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One Moment, And A Year

Chapter 26 - Two Man Bath

By Akare

Sunday, 4th October

Zell dribbled the tips of his fingers in the deepening bath water and sighed. It had been a long time since he'd relaxed in bath, usually it was showers all the way because he didn't have any time, but today was Sunday so he'd lie about in the tub and read books and sleep and just bloody well relax *all* day. He grinned hearing his dorm door open. Evidently it'd be a two man bath.



Seifer appeared around the frame of the bathroom door, his black trench coat slung over one shoulder. "I was going to head down to-" he stopped, noting the shirtless boy on the edge of the bath. A slow grin appeared and he flung the trench coat back into the bedroom. "Never mind."

Zell chuckled softly and leant over to flick off the taps. "Where were you gunna go?"

"Balamb, needa buy some more potions and stuff. Thought maybe we could visit your Ma."

The martial artist raised an eyebrow. "You just wanted to go because she said she was cookin' a roast tonight."

Seifer shrugged. "So I'm a sucker for good food. You knew that already."

"So that's why you stay with me," Zell joked.

"Nope." Curling his fingers around the martial artist's chin Seifer pulled his face up for a kiss. "I stay with you because I fell in love with you, dumbarse." He bent down and kissed Zell briefly, letting his lips linger on the other boy's a moment. The gunblader smiled and stretched, cracking his back and neck. "Now get in the damn tub before I throw you in there clothed."

Zell frowned and stood up, slipping off his pyjama trousers. "Where's the point in that?"

Seifer just grinned. When Zell's frown deepened in confusion the gunblader took pity on him. "You're beautiful all wet."

"And you can't wait for me to get my clothes off?" The little martial artist offered one of his mischievous grins as he stepped into the tub. "Well, you're not comin' in," he teased. "The bath simply isn't big enough."

Watching Zell lie back in the steaming water made Seifer's pants feel a little tight, all that perfect naked skin just waiting for his tongue to... The gunblader swallowed and pushed his sleeves up. He grabbed a wash cloth and dipped it in the hot water. "I'll wait out here, shall I?" he asked, lilting his voice with a low, sexy rumble that would make Zell quiver whenever he breathed it in his ear.

This time the smaller blond responded with a huge grin. He took note of the wash cloth as Seifer knelt by the tub and his smile broadened. "What are you planning on doing with that?" he asked with a sultry look.

Seifer smiled wickedly back at him and rose to lean over Zell. "I'm going to shove it in your mouth while I fuck you fucking senseless."

Zell pouted, his lips brushing against Seifer's jaw. "I thought you liked it when I scream."

"I do, baby," Seifer kissed him again, slipping his tongue in for a single lap at Zell's teeth that left the martial artist hungry for more. "But I reckon you're real damn cute when you've got something rammed down your throat too."

Laughing the martial artist pushed him away. "I was *trying* to have a nice relaxing bath, Seifer." He gestured down at his hardening cock. "And now look what you've done."

The gunblader reached for it. "Shall I take care of-"

"No!" Zell slapped his hand away playfully. "I'm gunna relax and have a bath and *then* you can fuck me fucking senseless OK?"

Seifer nodded like a chastised little boy. "Can I stay for the bathing?"

Zell giggled sweetly. "Only if you're good." He grabbed the hand that held the wash cloth and placed it on his chest. "You gunna help out?"

"Of course." Resting his chin in the palm of one hand Seifer set to stroking the smaller boy's chest gently with his cloth, occasionally letting a finger slip and brushing tantalisingly over a nipple. They sat together in the steamy warmth of the bathroom just content with one another and their own thoughts for a moment; Seifer pleased beyond belief that this insane little martial artist and he suited each other so well, and Zell thinking back, wondering how exactly it had come to this.

"Seif?" Zell opened his eyes to gaze at his lover.

"Mmm?" Seifer responded distractedly. When Zell didn't continue the gunblader turned to look at him. Zell was gazing at him with his huge blue eyes, a lazy smile curling his lips. "What?"

"I'm glad I fell in love with you."

Seifer grinned.

"I thought it was gunna be a shit."

"What was?"

"Likin' men over women, 'specially in a place like this."

The gunblader frowned. "Well, the Orphanage lot would hardly go against you. Everyone loves Irvine, don't they? Sleazy fucking cowboy," he added under his breath.

Zell grinned. "Yeah but... I'm different. Everyone'd like Irvine anyway. With me no one cares about what's in here," he tapped his head with one finger. "'Cept you."

