One Moment, And A Year

Chapter 16 - Going Home

By Akare

Friday, 10th April


There were three things in the world Seifer hated more than anything. Squall Leonhart, Her and not being sure of what he was supposed to do. It was the third dilemma that faced him now. He was standing on Ma Dincht's doorstep as the woman told him Zell was not at home but was expected back as soon as he'd finished swimming. There were two reasons this situation really irked him. The first and most irritating was that Ma wasn't supposed to be there at all. Zell had said she was going away this weekend. The second thing was the way she was looking at him with an all-knowing smile. No wonder Zell was such a little boy scout; with a mother who knew everything it would be hard to be naughty.

"He shouldn't be long," Ma smiled and Seifer got the distinct impression that as soon as he turned his back she would be giggling at him.

"Never mind," he turned to leave but her voice called him back.

"Why don't you wait here? There's nothing much to do in this town for a youngster like you."

Seifer flinched. He hadn't been called a youngster since he entered Garden. The gunblader looked over his shoulder at her. Strangely the mischievous grin she was now offering him was something Zell had inherited. And it irritated him no end.

"No thanks, I think I'll just go for a walk."

"Oh that's convenient." Her voice stopped his progression again, and he heard the sound of the front door shutting. She was still grinning as she came to his side. "I was going to do some shopping. I thought I'd have to wait until Zell got home so he could carry the heavy things but now you're here..."

Yeah right, Zell's mother could take care of herself. So why was she making excuses to hang out with her son's friends? Friends? Seifer scowled. He was *not* friends with her son, he was... something else entirely, not that he knew what but that was hardly the point. How could he get himself out of this one? How do you tell someone's mum that you can't be seen in public with them? "Sorry, Ma Dincht, I can't help you shop. Someone might see us and then think I'm having a torrid, raunchy affair with your son." The gunblader growled. His life sucked. Ma handed him a wicker basket. *Really* sucked.

"It's very sweet of you to help me," she began as they headed for the markets.

Like he'd volunteered. Ha.

"Zell's always off doing things on the weekends. The only time he comes home now is when I ask him to look after the house. He seems to be very busy with work. Or maybe he's found himself a girlfriend."

Seifer held back the chuckle. Girlfriend? Dincht? Yeah right. He hadn't even had the guts to ask out what's-her-face, the library girl.

"But then he broke up with Elda. She was a lovely girl, brought her around for lunch once or twice. I still see her around... but they weren't suited. Did you know her?"

"Elda? Never heard of her."

"She worked at the library in Garden."

The gunblader almost stopped walking. So Zell wasn't as spineless as he'd thought. Who knew? "Can't say I ever really spoke to her..."

"No, she probably isn't your type either." Ma grinned and Seifer found himself wondering exactly what she meant by that. There was something about Zell's Ma that made you think she knew a lot more than she was letting on.

"Well, we'll need to get bread," she noted as they arrived at the bustling wharf. "Zell's obsession with hotdogs hasn't diminished as much as I'd hoped it would. But he has cut back."

Seifer smiled. Maybe that was because Seifer fulfilled the need Zell had to ram something down his throat. The gunblader almost laughed aloud at the thought, but stopped himself; it would never do for Zell's Ma to think he was mad.

"Zell's spoken of you a bit," Ma smiled and paused at the fruit stand.

Had he? Seifer bit the inside of his lip as he glanced at Ma. "Yeah? I'm surprised, we're not really that close."

She picked up an apple, examined it closely and bought it. Seifer fidgeted impatiently at her side. She was deliberately taking her time.

Zell's Ma casually made her way through the little throng of people, smiling generously at anyone who caught her eye. The woman was too damn nice. Seifer wondered if people recognised the tall, arrogant blond with her as Her Knight. It had been Raijin and Fujin who'd taken over the town but everyone knew Seifer was behind everything they did... or he had been, these days he was lucky to get Fujin to make him a cup of tea.

People seemed very much endeared toward Ma Dincht though, Seifer found it disconcerting, he wasn't used to people who actually seemed pleased to see you. Even if they were talking to someone he was with rather than he himself. For a moment he wondered if Zell was this well loved. Ma managed to get discounts almost everywhere.

Then suddenly he heard it. The sound of his own downfall.

"Hi Seifer."

Oh shit, someone had seen him. He turned. "Ahh..." Fuck. The bar maid from Irvine's party.

She looked pointedly at the basket in his hand and smiled. "You're shopping?"

"Yeah." Lie, lie well and then escape.

"With your Mum?"

