Okay, who DOESN'T Have a thing for blonds? I know I do!!! This is still a work in progress and I try to keep an erotic scene in like, at least every 3-5 pages in this story... I put this story on hold to write my most recent FF8 yaoi but if you like this one, email me and I'll finish up this one. ^_^ Oh, yah, and Squall comes off as the villain in this one. O.o (You'll see)

Pretty Boy

By Kumaguro

“Wake up, Zell.”

Zell did everything in his power to keep his eyes closed and rolled over in his bed, away from the person calling on him.

“Zell, come on... You promised me today you would train with me.”

“It’s too early...” Zell grumbled, burying his face in his pillow.

“Zell,” A hand reached on the side of Zell’s torso. “I need you to come with me today.”

“My alarm will get me up when I need. I’ll have lots of time to shower and stuff. So let me sleep.”

The hand moved under Zell then pulled him over. Zell groaned as he was pulled, keeping his eyes closed. When he opened them, they were met with Squall’s ocean blue.


“I turned your alarm off five minutes ago.”

“Why would you do that?”

“I wanted to watch you sleep a little longer...”

Zell lay himself back into his pillow, moving slightly away from Squall’s face.

“You’re so peaceful, so... fragile...” Squall said as he feathered Zell’s bangs off of his forehead.

Zell pushed Squall’s hand away from his face.

“Uh... Squall...”

“Anyway, I’ll be waiting for you in front of the Training Centre.”

“Okay. Bye.”

Then Squall left. As he closed the door behind him, his mouth was greeted by rough lips and sharp teeth. Squall pulled the taller kisser in and kissed back. In good time, Squall managed to pull back and look into sexy, swollen lips and even sexier, silver eyes.

“What were you doing in there?”

“I was getting him up.”

“You, what?”

“Tsk. I woke him up, okay? What’s it to you?”

“Well, nothing, I just don’t think it’s fair that you should chase him. You know, if I know about it...”

“He’s straight.”

“Didn’t we assume the same thing about each other?”

Squall was silent. He smiled.

“I think we just somehow converted each other...”

“What do you mean, ‘some how?’ It’s what we wanted... What our...” the taller boy started as he placed his hand between the brunette’s legs, “what WE.... needed...”

“Oh, god...” Squall panted.

Seifer moved his lips into Squall’s. Squall pulled Seifer in for a full-out kiss. Then Seifer pulled away, licking his lips, smirking at the melted boy against the wall.

“Are you coming over later?”

“Yes... When’s good?” Squall started as he melted into Seifer’s grip.

“Anytime you feel like it.” Seifer growled past Squall's lips.

“Oh, god I wanna go NOW...”

“Well, you can’t. You have a date with a gorgeous blond.”

“But with you, at least I KNOW I can get laid.”

Seifer leaned into Squall, forcing his tongue inside his warm crevice. When he pulled away, Squall groaned at the lack of contact.

“You know where you can find me.”


“Bye.” Seifer said, tapping Squall’s cheek then leaving.

Squall’s eyes followed Seifer as he turned the corner, giving one hot, sexy look that drove Squall crazy.

“Wow... Now, when I have Zell, too... I’ll be the luckiest guy in all of Garden.”

A little later, Zell made it to the front of the Training Centre where Squall was waiting patiently.

“What's with the smile?”

“Nothing. Just happy to see you.”

“Uh... okay.. Um.. Okay, let’s go.”

Zell escorted Squall into the Training Centre. While they were in there, they came across Jelly-eyes and Grats who sometimes teamed up against the boys. They fought back without any trouble.

“Whew. We sure are kicking ass, huh, Squall?” Zell commented as he leaned against a wall, removing his gloves and running his fingers through his hair.

“Yeah, we make a good team.”

“Hey, you know, we should do this more often.”

Squall advanced to Zell.

“Yah, we should. And there’s a few more things I’d like to do with you, too. We should get together more often.”

“Sure! That sounds great. I like your company and I don’t seem to annoy you very often.”

“No, I LOVE your company, Zell, don’t ever think different.”

“So, how come you never asked me to train with you before?” Zell said, putting his gloves back on.

“I didn’t have the courage.”

“To do what?–”

Zell was silenced. Squall was on his lips and holding him into the wall. Zell tried to push Squall off but despite Zell’s advantage in muscle mass, Squall was bigger and Zell couldn’t move. His efforts were either feeble or his reaction was weak. All Zell could do was ‘try’ to push Squall off of him. Squall only pulled away when he was ready, licking his lips, staring blindly into Zell’s electric blue eyes and blushing cheeks.

“I-- I’m not... I don’t...”

“Shh... Zell? Hush, okay? I won't force you into anything, I promise.”

“Then why did you kiss me?”

Squall grinned.

“Because you’re so cute. You should see the look on your face; it’s priceless.”

Zell cleared his throat and stood back up, looking into Squall’s mischievous eyes.

“I just wanna train with you. And maybe hang out. Because you’re so cool.”

“Okay, come on, let’s go train. Then, let’s hang out.” Squall said, loading his GunBlade.

“....Alright.” Zell said, following Squall around the circuit.

Later, the boys encountered a huge T-Rexaur.

“It’s too big! I think we should run!”

“No, Zell, this is perfect for practice! Come on!”

Zell got into his fighting position. The first thing Squall did was summon.

“Shiva, I need you! Go, Zell!”

Zell drew fire from the T-Rexaur and cast it on the beast. The attack was effective but it only seemed to make it angry. The T-Rexaur attacked Squall, whipping its tail at him. Luckily for Squall, he was protected by his Guardian Force.

Then came Shiva’s time to retaliate. A blast of ice shards took the monster down but not completely. Now it was REALLY angry. It went straight for Zell. Sinking its teeth into the blond, the T-Rexaur almost seemed to smile at Squall like it was going to take Zell away from him. But Squall wouldn’t allow it. Then the T-Rexaur stood away again.

Squall lunged at the beast, weapon drawn. With a yell, Squall swiped his Gunblade directly at his rival, carving a deep wound into its face.

The T-Rexaur wailed and Squall thought he had finished it. He fired his GunBlade at it a few times but it didn’t seem to be enough. He looked over at Zell who was hunched over, about ready to fall.

“Oh, shit!”

Squall took it upon himself to get rid of this monster. Shiva was his best chance.

“Shiva! You gotta help me!”

As Shiva was about to make her attack, Squall could see a light from the corner of his eye that seemed to come from Zell. Squall looked over to see Zell pushing himself to the extreme, blood seeping out of the torn skin around his waist.

Zell drew up a strong blast of energy before charging at the T-Rexaur. He delivered swift kicks and heel drops that threw the monster into the ground. It roared before dying. Zell hit the ground. Squall raced over to him, throwing his GunBlade aside.

“Oh, god, Zell!”

“No... B-blood... Falling out–apart... Die.. G’Die...” Zell whispered in pain.

Squall looked at where the T-Rexaur sank its teeth. He gasped. Zell tore himself apart where the creature pierced him in that final roundhouse.

“No... No, Zell, you’re not gonna die...” Squall said, holding Zell, looking sincerely into his eyes.

“It hurts too much... I wanna die...” Zell whispered, closing his eyes. “Please...?” He coughed.

“Zell, don’t die on me!”

Zell said nothing. Squall felt Zell make a final exhale. A tear fell from Squall’s chin. His face was fresh with tears. Squall released a soft cry before placing a hand on the bloody flesh that was falling out of Zell’s torso. Squall pushed most of it back in the still-warm corpse and groaned when he felt and heard the meat squish back in. He covered the bloody wounds with his hands and closed his eyes. He began whispering a mantra that sewed the holes back together. He focussed a heat into Zell’s body that stitched the wounds shut. After a few minutes, Squall felt that the young body was repaired. He held Zell’s lips next to his and blew whispers past them. The breath was cold but quickly heated up. The whispers were accepted by the young blond’s lips as they cupped over Squall’s, sucking in the spell that brought him life once more. Squall put a hand to Zell’s cheek for support and Zell’s hand held his wrist. When the spell was finished, Zell removed his lips from Squall without ever opening his eyes. He lay his head back into Squall’s hand, taking a deep breath and softly drifting off to sleep. Squall just held Zell, watching him adoringly.

