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One Moment, And A Year

Chapter 22 - Only Time (or 'Nine Months')

By Akare

Thursday, 16th July

Selphie was celebrating her birthday in style- despite the fact that it was a week night and everyone had jobs to get to in the morning. She didn't care and totally ignored Squall and Quistis' orders that she keep it small and have a bigger party on the weekend if she had to have one at all. But it was *her* birthday, not theirs so 'blah!' to them. Quistis had climbed on the bandwagon eventually though and was currently chatting with Nida in a corner. Selphie took it upon herself to go on a mission and discover if the rumours were true about the two of them. For someone who everyone thought was forgettable Nida was doing well in attracting friends, so far Selphie had spotted a grand total of 15 people chat to him for more than two minutes- one had even crossed the entire ball room to do it. But that had been Quistis so Selphie reckoned it was because they were dating, which they obviously were. They'd been talking for over an hour and who could talk to one person, especially Nida or Quistis, for over an hour if you weren't dating them?

The little ninja was hiding behind a potted palm when Irvine slipped his arms around her. "Birthday Girl, I think you've finally gone completely batty."

"Have not," Selphie replied. "It's just reconnaissance."

"Right," Irvine nodded and handed her a drink, hesitating slightly when he realised she might have already had too much. "In regards to what?"

"Relationships," Selphie smiled. "I'd pay more attention to you but I already know about all your little flings so that'd be boring."

Irvine chuckled heartily. "Oh really?" He stroked his chin and pretended to think. "I'm sure you don't know about Shannon."

"Dated her for two months in Galbadia, she was a slut, you broke up," Selphie grinned. "Then Emma, then you came here, got me, Zell then Squall and now you're single."

"What?!" Irvine almost lost his drink. "Since when have I been single?"

"Since about two minutes ago," Selphie stuck her tongue out at the cowboy.

"Bitch," he joked.

"Slut," she returned, struggling to contain a laugh.

"Well... Since it's your birthday I'll be nice."

"You mean you can't think of any more insults for me 'cause I'm so perfect?" Selphie frowned suddenly. "Hey, when'd Seifer get here? I thought he wasn't coming."

Irvine glanced over across the room. Seifer was slouched against a wall, a glass of red wine in hand, glaring with narrowed eyes at their reverend Commander. That would be an interesting conversation.

"So why are you here?" Squall asked quietly. He knew he shouldn't be drinking, it made him more relaxed and he hated that. Conversations and the like were not his thing.

"Because I get booze," Seifer held up the glass as though making a toast to something. "Why are you here?" he scowled at the other gunblader. He wasn't asking in the hope Squall would answer, he was asking in the hope that Squall would go away.

But his nemesis merely raised one eyebrow. "You're not making many friends," he said calmly. "Despite being sent on missions now. Why is that?"

"Squally, I got more friends than I know what to do with. Now piss off and lemme alone." The gunblader turned away from the other man and glared at the pink table decorations. Sometimes he really hated Zell's manipulation skills, giving awesome blow jobs should not be used as an incentive to drag friends to bad parties. Stupid Chicken.

Beside him Quistis and Nida were still talking, oblivious of the silent pair of gunbladers behind them. Quistis glanced over at Selphie and Irvine giggling together. The Instructor tossed her blonde hair over her shoulder and smiled at the pilot. "You know, I'm sure I don't like them gossiping about us."

Nida laughed. "Maybe we should give them something to gossip about."

Quistis arched an eyebrow playfully. "I hope you're not suggesting what I think you're suggesting."

"Not at all," Nida shook his head seriously. "I just thought maybe we should honour them with a hot and steamy kiss... What did you think I meant you dirty minded woman?"

"Who knew," Seifer muttered boredly as he returned an empty wine glass. "The pilot does talk."

"Quite well it would appear," Nida snapped back with an amused smile. "Making friends, Seifer?"

