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One Moment, And A Year

Chapter 28 - Epilogue (or Prologue)

By Akare

Saturday, 4th October

'Quistis' Super Special Birthday Night'

Zell lazily downed another glass of punch as he leant against the wall. By all rights he should be over with the rest of them playing pin the tail on the donkey but he'd always hated that game, he felt sorry for the donkey getting pins all over its arse. Squall was playing it, which surprised him; Seifer was not, which didn't in the slightest. The ex-Knight was also slouched against the wall with an almighty scowl on his face. Zell knew he usually spent his weekends in Timber visiting Raijin and Fujin, he was probably angry at having missed it. As he was watching Seifer be accosted by a typically hyper-active Selphie, Irvine managed to slink up behind him.

"Lookin' good, babe," he murmured in Zell's ear.

The martial artist would have flinched if he weren't so well trained and so well used to Irvine sneaking up on him. "Hey Irvine. You're not lookin' bad yourself."

"Thanks," Irvine grinned against Zell's ear, glad everyone was too busy to be watching them. "But I was talkin' about Seifer." He felt Zell stiffen and smiled sluttishly. "Of course you're gorgeous too, as always."

"What d'you want Irvy?"

"Two things, I'll let you pick which one you want to give me... or you could give me both," Irvine smiled again and slipped one hand underneath Zell's t-shirt and across the bare skin of his stomach.

"I'm not givin' you anythin'," Zell snapped, still watching Seifer. "Now get yer hands off me."

Irvine ignored him. They always played this game together; Irvine would flirt, Zell would refuse him a few times then Irvine would give up and they'd act like it had never happened and talk about football or something equally mundane. The cowboy only bothered on the off chance that Zell would accept him, it didn't reflect upon their friendship, it was more like a game. "I was just curious if you'd like to spread those lovely legs of yours again for me... but if you're not in the mood maybe I should ask Seifer."

Zell snorted and looked at Irvine over his shoulder. "Irvy, I don't care what the fuck you do with Seifer so long as you leave me out of it. You know we don't get on."

"I'll take it that's a 'no' to a quick shag then?"

"Yeah, it is. I was drunk last time and so were you, let's leave it at that eh?"

A slow devious smile crept across Irvine's face. "Yeah, we were drunk, weren't we?" He glanced behind him at the bowl of punch Selphie had just recently re-filled. This night was about to get a whole lot more interesting.

An hour later

Zell was really beginning to enjoy himself at Quistis' party, albeit that he wasn't really doing much, laughing at everyone else being stupid and drunk was kind of fun. He was finishing off some more punch when he realised he shouldn't really be drinking on an empty stomach, though the punch didn't have that much alcohol in it, did it? He clutched at some fairy bread, missed and tried again. When he caught it he made his way onto the balcony and slumped, face first, onto the railing, stone thing. He was giggling by now, couldn't remember why he'd come outside and words were beginning to escape him. He thought maybe if he spoke out loud it'd be easier.

"What am I doing out here?" he asked himself. To his surprise he got an answer.

"Getting some fresh air and making sure you don't throw up 'cause you're reeeaalllly drunk."

Zell grinned. He was right. He was really drunk.

"Should I go home maybe, have a sleep? Not have a hangover tomorrow?" he asked, feeling decidedly like he was his own personal fortune ball.

"Nah, stay out here with me. Squall's being an idiot again, I need someone else to laugh at him too."

Zell frowned. Well, yeah, Squall was being progressively more childish and petulant the more he drank but he didn't feel that negative about their Commander. He turned his head too fast and had to slam his eyes shut to avoid a massive headache that was waiting for him. When he opened them again there was another figure on the balcony with him. His fortune ball he realised. "Seifer?"

"What Chickie?" Seifer really didn't look like Seifer. He was smiling stupidly and swaying his head from side to side as though moving to some secret melody. Obviously he was seriously drunk but by this stage so was Zell so the little martial artist barely noticed. There was a little part of his brain that was trying to tell him he had had too much alcohol and should go and sleep it off but the other part was enjoying itself, so he stayed.

"Whatcha doin' out here?" he frowned at the gunblader.

Seifer shrugged. "Trying to avoid our *commander*." A low growl sounded in his throat. "His fucking Highness."