"Huh?" She was looking over his shoulder. The gunblader spun around to discover Ma Dincht grinning like a maniac at his side. "Ahh, not really..." How the fuck was he going to get out of this one?

Ma held out her hand to the irritating bint. "I'm Mirrie, you're a friend of Seifer's?"

"Yeah," the girl shook her hand. "I'm Kieran."

While the gunblader was making up his mind whether to bury his face in his hands or curse the Gods- whichever seemed the most dramatic- Mirrie and Kieran seemed to be getting on very well.

"You study at Garden too then?" Ma smiled sweetly.

This woman smiles way too much. That rubbed off on Zell too.

"Yeah," Kieran twirled her ponytail around one finger and giggled.

Seifer looked away, he was never going to hear the end of this. Knowing his luck they would be chatting all day and then go to get coffee together and then Kieran would let slip that Seifer and Zell still hated each other according to all reliable sources and Zell's Ma would wonder what the hell was going on, and she'd think that he was still bullying her son-

"Well, it was very nice meeting you, Kieran," Ma declared suddenly. "But Seify and I must get going. The butcher shuts at 3 on Fridays."

"Umm, OK," the bar maid blinked stupidly. "I'll see you at Garden, Seifer?"

The gunblader was still reeling from being called 'Seify'. "Ahh, yeah, sure, whatever."

Then the girl disappeared into the crowd - far too slowly for Seifer's liking.

"What an incredibly vapid girl," Ma muttered.

Seifer couldn't help but chuckle. Something told him Ma Dincht wasn't as bad as he'd first thought.

By the time they arrived back at the Dincht's Zell was home, he managed to hide his significant look of surprise at the friendly manner with which his Ma and Seifer interacted, not to mention the fact that Seifer was there at all. Something strange was going on.

"Hello darling," Ma greeted her son with another generous smile and handed him her basket. "Seifer's been a dear and helped me with the shopping."

"Has he?" Zell tried not to sound too surprised. He dumped the basket in the kitchen and frowned at Seifer. The older boy merely shrugged and smiled knowingly. Zell rolled his eyes, great, now his Ma had won over Seifer. She managed to manipulate all of his friends into loving her.

The martial artist followed his Ma into the sitting room, leaving Seifer to unpack the groceries on his own. Mirrie was engaged in putting her feet up when Zell sat down beside her, frowning. "What did you say to him?"

"Nothing," Ma smiled and leaned over conspiratorially. "Is *he* your boyfriend?"

"Ma!" Zell could feel himself turning bright red. "It's none of your business!"

Ma nodded sagely. "So you're just sleeping with him."

"Ma!" the martial artist almost exploded. "You can't... It's none of your... Stop laughing at me!"

"Sorry." But Zell could tell she wasn't. Her cheeky grin gave it away.

"Look, it's... complicated."

"I'm sure it is," Ma gave him her gentlest, loving smile. "How about some tea?"

Damn, his Ma was awesome. "Sure." Zell grinned cheerily at her and headed back into the kitchen.

Watching him leave Ma wondered how she had managed to bring up a child that was remotely well adjusted. She teased him a lot but then he teased her too, maybe it was a good thing they acted as friends. The people she knew whose parenting skills left a little to be desired had no respect for their children, and especially didn't understand how they could possibly have different opinions to their parents. Mirrie had always known Zell would grow up different to her; he wasn't her biological child after all. But even if he had been why would her child be just like her? It was more interesting that he wasn't.

She expected to come across the two of them pressed close together in the kitchen, springing apart when they heard her footsteps but even when she was as quiet as possible when she arrived they were standing on separate sides. Zell slouched against the bench top, toeing that hole in the lino he always picked at; and Seifer keeping his back straight but resting one hip against the kitchen table, arms folded across his chest. They weren't talking when she arrived; in fact she hadn't heard their voices even from the sitting room. How disappointing. Maybe this Seifer fellow wasn't her son's lover after all.

Mirrie smiled sweetly at the two of them. They would be very cute together. "Tea, Seifer?"

"I should get going..."

"Don't be silly," she turned to fill up the kettle. "Tea and biscuits, payment for helping me with those heavy bags."

Zell rolled his eyes, she was unbelievable. "Heavy bags my arse," he muttered.

Mirrie pretended not to hear him. "Are you a SeeD Seifer?"

"Yeah, 2nd Year."

Mirrie watched silently as he fidgeted. Obviously the boy wasn't comfortable, she'd have to fix that and let him know she knew exactly who he was and didn't care one iota. "Aren't you a little old for a 2nd Year?"

