free, he just had to tug a little harder, but Squall would make sure that Seifer remained laying there.

"You have been very naughty, Seifer," Squall purred, sliding between Seifer's spread legs. "Are you going to receive your punishment like a good little boy?"

Seifer tested his restraints with a tug; it obviously wouldn't hold if he wanted to break free. The question was, did he _want_ to be set free?

Squall slid his hands under the plain white shirt that Seifer was wearing. The skin underneath was smooth and hard; a washboard stomach that made Squall moan.

Seifer decided he didn't want to be set free.

"I never thought of you as the kinky type," Seifer commented, trying not to quiver from the slightly callused fingers gliding across his skin. His back arched, slightly, when Squall ghosted his fingers across Seifer's hardened nipples.

There was a faint chuckle from Squall, an almost odd experience for the both of them.

"There's a lot that you don't know about me," Squall murmured, pinching both nipples and rolling them between his index finger and his thumb.

Seifer hissed.

"You didn't answer my question," Squall said, trailing his hands down the side of Seifer's body. A trail of goose bumps followed his questing fingers. Squall smirked.

"What question?" Seifer was beginning to breathe unevenly; he hadn't realized how many sensations could be brought on by the simplest gestures.

"Will you receive your punishment like a good little boy?" Squall slipped his hands beneath the waistline of Seifer's pants. His fingers lazily stroked the soft flesh he found beneath the garments, eliciting a soft moan from the blond man beneath him.

It was apparent that Seifer was reluctant to answer the question; he didn't want to admit that he wanted this. Squall smirked when he noticed this.

Slipping his hands further down Seifer's pants, Squall allowed the tips of his fingers to brush along Seifer's hardening length. The warm flesh was soft and velvety at the tip, reminding Squall of a baby's skin.

"Well?" Squall asked, wrapping one hand around Seifer's growing member.

"...Yes," Seifer hissed, reluctantly.

A satisfied smirk crossed Squall's lips.

"Good boy," said Squall. "You will be rewarded for your admittance."

Seifer could only watch as Squall began to undo his pants. Those delicate hands were obviously talented; they worked his button and zipper free, revealing a hard cock that glistened at the tip. Squall licked his lips, hungrily. Seifer didn't miss the gesture, he moaned in answer.

There was no hesitance when Squall lowered his head to Seifer's arousal. His tongue darted out, lapping at the tip and tasting Seifer's sweet desire. The blond man moaned and thrust his hips up, but Squall backed away, shaking his head.

"Stay still," Squall murmured, placing his hands on both sides of Seifer's hips; effectively stilling him.

Seifer growled in frustration, but did as he was told. The handcuffs rattled when Squall lowered his head again.

A warm mouth enveloped Seifer's hot need; soft, velvet walls caressed his erection, along with a talented tongue that traced his length in leisurely circles. The warm suction of Squall's mouth drove all rational thought out of Seifer's head; he could only concentrate on the pleasure Squall was giving him, orally.

"Oh, fuck," Seifer moaned, throwing his head back against the desk. His fingers ached to touch Squall's body, but the handcuffs wouldn't allow them the freedom. He gasped out loud when Squall increased his speed and pressure; where did Squall learn to use his mouth like that?

Squall released Seifer's arousal with a 'pop'. He licked his lips and glanced at Seifer's face.

The blonds' handsome features were twisted with pleasure; his eyebrows were knitted together, and his lower lip was caught between his teeth.

The sight alone made Squall harder.

He lowered his head again, and at the same time, began to undo his own, painfully tight pants.

He traced his tongue down Seifer's impressive length; it was a gentle touch that left a damp coolness on Seifer's heated cock. His tongue trailed lower, until it met the wrinkly skin of Seifer's sac. At the first touch, Seifer moaned loudly, and Squall grinned. He could feel Seifer's sac tighten with every stroke of his moist tongue; the hard length above it twitched against his stomach, and Squall's own cock pulsed in sympathy.