“So beautiful... God, I wish we could have something, Zell... Seifer only fulfills my sexual desires but YOU... you could make me happy.”

For the next 3 hours, Squall just watched Zell sleep. He kept silent so no monsters would find them.

When Zell finally woke up, he was greeted by a warm smile and eyes that must have thanked God a million times that Zell was alive while he was sleeping.

“What do you see in me?”


“Why do you want me?”

“.......Because you’re beautiful. And we would be beautiful together...”

“Is that all? You’re THAT superficial?”

Squall said nothing.

“Well, what difference does it make? You’re straight, anyway, aren’t you?”

“Yah, so? If you know that, why would you kiss me?”

“......Because I’m always in competition with Seifer. And I know that if he knows that I have an interest in something, like everything else, he’ll try to do it before I do.”

“What does that mean?”

“That I wanted to take my chances that maybe you would want me, too...”

Zell blushed.

“You know, Squall, I may never have showed an interest in men but in all the years of knowing each other, have you seen me show an interest in girls?”

“No... But what are you getting at?”

“Give me some time. I’ll tell you what it is I want when I know for sure.”

Squall smiled.

“Is there anything I can do to maybe help sway your decision?”

Zell smiled.


Squall leaned down and clamped his lips over Zell’s, sucking gently as he pried the blond’s lips open with his tongue. Zell held Squall into a kiss and invited Squall’s busy tongue into his mouth. Squall was indulged with Zell grabbing the back of his neck, seizing control and joining in the kiss, massaging his tongue with his. Squall’s hand rubbed up Zell’s chest and grabbed his ribs, pulling him in closer to him. Squall felt wonderful. But he pulled away, feeling dizzy and light-headed.

“Is something wrong?”

“I’m just thinking, if after all, I don’t have you, I’ll feel sad.”

“You don’t like me because of that, Squall, okay? Try to remember that it’s just ‘cause I’m the pretty boy. Your novelty wore off with Seifer and now you need the next young thing to help satisfy your drive to be promiscuous.”

“Who the hell taught you that?”

“What, you think I’m just some dumb blond?”

“Not anymore.”

Squall leaned in and kissed Zell again, pulling away quickly and smiling, looking into Zell’s eyes.

“...I wanna make you MY dumb blond.”

Zell laughed.

“...So, you still wanna rest up?”

“Yeah... I’m still tired...”

“Okay, I’ll take you to your room.”

And Squall took Zell to his room. He closed the door behind him, watching Zell sit back on his bed. Zell removed his gloves and jacket then looked up at Squall.

“I’ll be fine on my own now, thank you for everything.”

“No problem... I just wanna make sure you settle in fine.”

“I’ll be good. Just gonna strip and nap. And since I have nothing planned, maybe I’ll call on you later so we can hang out.”

“I’d like that...” Squall said, smiling sweetly, “sleep tight.”

Then Squall left.

Hours went by and Squall waited to hear from Zell. There was still no word. He went back to Zell’s room.

“Zell?” Squall asked as he peeked in Zell’s room.

Squall saw Zell still sleeping, on his stomach and he was... naked. Squall’s curiosity got the best of him as he entered the room and closed the door quietly behind him. He tip-toed to Zell’s bed and sat on the edge, looking at Zell’s white body and his firm... butt. Squall blushed. He thought he shouldn’t be looking but he liked Zell a lot and wanted to see him all the time and see every part of him. Squall took off his gloves and ran one hand’s fingertips along his back and shoulder blades. He took a deep breath to calm himself. But it didn’t help. His hands on Zell’s hot skin were too much. He got up and left.

“At least now I know why he hasn’t called. At least it wasn’t anything from before...”

Seifer had just finished straightening his room. He looked at his watch. 10 o’clock on the dot. There was a knock at the door. Seifer smiled and opened it. Squall walked in, immediately pulling Seifer in for a kiss. Seifer went with it for a few seconds before pushing Squall away gently.

“Whoa, whoa... What’s gotten into you?”

“It’s all this sexual tension. I feel like I’m about to explode.” Squall panted.

“You tried Zell, huh?”

Squall was silent before pulling Seifer in for another kiss. But again, Seifer pushed him away, licking his lips, smiling.

“Excuse me, Squall? You can’t just use me as some sort of vessel ‘cause you wanna court a straight guy.”

“That’s not what I’m doing. He wouldn’t put out any but that was hours ago. I want YOU and I want YOU now!”

“Humph. HOW do you want me?” Seifer asked, grazing his tongue against Squall’s lips.

“I want you... on your back... for now.”

Seifer wasn’t wearing his trademark trench coat so it was quicker to get topless. He seductively removed his shirt and lay on his bed. Squall straddled Seifer and kissed him. Then he sat up and removed his gloves and jacket. Seifer put his hands up under Squall’s shirt.

“Oh, god!” Squall panted as he hunched over and kissed Seifer again. Squall cut the kiss short and sat up again, this time, removing his shirt then dropping back down on Seifer, kissing his chest. Seifer rolled his head back in delight as Squall plastered his torso on his but Squall’s tongue... oh, his tongue... was a guide for Squall’s lips that were rounding his nipples. Seifer took a deep breath and wove his fingers through Squall’s hair, wordlessly telling him to go down which Squall did. Seifer moaned softly as Squall released him from his jeans, tossing them aside. He breathed out relaxed when he felt the smaller man’s hot mouth around him, sucking gently.

“Oh, God, Squall, you never disappoint me.” Seifer mumbled, unable to maintain actual speech.

Seifer closed his eyes and took in the sensation while Squall did the same. He bobbed over Seifer, licking and sucking to his own pleasure. Seifer enjoyed everything Squall was doing for him and was a little disappointed when he came up for air.


Squall looked into Seifer’s eyes.

“Do you feel like doing it tonight?”

“Hmm... Good question.”

“Well, do you or don’t you?”

“Look, Squall, how about you just finish me off then I’ll do the same for you... You can spend the night if you like.”

“No fuck?”

“Not tonight.”

Squall pouted but went back down on Seifer. That night, the two of them went to sleep in each other’s arms, smiling.

The next morning, Zell woke up like every other morning and even more refreshed. He looked at his clock.

“Shoot! I told Squall I’d call on him!”

Zell ran out of bed and got ready to leave faster than he ever did before. He dashed to Squall’s room and knocked but there was no answer. He tried to find him everywhere; the cafeteria, the Quad, the Training Centre... Nowhere. Then Zell assumed that Squall was with Seifer.

“I suppose I’ll just leave them...” Zell thought as he walked past Seifer’s door.

But just then, it opened.

“Good morning, Zell.”

“Huh? Oh, hey, Squall! Sorry about last night. I never woke up.”

“I figured that. It’s okay as long as you’re better.”

“I just thought I’d swing by and tell you in person that it was nothing personal.”

“Okay. Hey, you wanna come in? Maybe talk?”

“But isn’t that Seifer’s room?”

“Yah, so? He’s asleep. I just wanna show you somethin’.”


The boys walked into Seifer’s room. Zell sat in a chair across from the bed and Squall sat up against Seifer.

“So, how long have you been seeing him?”

“....It’s not really seeing... But I guess you could say that we knew we wanted more from each other since I was 13 and he was 14.” Squall started as he gently stroked Seifer’s face. “He’s so cute when he sleeps, don’t you think?”

“I don’t think about it.”


“You know, you’ve kept your lifestyle a secret really well...”

“Yeah.. And the rivalry thing is REAL...”

“Speaking of which... You said yesterday,.. Something about him trying to do what you’re interested in before you... What did that have to with me?”

“I like you very much, Zell. And I’d like to be with you even if it’s not like I am with Seifer.”