The gunblader took a deep breath and smiled viciously at the smaller man. "It's nice to see you're all so obsessed with my social life."

"I'm not," Quistis replied. "But then I'm probably the only one worried about you." The instructor smiled softly at him and handed the other blond another glass of wine. "So how have you been Seifer?"

Out of the corner of his eye the gunblader saw Rinoa slink silently to Squall's side. She and Zell were the only ones in this room who would know he was lying, so long as his acting skills hadn't been destroyed. "I've been fine, Quistis. Enjoying the hell out of studying old manuscripts. But just last week I got to go to Dollet to kill some bugs. It was very exciting, I can't do that in Balamb." The gunblader smiled sweetly at Quistis. Somewhere and for some strange reason that he felt the need to blame on Zell, he felt a little guilty for being mean to her, but she was used to it by now. So used to it in fact that she laughed a little.

"It's good to see some things never change then, Seifer," she clinked her glass against his. "Your sense of humour remains intact."

"What sense of humour?" Zell asked, folding his arms crossly at the side of Squall not taken up by Rinoa. "He's just bein' a dumbarse."

"Well, being an idiot of course you wouldn't note the finer points of wit, Chicken," Seifer replied, smirking.

"Is that a backhanded way of giving Quistis a compliment 'cause she does note 'em?" Zell almost smirked back at the retort. Seifer hadn't seen that one coming.

"Bite me."

"Finer points of wit," Zell repeated. "I'll have to write that one down, Seifer. 'Bite me'. How ingenious."

"Don't use words when you don't know what they mean, Chicken." Seifer countered.

"Like I said," Quistis put in quietly. "Some things never change."

"At least they don't resort to punching and wrestling anymore," Nida added.

"Did someone mention mud wrestling?" Irvine asked, appearing from nowhere. "Who's mud wrestling?"

"Seifer and Zell," Quistis replied with a smirk.

The cowboy was amazed for a moment that they'd told everyone in such an open place but suddenly, and thankfully realised Quistis was just teasing them. "Really?" he offered a suggestive smile Seifer's way. "Mind if I join you?"

"Piss off," Seifer replied, picking up another glass of wine. "Bye." He headed for the door with both hands full of alcohol but upon seeing Selphie slide energetically to Irvine's side he paused a few metres from them and turned back around. He'd never been Selphie's biggest fan but she and Zell got on very well and she was never petty or vindictive. However annoying she may be she was a good person and Seifer admired that... or he did after three glasses of wine on an empty stomach. "Selphie?"

The little ninja turned, beaming happily at him and bouncing on one foot. "Yeah?"

To the gunblader's annoyance the rest of the group turned to. Bastards. He lifted one of his glasses of wine a little. "Happy birthday." Then he left.

While the others weren't looking Zell allowed himself a little smile, and considered and hoped that maybe that little show of pleasantness from Seifer was his doing. He got rid of the smile, though, and when everyone turned back around replaced it with a confused frown.

"How... bizarre," Quistis remarked. "I guess he is more sociable after all."

Zell scoffed a little but left his remarks at that. These days it was hard to continually put Seifer down, especially when he was so damn good in bed.

By now Zell was getting used to coming home from a party and finding Seifer drunk in his room. He was used to sex then too and thus was looking forward to it when he keyed open the door to his room. What he wasn't used to, however, was the ferocity of Seifer's attack. He was barely in the door and still in the dark when arms wrapped around his waist, lifted him and slammed him against a wall. He wrapped his legs around Seifer's hips in an attempt to gain some sort of balance while twisting his neck away from Seifer's mouth so he could get a few words in.

"Does red wine always make you this horny?"

"Yes," Seifer snapped. "No. Dunno, don't care. Shut up and let me kiss you."

Zell laughed. "Say please."

Seifer ignored him, instead he hefted the smaller boy in a fireman's lift over his shoulder and carried him to the bedroom. After dumping him on his back in the middle of the bed Seifer set about removing both their clothes.