"That's bullshit," Seifer said simply. "Stop fishing for compliments."

Frowning Zell sat up. "I'm not fishin' for compliments. Who ever asks me what I think about anythin'? And-"

Seifer shut him up with a kiss. "If they didn't care about what you thought they wouldn't be friends with you. They wouldn't care about what you thought of *them*."

"But-" Zell interrupted.

Seifer continued without even pausing. "Everyone has a place Zell. We go to Quistis when we want advice, Irvine when we want attention, Selphie when we want to plan something or know some gossip. And you-" he stroked Zell's cheek softly. "We come to you to be ourselves because we know you'll love us no matter how bad a mood we're in. It's your heart that matters to us, darling."

A pleased, flattered smile crept onto Zell's lips. He leant over the edge of the bath and cupped Seifer's face in his hands, kissing him deeply. "And I come to you for a damn fine fuck."

"Oh?" Seifer mocked being insulted. "Is that all I am to you?"

"All?" Zell laughed. "Baby, I don't need anythin' but a kiss from you and I'm all giggly."

Seifer chuckled and kissed him back. "I'll remember that in future."

Smiling shyly all of a sudden Zell cuddled Seifer's hand against his chest. "I never thought it'd be this easy to fall in love. 'N', Hyne..." Zell shook his head in disbelief. "Never thought it'd be you."

The gunblader shrugged, a slight blush across his cheeks. "You're hard not to love, baby. 'Sides if anyone should be amazed it should be me. I was an arsehole to you even without a sorceress bitch in my head."

"Heh." Zell combed one wet hand through Seifer's hair, his smile growing until he burst out laughing. "When did we turn so fuckin' soppy?"

"Hmm," Seifer pursed his lips as he pretended to think. "When you started making my cock hard with just a smile."

Zell blushed. He tugged Seifer's hand from the edge of the bath and studied it silently for a few minutes. He was trying to decipher the lines on his palm when he realised it was the wrong hand for palm reading. He glanced at Seifer and another odd question came to him. "When did you realise you were gay?"

"Right about when you started looking cute instead of annoying."

"When was that?" Zell asked, grinning.

To his surprise Seifer decided to be suddenly honest. "About five years ago."

Zell blinked. "Five? But..."

"Secretly thinking you could be cute and wanting to claim that tight little arse of yours is totally different from being in love with you, Zell," Seifer replied quietly. "And it's not like I actually admitted to myself I liked men more."

"But I..." Zell frowned, trying to remember that far back, which was a little bit of a strain with GFs hogging his memory space. Had he ever considered taking Seifer into his bed? He didn't think so, the idea itself was just too... odd, considering who they had been. "I never thought of you like that. You were always just... Seifer."

"Yeah, well," Seifer turned his attention back to washing Zell. This wasn't exactly something he had meant to broach but now it was out there. It hadn't been until a few weeks ago when Seifer had actually thought about his momentary lust for the smaller boy back in the day and realised considering his preferences it wasn't that odd that he should want the Chicken. "Later, when I realised I preferred men, I also realised I like the cute, strong ones. And the cutest, toughest kid around was always you."

"You... liked me?"

"No," Seifer scoffed, smiling at Zell's amazement. "I wanted to hold you down and fuck you... occasionally... when you weren't being too annoying... usually when you were asleep. OK, once, when I was drunk." He grinned at Zell's scowl. "Lust and love are different, babe, we've proved that."

Sighing Zell lay back down. "It's odd to think what would have happened if you'd acted on that."

"It was an idle, passing thing. Lasted about as long as a bottle of tequila," Seifer rose and began hunting for shampoo. "I'm glad I didn't act on it."


Seifer looked back at him, his lover, lying back in the bath, eyes closed and a soft smile on his lips. Seifer had never expected to find anyone as beautiful as Zell looked right then. "Because the person I was then would have hurt you."

Blond lashes flickered up, baring two pools of blue, heart-achingly trusting, gazing at him.

The gunblader felt his throat constrict just thinking of what he might have done had the thought of fucking Zell ever flickered through Her Knight's mind. "Hyne," he knelt again at Zell's side. "I would have hurt you."

Although touched at his confession and slightly unnerved by it Zell couldn't help the smile that naturally formed. He'd been serious for too long this morning and that was no fun. He tugged Seifer closer until their lips almost touched. "Maybe. But so long as you don't now I don't give a fuck about your past." The little martial artist kissed his lover forcefully, all he really wanted was Seifer's tongue in his mouth, to wrap his arms about that boy's shoulders and just... tuck him away under his ribs, in his heart, where neither of them would ever say or do stupid things that could hurt their relationship, where neither of them would ever grow old, get sick, die, be hurt. Any of it. And where Seifer would stop feeling guilty for things he hadn't done.