"Squall..." Seifer groaned, unable to bear the pleasure he was receiving. Squall seemed to know how to drive him wild, and he longed to bury himself inside of Squall's body. He lifted his head up, a few inches off the desk, and saw Squall's chocolate-colored hair, nestled between his legs.

"Fuck," Seifer cursed, again.

Squall smiled and licked Seifer's balls like a cat drinking milk. But soon, he grew bored of his ministrations, and his arousal was so hard, he thought he'd explode.

He stepped out of his pants and quickly climbed onto his desk.

Seifer was lost in his own world of pleasure, while Squall's cock hadn't been touched yet--not that it needed to. There was something more satisfying that laid ahead, and Squall was determined to achieve it.

"Open your eyes," Squall purred.

Emerald green eyes opened slowly.

Squall pressed his entrance against Seifer's wet tip; it didn't take long for those eyes to open completely.

As soon as they were open, Squall impaled himself with one, quick, thrust. His mouth dropped open in a wordless scream; an agonizing fire shot up his spine, but he knew that the pain would be well worth it.

Seifer bit his lip so hard, the metallic taste of blood dripped into his mouth. Squall's body was so tight; the heat of his channel gripped his cock, mercilessly. He could feel his cock pulse inside of Squall's body; the sensation was so tight, Seifer didn't think he'd be able to last long.

Squall moaned deep in his throat when the pain of Seifer's intrusion began to ebb away; the feeling of fullness replaced the initial pain, and Squall lifted his hips up, experimentally, before pushing himself back down.

The sensation caused both men to moan.

"Tell me," Squall moaned, as he impaled himself, over and over, on Seifer's hard length. "Are you supposed to use magic inside of the Garden?"

Seifer couldn't tell if Squall really wanted him to answer; he didn't think he could if he was supposed to. Squall was so tight, and the friction he was applying to his cock wasn't helping.

"Answer me," Squall gasped, throwing his head back as he impaled himself harder and harder.

"...No," Seifer managed to say. "Oh God, Squall..."

Squall wrapped his hand around his arousal and began stroking himself firmly but slowly.

"Mmmm, Seifer," Squall moaned when Seifer began thrusting his hips up. He was going to drill Seifer with more questions, but Seifer nailed his prostate and all thoughts of 'punishment' flew out of his head.

"Faster, Squall," Seifer panted, pushing up into Squall's tight heat. Every time he brushed Squall's spot, Squall's inner muscles squeezed his cock; it was exquisite pleasure that made Seifer push up harder into Squall.

Squall pushed his hips down and met Seifer's thrusts. Their pace grew faster, and harder, and Squall began stroking himself with fervor.

"Fuck," Seifer gasped as he felt his orgasm peak and fall over him. His cock exploded in mind numbing pleasure. He could feel Squall still riding him; his warm body sent stream after stream of Seifer's passion deep inside of Squall's body.

Squall stroked himself faster when he felt Seifer climaxing beneath him. He gasped when he felt each shot of Seifer's seed splash inside him; the warm liquid struck his prostate, which brought on Squall's mind-blowing orgasm.

Ribbon after ribbon, Squall released himself onto Seifer's stomach. His head lowered to his chest as the fine tremors of ecstasy took over his body.

When the two of them came down from their euphoric high, Squall collapsed against Seifer's chest and began undoing Seifer's handcuffs.

"I hoped you learned your lesson," Squall grunted; his voice muffled against the fabric of Seifer's shirt.

Seifer grinned and wrapped his arms around Squall. "Maybe you have to teach me again."

"You always say that," Squall smirked. "It's the second time this week you've been sent to my office."

"Yeah, but last time was intentional. This time, it wasn't my fault," Seifer replied. "Besides, I always like the 'punishments' you give me."

Squall buried his face against Seifer's neck. "You have some sort of fetish for my office, don't you?"

"Maybe," Seifer said. "But I'd rather fuck you than stay inside of a boring classroom."

"Next time, put me in the handcuffs," Squall said.

Seifer grinned. "As you wish, my love."


~ Owari ~

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