Author's Notes: I wanted to do a little POV... and I wanted to do a fic with the Seifer/Squall pairing. and since I can do long stories only with a Zell/Seifer in it, well I did a short, short little fic, but sweet at the same time!!!

Only him...

By Forbidden Angelus

I caress his pale face. His skin is so silky. He's sleeping like he always does after we've made love.

I look at his relaxed face and I think of how lucky I am. He's so beautiful and I think he loves me, at least I hope, 'cause I love him.

He's so cute with his hair on his sapphire eyes and that scar, so alike mine and yet so different.

I kiss his cheek.

He smiles a little but doesn't awake.

Maybe he seems cold and emotionless, but he has that smile of his that's reserved only for me. When he smiles that smile I feel my knees getting weak and I can't help but smile.

Only he can make me smile and feel happy.

I thank God every moment for the gift He's given to me. He's sent an angel just for me, for a person who has caused so much pain to so many people. Now I'm here with my angel who's the most beautiful thing in the world, even more than life itself.

He shivers. I put the blankets on us with my left hand.

He smiles for the second time.

I'm not worthy of him, I'm just a bastard.

I used to be his rival 'till a month ago, I wanted to kill him and now I'd die happily in his arms.

I haven't figured out why he's chosen me, yet. And I think I'll never know.

I sigh.

He's so beautiful.

I would cross the Inferno just to see his face.

I guess this is love, isn't it?

"I love you, Squall," I whisper into his ear.

"I love you too, Seifer," he answers, smiling; his eyes are still closed.

"Go to sleep now, you've got class tomorrow," he reminds me.

"I know."

I lay my head on his chest. His heart beats like it's singing a lullaby only for me. I close my eyes and I fall asleep with my angel.

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