"Are you angry?"

"Huh?" Seifer paused in unbuckling his trousers and looked up the bed at the other boy.

"You just seem so..." Zell paused as Seifer, now without his trousers stalked cat-like over him. "So... intense."

"Neh," the gunblader shrugged and kissed him deeply. "Just horny. I want you."

Smiling Zell kissed him back. "OK then." He curled his arms around Seifer's neck, sighing softly when the gunblader slid his arms behind his back.

"Babe?" he breathed in Zell's ear. "I know we've been doing this whole.... being nice thing but..."

Zell grinned. "Hard and fast?"

Seifer bit his neck. "Mmm."

Still smiling Zell pressed his hips against the gunblader's, arching his back like a snake and kissing Seifer again. "Well, hurry the fuck up then."

Grinning, the older boy placed a soft kiss against the little bite mark on Zell's neck and slid down the other's chest, placing kisses, sucks, nips and licks all over his skin, leaving a thousand little pinpricks of desire. As Zell lay there, arms out to the sides, imitating an offering, or a sacrifice Seifer smirked softly and leant over him, shoulders hunched like a stalking tiger. He leant to one side, kissing the palm of Zell's upturned hand and nipping against the mount at the base of his thumb. When he turned to set tickling presses along the sensitive skin of the inside of Zell's arm he noticed the smaller boy watching him with half-closed eyes. The martial artist curled his arm around the other's neck and drew Seifer back toward him. They kissed softly and delicately as though they had just woken up then with a smile any succubus would have been proud of Zell pulled his arm back and rolled over onto his tummy.

Seifer smirked as he trailed fingertips over Zell's smooth back, he ran the back of a nail along the smaller boy's spine, around his shoulder blades and between his ribs until the martial artist was writhing like reeds of barley caught in a summer's breeze. He whimpered softly, causing Seifer to broaden his smirk and send one hand exploring the smooth skin of Zell's thigh, once it was there and curling over a hip the martial artist tried lifting his arse to rub against Seifer but the older boy was having none of it. He held Zell down with the palm of one hand against the small of his back, then nudged Zell's legs further apart with his knee. Seifer settled between them, lying over the smaller blond and breathing in his ear.

"You want to move up the bed a little so you can hold onto something?" he asked sweetly, teasing again.

Zell nodded minutely. What he wanted was for Seifer to hurry up and fuck his brains out but sometimes, he knew, Seifer's teasing made it feel so much better at the end. He hauled himself a little further up the bed and onto his knees, his hands went out to clutch the wooden headboard as Seifer slid teasingly up behind him. He felt the press of cool thighs against his own and bowed his head, desperate for Seifer to just slam inside him he stretched back a little.

But Seifer had decided a long time ago that he was calling the shots tonight. So he placed a firm hand across one buttock and held him in place. His other hand slid from the nape of Zell's neck down his spine and into the crack of his arse. With fingers moist from his own saliva Seifer pushed inside the smaller boy. He moved slowly at first, but he had requested hard and fast and that was exactly what he intended to deliver. Once he knew Zell was sufficiently ready he leant forward and clutched the wooden bed frame just beside Zell's own hand. He then steadied the smaller boy and thrust inside him.

The rumble of Seifer's moan by his ear, and the press of his heavily breathing chest against his back made Zell want to force himself closer towards the other boy, wrap himself in those arms and be stretched and filled and mercilessly fucked. Just as he was building up the strength to move Seifer began slow forceful thrusts that tingled all the way down to the soles of his feet. The gunblader pushed himself up from leaning against the headboard and clutched both of Zell's hips in his hands.

As Zell rested his head between his forearms and clung to the wooden frame, Seifer pulled his hips back to meet every violent penetration. It was good this way against the headboards, it gave him something to hold onto instead of just sheets. Speaking of which, Zell noted, it was his last clean set on the bed, he'd have to do some washing. He almost laughed aloud at the strange things that flickered through his mind, no wonder people thought he was bird-brained he couldn't keep his attention on one thing for more than...