"Yeah," Seifer rubbed absently at the back of his neck. He desperately wanted to look to Zell for support but convinced himself he didn't need it. "'Cause of the war and stuff."

"Oh, you're *that* Seifer, are you?" she smiled knowingly and both Seifer and Zell got the impression she knew more about what was going on than she led them to believe. "It must be hard for you, going back to Garden. I hope Zell's looking after you." She looked at her son and smiled. "Zell?"

"Course I am." Zell knew he was blushing but his Ma always had that effect on him.

"Has he cooked for you yet? He's very good."

Zell bit his bottom lip and scowled. She was *so* sneaky. Ma knew he never cooked for people unless they were close. He'd never cooked for anyone except her, Pa, Elda and Seifer. If she found out she'd *know* something was going on between them.

"He made dinner once," Seifer replied. "That's about it." Better to understate the truth in case she suspected, and better to make it dinner instead of breakfast. Cooking breakfast for someone was *very* suspicious.

"He has?" Mirrie lifted the whistling kettle from the stove and grinned to herself. "That was sweet of him. Zell, could you deal with the tea while I find those biscuits I made this morning?"

"How'd you manage to lose *biscuits*?" Zell shook his head and took the sugar out of the cupboard. It was nice of Seifer to alter the truth but even that hadn't saved them. He was just pouring milk into Seifer's tea when he realised that Ma had made him make the tea deliberately too. Now she knew that he knew how Seifer had his tea. He looked across at her; she was smiling still and offering Seifer a biscuit. Fiendish, that's what she was. And *very* clever. "Sugar, Seifer?"

The gunblader looked a little surprised for a second. Zell knew he only ever had sugar in the mornings if he was tired or angry. "No, thanks." He frowned curiously at the smaller boy but Zell wasn't responding.

It didn't stop Ma from seeing the look though. She was feeling very proud of herself. So they *were* sleeping together. She grinned and took the biscuits and Seifer into the lounge room. "You know I could have sworn you and Zell weren't friends before the War."

"We weren't," Seifer sighed and took a biscuit. She was waggling the plate in front of him and he just knew she wouldn't let up until he took one. "But things, and people, change."

"How very true," Ma smiled as Zell entered the room and sat halfway between the two of them. Probably to stop Ma from inching across next to Seifer to ask him all sorts of personal questions. "You didn't come to see me last weekend," she accused suddenly.

Zell flinched. Oh yeah, he'd been busy with Seifer... "I was helping Seifer out with an assignment." The martial artist prayed Seifer wasn't giving him a weird look.

"I thought 2nd Year SeeDs didn't do assignments."

"I do," Seifer replied bitterly. "Squall thinks I need them." Evidently Zell needed him to cover up what he *had* been doing that weekend in Seifer's bed. An assignment sounded believable, even though Squall had stopped giving him them recently since he was doing good work with Rinoa.

"Oh, what was it on?"

How the hell did she manage to make such a loaded question sound so casual and innocent? "GF's," Zell replied. It wasn't quite a lie; he had helped Seifer on that assignment. "Quez. I've got her junctioned."

Ma nodded as Seifer struggled not to choke on his tea. Oh yeah, Zell had helped him real well... If kneeling under his desk for almost an hour and giving him a number of blowjobs counted. How the hell that boy managed it was beyond Seifer but he thanked Hyne for hotdogs to this day.

"I'll have to get going soon," Ma declared suddenly. "Thank you for looking after the house for me, Zell. I think I bought enough food for you. Don't forget to feed the goldfish. And don't let Simon bully you into giving him more food. I know you're a softy for cats but he's fat enough as it is."

Zell nodded. "I know Ma, a few years ago he was my cat remember?"

Ma shrugged. "I know how forgetful you are." She drained her teacup and headed back into the kitchen. In a way she thought it might be nice to have grandchildren but in other ways she realised Zell and this Seifer chap were very suited to one another. It didn't bother her really that he'd settled for men and left women for Irvine. Mirrie grinned at the thought of that cowboy. He was a very charming boy, but an atrocious flirt, it was a good thing Zell had Seifer instead.

In the sitting room Zell and Seifer waited a moment in silence until they heard Ma's footsteps heading upstairs. Zell closed his eyes and slumped back against the sofa back. "Man..."

Seifer smirked. "Your Ma runs circles around you, Zelly."

"Don't call me Zelly." The martial artist narrowed his eyes at his partner. "She's just teasin'."