They sat together a moment, Zell's head over the edge of the bath on Seifer's shoulder until his patience wore thin. He needed to break the silence and just say something stupid. Normally that would be his specialty but today nothing really stupid came to him. He settled for mildly daft. "How come you're gay?"

"How come *you're* gay?"

Zell grinned and sat up in the tub again. "Just am I guess. I like girls too sometimes though." He looked a little defensive for a moment and Seifer wondered if maybe someone had once given him a hard time about being only into guys and that was why he felt the need to be with girls too. He didn't much care though. What mattered to him now was that Zell liked him.

"Do you like girls now?" he asked quietly, sponging water over the smaller boy's back again.

"Nope," Zell shook his head vigorously, getting water droplets over Seifer. "I only like you."

Seifer grinned. "Good." He paused a moment and frowned. "Heh. Guess I am the jealous type."

Zell scoffed. "Of course you are. Not that I care... as long as you don't go all... weird."

"I'm not gunna go weird," Seifer replied. He smiled down at the smaller boy before tugging his own jumper off over his head and rising to unbuckle his belt. Zell looked up at him with a pleased, smug look on his face as the gunblader stripped off all his clothes and slid into the bath behind him. They cuddled for a moment before Seifer spoke. "What about... Elda?"

Zell shrugged. "I liked her. Thought I was straight, gave it a go, found out I wasn't and here I am." He grinned. "What about Rinoa?"

Seifer just scowled in response.

The little martial artist laughed at him and realised a year ago Seifer would have hit him or something for that. "Hey!" he sat up suddenly, causing Seifer to frown with worry.

"What's wrong?"

Zell looked at him over his shoulder. "It's Quistis' birthday."

"Yeah," Seifer nodded. "We're going to her party thing tonight. You knew that already."

"It's been a year... since..." he giggled. "It's our anniversary."

Seifer rolled his eyes and dropped his head back against the end of the bath. "Hyne in cream cheese sauce."

Zell laughed and, with a little trouble, turned over to straddle Seifer's hips. "Aw, didn't you remember?" he teased. "Aren't you going to take me out for a candlelit dinner? You didn't buy a ring?"

"Don't make me gag you," Seifer teased back.

The little martial artist paused and offered a lop-sided smile. Sliding further up his lover's body Zell ran his tongue across the point of one sharp canine. "Gag me with what?"

Laughing Seifer kissed him. "Oh I'm sure I could think of something to stick in your mouth."

"Mmm." With his mouth still against Seifer's skin Zell licked softly. "I'd like to see you try."

"Really?" Seifer arched his neck back and Zell's teeth began attacking his throat. "You better not be thinking of--" Seifer sucked in a breath as Zell rubbed his thumb across the older boy's cock. "Of givin' me a hickey."

Zell paused. "Actually I wasn't... but now that you mention it." He laughed at Seifer's growl of annoyance and went to marking a little patch of flesh across the gunblader's collarbone. He pulled back after a moment with a smile of triumph. "Well, you always do it to me."

"Only so people realise you're mine," Seifer rested his hands on Zell's hips. He tickled the smaller boy slightly, just enough to cause an arousing wriggle against his semi-erect cock. "And you are mine."

Zell smiled, settling back down on Seifer's tummy. "I'm done with the bathing. You wanna fuck now?"

"Yes, please."

Grinning Zell pounced, latching his mouth onto Seifer's with ferocious speed. He suckled a little at the tongue that slid into his mouth, curling his own around it and making a poor attempt to gain some dominance. His hands were busy holding himself up but that didn't mean Seifer's were. They roamed quite happily along Zell's thighs and sides, pinching at his skin softly and pressing fingers deep against sore muscles.

"Mmm," Zell murmured before ripping his wet mouth from Seifer's and trailing it down the older boy's solid neck and strong shoulders. As his quickening breath against Seifer's skin made the gunblader shiver with desire more often Zell decided his cock was feeling a little neglected. Settling his arse close against Seifer's erection so that it rubbed enticingly, teasingly each time he moved the little martial artist sat back up, leaving his hands on the taller blond's chest to tweak and pinch those already hardened nipples.

"Don't," Seifer almost begged when Zell began rocking against him, balls caressed by the coarse curls at the base of Seifer's shaft. "Zell..."