“Is that what you want from me? Sex?”

“It’s not the only thing but one of many. It’s okay, maybe we can just hang out...”

Zell sat up in front of Squall, taking a peek at Seifer, then gazing into Squall’s eyes.

“I want you to show me... You know, what it would be like... If I... was with you...”

Squall grinned almost happily. He licked his lips and drew the sheets away, exposing a very naked Seifer. Squall put a hand between Seifer’s legs. Zell watched intriguingly. Squall leaned into Seifer, kissing the sleeping wonder.

Zell could feel something come over him. He liked watching Squall kissing Seifer. He liked the idea that Squall would do that to him... His jaw dropped in surprise... and desire. He wanted to be Seifer; kissed with such passion and lust... As Zell watched, it became harder to think but he’d decided that there was nothing wrong with just kissing Squall which is what he wanted to do.

“Squall?” Zell whispered.

“Mm-hmm?” Squall mumbled as he dragged his tongue down Seifer’s neck.

“That’s what I want. To be kissed like that.”

“And like this?” Squall said seductively and he cupped his lips over one of Seifer’s hard nipples.

He began sucking, licking, nibbling... All the things Zell wanted to experience. Squall noticed Seifer’s breathing became heavy and so did Zell’s. He pulled away slightly, then looked at Zell.

“He has two... If you wanna try it.”

Without another word, Zell got to the side of the bed, on his knees, closed his eyes and dove his lips over Seifer’s free nipple. He sucked gently, taking in the full experience; the taste, the feel, the taboo... He pulled off of Seifer, looking up at Squall who was already watching him.

“Can we go where we’ll be alone?”

Squall grinned.


Zell stood up and put his chair back. Squall got off of the bed and put his jacket and boots on. Upon standing back up, his lips were met with a hungry mouth that devoured him. But Squall pulled away.

“We’re not alone yet...”

“I don’t wanna wait much longer.”

Squall pushed himself away from Zell completely.

“We’ll go to my room. Come on.” He said as he pulled Zell behind him.

When the boys got to Squall’s room, the first thing the brunette did was peel Zell’s jacket and shirt off before throwing him to the bed. Squall straddled over the trembling blond and took off his jacket, gloves and T-shirt. He used his bare hands to glide up Zell’s arm, progressively approaching his body. Perfectly, Squall’s lips met with Zell’s and he closed his eyes, delving into his mouth. Zell was incredibly turned on by Squall’s dominance and Squall enjoyed it, too. He had full control of Zell in that forceful kiss and he made it totally worth it. Then Squall pulled away, leaving Zell disappointed at the lack of kissing... um, contact.

Squall kissed Zell’s throat then dragged his tongue down to that white torso. He pinched the side of one of Zell’s pecs to make his nipple more accessible. Then he kissed it, forcing Zell to moan. Squall sucked nicely and swirled his tongue around it, taking in all the textures of Zell’s perfect body.

“Oh... God... Squall... More...”

Squall continued where he was for several minutes, enjoying his ordeal and drawing soft cries of bliss from Zell. Eventually, Squall let Zell go and reached his hands for Zell’s pants. His hands were stopped with Zell’s grip over his wrist.

“Isn’t this what you wanted?”

“Not yet.. I don’t know..”

Squall sighed.


“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry. You know where to find me when you do want it.” Squall said as he put his shirt on.

Zell was silent for a few seconds and took the opportunity to put his shirt back on.

“So... Do you like giving it?”



Squall froze, smiled, looked at Zell before walking up to him and straddling him on the bed once more.

“I like the textures... The whole idea of all that friction on my lips, making them all tingly, the fact that you KNOW it’s wrong but it feels so GOOD!”


“And if you ever want, just ask, I’ll show you what it’s like on the receiving end.”

“You want me that badly, Squall?”


“Okay, well... Um... I’m gonna go get ready for the day... If you want to do something later, I won’t be hard to find.” Zell finished as he made it to the door.

“When are you free?”


“I’ll come for you then.”


Then Zell left.

After classes, Zell decided to beat off some nervous energy in the Training Centre. He spent an hour battling with monsters, steering clear of any T-Rexaurs. Zell fought to the point where he was literally exhausted and barely able to stand. He was almost at the exit when he was pulled away and shoved into the wall.


“Hush...” Seifer commanded as moved his mouth into Zell’s.

Zell was once again helpless. He was being kissed against his will in the Training Centre AGAIN! When Seifer pulled away, Zell pushed him with his mouth, grunting and breathing heavily.

“Why? Why– Why would you do this?”

“I know you were on me today...”

Zell froze, bowing his head in embarrassment.

“I just wanted to thank you. Made me feel real nice.”

“You were awake?”

“I don’t sleep when there’s someone in my room. I just let Squall do what he wants to me ‘cause he gets me off for himself. So I’m not expected to thank or repay him.”

“Oh.” Zell blushed.

“But listen here, pretty boy, you don’t have to do it just ‘cause you think I don’t know. I’ll let you do anything you want to me...” Seifer started as he locked Zell’s eyes in his gaze and gently stroked the blond’s lower lip, “and if you want... Just ask me and I’ll do anything you want to you, too...”

And Seifer stopped talking as he seized Zell’s lips again. This time, Zell took Seifer in, holding his waist, pulling him in for the kiss. Seifer pushed Zell back into the wall. He was surprised that Zell was acting the way he was. But he wasn’t about to complain. After a few minutes, Zell slowly pushed Seifer away, looking into his eyes.


“Squall told me you’d try to get to me first.”

“Squall says a lot of things. How can you believe that I’M not the one who wants you and he’s trying to get you to spite me?”

“That wouldn’t make sense.”

“Why not?”

“‘Cause he came after me FIRST. Squall said that you would try to win me over–”

“People will say anything to get into your pants. Trust me.”

“What makes you so different?”

“I care about you. I won’t rush you. I want YOU to ask me for it.”

Zell put his head down.

“Squall wouldn’t wait...”

“Squall could never wait. That’s his flaw. I’ll tell you what, Zell, you think about what it is you want and let me know. No matter what it is, I’ll deliver. That’s a promise.”


Seifer leaned in and kissed Zell one last time.

“See you around, Zell.” Seifer finished as he walked off.

Zell blushed and took a deep breath.

“Some sort of game... A competition. Squall said it himself. I don’t know who to trust anymore.”

Zell went to his room. There, he beat his punching bag until it had a soft spot.

“It’s not fuckin’ fair! Why should they treat me like I’m some sort of... PRIZE! They’re both messing with my head for THEIR gain! Well, I won’t let them have me! Not now, not ever!”

There was a knock at his door.


“Zell, it’s me. Can I come in?”

“What do you want, Squall?”

“To talk.”

Zell sighed of frustration and went to his door, running a hand through his sweaty hair. He opened the door and Squall walked in.

“You’ve been working out...”

“Just burning off some steam.”

“Are you pissed about something?”

“Oh, yeah. Yah, yah... But tell me one good reason why I shouldn’t be. My life is just too awkward for me to think straight and there’s nothing I can do ‘cause it seems like everyone wants to run my life for me! And why? ‘Cause I’m the pretty boy!”

“Whoa, whoa, Zell... What are you getting at?”

“I talked to Seifer today. He said EVERYthing YOU said and he assured me that YOU were the one that was trying to win me over first. Well, I’ll tell you what, Squall, I’ll tell you what it is I want; I wanna be left alone and I wanna live a nice, straight, hetero life, okay? I don’t wanna be part of your sick, perverted games where you and Seifer play with people’s emotions for your own benefit! I don’t want it! And I don’t wanna see you or Seifer until I say so and there is to be no more kissing or surprises, okay? Leave me alone!”

“God, Zell... I’m very sorry. I didn’t think Seifer would... Okay... I’ll leave you alone, then. But when you’re ready to talk, please let me know, alright? Because if anything, maybe I can hang on to that promise of just hanging out...” Squall said as he was about to leave. “And so, you’ll talk to me later. Goodbye, Zell.”

