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AUTHOR'S NOTES: I wrote this as my own bedtime story. It's not very good.
As usual. It was funny at the time because they were all so horridly OOC. Now it's just kinda scary. >.<
This goes in that series with all of my other short pointless fics that have neither plot nor point.

Plan B

By Angie

Ultimecia looked down at Squall and the rest of his party, a haughty smile on her face.

"Kursed SeeDs, this ends here..." She said, preparing to cast a spell.

She reached her arms out, casting Ultima.

And failed.

Deep, in the back of her mind, she frantically began thinking, and then counting the days.

"Ah, Shit!" Burst forth from her mouth as she tried to run from the room.

Seifer's eyes widened in ecstatic happiness. "Wa~~~~~~~~~i!" He yelled, dropping Hyperion and running towards Zell. "Zell-koi~~~!"

Irvine, frowning, ignored the groping blondes, and walked towards Ultimecia. Drawing back a booted foot, he kicked Ultimecia, hard.

"Bitch! That's what you get for hurting my Squally-poo!"

Squall watched for several seconds as Irvine took his anger and worry out on the sorceress. Then, he walked up to the cowboy, whispered something in his ear, and pulled him out of the room.

Selphie was standing with Quistis, trying to get Seifer and/or Zell's attention.

"Ano.... Zell... maybe you and Seifer should go and get a room...?"

Zell pulled away from Seifer and grinned devilishly.

THey were gone from the room before Selphie could blink.

"Wow..." Selphie trailed off, amazed.

Quistis, meanwhile, had busied herself alternately using her GF on Ultimecia and lecturing the sorceress on misuse of her powers.

Selphie, feeling bad for the poor, abused Sorceress, called upon Diablos and finished off the white haired woman.

Ultimecia gasped, her spirit releasing her powers into Rinoa, and died.

Selphie squealed in happiness, bouncing excitedly. "Yatta~~~~~~~!"

Quistis, suffering from post-combat lust and the effects of watching Selphie celebrate, grabbed the excited brunette's hand and dashed for the door.

Rinoa lay on the floor, unconscious. The last transfer of powers had been too much for her system, and she was left a mere husk of a person.

And for once, nobody came to her rescue.


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