Author's Notes: My very first PWP ^_^

Proving Our Love

By Redrum

My heart races, sweat mats my hair to my forehead, and the sound of skin slapping against skin can be heard throughout the small dorm.  "Ugh... mmmm. oh God! Seifer!"  His arms wrap around my chest, as he pumps me for all he's worth.  His member twitches, he's about to lose it, but before he does he always makes sure I come before him.  His large hands relocate themselves around my cock.  He pumps me to go along with the rhythm of his thrusts.  His cock hits something deep inside me, and I scream out in pleasure.  My come suits out, pooling in Seifer's cupped hands.  Once I am spent I soon feel his seed spill deep inside me.

I turn my head slightly, my member twitches as I watch him take each finger into his mouth, slowly and sensually, knowing I am watching him.  The white liquid on his slender fingers slowly disappears, he looks up at me from beneath golden lashes and smirks.  He knows I enjoyed the show.  Just as I always do.

He collapses heavily, not caring to put his full weight upon my sweaty back.  Not that I can't take the burden.  His lips seek out mine, and his tongue pushes into my mouth.  His own cinnamon mixes with the strawberry taste of my come as he pushes the last few drops of my essence into my mouth.  He always did say that I tasted like heaven.  Though his opinion could be biased, considering his favourite food is strawberries.  At least it is now.  He told me that he changed it after he tasted me.  And of course he smirked after that little statement.

"You still taste like heaven you know."  That's Seifer for you, always being able to read my thoughts.  Even when I don't want them read.  Oh well, not like I don't know a few of his secrets.  Like how he's still afraid of the dark... and of being alone.  But I think everyone is afraid of the latter.  Especially me.  But he made me overcome it.  With him I can overcome anything.

"Thank you."  He chuckles deep in his throught, a sound that always drives me crazy, and he knows it.  A smirk spreads across his face as he finds the lust that only he can produce in my stormy blue eyes.  He lets out a masculine squeal (don't ask how he manages to do that, but he makes it possible) as I manage to get out from underneath him and pounce on his back.

My tongue glides down his sweaty back, leaving a trail of saliva to replace the sweat.  I give him a slow and sensual 'bath' with only my tongue.  This has become the daily ritual after we have sex.  Seifer always hated being sweaty while he slept so I came up with this solution.  Cleaver, ne?  He once said that the feeling of my tongue gliding down his back was almost as good as the sex.  I personally enjoy having the evidence of our love making all over me, I can still feel the come seeping out of my rear.  And I know late in the night when Seifer awakens just to watch me sleep (he told me once), he'll lap it up, like a big golden kitten.  I always get pissed off at him for waken me up so early, but if I had to choose between being woken up by my alarm clock or his tongue deep in my ass, I'd pick the latter.  Even if it does tickle a bit.

I finish giving him his 'bath' just as I feel another erection coming on by my sudden train of thought.  He chuckles loudly when he feels my member twitching against his muscular thigh.  He turns over slowly,  making sure to put as much friction as possible on my member, to which I respond with a loud groan.  He takes his hands and guides my cock deep into his sweet whole.  The sweat from our latest activities is enough lube for him to make sure it doesn't hurt.  I thrust into him, my movements mimicking those of a bronking buck, and the rest of the night turns into another night of proving our love for each other.

Through whispered words, the slowing of movement, through our moans, and through our eyes.  Jade hold stormy blue throughout the night, and they will for eternity.  Even behind closed lids.

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