One Moment, And A Year

Chapter 7 - The Heartbreak Kid Turns 21

By Akare

Monday, November 24th & Monday, December 1st

Zell hopped around the room struggling to get his sneaker onto his foot. Seifer, reclining in an arm chair, scowled at him. The boy had no natural grace to speak of, and no fashion sense either. He was wearing those ridiculous red and black sneakers with a suit, he looked like he should be dealing stocks in Timber's most yuppie district. It was the tattoo curling up the side of his face that was his only redeeming feature.

"C'mon, Seifer," he cried impatiently. "We're late."

Seifer stretched one foot out in front of him and scowled more deeply as he rotated his ankle. "Remind me again why *I'm* going."

"Because it's Irvine's birthday... and you're his friend."

"No," Seifer shook his head. "I'm not."

"Don't be an ass, Seifer," Zell replied. "You grew up together."

The gunblader narrowed his eyes. "If you dare call me anything that resembles a donkey again I'll kill you, got it?"

Zell shrugged. "Sorry, Ma always says it."

"Referring to you, no doubt."

"Fuck off," Zell mechanically responded. That line was really becoming a habit.

Seifer snarled as Zell left, heading for the bathroom.

'He better not be thinking about hair gel. He knows I hate that stuff. It gets caught in my fingernails.'

"What are you doing?" the gunblader called. Did he have to oversee *everything* Zell did? He got out of his comfortable chair and followed the younger boy. "Zell?"

The martial artist was just reaching for the hair gel when Seifer's hand caught his wrist. "Wha-"

Seifer cut him off with a kiss. Zell scowled, not that he didn't like kisses but he was really getting sick of Seifer using it to win an argument, often before it had even started.

"No gel," Seifer ordered. "Or I won't come."

Zell pouted and blew a lock of his hair from his eyes. "But I can't see anything."

"Then we'll put your hair in pigtails," Seifer smirked. "If I have to attend this stupid party the least you can do is make yourself pretty so I have something to look at."

The martial artist frowned but left the hair gel alone, wandering out of the bathroom. So Seifer didn't like his spikes, fine, he could deal with that. And the fact that Seifer didn't like his sneakers, his gloves, the way he smiled too much, hotdogs, his choice of movies, music or food, the sound of his voice... Zell frowned. The only thing he *did* seem to like about him was his body, and the noises he made when they fucked. He'd once asked Seifer how he could hate Zell's voice but want him to be vocal when they shagged. The response hadn't made much sense, something about how Zell was only annoying when he was struggling to make words. He wondered if maybe he should just stick to grunting.

"Why am I being forced to celebrate this idiot's birthday?" Seifer mused to himself.

"It's not just in honour of his birthday," Zell argued. "If it was the whole Garden wouldn't be going."

Seifer scowled.

'Yes, thank you Zell for reminding me.'

It was also a celebration of the third anniversary of the end of the Sorceress War, of Ultimecia's defeat.

"I'm not sure I should be celebrating this," Seifer murmured as Zell did up his tie.

"Why not?" Zell asked, sticking his tongue out as he concentrated. Seifer struggled with the urge to catch it between his lips and suck it passionately. "You've got plenty to celebrate, Seif, more than most of us, really."

"My point is," Seifer sighed tiredly. "I won't exactly be the most popular person there--"

"You're never the most popular person anywhere," Zell argued. That hadn't come out exactly as he'd planned.

Seifer smirked. "Except when it comes to your bedroom."

Zell rolled his eyes. Trust Seifer to come up with that one. "Let's go before you start with more lewd jokes."

"Dusty wind blew 'cross the high plains as a stranger rode into town,
With a certain reputation for the ladies and the gun."


Irvine was flirting shamelessly with Squall when they arrived. Slinking as close to the Commander as he could without climbing into his lap.

"Is it just me," Squall began, seeing them enter together across the ballroom. "Or is Zell spending far too much time with Seifer lately?"

Irvine shrugged and went back to trying to inch his mouth close to their Commander's ear. "Maybe they've become friends."

Squall smiled ever so slightly. "Seifer? I think Zell has more taste."

"Mmm," Irvine replied, sliding his body up beside Squall's like a comfortable snake. "That's why he's friends with you."