Zell smiled lazily and leant over the stone balcony railing. Seifer hadn't really changed at all. He was still insulting everyone at every opportunity. The martial artist wriggled his hips against the stonework and sighed, relaxing until he felt a hand against his arse. Irvine was sidling up to him. The cowboy had made the fatal mistake of drinking some of his own concoction and as a result was more than a little drunk himself. He latched onto Zell with the force of a wild animal, wrapping his arms around his waist from behind as he pulled the smaller boy upright and resting his chin on top of Zell's head, as he niftily undid Zell's jacket.

The little blond tried to look up and see him but he couldn't because Irvine's head would move with him. He tried a few more times, not realising that Seifer was watching his throat like it was edible. Finally Irvine lifted his chin off Zell's head and leant down to place a gentle kiss on the side of his neck. The martial artist groaned with pleasure as he did. "Hey Irvy," he mumbled.

"Mmm," the other boy replied, running his tongue around the shell of Zell's ear, tickling him. "Wanna re-live the other night? We can do it on a bed this time if ya want."

"Greeaaat~" Zell mumbled barely listening. The attention Irvine was paying to his neck was a little too pleasant for coherent thought.

As Irvine began to slide his hands across Zell's torso he was called from inside.

"Irvy!!" It was a drunk Squall, he would never call him Irvy otherwise. "You gunna come play Twister?"

Irvine looked up, tongue still slightly out of his mouth. "Am I ever!" he called back, excited at the prospect of seeing Squall's cute arse bent over in all that leather. "Sorry babe," he murmured at Zell. "Gimme a bit, I'll be back for you."

Because Irvine let go of him so suddenly Zell probably would've fallen had it not been for Seifer's hand around his wrist. Zell let the older boy pull him up and drunkenly fell against Seifer's chest. "Yer reflexshes are still good..." he muttered.

Seifer smiled, enjoying the warmth from the fiery martial artist's body. "Mmm," he let go of the other's wrist and slipped his hand around Zell's waist, resting it finally on the little blond's hip. They stood side by side, Zell leaning his shoulder against him for a few moments before he tilted his chin up to look at Seifer. The feeling of the taller boy's cold hand was heightened by his drunken state when really it should have been dulled, he was curious suddenly about what Seifer's jaw would taste like now his mouth was so close to the other blond's skin. Surely if the gunblader had his hand under Zell's shirt he couldn't be completely adverse to the idea. With a devious grin he darted out his tongue to taste.

The gunblader reeled for a second at the sensation of something wet across his jaw. Mmm, warm, his drunken mind informed him helpfully. Seifer sighed and turned his face slightly away from it so the moist tongue would pause and draw back, making it easier for him to restart the action and take control... hopefully inside the other boy's mouth. But Zell, unfortunately dropped his chin to his chest before Seifer could really take control. The gunblader had no choice but to attach himself to the patches of skin he could reach.

Zell slumped, tired, against the taller boy. It was foolish to be here, foolish to let his guard down when Seifer was around, but he'd been drinking before Seifer showed up, before he ended up alone, out here, with Seifer's lips pressed softly, enticingly against his jaw.

The martial artist felt a little drunk but made sure his actions were precise. He knew he was drunk, he knew if he just let go all hell could break loose but then Seifer breathed in his ear, whispered softly, "I want to kiss you," and everything Zell had promised himself would never *ever* happen threatened to come true.

Seifer was attractive, every fibre of his body that was attracted to men knew that but he couldn't, he shouldn't but he knew he would. They were both too drunk to do otherwise. The opportunity had presented itself like neither of them had ever thought it would- who were they to resist it?

As Seifer leant into him Zell pressed his hips closer against the older boy, cupping one hand over Seifer's jaw and curling the other arm around his strong neck. They were both unsure as to how exactly the dimensions of this worked. Was Zell going to let Seifer have control because the gunblader always needed it? Or was Seifer going to give in to Zell just to show he wasn't being threatening tonight? At first they left out tongues until Zell nipped lightly at Seifer's bottom lip then it became a little struggle for dominance, neither of them taking it seriously.

Seifer used his tongue to fight his way into Zell's mouth, his kisses were hungry, eating kisses whose force pushed Zell back. The only thing that prevented the martial artist from tumbling backwards were Seifer's arms tight about his waist.

Surprisingly Zell teased more than Seifer did. He would kiss softly then pull back to press a few soft pecks on the gunblader's mouth before nipping lightly and darting his mouth away so Seifer's response would fall wetly across his cheek and throat.