"Do you always love people who tease you?"

Zell had his mouth open to answer before he realised what Seifer had actually said. One look at the gunblader told him Seifer hadn't meant to say it either. He was studiously avoiding Zell's gaze. "Umm, I should go see if Ma needs any help." The martial artist was almost out the door when Seifer grabbed his arm.

"I didn't mean..." he let go. "Forget it."

Zell paused by his side anyway. "It's just somethin' you and my Ma have in common, the teasin' I mean."

Seifer nodded. "Sure, whatever," he rose. "I'm gunna go."

"Seifer? You're leaving?" Somehow Ma had managed to return without them noticing. She looked a little put out. "Surely you'll come to see me off at the station."

"I should-"

"Of course he will," Zell smiled softly at his mother then turned it to Seifer. To the gunblader's surprise he felt himself become mellowed and relaxed.

Zell's Ma didn't let that one go unnoticed either and all through her journey to Dollet she was grinning happily, the man in the carriage with her almost called a mental asylum. It was nice to know Zell would be looked after, once he and Seifer stopped being so stubborn. She'd have to talk to Selphie about it, that young woman knew far more than one would expect considering her hyper persona.

"Hyne, you eat a lot Zell. Where does it all go?"

"I gotta keep my energy levels up," the martial artist replied, tucking into another Trabian pastie. "If I didn't eat a lot I wouldn't be able to do so much physical stuff."

Seifer could barely suppress a smirk. "In that case maybe you should have another."

"Ha ha," Zell slouched back in his chair and grinned at the gunblader. "I don't need more. I got more stamina than you anyways."

"You reckon?"

Zell smiled gently. "Yep. You're the one who needs to keep up. So you want dessert?"

"What is it?" Seifer narrowed his eyes playfully at the smaller boy. "What Hyne awful concoction have you brewed?"

"It's just a pie," Zell rose and collected the empty plates. "I used up that disgustin' fruit stuff that Ma bought."

"You mean the apples?"

"Yeah," the martial artist smiled. "Galbadian Greens only taste good in pie. She knows that."

"She wanted you to make a pie?" Seifer lifted his own plate and followed Zell back into his Ma's kitchen.

"Well, if I cook a pie then maybe I made it for you, and 'cause I only cook for people I'm close to she'll know then that you and I are... Y'know."

"She'll suspect," Seifer slouched against the bench as Zell cut him a slice. "She won't know."

The little blond shrugged. "She's still devious."

"I'm surprised you didn't inherit that," Seifer ruffled his partner's hair gently.

Zell pouted at him. "Dun't do that," he swatted the gunblader's hand away and handed him a plate. "Cream or ice cream or both?"

"Cream, thanks... So why d'you make the pie?"

Zell shrugged. "'Cause I wanted to."

Seifer watched quietly as the little blond fiddled around. People always say that cooking is done with love, maybe that was kind of what he'd meant when he blurted out that stupidness earlier. Maybe he thought Zell held true to that. Obviously his brain had gone for a walk when that gem popped out. Or maybe his subconscious was playing tricks on him again. Either way it was a stupid thing to have said, he was just lucky Zell hadn't brought it up again. Which was even more disconcerting because normally his luck was shit. Maybe things were changing.

"Seif?" Zell took a deep breath and turned to face him. "'Bout earlier..."

Then again, maybe things were staying *exactly* the same.

"Look, I didn't mean to say it. I don't know what possessed me."

Zell looked confused. "Huh? I was just gunna thank you for puttin' up with my Ma and helpin' her out with the shoppin' when she didn't need it. She was s'posed to leave this morning but then she caught the later train instead..." He tilted his head to one side. "What were you--"

Seifer cut him off with a simple, but passionate kiss. "Never mind."

The martial artist frowned softly at him but the expression was quickly replaced with a confused little smile. "OK," he replied and headed, bowl in hand, back to the table.

Silently, Seifer thanked whatever Gods were listening and prayed they wouldn't abandon him. He needed all the help he could get.

It felt strange to have someone sleeping in his own bed with him. He'd slept in this bed as a child in this room; no one had ever climbed into it with him, except Ma when he had a nightmare or Pa when he'd read bedtime stories. Zell stared at the piece of furniture for a moment, remembering how life had been and how much it had changed.