The martial artist smiled softly, threw his head back and, leaving one hand rubbing Seifer's nipples, brought the other to his own cock, stroking slowly.

"Hyne damn you," Seifer hissed through clenched teeth. Zell like that was almost too much to bear. "You bitch..."

Zell's grin widened and he glanced back down at the frustrated gunblader. "You call me one more rude name and I'll hold you down and make myself come just by rubbin' against you." He raised one delicate eyebrow. "You want that?"

"No," Seifer jerked his head swiftly from side to side. "Just... Let me fuck you... Hyne."

Smirking Zell leant down to kiss him. "Good boy."

But he should have known that challenging the master of teasing and winning was no easy task. No sooner were the words from his mouth than Seifer grabbed the back of his head and held it in place against his own lips. Zell struggled a little and was rewarded by having his wrists seized in one larger hand. He could have escaped easily, had he wanted to, but this wasn't a battle of strength or dominance, it was a battle of stamina. With this in mind Zell just doubled the strength of his thrusts against Seifer's unsheathed cock as he hungrily sucked and licked at the gunblader's mouth.

Finally Seifer tore his lips away, the ache in his belly had grown unbearable, he needed Zell to stop rubbing and start fucking. "Zell..." he hissed as the martial artist began lapping over his ear. "Either I flip you on your back or you ride me fucking *now*. Take your pick."

The hot lips against his neck paused and soft, wet hair brushed against his cheek as Zell turned to him. "Mmm," he kissed Seifer's lips briefly. "I wanna be on top. Like last time."

The gunblader nodded, letting go the captured wrists, and struggling to control his actions when all he really wanted was to possess this other boy again completely.

Zell figured the luke-warm water that covered their lower bodies was probably enough lubrication so he rose on his knees a little until he felt the head of Seifer's cock right where he wanted it. He figured he was doing quite well at hiding his own desire, rubbing against Seifer hadn't been the brightest of ideas now he was all hard and desperate too.

The older boy guided him down, his whole body tensed against the rush of pleasure he knew he would feel. And feel it Seifer did, the tight, burning caress around him that weakened his limbs and turned his tongue totally useless for all but kisses.

"Nnnh," Zell panted into the dissipating steam as his head lolled back, throat bared to his lover. "Seifer..." Fingernails scrabbled lightly against the gunblader's ribs as he began to impale himself on that slick, hot ramrod that drove inside him, pulsing and thick, fitting and pleasing him like the perfect fuck. "Oh... yesss..." Seifer's eyes, half-shut, drew his gaze as his chin dropped back against his chest and Zell realised he wanted that tongue as well. He leant down without a seconds hesitation in his thrusts and caught the older boy's lips, tongue swirling, rolling inside his mouth as they struggled to show their desire for each other.

But it wasn't enough, tongues touching, cocks being pleasured, Seifer need the smaller boy in his arms, needed to hug him, and hold him, and squeeze until they both exploded into one another, until they were one. He sat up quickly, sloshing a little water onto the floor and almost startling Zell into falling backwards, but instead he was caught in Seifer's arms.

Zell almost squealed, excited as the cock inside him pressed against him beautifully. "Ohh..." he smiled against Seifer's shoulder. "Seifer... please..."

With Zell perched on the other boy's lap they were almost at eye level, but generally when they were in this position neither had the time nor inclination to consider that. Quickly Zell's arms shot up to curl about Seifer's neck, shoving their mouths together again, almost jarring teeth. Using his toes and knees as leverage Zell pumped himself on top of Seifer, rubbing his own erection against the older blond's tummy. The gunblader soon noticed and slid a hand between them to please his little fighter.

They were just falling into a rhythm together, Seifer's hand and Zell's thrusts, when the taller boy felt the coil of desire about to spring free. Even though he knew when the beautiful, rapturous peak of his orgasm stilled he would fall back against the hard porcelain and probably bang his head he couldn't bring himself to release the boy in his arms.

Knowing this, feeling his own orgasm close in on him like a speeding train, Zell pushed Seifer back gently to lie down. He held himself up with his elbows to keep them close to one another as his pace became more frenzied and desperate. Suddenly Seifer's hand tightened around him and his hips jerked swiftly up just once as he came inside his lover. Feeling it Zell sat up briefly and slammed his hips down against Seifer's a few rough times, trying to get that release deeper inside him. The gunblader's hand, having never left the smaller boy's cock, rubbed against the head and Zell came, throwing back his head and crying Seifer's name.