While they kissed, Seifer handled Zell with a gentleness neither of them expected. His larger hands clutched Zell's body closer to his own with a possessiveness that felt *right*. In the twenty odd years they'd known each other there was a closeness, a relationship between them only Squall could rival, but he wasn't friendly enough to take all that much notice of Zell and he wasn't fiery enough to attract Seifer's attention, at least not in that way. However, right now it wasn't the past that drove them but the promise of a far more interesting future. So Zell pushed aside that little part of him that feared the repercussions, that feared being hurt, and Seifer pushed aside the arrogance that told him he could do better, and they kissed until it felt right to drift slightly apart.

"My room?" Seifer queried after a moment.

Zell grinned drunkenly in agreement.

"I'll need," Seifer began but stopped when he saw the little tube emerge from Zell's pocket.

"It's good to have quick fingers," he grinned.

"Irvine?" Seifer asked.

"Who else?" Zell replied.

Seifer smirked. "I didn't realise you had your eye on me that early on."

"I didn't," Zell blushed endearingly. "Thought maybe I could beat the cowboy at his own game."

Seifer was a little disappointed at first but soon regained his confidence; Zell had chosen him over the cowboy. Softly, in a gentle movement that was decidedly unlike the Seifer Zell thought he knew the gunblader brushed a lock of his hair from its trail across his cheek and tucked it behind one ear.

"I wonder if it's just the alcohol," he pondered quietly. "Or if you're this cute normally."

Zell pouted momentarily. "I'm always this cute."

Seifer smiled, a soft, endearing look and decided to patronise the smaller boy. "Of course you are darlin'." But Zell just smiled back and ignored him.

The gunblader took the martial artist's hand gently in his and led him away from the ball room. They wove their way past the excessively drunk party playing Twister and into the abandoned corridors, unsure if it was luck or alcohol that prevented others from noticing them.

They walked in silence to Seifer's room, possibly for the first time in their lives relaxed in one another's company. But Zell froze suddenly halfway, feet firmly planted on the footpath and Seifer's arm almost hurt when he tried to tug Zell forward again. He raised one eyebrow.

Zell blinked and looked up at him. "Are we..." Blue eyes widened dramatically. "I'm *so* drunk." What the hell had he been thinking?

For a second Seifer didn't move as the martial artist spun on his heel and walked away. Zell had everything to lose from a brief drunken fling with the Sorceress' Knight- self respect, the respect of his peers, any sense of superiority he'd had over Seifer. But the gunblader had nothing to lose and everything to gain from having Zell cuddled up in his bed, blackmail was one of the more obvious ones, but power was another. Knowing this and feeling somewhere that he'd like to be friends with Zell, if only for a little while, he decided to try and coax him back.

The sharp tug of Seifer's fingers around his wrist reminded Zell of who he was turning his back on. This wasn't just some one night stand, some fling, some floozy after a war hero- this was Seifer, the man who'd made his life miserable since they were children, a man who, although attractive and strong, was as capable of breaking him as he was of making him hum with pleasure.

"Seifer..." He turned with his eyes still on the ground but Seifer jerked him roughly up to look at him.

"Hush, Chicken." The gunblader leant down to kiss him softly and at first that was all he did. Then the kiss became hungry, angry almost and he flattened Zell against the corridor wall, rubbing up against him with the sinister grace of a snake.

And it was right about then that the alcohol figured it might as well take control of this little encounter. All conscious and reasonable thoughts fled Zell's brain and he was reduced to using base words, like 'yum' and 'hot' and 'more' and 'want'. Not that he really minded because, let's face it, with Seifer Almasy slamming him up against a wall and rubbing and kissing him in that enticing and downright sexy way, sensibility was facing a losing battle.

It was stupid he knew, and Seifer was an arsehole, there was no denying that, but he was just so fucking *hot*. How could he turn away from an awesome fuck when he been whining to Irvine about not having anyone just the other day? Well, the answer was simple, he could clutch onto his moral superiority and refuse to give in to temptation, but he just couldn't resist it. Call it weakness, call it self indulgent, call it whatever the fuck you want but Zell did it and with those lips against his collarbone and those hands kneading his arse he was hard pressed to feel guilty about it.

A few moments of pleasant kissing was all it took. Seifer had expected that maybe Zell would need to be whispered to sweetly or coaxed with 'nobody will ever find out' but all the little martial artist seemed to need was physical pleasure and from the way he was reacting Seifer guessed he hadn't had that in a while... Although what was it Irvine had been saying?