“Wait, Squall...”

Squall stopped and looked back at Zell.

“...I’m sorry. That was harsh. You think maybe you just wanna... visit?”

“That is completely up to you. Only what YOU want matters to me.”

“I like your company.”

Squall smiled and came back to the middle of the room.

“I’m gonna wash up. Have a seat, keep yourself busy, ‘kay? I’ll only be a minute.” Zell suggested as he went to his small bathroom, not even closing the door.

Squall sat on the bed and heard Zell’s clothes rustling and being thrown to the floor. That meant he was naked. Then he heard water running, the shower door opening then closing and the jets of water thumping flesh as opposed to glass. That meant Zell was naked... and wet. Squall did everything he could to control his urges to join him. They were so strong.

“Be good, be good, he’s given you a second chance not to screw things up. Don’t BLOW it!”

........That was what he needed to suggest to himself the LEAST. The water stopped running and the shower door opened then closed. Squall was 150% tempted to get up and look in the bathroom but the rest of his will allowed him to stay put.

Zell came out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist, still dripping wet. His hair was towel-dried then combed completely back but for the most part, Zell was wet and naked. Squall knew he was staring and blushing. Without turning away, he commented.

“You look gorge- uh, I mean... You’re not dressed... I mean, dried.”

“It’s seldom that I actually towel-dry. After my shower, the water gets cold and it’s so invigorating. Even when it’s all evaporated, it’s so crisp.” Zell pointed out when he lay on his bed, next to where Squall was sitting. “Ahh... This feels so good.”

“Are you trying to tempt me, Zell?”

“That’s a special bonus. I always do this and I would even if you weren’t here.”

“I gotta go, Zell, I’m sorry.” Squall started as he got up. “My whole body’s aching for you and this is not playing fair. Maybe we can visit when you’re dressed.” He finished as he made it to the door.

“Wait, Squall...” Zell said, still sprawled out on his bed. “Come on... Would you like to teach me anything else today?”

Squall stopped.

“I wanna make sure it’s what YOU want. Not what you think I want.”

Zell sat up, looking at Squall.

“I wanna learn.”

Squall smiled again and took off his jacket, gloves, shirt and belts before leaning into Zell’s face and softly blowing over his eyelids. The water on Zell’s face became cold, stimulating his whole body to new degrees. Then Squall blew softly past the slit of Zell’s lips. Squall’s lips were captured. They were taken in and Squall took in the heat, the passion backed by that small boy. Squall managed to lean the blond back to his laying position and hover over him, allowing the remaining droplets of water to not be disturbed. He placed his hands on Zell’s sides and massaged the muscles closer to his pecs. Then without notice, Squall pulled away from Zell and licked from his chin to his chest, once again, focussing on one of his perfect pink nipples. He swept his mouth over it with his tongue, sucking, suckling, tasting, driving himself and Zell wild. Zell felt that marvellous friction he was told about. The textures of Squall’s tongue and lips on one of his most sensitive places, the hot flashes, the arousing image, the idea of Squall Leonhart, the coolest guy in all of Garden wanting HIM and HAVING him... Zell moaned aloud, causing Squall to reply. Squall switched to the other side and Zell wove his fingers through the brunette’s hair.

“Oh... Squall, you make it all feel so good...” Zell mumbled as he drifted off into Heaven.

Squall licked around Zell’s nipple before coming up and gazing into Zell’s flashing blue eyes.

“Would you like to know what feels better?” Squall growled past Zell’s lips.


“You are so sexy.” Squall said, planting his lips on the blond under him then pulling away.

Squall straddled over Zell’s legs and opened his towel, looking at the freestanding member. He licked his lips before descending on it, sliding his whole mouth over the blond.

Zell moaned louder than he ever had before. The sensation was wonderful! Squall’s mouth was so hot around him and the suction was perfect!

“Oh, yes, Squall! Don’t stop!”

Squall knew precisely what he was doing and he was becoming more aroused by the minute just thinking about having Zell... He wanted Zell and was closer than he’d ever been to achieving his goal. He bobbed and sucked and kissed and licked, titillating Zell completely, forcing his organ to weep until he managed to make it cry and Zell to scream.

“AAAAAAAAAAH!!! *Pant* Whoo! Squall, that was incredible! How long did that last?!”

“45 minutes, I suppose.” Squall said after swallowing and wiping his mouth. “Thank you, Zell.”

“No, thank YOU, Squall, you’re amazing!” Zell complimented as he dragged Squall up to kiss him.

A few moments later, after a soft, passionate kiss, Zell pushed Squall up to look into his eyes.

“So, it’s MY turn now.”

“You don’t have to.”

“I WANT to do it. Please let me do it.”

Squall wasn’t about to complain. He leaned back, behind him and kicked off his boots. Zell reached for Squall’s pants and was aided in removing them as well as the silver boxers.

“Wow, Squall, that’s pretty.”

“Thank you.”

“...So, how do I do this without hurting you?”

“You go real slow and just suck hard enough to keep it in your mouth and maybe draw the blood to the tip a bit.”

“‘Kay.” Zell agreed before he began going down.

“Zell?” Squall started as he pulled Zell up to him again, “assuming for any reason that you don’t want to be with me and might choose to do this to another man, always kiss him first and work your way down. It’s out of respect for yourself. You don’t wanna be considered a slut.”


“A kiss is passionate and should be inviting proof that you want to experience more with that person.”

“Is that why you kissed me so forcefully in the Training Centre?”

Squall smirked.


“You DO want me, don’t you, Squall?”

“I’ve known for about a year. Since the day I saw you dance at the gathering, I knew that I wanted to be a part of those moves...”

“You like the way I dance?”

“Zell, everyone does... Even Seifer... You know, after we saw you dance, we went back to my place and... Um, well, did what we’re doing right now... Only we were so aroused that it only took seconds. Still, no matter what, Zell, I want you, not him.”

“You don’t want him or he doesn’t want me?”

“Well, I like him and all but I could see myself spending my life with you. Making love every night and waking up in each other’s arm every morning...”

“That’s very idealistic... Very sweet...”

“I guess I’m just that guy...”

“So, what do you want me to do?”

“I want you to put your hot mouth on my hard cock and I want you to suck me off until I feel like I will never need relief again. And I KNOW you can deliver ‘cause you haven’t disappointed me YET.”

Zell smiled. Then he trailed himself down.


Zell came back up, looking at Squall, questioningly.

“Kiss me, pretty boy.”

Zell smirked and went up on Squall, grabbing his lips in his mouth and scratching them with his teeth before pulling away and snagging flesh on his way down Squall’s trembling body. Zell felt Squall’s heart beat erratically under his lips.

“Squall, what’s wrong with your body?”

“I’m just excited. Really.”

“Okay.” Zell agreed then continued his way down. Finally, he made it to his goal. Zell’s nerves set in as he watched his hand about to settle around Squall’s firm arousal. He hesitated.

“I can’t do it. I’m not ready.”

“Fuck you! You can’t just stop now!!!”

Zell’s eyebrow raised, insulted. He removed his hand from Squall and stood up.

“Well, it looks as though I am.” Zell started as he got dressed. “I’m not ready to do things that YOU wanna do. We were supposed to be doing the things that I wanna do, remember? I guess you just don’t want me enough.”

“I just want you to finish me.”

“Well, you won’t even get that.” Zell defied, as he finished getting dressed. “I’ll be leaving now. You can stay until you’re ready to go. Just don’t cum all over everything.”

Then Zell was gone.

Squall was painfully hard. He reached in his jacket pocket and pulled out a small cellular phone. He hit speed-dial 1 and put the phone to his ear.

“Seif- Seifer, can we please– *gasp* I need SEX!”

“Where are you?” The voice said over the phone.

“Come to my place as soon as you possibly can, alright?” Squall demanded then hung up his phone.