A moment later the little blond was curled against the gunblader's chest as they got their breath back, an ecstatic smile across his lips.

"Hyne damn," Seifer whispered softly. "I should fuck you in the bath more often."

"Mmm," Zell agreed. "Less cleanin' up too." He splashed the water a little further up Seifer's chest to rid him of the ambitious dribbles of spent passions and sat up.

Seifer moaned softly. "Baby, you do that and I'm gunna want to go another round but I don't think I've got the energy."

Zell pushed his hips forward a little with a teasing smile. "You got no stamina to speak of."

The gunblader raised an eyebrow and sat up. "Turn around."

"Why?" Zell frowned at him as he ran a finger over his lover's nipples.

"Because I'm going to fuck you the way you deserve for being such a little tease," Seifer grinned at him.

Smiling Zell sat up on his knees, letting Seifer's re-stirring cock fall from his arse before standing up. He smirked down at Seifer. "What now?"

The gunblader nipped his thigh gently and tucked his own legs under him so he was kneeling. He turned Zell around with his hands. "Sit down."

Zell obeyed, settling his knees either side of Seifer's and wriggling his arse on the budding erection his felt against it. As he rested his hand over the one Seifer had on his hips he leant forward for the taps and flicked the hot water on again. "Is getting cold," he explained and moved to sit back down again. But a palm against his arse stopped him. Glancing over one shoulder he could see Seifer smirking.

"Mmm," the gunblader murmured appreciatively as he stroked the smooth skin. "You keep holding onto those taps."

Zell laughed softly flipping off the hot tap as his lover knelt up on his knees, his hand stroking up his thigh and along his back until Seifer was lying over him. He giggled as the taller blond blew in his ear.

"On your knees like a good little bitch."

Zell laughed despite himself. That should have been demeaning and rude but Seifer's voice just sent little shivers of lust along his spine.

"I'm going to fuck you like this until your voice is hoarse," the gunblader promised. "Then," he slid his tongue across the lobe of Zell's ear, nibbling slightly. "Then I'm going to turn you over and fuck until you can barely move."

Zell nuzzled his head back against the older boy. "Hurry up then," he breathed. "I can't wait much longer."

Smirking, Seifer drove his throbbing cock inside his lover. Despite having just been fucked Zell's breath still caught at the contact. He bit his lower lip gently as Seifer's hips collided with his arse. Seifer growled in his ear, fingers tightening around Zell's hips as he pumped roughly inside him.

"Mmm," Zell gripped the taps hard, not caring that their grooves dug into his skin. "Oh... harder Seifer... please."

The gunblader obliged happily. He smirked as Zell's moans strengthened. "You like that?" He nipped Zell's shoulder gently and whispered in his ear, teasingly, "My little bitch."

The martial artist smiled back, nuzzling against his lover. "Mmm," he nodded in agreement, releasing one of the taps and grabbing a hold of Seifer's hand viciously. "Mine..." he panted. "Oh... fuck..."

But despite both their threats neither of them lasted as long as they would have liked, the pleasure of each other overwhelmed any petty challenge they had set and a few moments later Zell was back in Seifer's lap enjoying the final throes of orgasm.

The gunblader moaned softly as Zell twitched against him and ceased his movement, but Seifer was not quite done. He moved his hand from Zell's cock and, grabbing his hips, thrust violently a couple of times before he came.

When they fell back together, pulling their legs out from beneath them as Zell's reclined on Seifer's broad chest, the taller boy remained inside his lover, just in case they needed another round.

"Thought *I* had no stamina, bitch," Seifer teased.

"Heh," Zell replied lazily. "Too horny. Had to come." He cuddled Seifer's arms around him grinning again. "You're too good, Seif. That must be it."

"Damn straight," Seifer replied, sighing. "I think we're gunna need another bath."

Zell laughed heartily. "Maybe before Quistis' party." Hearing a groan behind him he added, "And you are coming."

"Hmph," Seifer kissed a lock of Zell's blond hair near his mouth. "Do I get incentive?"



Zell pouted softly in thought. "OK, but no fucking, that takes too long, and last time you got come on my trousers. Then I had to get changed and--"

Seifer kissed him quiet. "All right, Chicken. Cocks in mouths it is."

Zell sat up, thinking of crawling from the bathroom before he figured it was way too comfortable where he was. "Plurals?" he asked. "Does that mean I get incentive too?"

"If you're good." Seifer slapped his thigh gently. "I'm hungry. How's about we go see your Ma about that roast for lunch?"