"Oh fuck! Nnn... Seif... er..."

The gunblader was certainly very good with his hands. His sudden grasping of Zell's erection left the smaller boy moaning loudly. Sometimes they wondered if perhaps they were too loud but tonight Zell didn't care and Seifer hadn't even thought about it, all he wanted was Zell, to have his smooth, tanned skin pressed against Seifer's own naked flesh and to kneel here, behind him and fuck. That was exactly what he was getting.

Zell panted rapidly, gripping the wood under his hands and revelling in the sensation of Seifer's hot, rigid cock inside of him. There had been times when he had doubted the wisdom of ever getting involved with Seifer and still more when he wondered why he stayed but this was definitely not one of them. As Seifer leaned back over him and gripped the board beside him, thumb brushing softly against his pinky, upper arm against Zell's cheek, the little martial artist decided he never wanted to go anywhere else. Sure his brain felt like it was getting thrown around with the rough, jerking pounds of Seifer's thrusts but the fire in his belly, the way his legs had turned to noodles and the sheer pleasure of the hot breath across his jaw was completely worth it. Not to mention the beautiful feeling Seifer gave his cock.

"Seifer..." he whispered raggedly.

He felt Seifer swallow against his shoulder, and a soft tongue came out to lick at his ear. Giggling Zell ducked away but the gunblader slammed into him roughly, forcing him up against the wood and he almost banged his head. After a few steady thrusts like that Zell settled for nuzzling his cheek against Seifer's- trusting the older boy to realise if they were getting to close to the wall. Reaching behind him Zell clutched at Seifer's shoulder and closed his eyes. He felt so full, so surrounded and absolutely pleasured. So at ease, and complete.

"Zell..." the gunblader panted quietly in his ear. "Baby..." Suddenly Seifer pushed Zell forward with his hips and sat up on his knees, neck arched backward and head thrown back. "Yes..." He came hard inside the smaller boy, spasming gently against him as his fist tightened around Zell's cock. A few short pumps and he came too.

Slowly Zell relinquished his hold on the headboard and sank to rest his head on the pillow, but in doing so wiped his own spilt come across his cheek. As he moaned in annoyance Seifer pulled softly out of him, careful as he knew his partner might be more than a little tender after his none-too-gentle thrusts. The gunblader grinned as Zell rolled onto his back, a smear across one cheek, and threw the sullied pillow across the room. Leaning over him Seifer ran his tongue across the little smudge, lapping up the remnants of come.

"Mmm," the gunblader murmured softly when he was done. "All clean."

"Mmm," Zell replied, resting the side of his face against Seifer's.

A few moments later the older boy rolled over, pulling Zell onto his chest. As they lay together quietly, each lost in their own little worlds of thought, the gunblader stroked one finger along the top of Zell's shoulder. He was startled from his reverie by Zell's voice.

"Did you enjoy the party?"

After a moment he replied. "Not really. But there was wine and food so..." Seifer smiled. "You looked cute though."

"I thought I always looked cute," Zell grinned and propped his chin up on the back of his hands. He smiled apologetically at his partner. "I'm sorry I made you go then. I guess I just keep hopin' you'll get on with my friends."

Seifer smiled patronisingly as Zell snuggled back down against him. "Stupid Chicken."

"Pfft," Zell smiled wearily, half-asleep. "Did you remember to feed Hunter?"

"Yeah, when I forget she usually goes hunting anyway and kills a Bite Bug or two to eat," Seifer kissed the top of Zell's head gently. "She's a tough little kitten."

"Mmm, like you."

"Better than me."

Zell shook his head sleepily and snuggled closer. "I like you just the way you are. 'N' so does she. We can't both be wrong, Seify."

The gunblader frowned slightly, unsure whether he liked being called 'Seify' or not. In the end he decided to just go with it. What did he care what Zell called him in bed?