It was dark in his room, all the lights were off except the bathroom one and Seifer was in there, brushing his teeth. The fluorescence flooded out into the hall and gave his room an eerie sheen. Zell was used to it though, he'd seen this room in all different lights; day, night, storms, with a slight reddish tinge from Esthar after the Lunar Cry, with an browny orange tinge when there had been fires in the mountains, in the flickering multicolour of ocean liners and cargo vessels docked at the wharf. He knew this room, but soon there would be a stranger in it, climbing into his bed, curling up with him. It was a change, a big step, and yet, also a very little one. He and Seifer shared beds at Garden but now he was letting the older boy into his home. Whatever happened between them his place of sanctuary would always have the faintest tinge of Seifer Almasy.

He heard Seifer rinse and the light flicked off, leaving the room with only the light of the moon. Zell smiled. Whatever else Seifer was, he was a good teddy bear, and if he was going to let him into his room he ought to make it a good memory.

Seifer's bare feet made the softest of sounds against the wooden floor as they approached. Hands curled on his hips before either of them said anything. "What are you doing standing in the middle of the room, Chickie?"

Zell smiled. "Jus' thinkin'." He turned to face the older boy and kissed him gently on the chin. He caught one Seifer's hands in his own and led him across the room.

As they slipped into bed Seifer frowned. Zell was hiding something but he wasn't sure if it was important enough for him to try and wheedle it out of him. He spooned behind the smaller boy and slipped one hand over his boxer-clad waist. Somewhere along the line the two of them had started acting as... well, not friends, but as people who didn't hate each other. Maybe sex had done it or maybe they'd both mellowed with age and hadn't realised it or maybe it had been Her. Whatever the reason there was now a part of Seifer that was perfectly happy to just lie in Zell's bed and go to sleep.

Fortunately it was in the minority. Every other part of him wanted Zell to scream his lungs out in a way they couldn't really do at Garden, wanted to take him here, in his mother's house, wanted to fuck him absolutely senseless so all he could do afterwards would be make a few strangled noises.

He leant over the smaller boy's shoulder and pressed the side of his face to Zell's. "Zell?"

Seifer felt the little blond grin and laugh slightly. "Yeah?"

"Tell me you packed the lube."

Zell laughed softly and turned in his partner's arms. "I thought you did..."

In the moonlight Seifer caught the mischievous smile, it crinkled the tattoo by Zell's eye and put a distinct twinkle in his eye. "Don't tease."

The small boy's smile broadened. "Oh? You don't love people who tease you?"

The gunblader narrowed his eyes. "You little bastard." That line called for some serious payback. After flexing his fingers Seifer attacked.

Almost instantly Zell was wriggling and messing up the covers. "No... No, stop it!! Sei-FER!!" He giggled and grabbed at Seifer's wrists to pull them away but he was laughing too much and couldn't get the strength. "Stooppp~!!"

Seifer chuckled wickedly and paused. "Well?"

"Is in the duffel bag," Zell panted, desperate to get his breath back so he could throw Seifer off and tickle *him*.

The gunblader gave him the benefit of the doubt and leaned over the edge of the bed to get said bag, he was still rifling through it when Zell poked him in the ribs. "Watch it," he growled, turning to face Zell. When he was the martial artist tickled him. "Don't..." he snarled and grabbed Zell's wrist. He was on top so had better leverage; in a few seconds he had Zell pinned. "I'm going to be nice and give you a choice," he smirked at the struggling boy. "Either I can lie here and tickle you for half an hour or so. Or you can get up, get the lube and come back here so I can fuck you brains out." He arched one golden eyebrow in inquisition.

Zell sighed deeply. "K. I'll go for option... 2." He bit his bottom lip and smiled. "But you're gunna have ta get offa me."

"I reckon I can chance letting you go," Seifer released the smaller boy's wrists and sat back.

Swinging his feet off the bed Zell leant down to rummage in the bag, a bad move considering this was almost exactly how Seifer wanted him. The gunblader shuffled across the bed to kneel behind him, a thigh on either side of Zell's. When the smaller boy sat up again Seifer breathed softly against the smooth skin of his shoulder, and kissed him.

Zell let out a little giggle and hunched the shoulder against the tickle Seifer's breath caused.

"Found it?"

"Uh-huh," Zell twisted his neck to smile at the other boy and grinned. "What should I do with it now?"

"Don't be coy," Seifer rolled his eyes, tugging off his own pyjama trousers and snatching the small tube. "Get your damn shorts off."