Ma wasn't at all surprised when she opened the door to find two hungry boys grinning at her. She shook her head with a little smile and turned back inside, leaving the door open for them to follow her.

"I thought I told you to call when you were coming so I could make lunch," she told Zell.

"Yeah..." Zell shrugged, before noticing a plate of biscuits on the table that looked rather tasty. "I was gunna but..."

Ma sighed, still smiling. "I'll turn the roast up. It should be ready in an hour or so." She waggled a finger at her son as he stuffed in another cookie. "You're lucky I put it on early this morning. Roasts can't be made in a hurry you know."

Zell nodded as he set about making tea. "I'm usually the one who cooks them 'cause you're so lazy."

"Ha," Ma slapped her son playfully with a tea towel. "Excuse him, Seifer. He has no manners to speak of."

"I've noticed," Seifer grinned. "Sorry for imposing on you--"

"Oh you're not imposing," Ma beamed. "It's a pleasure to have you."

Shaking his head Zell poured the tea. Typical, they were getting along like a house on fire *again*. His Ma would probably start thinking Seifer was her son soon. "Are you two going to gang up me now?"

"Of course," Ma replied, hooking her arm through Seifer's. "Like mother like...son-in-law." She grinned at Seifer a moment longer before moving back to her son's side and putting an arm about his shoulders. "You know for my grandchildren you and Seifer could always adopt."

Zell turned his burning blue eyes toward his mother. Was she trying to embarrass him or scare him? "Ma!"

"What?" she giggled and rested her head on his shoulder. "It's nice to give a child a chance to have a family."

"I'm only twenty one," Zell argued. "Stop trying to work out my future."

"I dunno," Seifer put in casually, reclining back in a chair. "You'd make a good Mum."

A slow smirk spread over Zell's face as he turned to look at his lover. "I'm the one with the steady job, Seifer. If anyone plays housewife it should be you."

"I can't cook," Seifer argued. "And you're too cute to be a Dad."

"I'm stronger than you."

Seifer stood up. "I'm taller than you."

"You sing better than I do. I can just picture you rocking a little baby off to sleep."

The gunblader took a step forward and Zell tilted his chin higher to glare defiantly at him. "I work nine to five."

"I go on missions."

Seifer leant down to whisper in his ear. "I'm not the one who loves being fucked."

Zell pouted, scowling at him almost playfully. "That was a low card," he began and stopped suddenly at the soft giggling. He'd forgotten his Ma was still in the room, with luck she hadn't heard that last line. The little martial artist moved back to the bench to get his tea.

"Do you two always fight like that?" Ma asked seriously as they all headed into the sitting room with tea and biscuits.

"Of course," Seifer replied. "I always win."

Zell scowled as he placed his tea cup on the floor and threw himself down on the sofa. Seifer could be such an arsehole.

"I don't doubt that," Ma smiled. "When Zell sees an argument not worth winning he doesn't bother continuing it."

The gunblader frowned as his partner sniggered.

"Maybe it's Zell who wins, Seifer."

Watching the little blond wriggle happily on the sofa as his mother won the argument for him Seifer didn't doubt that for a minute. Reaching over the coffee table Seifer brought Zell's chin up so they could look at each other and kissed him softly, almost apologetically. Though there wasn't much need for an apology, they both knew they were only teasing.

Ma smiled and changed the subject. She really should stop hassling her son one of these days but he was far too cute. "It's Quistis' birthday today, isn't it?"

"Yep," Zell nodded and tugged Seifer closer. The older boy stumbled over the coffee table and fell on the sofa beside his smaller lover.

"Tell her I said happy birthday. I was thinking of buying her something the other day but I wasn't sure what." Ma polished off the last of the biscuits. "Is she having a big party this year too?"

"Mmm." Zell nodded, distracted momentarily by the play of sunlight through Seifer's hair.

"Zell has to pick up his SeeD uniform for it," Seifer elaborated, grinning at just how fucking cute Zell looked flat on his back and gazing adoringly at him.

"You're wearing your uniform?"

"Only nice thing I've got," Zell replied. "Only nice thing most of us have got. Half of us'll be wearing SeeD uniform. There's not much call for tuxedos 'n' shit. 'Sides," he grinned and turned his eyes from the golden light of Seifer's hair. "They're very complimentary."

"They sure are," Seifer smirked in response. He did love Zell in his SeeD uniform. Loved him out of it too when it came down to it. And that was exactly what Seifer intended to do after this party. Get him out of that uniform and wriggling. He took a deep breath, it would not do at all for Ma to notice him getting all hot and bothered.