Fortunately Seifer didn't need any real convincing. Zell was cute and willing, and he was mainly into guys these days and hadn't had a decent fuck in Hyne knows how long so it seemed logical to get a little action out of the smaller boy. With luck it wouldn't lead to anything nasty and if it did he could just remind Zell of who owned whose arse exactly. There was no way he'd be letting Zell fuck him, what a ridiculous thought, he'd have the little Chicken under him and moaning within seconds. Heh. The gunblader smirked. Actually Zell tasted pretty good. His skin was hot and smooth and just a little salty. Seifer pulled back from it, holding the martial artist against the wall with his lower body and smiling softly at him.


Zell bit his lower lip and nodded softly. He chanced a quick look into Seifer's eyes and regretted it. He knew this man from taunts and fights from all the life he could remember. But for some reason his eyes now looked almost pleading. As the gunblader let him down Zell wondered if maybe now they were drunk their real selves would be allowed to come through. Would they relax and just be themselves? Was that what Seifer's look meant? Did he just want somebody to be with?


Seifer was a few metres ahead now, pausing in the hallway looking back over his shoulder. Zell nodded lightly and silently followed. He hoped he wasn't going to regret this in the morning... provided he remembered it.

To his surprise Seifer's room was actually relatively clean. He struggled to remember a time when he'd been in here before but couldn't think of one. Looking around carefully he noted Seifer didn't seem to be the derelict individual he had thought. Instead of the expected magazines littering his bookshelves he had books, instead of posters he had copies of paintings, he even had an old record player.

Watching Zell inspect his belongings nervously Seifer felt an odd smugness, pleased that Zell would now realise he wasn't the idiot he seemed. The only reason he failed exams was because he didn't care, not because he was stupid. He studied, the textbooks lying haphazard, and book marked across his desk proved that... kind of. He knew the material when he found it interesting, a history test marked 87% made that evident... Zell frowned, so how come Seifer failed the SeeD exams so often?

"I don't like being told what to do," Seifer explained, knowing that was exactly what Zell was thinking. He lay back on his bed, holding himself up on his elbows as he kicked off his shoes and socks. "C'mere."

Zell started, eyes darting toward him like a frightened animal. He bit his lower lip, breaths coming quick and nervous. "Umm..."

The gunblader smirked and, reaching out a hand, grabbed Zell around the wrist. "We didn't come here so you could peruse my belongings, did we?" He raised one eyebrow and leant a little closer to place a gentle kiss against Zell's lips. He pulled the smaller boy over him, petting his hair softly as though to calm him.

With his head rested against Seifer's shoulder Zell sighed softly. "You smell good."

Seifer's smirk broadened. "Of course." One hand tugged at the bottom of Zell's t-shirt. "Can we get rid of this now?"

Laughing shyly, Zell sat up, kneeling with one knee between Seifer's legs and peeled off his shirt and jacket. Watching him Seifer let his eyes trail down the smaller boy's strong torso, smiling softly at the smooth, bronze skin that was bared to him. One thing could be said for Zell's boundless energy, all that exercise had done beautiful things to his muscles. The gunblader sat up, thinking of taking one pink nipple into his mouth and making Zell arch his neck with pleasure. He glanced up at the smaller boy before he did so.

Zell was frowning, confused. He felt drunk, he knew he *was* drunk but he was acting so decidedly *normal* it was odd. He wanted to dive right into this but he wanted to hold back, he was hesitant but knew Seifer, if he were a little more inclined to be kind, would be the perfect lover; clever, strong, brave and gorgeous, it was just that irritating personality that was the problem. He turned his face away, hoping Seifer would take control but he was still mildly surprised when the gunblader did just that, placing a few gentle kisses across Zell's chest.

"Mmm," Zell murmured softly, arching toward Seifer.

The gunblader smiled and trailed his hands up Zell's back, settling them at his shoulder blades and pulling him down to lie over his chest again.

As he let himself be pulled down and rolled over Zell felt a little more drunk. It would be a pity that he probably wouldn't remember this in the morning, but that said it might also be a good thing. Seifer wasn't the most discreet of people, if they both forgot this had ever happened maybe it wouldn't be as bad as he suspected. Or maybe he was just expecting the worst because Seifer was involved.

"Zell?" Seifer was leaning over him, mouth nuzzling the underside of his jaw, hands roaming over his sides.