The martial artist scowled and folded his arms, all prepared to refuse the arrogant jerk he had in his bed. Who the fuck did Seifer think he was exactly? Leader of the Galbadian Army? Not anymore, sweetheart. He could just go and get--


A beaming grin was on his face before he could stop himself. He literally bounced off the bed and stripped off his boxers. The gunblader had to restrain the urge to snatch Zell back to him, to pull that glorious body over his. There was something entirely seductive about a nude body bathed in moonlight, especially when it was kneeling between one's legs with its lips slightly parted.

"It feels weird having you here."

"Oh?" What was he on about now, *breathing* all over his cock like that. Teasing little bastard.

"Yuh-huh." Admittedly Zell hadn't meant to let the older boy know how he felt about the situation but now that he had maybe it was right. Maybe Seifer's problem was not that he didn't understand or care about other people it was just that no one had ever given him the chance to. Zell slid his hands gently up Seifer's bare thighs and grinned again.

Seifer smiled lazily and considered lying back. Well now, that was nice, and good... and... stuff... Zell was... Seifer lost coherent thought as the smaller boy's mouth wrapped around him. "Mmm."

An amused little smile curled Zell's lip and he lapped his tongue against his partner's rapidly hardening cock. As a little shiver ran up Seifer's spine Zell felt fingers curling in his hair. When the gunblader looked down at the blond between his knees he felt a little generous, for once. Gently he took Zell's chin in one hand and pushed his mouth from Seifer's cock. Then he slipped his arms around Zell's ribs and pulled him onto the bed.

The martial artist didn't say anything, which seemed quite rare, but Seifer didn't care he preferred the noises Zell made in his throat to any others. Holding the smaller boy beside him for a moment he slipped his tongue into Zell's warm, slick mouth. Strangely he was used to the taste of himself in Zell's mouth now, he often felt the desire to kiss Zell after the younger blond had sucked him dry.

"Nh?" Zell pulled back slightly.


A wicked, lopsided grin came over Zell's face. "My pleasure." He rolled and pushed Seifer back to lie on his back. "You just stay there, baby."

The gunblader laughed and closed his eyes. "Sure, you just tell me when--"

Zell caught him by surprise, sliding Seifer down his throat with practiced ease. He arched his back, bucking his hips slightly into the smaller boy's mouth before he realised that the warm heat over him was Zell's body. He opened his eyes. Ahh, gorgeous. Male genitalia might not be the most beautiful thing in the world but the sight of Zell bared before him, erection almost dripping onto his chest, and Seifer felt the flames of lust stoked within him. He stroked one finger down the sensitive flesh and chuckled softly when the martial artist loosed his mouth's grip for a second, letting out an erotic, "Oh!" before getting back to work.

His eyes felt heavy, so the gunblader closed them, shutting out his best sense to just feel, and smell, and taste, and hear. Zell's hands against the top of his thighs were strong, holding him still but not holding him down. He felt knees pinch at his ribs as he slid one hand up the martial artist's thigh; the skin was smooth and soft, Zell was one of those irritating people with perfect skin. Seifer scowled and nipped at the top, fleshy part of Zell's thigh. He wriggled a little to catch the smaller boy in his mouth and licked, as softly as he could, down the underside of Zell's erection. He heard Zell giggle and felt it around his own arousal. The taste was not worthy of a write up in 'Balamb's Good Tastes Guide' but it was very human, alive and pulsing, something carnal and primitive. The texture of skin, the taste and scent of it, filled Seifer with a need to latch his mouth onto Zell's, to feel his little writhing tongue slide along his teeth.

But Zell chose that moment to curl said tongue over and around the head of Seifer's throbbing, stiff shaft, slipping it and curling it softly and tantalisingly over every little ridge and vein. The gunblader arched his back, Zell slipping from his mouth. His hands tightened around the legs over him. Oh, the boy was so damn good at that. Seifer smirked and took Zell in his hand, gently pumping his partner as the younger boy sucked, licked and stroked him with more fervour. He knew he should return the favour but was also wary of hurting him, if Zell caused him to flinch, jerk or come there was no way Seifer would be able to control himself- there was a chance he might bite.

"Oh fuck," he panted. "Babe..."

He felt Zell chuckle lightly. "Mmm?"

That murmur caused the most delicious shudder of pleasure to soar up his belly and along his spine. The muscles in Seifer's hand felt suddenly without strength, aching and tingling. It dropped from Zell and lay limp against the sheets. Softly inside him he felt the rising of a tidal wave that overcame him and released him, shuddering, into Zell's mouth.

Unconsciously he had raised his head and as the orgasm washed off him he felt back against the pillow and sighed. To his amusement Zell kept sucking, drinking down everything Seifer could give him until the gunblader felt that yearning hardness return.