He painfully got dressed and ran out of Zell’s room. Then he made it to his own room and opened the door, removing his clothes before he even had the chance to close the door. As he was about to push it shut, Seifer came in, seeing the desperation on Squall’s face.

“What’s wrong?”

Squall freed himself from his pants. It was obvious from there.

“Zell wouldn’t finish the job.” Squall gasped. “I’m sorry. I wouldn’t ask you to help me but this is an emergency.”

Seifer scoffed and removed his coat and gloves. He gently pushed Squall to the bed and followed the descent. The first thing Seifer did was wrap his long fingers around Squall and stroke him. Then he looked at Squall.

“How far did you get with him?”

“I gave HIM head... But he got nervous when it was his turn.”

Seifer stroked vigorously, understanding that Squall was in serious need of relief.

“He made it hurt so bad.”

“I can see that... I almost feel sorry for you.”

“Mm.. Go harder. Faster.”

Seifer did so.

“Mmm... Suck on it.”

“Can I not do you a favour the way *I* want to?”

“I’m gonna get blue-fuckin’ balls! Just do it!”

Seifer became insulted. He never takes orders, even from Squall. He grabbed Squall forcibly and yanked hard, altering Squall’s grunts with a yell as Seifer let go.

“Ow! What the fuck are you DOING?!”

Seifer got up.

“I think it should be obvious. What I’m NOT doing, that is. But I’m leaving.”

“What the fuck is your problem, Seifer?” Squall said bitterly, still laying on his back.

Seifer put his coat on and looked down at Squall.

“You know, Squall, I knew but it never clicked until just now; it’s all about sex for you! No wonder I can’t get you off anymore! You’re fucking bored with me!”

“Not true, motherfucker!”

“Okay, then, Squall... I just don’t wanna be with you anymore. So go, chase Zell all you like because I won’t be there to relieve you anymore, alright? I’m done with you.”

“Where are you going?”

Seifer made it to the door.

“I’m gonna go take advantage of a hurt little boy. Goodbye, Squall.” Seifer smirked as he left.

“It’s not fair! There’s no winning!!!” Zell sobbed in his hands.

He’d just gotten his pants on. He was completely embarrassed. He was too innocent to have ever done what he did with Squall.

There was a knock at his door.

“Get lost!” Zell snapped with the last bit of masculinity in his voice that he could muster.

“It’s Seifer. I have something for you. It’s something you need.”

“I’m doing fine without it, whatever it is.”

“It’ll make you feel real good.”

“You bring booze?” Zell asked, opening the door, being careful to keep his face down as not to show the redness.

But just as Zell inched the door open, Seifer forced his way in and wrapped is arms around Zell in a big, affectionate, warm hug. Zell sobbed loudly in Seifer’s arms, covering his face in the taller man’s jacket. He held Seifer close to him, crying out his pain. Neither Seifer nor Zell said anything for five minutes as Zell released all his pain and found comfort in Seifer’s embrace.

Eventually, Zell’s sobs turned to sniffles then a single whine. He took a deep breath through his nose and wiped his face against Seifer’s coat. The whole time, he couldn’t look at him.

“How did you know?” Zell asked, his voice breaking in recovery.

“He told me that he needed me. Then he seemed to be expecting something from me... Or should I say, everything.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. It’s Squall’s problem. Everything he does has to be about fucking. Every time, he has to have something new to get his blood going...”

“What do you mean?”

“He only fucks for the rush. He doesn’t care who it’s with. I think you may very well be the only guy he hasn’t had in all of Garden. No joke.”

“Well, what about like, Headmaster Cid?”

Seifer scoffed.

“New Year’s.”

“And... Well, what about Jasson? You know, that guy in our class?”

“Next day.”

“How about Rajin?”

“You remember when Squall was missing those three days?”

“Sick! What about you?”

“Yeah, through it all, Squall is the one I’m with. But not anymore.”

“No, I mean, how many people have you been with?”

“Just Squall. I don’t think the way he does.”

“Probably for the best. Has he gotten anything?”

“Nope. He’s careful. And I’m careful with him. And if you were to let me...” Seifer started, lifting Zell’s eyes to meet his own. “I’d like to be careful with you.”

Zell thought that that sounded like a good offer.

“Can you hold me a little bit longer?” He asked, anticipating his request.

Seifer held Zell even tighter, letting Zell feel secure. After maybe 10 more minutes of that security, Seifer pulled away and looked into Zell’s hurt blue eyes.

“You look like you could use some rest. How about I let you take a nap?”

“Okay... Ahem.”

Zell drew his sheets back and Seifer looked down at his soggy, snotty lapel. Zell’s attention was also caught.

“Aw.. Jeez, I’m sorry...” Zell said, approaching Seifer with a tissue.

“It’s okay, really.” Seifer said, pushing Zell’s hand away gently. “Just have your little nap, okay?”

“Um... Would you... um... Could you stay with me? You think?”

“Only if that’s what you want...”

“Yeah, it is. Just so I don’t have to feel alone and vulnerable.”


Seifer took off his coat and Zell slid off his pants. There he stood naked in front of Seifer. But he snuck into bed like a shy child. Seifer removed his boots and pants, leaving on his purple silk boxers. He slid into Zell’s bed casually like any bed could be conquered. Zell curled himself up next to Seifer and Seifer put an arm around him. Zell’s eyes closed and Seifer’s were not far behind.

Hours later, the two awoke to the feeling of... stroking? Zell settled into the cup of Seifer’s underarm and let out a pleased moan. Seifer’s low moan in his tenor voice woke Zell to allow full immersion of the gratification. It also allowed him to realize that his strokes didn’t follow what he thought he was doing. He let go. He was still getting stroked. Then it stopped and Seifer opened his eyes, looking over at Zell.

“Um... Hi... Did you sleep well?”

“Yes... Did you?”

“I’ve never felt so refreshed.” Seifer leaned in and kissed Zell’s forehead. “It felt real nice to have you on me again...”

“It felt nice to have you on me, too...” Zell agreed, kissing Seifer’s lips.

Seifer took Zell in on that kiss, pulling him in, licking the blond’s lips, dragging his tongue out of his mouth and playing with it, teasing it... Then Seifer dragged his tongue out of Zell’s mouth and down his chin. He got to his knees and continued licking down Zell’s body, holding him firmly into the bed. He kissed just below Zell’s navel, but then Zell whined. Seifer pulled up and looked at Zell.

“I can’t do it again. Not now.”

“Okay...” Seifer sighed as he remounted the blond, plastering his body against him. “So, what do you wanna do now?”

“I dunno. I don’t have very much to do today... What about you?”

“I’m just going in to town then gonna do some training later. You’re welcome to join me if you like.”

“Thanks but I think I might need to take advantage of some time in solitude.”

“How come you use such big words?”

“Mmm...” Zell shrugged. “Not so dumb. Just pretty.”

“Yeah, you ARE pretty. You’re downright gorgeous, you know that? And think; if Squall could appreciate you for being so beautiful, not only physically... If he could look past your flawless skin, your well-toned muscles, your crystal eyes, your soft... lips...”

And Seifer caught them again in his mouth. Then he pulled away.

“You know, you SHOULD come into town with me... What do you think of getting a tattoo? You know, like somewhere VISIBLE? I’ll pay for it.”

“Why would you do that? Why would I do that?”

“To prove if Squall is really that interested in you or not.”

“But a tattoo is so permanent.”

“So? Don’t you think it would be kinda sexy? Make you more of a bad-boy?”

“I wanna be good...”

Seifer grinned and kissed Zell.

“You are so good. Just come with me then.”


“Alright. We’ll leave in 30 minutes, okay?”


Seifer stood up, out of the bed and bent down to get his boxers. Zell blushed as he peeked. Seifer’s ass was so... wow... and he could see how well-endowed Seifer was through his legs. Seifer turned and looked at Zell. Zell was pink. Seifer snapped the elastic on his waist.

“Weren’t you wearing them?”