The little martial artist looked up through half closed, sleepy eyes as his belt was undone. "Whatcha doin'?"

"Explorin'," Seifer replied with a smile. He glanced up at Zell. "You mind?"

"Nuh," Zell shook his head sleepily and rested his hands in Seifer's hair as the gunblader's mouth touched his belly again. His denim shorts were being shucked off and soon he lay totally bare under the older boy. It surprised him for a moment that he wasn't embarrassed, but, of course, as soon as he thought about being embarrassed he blushed furiously and wriggled under Seifer. He was lying naked under another fully clothed boy for fucks sake, how was he *supposed* to feel?

The gunblader noticed this and stripped off his own t-shirt swiftly, throwing it with Zell's shorts by the wardrobe. He attached his mouth quickly back to Zell's skin, running his tongue along the lines of his ribs, down past his left hip before he gave into temptation and suckled the skin there generously. It wasn't that he was *quite* claiming Zell as his own, it was more like a reminder to himself and the other boy of where they'd been together. More like... Oh who was he trying to kid? It was a branding, just in case he forgot or just in case Zell wanted to- with that sweet little dark mark by his left hip it would be difficult. He smirked softly to himself and trailed his path back to Zell's mouth.

The little martial artist was biting one knuckle quite hard, trying not to cry out or whimper as Seifer nibbled on his skin. At first he'd been able to control himself, just squirming a little as the older blond tickled under his ribs with his tongue, then he pressed against his hip, softly enough to make him shiver lightly before increasing the vacuum. Zell was half sure the taller boy was deliberately marking his skin but couldn't bring it upon himself to really care, it wasn't like anyone was going to see it after all.

Soon Seifer's mouth returned to his, placing soft kisses underneath his chin before Zell tilted his head down and collided their mouths together. As their tongues explored Seifer's hands roamed down to Zell's knees, he clutched at one and tried to drag it up to hook around his own hip. The little martial artist wriggled a little to oblige the older boy then a thought came to him. Wait a minute. Why the fuck was he being passive in this again? Zell scowled and grabbing a hold of Seifer's shoulder roughly, shoved the taller boy onto his back.

The gunblader, momentarily surprised, opened his mouth to complain and Zell, being enterprising, took the opportunity to drive his tongue down the older boy's throat, taking control finally. Beneath him, to his own surprise as well as Zell's, Seifer smirked, pleased. Nice to know Chicken could stick up for himself after all. But then Zell started pressing soft kisses down *his* chest and Seifer decided he'd had about enough of this. He wanted Zell underneath him so he could watch that curve of his throat, the arch of his back pressed against him... But the smaller boy nibbling on his nipples was pretty nice too. One of Zell's hands was curving gently over his neck, fingertips tracing the line of it slowly down to his shoulder as lips sucked and bit gently across his chest. He held back a moan, just. No way should Zell be allowed to be in control like this it just wasn't... fair. Pouting crossly Seifer reached for Zell's shoulder, pulling him up so they were at eye level again, and kissing him thoroughly.

The little martial artist wasn't used to partners like Seifer, equally passive and aggressive. It was odd, he'd thought the older boy would be in charge, all or nothing, demanding this and that but instead he found that Seifer relinquished control more than he realised. He smiled into the kiss and flicked his tongue across the other boy's teeth teasingly. Seifer took that as a sign to roll them back over so he was on top.

After that movement Seifer sat up, holding Zell down with one hand on his shoulder and smirking infuriatingly. As Zell's scowl deepened he hooked his feet over the smaller boy's shins, holding his wriggling legs down with his own shins, and rose to his knees.

"Seifer..." Zell began not entirely sure he liked being restrained. But he paused as he noted the gunblader slowly undoing his belt.

Once the older boy had undone his fly he raised a single eyebrow at the martial artist. He could see why he had spent so many hours teasing Zell, the kid was damn gorgeous when he lost control of his emotions. "Are you going to behave?"

Zell shot a lop sided smirk at him, and captured his own bottom lip in his teeth. If he got to see more of that delicious nakedness he'd say just about anything.

Although he knew that given half a chance Zell would misbehave Seifer took that as a yes. He stepped off the bed and stripped off the remainder of his clothes with surprising grace, considering how drunk he was supposed to be. When he crashed back onto the bed with a little more of his drunken inelegance Zell was ready for him, curling one arm about his neck and dragging him over the smaller body for a deep kiss. Well, he certainly didn't mind that.