"Nh," he complained. "Zell..." He wriggled away from the smaller boy and wrapped his arms around Zell's waist from behind, lifting him to sit in Seifer's lap. For some reason that generosity had returned, he wanted to pleasure Zell. To know that this body, this boy felt at least something for him. Even if it were only lust. So he kissed wet kisses along the martial artist's shoulder as one of his hands returned to pump leisurely on his unsatiated arousal.

"Seif...?" Zell whispered, leaning back against his partner's chest. "I'm gunna..." He pulled away, for a second Seifer was hurt by it but then Zell lay back on the bed, and reached one hand out to tug Seifer over him. In a second the martial artist's legs were wrapped about his hips and he nuzzled the side of his neck. "Mmm."

The gunblader smiled and quickened the pace of his hand. "Where's...?"

One hand tightened its grip on Seifer's shoulder. The little martial artist reached to one side and fumbled about on the mattress. He passed Seifer the small tube then pulled him in for a hug. Holding him tightly Seifer suddenly had the frightening thought that maybe Zell felt more for him than he was supposed to. Maybe the martial artist was falling in love with him. It couldn't be that hard considering all the emotions they'd already invested in each other, negative and positive. But then Zell bit his shoulder, hard.

"Seifer," he snapped impatiently. "Fuck me. Now."

Well, in that case...

The gunblader freed both his hands and coated one generously, gently he pressed into the boy beneath him. Zell's eyes had drifted closed; he was smiling a little open-mouthed smile, teeth showing white and pointed. Then they disappeared as one of his fingers was slipped between his gums and bitten as Seifer touched him in just the right spot. "Uhnnn... yeah..."

Seifer offered a smug smirk, after that short lived blow job Zell was desperate to come and he would... when Seifer decided to play nice. Shortly though the gunblader was feeling a little horny himself so he retracted his working fingers and settled himself between the smaller boy's parted legs. By now Zell was panting quickly, his cock painfully erect as Seifer kept leisurely stroking it. The martial artist bucked into his hand just as the taller blond thrust roughly inside him. Zell's back arched in ecstasy as he came, tightening around Seifer and threatening to consume him instantly.

"Damn," Seifer paused, swallowing at the feeling that shivered up his arms, and trying to get his breath back. He panted softly against Zell's cheek as the smaller boy released the tension that had built up inside him. He seemed to curl closer against Seifer without really moving, slinking one arm around his neck and tightening one leg, suddenly Seifer felt safe again. He kissed the side of Zell's neck gently, smiling when he was rewarded with a happy sigh. Bracing himself he drew back slightly, Zell clung like a little monkey.

Even though he knew the further apart they drew the better it would be when they were together again Zell couldn't bring himself to let the other boy go. He knew somewhere that Seifer was not a lover, was barely a friend, was not *his*, but he belonged to Seifer, and he wanted to. Here, in a moment of pleasure, in a second of lust he could believe what they had was love because it was all too good not to be.


The martial artist tightened his grip, it might have been hurting Seifer but he wasn't clear-headed enough to consider it. He held on, as though for dear life as the gunblader pressed closer, deeper, faster. Having already climaxed Zell had the opportunity to watch Seifer with a remotely conscious mind. Even though every second or third thrust hit him just where he needed it, Zell had the sense to recognise and understand Seifer's expression. Usually the older boy was so stone faced, so hidden, but when he relaxed depths, emotions, weaknesses appeared. Zell spotted one just as Seifer grabbed him, and slammed hard inside him, coming violently.


The martial artist rested his chin on his partner's shoulder, combing his fingers through Seifer's hair. "Mmm?"

But the older boy just shook his head. "Nothing." He pulled away and lay against the wall, watching the ceiling.

Zell wouldn't push it. Seifer would never admit anything to him, or anyone else but sometimes it almost seemed he wanted to. Instead Zell figured a little show of support might be nice. "That was..." he grinned and looked over at the melancholy youth. "Awesome."

Seifer smiled sleepily at him. "C'mere." He pulled Zell into a bear hug, squeezing him close but putting no emotion into it. It would never do for Seifer of all people to appear needy. Tucking the martial artist beneath his chin, Seifer closed his eyes. After that pleasant activity the gunblader figured visiting Ma's wasn't as annoying as he'd thought.