“Yeah, but I sleep naked. I’m a creature of habit that way... I guess they slipped off in my sleep.” Seifer chuckled.

Seifer continued to get dressed and Zell hopped out of bed to get into his clothes.

When the boys were dressed, they exited Zell’s room. Seifer was the first one to see Squall standing across the hall, arms crossed, leaning back into the wall. Squall leered at Seifer and looked disgusted with Zell as Zell also caught a look at Squall upon his exit.

“I thought you couldn’t do it.”

Zell said nothing. Seifer was also silent as he escorted Zell away.

Seifer drove himself and Zell to Balamb. They made a quick stop to see Ma Dincht then made off to the tattoo and piercing parlour. Seifer confidently walked up to the counter and leaned over it. The boy behind the counter turned his attention to Seifer and smiled.


“Hey, how you doin’?”

“Oh, pretty good and yourself?”

“Good. I’m here for my tattoo. And I brought a little Chicken-Wuss with me to get one, too.”

Seifer looked over at Zell. Zell was admiring the tribal designs and found some really exotic patterns.

“Pretty pictures amuse him. So what have you been up to?”

“Oh, nothing. I’ve just been out clubbing a bit. I called you the other day, you weren’t home.”

“Yah, well, I discovered I have a little bit of a crush on someone and I’ve kinda been pursuing it...” Seifer said, looking back at Zell.

Zell was still looking at the tattoos. The boy behind the counter looked over at Zell.

“He’s cute.”

“You’re tellin’ me.”

“So, are you ready to get your tattoo?”

“Yeah. Hey, Zell, can you come here for a minute?’

Zell did so.

“Zell, this is Cert. Cert, this is the new tease.”

“Hey.” Cert winked.

“Hey.” Zell replied, insecurely.

“So, where are you gonna get it?” Cert asked Seifer, referring to the tattoo.

“Somewhere you’ll want to put it...” Seifer leaned over the counter and whispered seductively.

His lips almost met with Cert’s. Zell was almost tempted to see Seifer kiss that boy behind the counter. They looked like they’d already shared a bed but Seifer said that Squall was his only. Seifer looked so good next to that sandy haired boy with the white skin and stunning green eyes.

“He’s prettier than me...” Zell thought. “He’s gorgeous. Look at those perfect teeth and how well they fit inside Seifer’s mouth and his lips with all that suction power backing them... It’s neat the way his cheeks suck in like he’s trying to pull Seifer’s tongue into his mouth. There it goes. In the open. Wow, that boy has a really wet tongue! It must be really strong to fight with Seifer’s mouth like that. Seifer’s a really good kisser. That boy looks like one, too. Hmm... Seifer seems to like him. I wonder why they never did it... Is he breathing? Oh, there, I guess so...”

Zell watched the two pull apart, looking at each other adoringly. Seifer looked at Zell.

“I’m gonna get mine done if you’re undecided.”

“Yeah. You go first. I’ll wait here.”

Seifer left for the back with Cert. Zell realized that he’d been blushing and did all he could to cool himself down. He sat down and took a naughty magazine from the bench. He began looking through the magazine and... blushing. A girl sat next to him and looked over at what he was doing.

“She reminds me of a girl I know.”

“I didn’t want to think people actually did stuff like that...” Zell said, realizing that the girl next to him saw what he was looking at. “Oh.. Um... Heh... Hi, I’m... a little embarrassed. I don’t usually look at things like this, I mean–” Zell closed the magazine.

“You just needed something to occupy your time while you wait to get a tattoo?”

“How did you know?” Zell asked, looking at the girl.

She was beautiful. Her hair was light gold and her eyes were light gorgeous green. They looked like they would reflect the light, they were so bright and beautiful, like her. That dimple on her right cheek... But those eyes... And that body... Zell took a deep breath, assuring reality and composure.

“I just figured. Same with me. Do you know what you’re getting?”

“No... Not really. I just came ‘cause my friend– What am I saying? He’s not my friend... I’m being asked to get one as a test of someone’s affection. The guy I came here with is getting his tattoo right now.”

“Oh. You mean you’re... You know...”

“Oh, me? No... HE is, though... But I’m cool with it. He’s really nice. He’s paying for my tattoo. I think I’ll make it something big just to make his dish out the extra bucks. Heehee.”

“I’m Faythe, by the way.”

“I’m Zell.”

“Now there’s a name I’ve never heard before...”

“Keeps me unique.”

“What? That hair isn’t enough?”

“No one speaks of the hair.”

“I’m sorry. I like it, it’s just that you don’t feel that makes you stand out?”

“No... It mustn’t. ‘Cause I’m the last guy someone wanted to chase out of all the people where I’m from.”

“Well, you know, Zell, you’re the first guy in here I’m willing to chase if you want me to...”

“Wow. Best offer I had all day.”


“Well, no, not really. I guess it depends on what you’re really implying.”

Faythe smiled.

“Okay... Do you wanna play a game, Zell?”

“What kind?”

Faythe took Zell by the hand and dragged him off into a small room, sitting him down then straddling over his thighs.

“Okay, you have to spell my name and for every letter you get right, I’ll take off a piece of clothing.”


“And likewise, for every letter you get WRONG, I’ll take off a piece of your clothing.”

“Okay. Sounds good. Okay, um... So can I start?”


“Okay, so you make your name sound hard to spell so I’m gonna start with P-H--”

“Nope. You’re wrong and that’s two letters so you lose two things.

“Aw, shoot.”

“C’mon, Zell, this can be fun.”

“Well, yah, I know... But, still... I wanna win.”

Faythe smiled and slipped Zell’s jacket off then removed the chain around his neck.

“Okay, okay, fine... Um... F.”

Faythe took off her vest.

“Ohh, yay... Um... A?”

Faythe slowly started to unbutton her tight blouse. Zell watched, his jaw dropping.

“Um... I?”


Faythe removed her blouse then lifted Zell’s shirt off. She admired his body and he did the same to her. Faythe ran her finger down Zell’s right pectoral, licking her lips. Zell moaned softly.


Faythe sat up and opened Zell’s pants. She ran them down off his knees and sat back down on his lap.


“Aw, c’mon, this is not fair!”

“Sex is never fair!”

“Wait, you think we’re gonna–”

“What, you mean you didn’t? Oh, that is so sweet.”

“Look, Faythe, trust me. Really, I WISH I could spell your name. I DO. Like, you have NO idea how much I would love to... But... I’m a virgin and with just cause.”

“So? I’m a virgin, too. You know there’s ALWAYS a first time and I think you are the most attractive guy in all of Balamb so I wanna have my first time with you. It doesn’t have to be significant...”

“Uh.... Wow. I didn’t know chicks wanted flings... But, no, I can’t do this with you. It wouldn’t be fair to you.”

“Zell, like I said, nothing in sex IS fair! Okay? I don’t care.”

“But I DO. For YOU. And RESPECT.”

“Don’t you like what you see?” Faythe asked, flaunting her heaving bosoms in her ravishing red bandeau.

“Uh-huh. Very much. But, um... I don’t wanna have sex today. Okay? Can we at least be friends first?”

Faythe sighed.

“You are so cute. Sure. We don’t have to fuck to have fun, right?”


Faythe wrapped her hands behind Zell’s neck and held him down for an amazing kiss. At first, Zell was surprised and didn’t know what to do but instinctively, he went with Faythe and held her waist in his hands, kissing her back.

Seifer was laying on his stomach in that little room Cert had prepared for him. Seifer was getting a tattoo of a dragon wrapping around his right hip. The design stretched just above the crack of his behind and would travel along the side of his right buttock, continuing around his waist, with the face of the dragon looking down at Seifer’s own dragon. Cert was so fortunate that he could do Seifer’s tattoo... to see his body again...

“So, how have things been?”

“Well, relatively quiet... You know, I just keep my mind on work and stuff...”

“That’s good. You know, I’m glad you were in today. I was a little worried I’d miss you again.”