"Well," Ma said, rising with the empty tea cups and plate. "It should be in your wardrobe. I'm going to go check on the roast. It'll be ready in another half an hour or so."

Zell nodded and rolled off the couch. He had perfected the laziest way of getting off the couch a long time ago, now he was on all fours on the ground it was easier to stand up... or crawl to his destination.

Laughing Seifer hauled him from the floor, slipping an arm around his back to hold him up. "Maybe you need a little nap before lunch, poppet," he teased.

Zell grinned. "See? You'd make an awesome Mum."

The gunblader chuckled and dragged him up to his room. Once there he pushed the boy onto his bed and grinned lecherously.

The little martial artist pulled back warily. "What?"

Seifer nipped softly at the nearest bit of flesh, Zell's knee, and stalked over him. "I'm feeling a little peckish now."

"Are you?" Zell tilted his chin up for a kiss. "Me too."

"I think," Seifer kissed the corner of Zell's mouth again softly. "That little bit of incentive," he pressed his lips against the side of Zell's neck. "Needs to come a little bit earlier than we thought." He grinned. "Pun intended."

The smaller boy writhed as cool hands slid up underneath his clothes. "Oh well in that case," he grinned back, giggling when warm lips suddenly pressed against his tummy. "Nah, me first..." he wriggled again as Seifer tugged at his belt. "I want you first... Seifer!"

Totally ignoring his lover the gunblader stripped Zell of his jeans, bunching them at the smaller boy's ankles knowing this would further frustrate the little blond. He smirked at the thought, kissing a bare leg gently as he struggled to be firm but gentle with his lover.

"I am so goin' to kick your arse," Zell snapped. As Seifer kissed his thigh he followed on with a deep moan that only undermined his previous statement completely. "Do that again."

The gunblader just breathed over him and suddenly let go. Stepping back from the bed he locked the door, stripped off his own clothes and lay down beside Zell as the other boy kicked off his clothes. The little martial artist glared at him.

"You're an arsehole, you know that?"

Seifer grinned and nodded. "I thought you wanted to go first, baby." He lay flat on his back, knees slightly apart and smiled teasingly at him. "Come on then."

Growling Zell tackled him, launching himself at the taller boy but Seifer caught his mouth in a kiss, his shoulders in firm hands and rubbed their bodies against each other. "Stop... that." Zell made a pitiful attempt to get away but the mouth against his throat was a little too appealing to be serious about escaping.

"Off you go then," Seifer ordered playfully, pressing his lover down the bed to rest between his knees.

Zell scowled and narrowed his eyes, trying to suppress a smile. "I can't believe I'm gunna do this with Ma downstairs."

"If she's as like Selphie as she seems she's probably listening at the door."

"Seifer!" the little blond whacked his lover none too gently on the bare thigh. "That's my *Ma* you're talking about."

Seifer grinned. "Hurry up then, and I wouldn't have to tease you."

Rolling his eyes Zell decided it was his fucking turn to tease. He rested the side of his head against Seifer's thigh, angling it so the slightest of breezes brushed against Seifer as Zell breathed. Smirking he trailed the back of a nail softly across the bare flesh on the inside of Seifer's leg. The gunblader wriggled slightly but remained mostly still. Zell chuckled silently, he knew Seifer was ticklish. Now, how could he use that to his advantage and make Seifer *beg*?

"Zell," he growled warningly. "Hurry *up*."

Grinning Zell lifted his head from the older boy's thigh. He sighed deeply and kissed a delicate trail to exactly where Seifer wanted him to be. Licking his lips lavishly he curled his tongue over Seifer's member, then pulled back slightly because the other boy deserved to be teased.

"Zell," Seifer snarled through clenched teeth.

The little martial artist's grin widened and he closed his lips around the head of the older boy's cock. He smiled up at Seifer around the intrusion, wanting to grin as the other man could barely hold his gaze; his sea green eyes were darkening with lust and slowly sinking shut.

Zell slipped lower, taking all of Seifer down his throat. As he did so the gunblader felt the irresistable desire to touch the smaller boy's pouting lips and curl his fingers in that straw blond hair. He could tell already that the fire burning him up from the inside out would be released far too soon for his liking. Smiling rapturously he murmured his usual praise. "Thank Hyne for hotdogs."