They decided to head back to Garden on Sunday. Seifer had informed Squall he would be visiting Raijin and Fujin so Sunday was believable, but trouble was not going to come from Garden but from Timber. In truth Seifer hadn't visited the old posse in almost four months and they were beginning to get suspicious. He'd have to go soon to appease them or he knew they would show up out of the blue and catch him with his trousers down... literally. Sometimes he really missed them. Really they were the only family he had, the Orphanage gang were not particularly fond of him, especially after trying to kill them all... Yeah, yeah, it was Her Knight, totally different thing. But was it? He hadn't liked them very much anyway.

He'd go see Raijin and Fujin soon though, maybe Squall could be convinced to give him a weeks holiday not just a weekend where everything was in relation to Sunday, when everything ended and Zell could no longer play house with him. But Sunday was hours away and at 11.37am on Saturday morning there wasn't a better place to be than reading the paper with a cup of coffee as his own little bitch made him breakfast.



"You're not making eggs, are you?"

Zell rolled his eyes. Sure Seifer couldn't see him but *really*. "No, Seifer, I'm not making eggs. You don't like them... I *know*. You've told me about what you don't eat... in great detail. I remember..." The martial artist scowled at his hands. "Which is more than I can say for you." They needed some cream or something- doing the washing up without gloves had made his calluses all soft, he'd have to get some Vitamin E cream or something and--

"Are you burning my breakfast again?"

Zell scowled. "No."

"Then why is it all... smoky?" The gunblader arched an eyebrow in amusement. Chickie was so damn muddle brained.

"Because I'm trying to poison you so I don't have to put up with you bossing me around any more," Zell raised an eyebrow back. Seifer was such an arrogant arse.

But the gunblader just grinned. "You need help?"

Zell looked suspicious. "Help? What *kind* of help?"

"Well..." Seifer leant suavely against the doorframe.

'Damn he looks good like that.'

"I can't cook so it'll have to be something else," Seifer tilted his head to the side. "You all right Chickie?"

"Mmm," Zell beamed at him. "Just thinking about what *I'd* like for breakfast."

"Oh?" The gunblader began exploring the fridge. "What? Mushrooms on toast?"

But that just proved Zell's point. He hated mushrooms, they were all slimy and smelt weird. Seifer had no idea about that, did he? "No," he replied shortly, approaching his partner. He grabbed Seifer's arse and wrapped his arms around the taller boy's waist. "I was thinkin' of somethin' a little more... substantial."

Seifer laughed, turning in his grip. "After breakfast. I'm hungry."

"K," Zell backed away and went to flip the Lighthouse toast. "Actually you can do somethin' for me. In the bathroom cupboard there's a tub of hand cream, can you grab it for me?"

An eyebrow was raised again but Seifer made no complaints. When it was fetched Zell handed the spatula over to the older boy and began rubbing the cream over his hands.

"What are you doing?" Seifer asked finally.

Zell looked up. Of course Seifer wouldn't know about the benefits of hand cream, gloves would prevent Seifer's hands from getting worn from Hyperion. "Lookin' after me weapons."

The gunblader laughed. "You what?"

"Well, you look after Hyperion huh? And that's your weapon, you polish it like every day." Zell smirked cheekily. "You're *always* polishing your weapon."

Seifer had the spatula dropped and had grabbed him in about 0.5 seconds. "Not these days," he smirked lecherously. "You do all the work for me."

Zell laughed and wriggled to escape but Seifer clung on, lifting his smaller bundle and carrying him to the living room. He deposited him on the sofa but Zell knew his strengths and quickly rolled them off onto the floor. They wrestled for a moment until Zell tried calling a time out, perched on Seifer's chest.

"You started it," Seifer joked, grabbing the martial artist's hands as they ventured too close to his ribs. Holding them a few inches above his eyes the gunblader studied them as Zell looked on, amused. "What were you saying about weapons?"

"I needa look after 'em, that's all. That's why I put cream on 'em so they don't get all owwy from the gloves."

"All owwy?"

"Shut up." The martial artist smiled softly and kissed him. It was a pity things couldn't be like this all the time.





Author's Note

Man, I love Ma Dincht! She is so fucking awesome! She's a little more devious than she was in the game but I kind of based her on my own Mum and my friend's. My Mum's clever and mischievous; her's is insane and devious. Both are lovely.

Sorry this chapter took so long. It's end of semester so I have heaps of uni work due.

Oh and Trabian pastie= Cornish pastie, Lighthouse toast= French toast

Next Chapter: May Day Celebrations. Yay! It's going to be very much an IrvinexSquall chapter. Of course Seifer and Zell will be there but I feel I need to sort those two out and explain just what the fuck is going on.

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