By The Wandering Englishman

"You did what?!" The brunette screamed as Laguna cowered under his arms; relieved he'd hidden the Lionheart when Squall had arrived.

"I...I didn't mean to. It just sort of..."

"Fell apart in your hands?" Squall asked sarcastically, shoving one hand on his hip in an effort not to clench his fist.

"Well...yeah?" Laguna offered, inching back towards the door.

"...whatever." He sighed, walking away from the greying man without another word.

Laguna let out his breath once his lover left, sitting down on the window seat and watching as the leather-clad man walked out of the house and down towards the forest near the bay. He smiled lightly as he pulled a small pouch from his pocket, pulling out the griever chain and a small amount of gil before putting it back.

He knew his lover would be gone for hours, especially considering he'd found the best way to piss the boy off royally. Even without his gunblade, Squall would kill anything in his path; he never unjunctioned Shiva.

Grabbing his jacket and keys, Laguna ran out into the garage, jumping in the black jeep and starting it as the door opened. Pulling out, the president threw the van into gear, accidentally crunching the gears before speeding off towards the small town a few miles up the road.

Too hot.

The leather jacket hit the floor in the lounge.

Too gooey.

The leather belts and pants soon followed, falling sickly onto the tiled kitchen floor. The brunette quickly Began on his shoes, fingering open the laces on the black ankle-boots before sliding them off.

Hyne, they stink... Throwing the boots across to join his jacket, he let himself fall into the couch, before suddenly halting himself before he hit the material.

Hyne...that smell's me

Reluctantly, Squall pulled himself and his tired muscles from the lounge; dragging his ichor-covered body into the bedroom before removing his shirt. Trudging into the shower, Squall turned the taps onto full, not caring about the temperature.

Slowly, he began to remove the green and red blood from his body, running the least sore of his two arms across his shoulder and chest before reaching for the absent griever pendant above his heart.

Damn Laguna!

He loved the man so much, but he could be so infuriating. How could someone who used to be president of an entire country act like such an immature child? He just had to pick up Griever, didn't he? He just had to fiddle with it, and it just happened to break.

The wet brunette lowered his head to the wall, closing his eyes as the cold water continued to hit de-sensitised skin. He moaned lightly as he lifted his face to the stream, washing the last of the monster remains from his body.

He didn't know, nor did he care how much time had passed when he turned off the shower. Sleep was coming; and since being with Laguna, sleep is something he actually wanted and never needed.

Pulling a towel from the rack, he brought it to his usually unruly bangs, drying them as he walked back into the bedroom, careful not to trip on his shirt as he moved towards the bed.

"Squall...close your eyes." The soft voice called out, causing the SeeD to jump.

"Laguna?" Squall asked, although he knew the answer. Dropping the towel, he let the already heavy lids slide over his crystal-blue eyes.

As he waited, the warm evening breeze wafted through the window, causing the younger man to break out in goose bumps before something even colder fell onto his skin. Gasping, he lifted his hand to the metal, instantly recognising the shape under his finger tips.

"Griever?" He said, openeing his eyes to look at the lion head. "You said it was broken." He turned it over, examinig it and the chain. He lifted his head, taking in the pained smile on his older lover's face.

"I...uhh...lied." He blushed, looking away from Squall down at the stained white shirt.

"Oh...You got a couple of Cockatrice? I hope you brought them home for..."

Squall grabbed Laguna's shirt, pulling the taller man down onto his lips before pushing him away. The taller man hissed as Squall yawned, closing his eyes a moment.

"You okay?" He asked, lifting his arms to finish drying his hair.

"I'm fine." The reply came from the bed. Squall dropped the towel, looking over at Laguna as he played absently with his shirt.

"You're a bad liar, you know." the brunette stated, taking a step closer to the bed. "Why'd you take Griever?"

"Payback?" Laguna offered, looking up at Squall innocently.

"Payback for what?" Squall asked, opening his chest of drawers to pull out a T-shirt. His breath hitched as soft hands ran over his thigh and the small tattoo of Esthar's presidential symbol.

"That." He smirked. Squall turned around, dropping the shirt as soon as deft fingers wrapped around the necklace and pulled him crashing down onto the bed.

Laughing lightly, the brunette sat up to join his lover.

"You stole Griever just beause I made you turn red when I showed you your birthday present?" He nipped at the greying man's cheek as he turned crimson. "That's so adorable."

Squall trailed a hand up Laguna's leg, causing a small shudder in the taller man, before the hand moved up to the shirt. As the long, calloused hand drifted over the older man's chest Squall elicited another long hiss from Laguna.

Wincing, knowing he was caught, he pushed Squall back onto the bed and straddled the younger man's hips.

"No...I stole it so I could have one of my own." he said, removing the pale blue shirt and dropping it on the floor with the other discarded items.

Squall's eyes were instantly pinned to the thick black lines on Laguna's chest. He resisted putting a hand to the still red area, but stared at it with his jaw slack.

"Laguna?" He asked after a moment, leaning closer to it.


"I love you." Squall pressed his tongue against the red and black, causing the older man arch towards the talented mouth. The brunette yawned against the skin, closing his eyes.

Laguna felt the warmth from his chest vanish and opened his eyes to see the brunette sleeping soundly. A bright smile appeared on his face, rolling off the younger man and to his pillow.

He would make sure that Squall enjoyed tomorrow.

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