“Well, you found me.”

Then there was silence.

“That boy you brought in is very attractive.”

“Thank you.”

“Are you with him?”

“Oh, you mean, like, is he available?”


“He’s totally innocent. And clean.”

“Oh...” Cert said, disappointed.

“Have you found anyone yet?”

“No... I guess it’s silly... I guess my thoughts on it are that one day you’ll come back to get me.”

“Maybe it’s not so silly, Cert... When I get old and ugly, I may need someone beautiful around and it may very well be you.”

“Do you still love me?”

Seifer turned on his back, exposing his naked front.

“I have ALWAYS loved you.”

Cert smiled, leaned in and kissed Seifer.

About an hour later, Seifer’s outline was finished. He left the small room to find Zell but he wasn’t there...

“I think that if you got it there, a lot of girls would take advantage of the fact that they could look at it and touch it.” Faythe told Zell, touching one of his pecs.

“You think?”

“I know I would have fun playing with it.”

“Wow... You make me want to tattoo my whole body so you can play with it.”

“Really?” Faythe asked as she settled on top of Zell kissing his lips wispily.


At this time, Zell had his pants back on and Faythe had her shirt back on. Zell kissed with Faythe when the small curtain was pulled back.

“You little whore.” Seifer glared at Zell.

“Hey, Seifer, I’m old enough to be making my own decisions, ‘kay? Back off.” Zell snapped.

“Miss? Can I please get to him?”

Faythe silently agreed and got off of Zell and out of Seifer’s way. Zell put on his jacket and stood up, leaving the small room, glaring at Seifer but softening his look when he saw Cert. His glare softened as Cert threw him a smile.

“So, did you decide what you wanted to get?”

“Uhh... Yah, kinda... I guess...”

“Okay, why don’t you come with me then?”

Cert left for his tattoo room. Zell followed. Seifer went in the other direction.

Cert showed Zell where to sit and he did so. Then Cert started getting his stuff ready.

“So, Zell, what do you think of this one?” Cert asked as he showed Zell a tattoo template.

“Oh, wow, that’s incredible. Did you draw that yourself?”


“I want it.”

“Okay.” Cert agreed, taking the stencil away.

Zell was lost in Cert’s eyes. He was more beautiful than Faythe, Zell thought.

“Can you lay back for me?”

Zell did so.

“So, I’m thinking this’ll look really nice on your left side of face.”

“Uh... My face? Won’t that hurt?”

“Oh, I have ways to make you forget about the pain...” Cert said suggestively.

“What’s that?”

Cert leaned down and gazed seductively into Zell’s eyes. Zell melted in the chair. Cert casually licked his lips.

“Aphrodisia.” He whispered, forcing Zell to moan in sexual desire.

Faythe and Seifer walked in.

“Faythe, can you give him the tattoo, then?”

“How come you can’t do it?”

“Because I... own the place and what I say goes.”

Faythe huffed.

“What are you gonna do to me?” Zell asked, nervously.

Seifer leaned down and kissed Zell’s lips.

“Oh, that’s right. You’ve never been to Cert’s parlour. Well, babe, he does things a little differently than most places. That’s why he’s so popular.”

“Oh, Seifer, stop, you’re making me blush.”

Seifer looked up at Cert.

“Can I make you do other things?”

“Of course.”

Cert strapped Zell down to the chair.

“Uh... Is this necessary?”

 “It will be if you squirm.”

Zell whined.

“Are you backing out, Zell?” Seifer asked.


“Good.” Cert said as he climbed over Zell, breathing down his neck. “‘Cause I would hate to miss out on a chance to molest you.”


“I’m only kidding.” Cert smirked.

The two standing blonds opened Zell’s jacket and the catch of his pants. Zell looked down at Cert. Cert looked up at Zell, breathlessly. Zell moaned when Cert inserted his hand into his pants. Faythe took Zell’s head and turned it to the side.

“You guys are... This is so weird.”

“But things can get interesting really fast.” Seifer growled.

Zell squealed when he felt Cert begin to massage him. Faythe stole a quick kiss before pulling away.

“Tell me when you’re ready, sis.”

“Okay, anytime.”

“You’re sibs?” Zell asked.


Faythe prepared Zell for the tattoo. Cert went up and kissed Zell’s lips, trailing down his neck, down to his collar bone. Zell mewled softly. Cert gripped him harder and Seifer snaked his hand up Zell’s shirt. Zell began to exhale loudly. Seifer lift Zell’s shirt up and Cert pulled his pants down. Zell began panting. The dominating boys leaned down and kissed Zell’s nipples, forcing him to coo in falsetto. He squealed when he felt a needle penetrate his skin close to his eye. The boys bit down in sync, savouring Zell’s sensitive flesh. Cert starting licking and Seifer started nibbling their respective sides. Cert let his hand grab Zell forcefully. Then he trailed his tongue down Zell’s ribs, past his navel. Seifer continued on the top half, allowing his hands full liberty to fondle Zell’s body. Seifer removed his lips from Zell and watched Cert kiss down Zell’s stomach. Cert looked up at Seifer and licked his lips. Seifer smirked then went down to kiss Cert’s lips. The boys opened Zell’s pants and looked at the organ. Zell moaned loudly for the boys. Cert kissed the tip of Zell’s appendage then Seifer dragged his tongue form the base to meet Cert’s mouth. Cert opened his mouth for Seifer, kissing him over top of Zell. Zell moaned loudly.

“Oh, Zell, you’re so noisy.” Faythe complained.

“Well, wouldn’t YOU be if you were... Whoo....”

Cert and Seifer licked up and down Zell’s shaft, occasionally kissing each other. Zell was being thrown into convulsions of pleasure, all the time, having his head firmly held down. He barely noticed the piecing pain as his pain and pleasure ripped up and down his shaft. Seifer and Cert continued to lick up and down Zell’s anxious heat. Then Cert pushed Seifer away so that he could finish the job for Zell. He wrapped his hand around Zell and sucked hard, urging Zell to release himself in Cert’s mouth. And Zell did so. Zell shouted with his release, still unable to lift his head.

“He’s done.” Faythe said.

“I wouldn’t say that...” Cert replied, wiping his lips.

“Is the tattoo done?” Zell asked, anxiously.

“Yeah.” Faythe replied as she unstrapped Zell’s torso and arm.

Zell immediately sat up grabbed Cert, startling everyone. He took Cert’s face into his own and kissed him violently. Cert complied and held Zell down for the kiss. When the two separated, they locked eyes, longingly. Cert placed his fingers along Zell’s tattoo.

“It’s gonna look so nice once the swelling goes down.”

Zell put himself back into his pants.

“You ARE talking about the tattoo, right?” Seifer questioned mockingly.

Cert gazed into Zell’s eyes.

“Yeah... ‘Cause it looks good when it’s swelling...”

“Are you guys almost done with him?” Faythe asked impatiently.

“I’m only done for now.” Seifer smirked.

“Uh-oh.” Zell whined.

On the trip back, Zell was checking out his tattoo in the rear view window.

“Does it hurt?”


“Was it better when Cert was on you?”

“Well, it definitely takes your mind off the pain. So, what did you get?”

Seifer smiled.

“I’ll show you when we get back.”

“Okay... So, you and Cert... What’s the story?”

“Years ago, we saw each other one day when I was training outside of Garden. I must have gotten pretty worked up ‘cause when I hit the ground, I passed out. Cert carried me to his place where it was really cold from the air conditioning and when I came to, he was there, looking down at me, smiling. He was beautiful. Just like he is now. Been in love with him ever since.”

“So, how come things didn’t work out between you two?”

“He’s positive.”


The rest of the trip was quiet.

When Seifer and Zell got back, Seifer let Zell to his room for a nap. Zell was exhausted from all the excitement. Seifer made it to his room. He opened the door and closed it behind him. He cleared his throat.

“When I said it was over, I meant it.”

“But you never said that before and I was hoping you were only trying to scare me.”