They lay like that for a few moments, tongues in each other's mouths, minds concentrating on how to best give and receive pleasure and Seifer's hands roaming over the bed in an attempt to find a tube of lubricant pilfered by a light fingered Chicken from one over sexed Galbadian. He found it, finally, under the doona they were lying on. He tried to pull back so he could get the covers out from underneath them but Zell clung like a little monkey, arms tight around Seifer's neck. In his drunken state the first thing that occurred to Seifer was with strong arms and a tight grip Zell would be very easy to fuck while standing up, there'd be no worry about him falling. But this thought was quickly replaced with a little growl of annoyance. Figuring he couldn't be bothered arguing with the smaller boy, Seifer slid one arm beneath him and hauled Zell up onto his lap. The martial artist happily wrapped his limbs around Seifer and went back to attacking the gunblader's tongue.

Smiling slightly, Seifer turned his face away, the soft, hungry kisses that fell across his throat almost made him not bother about pulling the doona down so they could curl warm underneath it. They were both pretty hot, they'd be warm enough. But he moved it down to bunch at his knees, so it would be easier to tug over him later, and fell forward, crashing Zell onto the pillow and his favourite dark blue sheets.

Glancing down he noted that Zell was already a little excited by their encounter, feeling generous Seifer decided to see exactly how arousing and aroused he could make Zell get. He shimmied down the bed slowly, pressing a kiss to Zell's Adam's apple, then against his collarbone, the centre of his chest, his belly button and finally just at the top of the trail of dark blond hair that ran down to his partially erect cock. Smirking, as was his usual practice, Seifer placed a whisper of a kiss against the side of Zell's erection. The boy whimpered, loudly, and his hips thrust forward toward the gunblader.

"Seif-FER," he cried. "Oh..."

The gunblader placed one hand on Zell's marked hip, and the other over Zell's knee. The boy would stay still and he would tease, that was how their relationship had always gone, wasn't it? He slid his tongue slowly out of his mouth and lapped ever so softly at the head. The boy cried out again but swallowed the sound quickly when Seifer suckled him into his mouth, he didn't want to make too much noise, not knowing how soundproof Seifer's walls were or how close his neighbours.

Zell curled his fingers around Seifer's ear, rubbing his thumb over it and tugging him closer toward him. Seifer ignored his silent pleas instead bobbing his head slowly over the other boy's cock. Soon Zell let loose a few long, almost silent moans, his other hand tangled in Seifer's hair as the gunblader sped up.

"Seifer..." he whispered. "I'm... I'll..."

The gunblader tightened his lips against the throbbing intrusion in his mouth and Zell came. He was extremely pleased when, instead of moving away, Seifer continued suckling Zell's length- he had been in no need of a warning, quite contented to swallow whatever Zell gave him.

A moment later Seifer pulled away, leaning over the smaller boy again. Zell's eyes were shut, his lips slightly parted as he struggled to regain some sort of regular breathing pattern. The gunblader smiled at the picture he made, panting and flushed and drunk. He kissed Zell again softly and with one hand unscrewed the cap of the lube container. Hearing it flicked off and onto the floor the martial artist opened his eyes.

Seifer, wondering if maybe he needed some reassurance, lay on top of the smaller boy kissing the side of his face and neck softly and lovingly. Zell sighed against him and leant closer for more contact. It was odd to think after so many years of trying to avoid Seifer he was now actively seeking his touch, but then alcohol does strange things to people.

He lifted one leg up and pressed the inside of his thigh against Seifer's ribs, knowing the gunblader would probably take this as a request for fucking. It wasn't that having Seifer inside of him was how he'd originally planned the night or even this little sexual encounter but the more he thought about it the hotter he got, that was why he'd stolen the lube.


The gunblader pulled back, the tube in one hand. "Mmm?"

"Should we...?" Zell looked worried for a moment, a childish frown creasing his forehead. "I mean..." He looked down, trouble was that brought Seifer's nude body into his line of vision and that was *not* a good idea if he wanted end this now. From strong, toned chest, past the curve of his hips and thighs to that deliciously erect and... Zell bit his bottom lip and forced his gaze back to Seifer's. "Umm..."

Seifer smirked again. "Like what you see?"

"Just..." Zell scowled at him. What did he care if Seifer looked like he might just be able to bury himself up to Zell's throat inside him? "Just fuck me, arsehole."