Even with his mouth occupied Zell managed a little snort of amusement, the burst of air from his nostrils making Seifer moan in response. He cupped his hand around the side of Zell's face, fingers curled around his jaw gently and the hand slid lower, around his throat, so Seifer could run his thumb along the outside of that beautiful slickness that caressed and pleasured his cock.

Zell pulled back a little and swallowed against him, arching his tongue against the pulsing flesh. He felt Seifer tighten, ready to come and slid back down to cover the whole of him. The gunblader arched his hips slightly, his fingers at the nape of Zell's neck tightened and he moaned, careful to be quiet in case Ma heard. The taste of come was already on his tongue and when Seifer released he accepted the load, suckling softly knowing it would tease the gunblader a little more.

Seifer slumped every tensed muscle back against the mattress and sighed deeply. His body no longer rippled with fire, his belly no longer burned. Release and the complete languidness that came with it was a beautiful thing. "Mmm," he murmured softly, smiling as Zell crawled onto the bed to lie over him. "Lemme get m'breath back."

Zell giggled at the gunblader slurring his words as he trailed one fingertip across Seifer's broad chest. He probably would have felt as inclined to sleep as the taller blond was were his cock not almost painfully hard. He sighed softly against Seifer's shoulder and was rewarded with the tickling trail of a hand up his thigh.

"On your back," Seifer growled.

Grinning happily Zell obeyed, arms outstretched before him, ready to wrap about the older boy. But Seifer niftily ducked them diving straight for the rising, tan expanse of Zell's belly. He nipped lightly and pressed a few wet kisses over him before going for the main prize.

As Zell's arms manoeuvred themselves to lie by the martial artist's sides, fingers locking with Seifer's, the gunblader ran his tongue up his lover's shaft. Above him Zell panted heavily, his shoulders rocking forward even though his struggles to keep his hips still were successful.

Gently the older boy tugged one hand from his and, instead, curled it about Zell's hip, fingertips pressing into the hot flesh there in time with the caresses of his lips.

"Seifer..." Zell murmured softly. He buried his free hand in the golden locks of Seifer's hair and pressed his cock deeper into the gunblader's mouth. Just as Seifer's nose pressed into his darker golden curls Zell came, arching his back slightly and biting his lower lip to keep from yelling. After waiting for that practically all morning he was a little disappointed he couldn't outlast the gunblader, but then the two of them typically fucked more times a day than was strictly normal so he figured he had more to look forward to. He'd thought maybe now they were actually together, actually in love their sex life would be less... exciting, less hungry and less often but their desire for each other hadn't diminished a bit.

Seifer pulled back, smirking and clambered over his smaller lover to lie beside him on the bed. Zell's body inched toward the heat from the gunblader's skin and soon they were cuddled up together again, lethargic but it was too early to sleep. They lay together in silence for a few moments, Zell's mind a blank as Seifer watching the dappled shadows play across the ceiling.

"Mmm," Seifer sighed softly combing his fingers through the slightly curling locks of Zell's hair. "You're gunna need a hair cut soon, babe."

Zell nodded against Seifer's chest, content to just lie there a moment longer until lunch was ready. As though in response his stomach growled at him.

The gunblader chuckled softly. "Come on," he sat up, tipping Zell from his lover/ mattress. "Lunch time."

The martial artist grinned, lying on his back on the bed now, watching as Seifer got dressed with a slight smile. Seifer watched back. When he was finished he crawled back onto the bed, over his lover and kissed him again gently.

"Are you going to get up?"

Zell nodded. "Just... too busy admirin' you to be bothered gettin' up *right* now."

Seifer laughed and tugged Zell's jeans over the smaller boy's ankles. "Well, a roast won't wait for us. Your Ma'll eat it all."

Sighing the boy stood up, buckling his belt, and slipped on his shirt. "I don't see why I couldn't just have lunch in bed."

"It's breakfast you have in bed, Chicken. And the way you eat there'd be gravy all over the fucking place."

Zell smirked and bit Seifer's shoulder gently. "All the more places for me to lick it off."

"Maybe next time," laughed Seifer, opening the door for him.

The martial artist slapped his lover's arse as he walked past. "Oh you fuckin' *bet* next time."

"Until then I guess we'll just have to make do with footsies under the table," Seifer sighed melodramatically. "A hard life we lead, Chickie. Such a hard life."





Author's Notes

This is pretty much the prelude to Chapter 27 just posted separately because together they'd be too big.

Thanks to my beta Moruwen, and thanks also to lems for the son-in-law line. It was too cute for me to pass up. XD

Also, I'm SO sorry it took me so long to write these three chapters. I was real busy. My apologies.

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