"You'll be careful, won't you?"

"Huh?" Seifer looked down at the bundle in his arms, frowning. "What?"

"When you go to Esthar, you won't let Odine do anything weird, will you?"

"Zell," Seifer smiled. "Have you forgotten who you're talking to or something? As if I'd let Odine do anything I didn't agree with. That guy is creepy and needs a good kick in the arse." He nodded his head in assurance. "'Sides, his machine probably won't even be doing what he wants it to do... again."

Smiling back, Zell tugged him closer but really just succeeded in moving himself and not Seifer at all. "Do you have to be anywhere in the morning?"

"Nope. Squall, bless him," Seifer scowled proving that despite the tone of his words he was being sarcastic. "Gave me a long weekend. You?"

Zell shook his head softly, hair tickling under Seifer's chin. He yawned widely. "I'll see you in the morning then."

"Night, Chicken."

The little martial artist took a deep breath and sighed, wriggling comfortably atop his partner. "G'Night, Seify."



Friday, 17th July

There was that sunlight, creeping through the gaps in the curtains. Normally Zell's room didn't get morning sunlight but in the middle of summer, just to annoy him it would peek gently around his window frame, put out his eye with its brightness and then be obscured by another wing of the Garden as it made its descent. Once the martial artist had considered working out if he could tell the time by when the sun arrived but it only did so for a short amount of the year so what was the point?

Zell screwed his eyes shut some more, and raised one eyebrow. This was greeted by a small chuckle from just above him, he shifted a little so the light wasn't directly in his eyes and looked up at the boy he was lying on.

"Whazzo funny?" he mumbled, voice still thick with sleep.

"You, Chicken," Seifer replied.

Zell stared at him for a moment from his position sprawled across the gunblader's chest. The slight smile on Seifer's face was one Zell was becoming more familiar with, it was his honest smile. Zell wondered vaguely for a second if he saved it for special occasions, it seemed so different from the usual smirk. It was gentle almost affectionate. Zell grinned back, he liked that smile. "Whyzat? I'm not so funny."

"You're a damn comedian," Seifer replied. He arched his back a little, raising Zell as he did so. "Fuck this bed is uncomfortable."

"Why do you think I keep coming over to yours?" Zell smiled. Seifer was so damn cute when he was being friendly. "You want me to help you out?"

Seifer frowned, unsure of exactly what Zell meant.

"I'll give you a massage," Zell clarified, moving off the other boy. "Sit up."

Another little frown graced Seifer's face but he moved, sitting up as Zell crawled behind him. The smaller blond flexed his fingers and attacked Seifer's back, his thumbs driving into the shoulder muscles right by his neck, where he knew most people got some sort of ache. Seifer moaned, Zell's thumbs had already made the ache more pleasurable and the cold fingertips on his neck made him desperate to turn around and kiss Zell. He wanted to feel Zell all over him suddenly, especially on his hardening cock.

As one hand ran down his right bicep, tracing the line of the muscle and relaxing it, Seifer turned his head to look at Zell. Quickly the hand on his arm moved up to his jaw trying, gently, to push his head back, to relax his neck muscles again. But Seifer just took the fingers into his mouth, kissing them gently. Behind him, Zell giggled and pressed his forehead to the back of Seifer's head. The warm breath that brushed over his shoulder blades reminded him of their first non-drunk time together so many months ago, and he felt his arousal grow.

"Zell..." he whispered seductively.

"Mmm?" the other boy replied, he was already breathing more heavily.

"I want you."

"Mmm," Zell agreed, nodding softly. "Want you too."

"Can we?" Seifer asked. It felt weird to be asking Chickie for it when before all they'd had was the sex but he felt it was probably appropriate considering how rough he had been the night before. "You're not..."

"'M fine," Zell replied, dipping his head to kiss under Seifer's ear. "I don't mind ya bein' rough babe."