Grinning Seifer descended over him again. While Zell had been busy admiring his perfect form the gunblader had taken the opportunity to coat his fingers liberally with the gel and it was these he now pressed against Zell's entrance. The smaller boy arched against him, tightening in anticipation but both of them knew it wouldn't be as much fun if he did that so he willed himself to relax again and was pleasantly distracted by Seifer's tongue in his mouth.

The gunblader's first finger entered him tentatively, unsure of how prepared Zell would be for this. He frowned softly as the martial artist's breath sped up, tearing his mouth from Seifer's kiss, heavy pants brushing past the gunblader's ear. Zell was cute like this, despite the strong fingertips that dug into his upper arms, hard enough to bruise him, so Seifer turned his mouth to suckle at Zell's neck.

It was unbelievably good, the solid, thick feeling of Seifer stretching him, making him ready for that thicker, longer pulsing cock to just thrust inside him and please him beyond all meaning of the word. Even as he thought about it he could feel the fire in his belly grow. It was reaching the point now where, even though he had already gained release he just wanted Seifer, wanted the older boy to be that fucking close to him, to make him feel ecstasy instead of the inferiority and humiliation he usually did.

"Seifer..." he pleaded as another finger entered him. "Please..."

"No," Seifer bit out, clenching his teeth against the requests despite the fact that all he wanted to do was grant them. The rise and fall of Zell's chest beneath him, the little whimpering sounds he made were driving the gunblader insane. He'd thought it would be easy to outlast Chicken, he could take his time but Zell was proving a hell of a lot more enticing and a hell of a lot less of a push over than he was expecting. "Not yet..." he added, disgusted with himself for the catch in his breath, for the way it was becoming more difficult to fill his lungs, for the desire Zell forced upon him. "You're not..." he pushed his fingers apart before adding another. "You're not ready yet..."

"I *am*." Zell tightened his fingers against Seifer's arms, digging nails into the soft skin. "I fucking *am*. Seifer..." he added softly as his head lolled back against the pillow. "Please..."

Seifer sighed and shook his head softly, trying to clear it but he could feel by the pulse through his raging cock that only release, only Zell could get rid of the damn lust induced fog that clouded his brain. He slipped his fingers out and leant closer, sweat rising over his skin as their combined body heat warmed up the air between them. "All right." He lifted one of Zell's surprisingly long and supple legs over his arm, cradling the knee in the nook of his elbow and pushed Zell's other knee away from his ribs. The martial artist's rapidly re-hardening cock was rubbing against his belly softly, the head sliding a little wet trail across his lust sensitive skin. He glanced down and, taking his own cock in hand, pressed inside the smaller boy.

Thankfully, Seifer moved gently within him, he pushed until he was totally inside Zell then paused, panting heavily, almost losing control. Zell clutched onto him tighter, hands now over his shoulders, nails in his shoulder blades and let loose a soft, lust-filled moan. "Seifer..."

The gunblader waited a few seconds letting his breath even out and trying to regain control of himself. He couldn't understand how he could have spent so many long years sleeping such a short distance away from this tight, burning piece of arse under him. Why the fuck had it taken him this fucking long to take Zell into his bed? To realise the Chicken's potential... Stupid really, accepting things at face value, he should have known there was more to Zell.

Seifer breathed against Zell's collarbone and shifted his hips slightly, angling himself for some pretty serious fucking. He let go Zell's leg over his arm and instead ran his hand along the inside of his thigh until the martial artist's knees came up to flank his sides, clutching his ribs in a vice as Zell threw his head back and whimpered. The damn kid was pressing his hips down against Seifer's, his eyes were squeezed shut, his lips parted and wet with moisture from his tongue... The gunblader nibbled Zell's bottom lip into his mouth (mmm, tasty) and responded to the smaller boy's impatient thrusts with some of his own.

Resting most of his weight on one elbow that pressed into the mattress by Zell's blond little head Seifer settled upon a rhythm- drawing out long and slow, with quick and harsh thrusts inside him, hitting that perfect spot and causing a curious chorus of arousing sounds Seifer hadn't known Zell was capable of.

"Ah..." Zell bit his bottom lip, turning his face to one side, concealing his tattoo against the deep blue of the sheets. "Ah. Yes. Seifer." Fingertips tightened in folds of Seifer's skin that the martial artist was curling into his fists. "Oh... *Fuck*." He bared his throat for Seifer's perusal, somehow sensing the suckling of his skin was something the gunblader enjoyed doing. "Oh... Please... Fuck me... harder."