“Squall, I put up with a lot of things but I don’t think that compensating for your right hand is a high priority anymore.”

Squall stood up from Seifer’s bed, approaching his tall lover. Squall began stripping off his clothes until he was only left in his boxers. He removed those as well.

“I don’t know what I can give to you to tell you that I’m sorry. I took advantage of you.”

“This is not going to get me in the sack, Squall.”

“Can’t the sex just be a bonus?” Squall seduced as he kissed Seifer’s chin. “Where did you go today?”

“Tattoo parlour.”

“What did you get?”

“That dragon I told you about.”

“Can I see it?”


Squall began undressing Seifer, starting from the top. He could see the top half of the dragon and licked his lips, imagining the bottom half. Squall removed Seifer’s pants then tucked his hands in the taller man’s boxers. He looked up at Seifer adoringly before yanking the boxers down and looking at the amazing job.

“Was it Certus?”


Squall got to his knees and rubbed his cheek against Seifer’s rapidly forming erection.

“He did an amazing job.”

“I’ll be sure to tell him you think so.”

Squall moaned happily.

“Squall, I’m not going to let you fuck me.”

Squall moaned again as he placed his lips over Seifer’s shaft. Seifer let out a moan of pleasure. He tried to push Squall off of him but he put up a fight and his sucking strength only augmented.

“Squall, I said no.”

Squall pulled away and stood up, looking seductively into Seifer’s eyes.

“Then fuck me.”

Seifer surrendered his dominance over the situation. He kissed Squall then lay back on his bed. Squall sat up over Seifer’s shaft.

“I want you to fuck me.”

“Then I will.”

Squall sat himself down on Seifer. Both moaned of pleasure.

“Oh, this feels nice... So yummy...” Squall moaned.

He pounded himself deep over Seifer, causing both to pant.

“Oh, God, Seifer I love you!”

Squall hit his orgasm, his hot seed dripping onto Seifer’s tight abs. Seifer flipped Squall on to his back and rammed into him. Squall’s head hit the headboard but he didn’t care. The look on his face was sheer pleasure. Seifer groaned when he hit his climax, banging Squall into the board even harder. The two exhausted young men kissed and held each other. Seifer snuggled around Squall’s body.

“You don’t love me, Squall. You only love what I can do for you.”

“No... Seifer, that’s not true. I love you so much. That’s why I always come back to you.”

Seifer sat up and looked at his young lover.

“You come back to me when things don’t go your way. That’s why I’m done with you.”

“So, why the rough, wild sex?”

“................Zell.” Seifer muttered as he got off of Squall.

Seifer went into his bathroom and ran the shower water. He hopped in and Squall was soon to follow.

“What do you mean, Zell?”

“Being with him today made me realise how much I want him.”

“So you’d fuck me?”

“You’d do the same.”

Squall smiled and kissed his tall blond. The two washed up and got dressed. Squall kissed Seifer one last time before leaving.

“I still love you.”

“I love you, too, Leonhart.”

There was a knock at Zell’s door but Zell was asleep. Squall walked in, seeing his sleeping beauty dozing on his left side. Squall knelt down in front of Zell’s face and smiled. Then he kissed the boy who only breathed out lightly.

“God, Zell, you’re beautiful.”

Zell rolled over to the right.

“What happened to your face?!”

Zell woke with a start.

“What? Squall! What are you doing here?!”

“What happened to your face?!”

“I got it tattooed, okay?”

“Who did this to you?”

“Some girl named Faythe.”

Squall held Zell’s chin in his thumb and forefinger.

“It’s actually not bad... Quite... sexy, really.”

“You still think so?”

Squall pulled Zell in and licked the tattoo. Zell winced from the pain but this only served to arouse the brunette.

“Oh, god, Zell, I wanna eat out your ass hole and fill it with my cock.”

Zell pulled away from Squall, horrified.

“Uh, Squall, hold it, I don’t want you to–”

“Oh, Zell, ease up. I wouldn’t do that...” Squall leaned down in front of Zell’s face. “Unless you wanted me to.”

Zell blushed then shot Squall an angry look. He pushed the taller boy away from him and got out of bed.

“You’re not naked?”

“Not today.” Zell said as he got to his door. “I’m going to be dancing in about an hour. I expect you’ll be there?”

“Yes, absolutely. I can’t wait.”

“I’m going to be warming up. Just leave when you’re ready but pull the door shut on your way out.”

“Wait, Zell.” Squall interrupted Zell’s departure.

Squall stood up and walked toward the blond. He took the smaller boy’s face in one hand and pulled him in for a kiss. Zell didn’t fight him off. Squall pulled away and licked his lips, ignoring eye contact with his crush.

“I’ll see you later.”

An hour later, everyone at Garden was assembled in the Quad. Seifer and Squall stood at the back with a great view of the stage. Then everyone started cheering when they saw Zell mount the stage. He glanced over the stage, unfazed. He spotted the two who were so desperately courting him. After he made eye contact with them, he turned back and the music started.

*Get another boyfriend*

The lights went down and the spotlight was all that was left so that the focus was fully on Zell at this point. He walked smoothly around the stage, making it his own. His actions were rigid and so well defined that when he moved, he looked as though he was possessed by the music.

*Let’s talk about one, baby,

You gotta hear me out

Do you really wanna be the last to know

What it’s all about

Let’s talk about two, you say

He’s the essence of your life

But he’ll eat you up from inside, so

And then he doesn’t wanna know*

Squall and Seifer both found themselves panting lightly, watching Zell with full interest. Zell ignored his audience and looked like he was going into heat when he looked over everyone’s head.

*Listen, I mean it,

There’s nothing that he’s worthy of

He’s just another playa,

Playin’ in the name of love

I’ve seen enough

Now this must come to an end

Get another boyfriend!*

“Do you think there’s a reason he chose this song?”

“Sure. But shut up, I wanna watch him move.”

*Let’s talk about what he’s done

To become your number one

Or was it all the promises

Of diamonds, pearls and party dresses

That turned you on?

I’ve seen it before

Don’t take anymore

Three, two, you’re through for sure

Just go get on with your life


The music stopped and so did Zell. All eyes were on him. Zell ran his hand through his hair and threw his head back. He graced the stage, sweaty and sexy. Seifer and Squall found themselves rubbing each other while ogling Zell. Seifer was almost convinced that if Zell continued to look so hot, he was going to have an orgasm on the spot. Then Zell snapped back into the dance.

 *Actin’ like you’re givin’ up

I’m telling you to go get on with your life

Stop actin’ like you’re givin’ up

Listen, I mean it...*

“Oh, god, Squall, he’s angelic.”

“Yah... Oh, fuck, Seifer, look at how gorgeous he is.”

Then came the dance break. Zell licked his lips and drove the dance home. Seifer and Squall pulled each other in and sucked on their lips, maintaining their view of Zell. Seifer grabbed Squall’s bulge forcefully, urging him to whine. The two pulled each other in closer. They sucked hard then pushed away gasping. They looked at each other briefly before returning their gaze to the blond who stole their hearts.

*Get......Another boyfriend*

Zell ended the song in a bow. The crowd cheered and applauded loudly. Zell dismounted the stage and walked through the people. The boys watched attentively as Zell approached them. They parted and used their hands to cover their erections. Zell raised a hand to Seifer’s neck and pulled him in for a ferocious kiss. When he pulled away, he looked sternly into the tall blond’s eyes.

“I want both of you to go into your rooms tonight with no watches, no clocks, no light, no phones.”


“Yeah, why?”

“You wanna fuck me, don’t you?” Zell said cooly, his eyes seizing Squall’s.

“Uh-huh...” Squall mumbled.

Zell looked up at Seifer. Seifer nodded.

“Then do as I asked.”

Seifer leaned down and pecked Zell on the lips. Then he turned around and left the Quad. Squall did the same.




* * *


So, whose adventure would you like to see first?

Squall’s? or Seifer’s?


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