Turning in Zell's grasp the older boy reached with his mouth for Zell's and, once captured, he began gently sucking and licking at it.

"Seif," Zell mumbled in the small space between their mouths. "Want..." he breathed.

Seifer could do nothing but grin in reply, the taste of Zell's lips was almost as beautiful as the sweet flavour of his skin.

But from this angle, with Zell leaning over Seifer's shoulder they couldn't touch each other very well. "Neh," Zell pulled away for a moment, pouting and scowling, before crawling back around the older boy and straddling his lap again. Grinning, he kissed Seifer softly and he slid his arms about the smaller boy's waist. "Much better," Zell smiled.

But a moment after he was seated Seifer rolled them over, pressing Zell beneath him and running a gentle hand down the back of the martial artist's thigh. He dipped his head and placed a gentle kiss just beneath Zell's ear before resting his forehead against the other boy's shoulder. As the little martial artist combed his fingers through Seifer's hair the gunblader pressed soft, vague kisses against his neck. Zell opened his eyes slowly, unaware that they had even been closed, and smiled softly down at Seifer. They kissed quickly and Zell slid one thigh along the outside of Seifer's, teasing him, smiling seductively, pressing his hips ever so softly against the other boy's.

Seifer sat up and as he searched for the lube on the beside cupboard Zell, with his arms around the other's neck, used the older boy as a support frame, lifting his upper body to press against his partner's. Seifer smiled as his little partner nuzzled against his ear and kissed him softly before laying them both back down on the bed.

"Mmm," Seifer moaned quietly. He uncapped the lube with one hand and squeezed some onto his fingers.

Zell watched silently, quiet but impatient. Each of them knew what was coming, and they yearned for it, for one another. He relaxed happily, smiling when Seifer pressed one finger inside him. Not surprisingly, since they'd only finished fucking a few hours ago, Zell was ready for him in no time. He lay back with his eyes closed and waited for Seifer. When he felt that hot, thick length begin to press inside of him the martial artist arched his back slightly, pushing closer toward the gunblader, and tightened his thighs against the other boy.

Normally Zell would have felt the need to whisper Seifer's name, to remind himself what was going on so he didn't get too mindless and just because it sounded nice, tumbling from his lips in the heat of passion. But there was something about this time that meant it didn't need to be said. Something about this moment together that leant itself to the quiet, soft sighs and gentle moans that littered the air.

Above him Seifer watched emotions flicker across his partner's face as he drove deeper inside Zell. The martial artist's eyes were closed blissfully, the little frown between his golden eyebrows the only blemish on his skin (besides that fucking great tattoo), his lips parted slightly in a pant, and a pout. The gunblader could not resist. He leant down and ran his tongue along those lips, slipped it over his teeth and into his mouth, arching his back into Zell and feeling where they connected push and move and press in more exciting ways. Hyne*damn* this boy was beautiful. And it had taken him this long to notice.

While Zell's muscles contracted then relaxed around him Seifer leant back a little, trailing one hand softly over the curve of Zell's neck and shoulder. He thrust gently but when Zell gripped his arms with fierce need the gunblader knew the little one wanted more. He pulled out almost completely then pushed back, agonisingly slowly, watching the rise and fall of Zell's chest.

There was a gentleness in this, their love making. Possibly because it was love, because each of them now realised how much these past nine months had made them grow. Seifer grinned. Nine months gestation period for a romance. Like a child it grew in them both, crept under their skin, over their defences, through their veins and into their hearts 'til it seemed almost as though it had been there all along, they had just been blind to it because of their fighting relationship. The truth was Time grew it, time together, time apart, moments that built up. *Only* Time could have rendered them inseparable. Only Time could have made them in love.


Not that they could admit that to themselves, of course, not to mention each other.





Author's Note

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Another birthday chapter. Only Squall's left.

But on the up side, there's another...6 chapters to go. Yay! There are things to sort out and sex to be had.


Have a good one kids.

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