To the gunblader's surprise and mild annoyance Zell used his knees hard against Seifer's ribs as leverage, tightening their grip there as he slammed down into the gunblader's lap and onto his thick, hot cock. It wasn't that Seifer minded upping the pace, in fact he was quite pleased to do so, it was just that *he* was supposed to be the one doing the work, penetrating this smaller boy, fucking him, using him, *owning* him. Zell was not supposed to have any control, he wasn't supposed to be riding Seifer like some sweaty, gorgeous boy at a fucking rodeo. Bearing that in mind Seifer went to work taking control with deep thrusts, hard inside him, almost violent in their pressure. But Zell didn't complain, in fact he demanded more.

"Hyne... Seifer," he begged. "Please... You bastard... Fuck me... Harder." His breaths came quicker, hot and heavy pants that washed over Seifer's shoulders and pooled at the bottom of his stomach where he felt his release coming ever swifter. This time their fucking was uninhibited by emotions and egos, they gave and took in equal measure, each longing for the other. They found a balance between them, where the arguments and fights were nothing, where the egos didn't matter and where it was the tight embrace, lust and a simple, creeping affection that made them realise they belonged here together.

Soon the gunblader's thighs felt about ready to give out so he lay tighter against his partner, clutching Zell around him and pulling them together until the martial artist let out a strangled cry and came hard against Seifer's stomach. A second later, encouraged by Zell clenching around him Seifer let loose inside him and for a foolish second, tangled up in one another, they felt belonging, almost as though they were one.

As their muscles began to give out on them, the two blonds fell crushed together. Seifer slid off and out of Zell, lying on his back and cuddling the smaller boy to his side. Maybe the morning would bring a whole new heap of revelations but they were both just too tired to think about that now and Zell was too tired to be bothered leaving Seifer's bed either, the tightening of arms about his shoulders told him Seifer's opinion on the subject.

He lay there in Seifer's arms, exhausted, panting and sweaty, his hips still unconsciously rubbed against Seifer's as he breathed and tried to burn the feeling into his memory, tried to force himself to remember exactly what perfection had just occurred. In his head Quez disagreed, if he remembered with perfect clarity in the morning he would probably be even more uncontrollable than usual, the little martial artist would rant and scream and hit things and probably people and would cause irreparable damage to many things, including himself and his reputation. No, better if he forgot this little encounter completely and he certainly hadn't had enough alcohol to do that. So the GF stuck out its elbows, nudging its way through a couple of the more obvious memories of the night just past and effectively taking up the space those memories needed to survive. Once they were wiped Quez would give Zell back his brain space, he only used about half of what he had anyway.

The GF smiled to itself and conferred briefly with the magical source it sensed in Seifer's mind who swiftly agreed to Quez's course of action. The GF was puzzled for a moment who was in there, Quez didn't recognise it as any major GF it had encountered, in fact it felt a little like the gunblader itself, but that was silly, there was no way Seifer could be housing the magical power of a GF in his subconscious. Quez shrugged the thought off and nestled down to rest as well. It'd be unjunctioned from Zell tomorrow to ease his memory loss, so Quez had to make sure everything was cleared up before then.

As this went on inside the subconscious minds the two victims in question were drifting into dreams. It didn't seem all that odd for some reason that they would be here together, although they knew if they were sober, awake or if anyone they knew came through the door, the situation would be an entirely different story.

In his half-asleep state, Zell pouted softly, it would be sad to forget... but he felt like the memory was slipping away already, like the moment was vanishing wherever forgotten memories go and that tugged a little at his heart... or maybe that was just from the exercise... He was almost asleep when, to Zell's surprise, Seifer kissed his hair softly, maybe thinking the smaller boy was asleep.

"Sweet dreams, baby," he whispered softly.

The martial artist smiled against Seifer's broad chest and murmured, "G'Night, Seify." With luck they wouldn't forget or regret it in the morning.





Author's Note

For all those of you who wondered. Oh that cowboy, he just can't help himself.

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Warning: Getting drunk at someone's 21st will not necessarily attract a drunken Seifer, Zell or Irvine to your side or bed. Also, spiking the punch will not necessarily make those two cute guys get together OR induce your sulky commander to play Twister in leather pants. OK? :D Sorry, I'd make it do just that if I could.

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