Author's Notes: I didn't end this the way I normally would, with a lingering sentence and stuff... at least I don't think so. I tried to make it sound POVish (you'll know at the end) to that person. Anyway, tell me what you think. I'm basically just trying to work on my description a bit, so it's all that. ^_^

Out of Reach

By Redrum

Twilight sweeps through his chestnut hair. Strands of red glisten in the moonlight, as chunks of hair lift slightly with the cool breeze. His eyes are looking off into the sea, he doesn't see me or sense me. If he did, he would be more rigid, and his storm blue eyes would not hold as many emotions as they do now. His full cherry red lips may never speak more then one sentence, but his eyes speak for eternity. They speak of depression, loneliness, and longing. I wish I could hold his lean body in my arms, to protect him from the daily horrors that come with the job of being SeeD. But he would never let me, they only way I can touch him is to punch him when he isn't suspecting it. But being so highly trained I almost never get a feel.

His cheekbones are high and sharp, his neck long and sturdy. His body looks like a woman's, but I've seen him in the men's showers (though he's not in there often, so I'm lucky when I catch a glimpse of him). His chest is smooth and muscular beyond belief, his nipples are a shade darker then his porcelain skin. His stomach is rigid with small vallys of muscles, and a gold hoop runs though his navel.

His hips are muscular and fuller then most men. His legs are incredibly long, lean and sexy. And his but.. the envy of all men and woman alike. Tight and muscular, yet so soft looking it makes you want to grab it. And a small black and silver tattoo is printed on his left cheek, but I've never been close enough to see the image clearly (though I wish I could be close enough to...). His pubic hair is a downey of light brown curls, and his member is average size, yet so delicious looking that you just want to- "Seifer?" Oh shit! He's looking right at me! Quick, shake of the shocked look... that's better. Now put that smirk back on Almasy! "Hey Leonhart, where's your gunblade?"

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