Squall turned his latest Death Gaze on Irvine. "You do realise that's not working, don't you?"

Irvine pouted. Death Gaze Number 7 was barely any more frightening than Number 6. At least Number 6 had involved Squall stepping closer and being threatening with his body. Irvine turned on his sultry smile. What he'd give for the Commander to use his body as a weapon. He was almost drooling over this thought when Zell arrived by his side.

Squall tried not to smile at the picture they both made. Irvine smirking smugly at the mental image of Hyne knows what (the Commander was sure he didn't want to know). Zell watching him, bemused and curious with that little frown on his face. The pout gracing his lips made Squall consider maybe Irvine hadn't been all that drunk when he'd seduced the little blond. He could be quite adorable when the fancy took him. Squall shook his head, he really shouldn't be thinking things like that. He wasn't supposed to know about Zell and Irvine's little interlude, the martial artist had told him in the strictest confidence. And besides, Zell was his best friend, he wouldn't think like that about a guy he considered a friend... except maybe Irvine but he was a slut so that explained that away. The Commander was very happy when Rinoa arrived. He could stop thinking now.

"What are you thinking about?" Rinoa asked him.

"Nothing," he replied- and just *knew* he was blushing.

Rinoa smiled. "I said feel free to experiment. Have a little fun," she reached for the punch. "On second thoughts." She retracted her hand remembering what had happened after they'd drunk Selphie's last punch.

Why do people always spike the punch? You'd think they'd have got a little more inventive over time. Squall wondered.

"Maybe they're lazy," Rinoa replied.

Squall frowned at her. Had she read his mind? Or did he say that out loud.

"You said that out loud," she said, smiling the chirupy little smile that still sent shivers down Seifer's spine. She looked over at Squall's friends, and hers now she supposed. Selphie was jumping up and down in front of Seifer trying to get him to pose with a strange looking stuffed animal for a photo. Zell was still trying to work out why Irvine was acting so strangely, not that he didn't normally...

"For some strange reason," Quistis said, appearing out of the darkness behind Rinoa. "Zell looks quite good in that suit."

Rinoa pressed a hand to her chest to try and slow her heart down. "Damn, Quisty, you scared me."

The Instructor smiled. "Sorry," she said, in a voice that made it clear she wasn't at all.

Rinoa scowled playfully at her as Quistis grinned. "You're so mean, Quisty."

"Can't help it," the Instructor replied.

"You have a superiority complex," Seifer muttered as he passed them.

"What are you doing here, anyway?" Selphie asked. "Ooops, sorry that came out a little rude."

Seifer raised one eyebrow before heading for the bar as another stupid song started up. Stupid orphanage gang. What did they know about anything? What was with their shitty music too? They were always--

"Glad you came."

"Well I didn't do it for you if that's what you're thinking, cowboy," Seifer directed his glare at the idiot who dared to stop his progress to the bar.

"So who did you do it for?" Irvine tried not to flirt too obviously but it had become such a habit now it was hard to shake.

"Myself," Seifer replied. "Who else is worth me doing things for?"

Irvine shrugged. "Hey about what happened before... you're not still mad about that are you?"

Seifer narrowed his eyes. How could he get this idiot to go away? "Irvine, fuck off before I kill you."

The cowboy folded his arms and placed himself directly in Seifer's path. "Look, I'm sorry I kissed you but you *are* really... well, hot. I couldn't help myself."


"Walked to the bar so casual, just as easy as you please,
He was bound to do some damage with those valentino eyes."


"Oh look," Seifer commented idly. "They're playing your song." He moved to get past but Irvine was having none of it.

"Did you seriously just come here so you could raid the bar and get really drunk?"

"Yes," Seifer snapped. "Move."

Irvine moved aside but followed the gunblader. "So you'll spend the whole night here drinking? You don't even want to know what I want for my birthday?"

"Call me strange," Seifer replied as he found an unopened bottle of vodka. "But I don't give a shit."

"I'll tell you anyway."

Seifer sighed. There was no shutting this guy up, he was persistent that was for sure. No wonder not many people said no to him.

"A kiss."

Seifer waited. There had to be more.


"From who?" he asked warily.

"You, Squall, Quistis, Selphie, Zell, Rinoa, Xu, Nida--"

"OK," Seifer held his hand up for silence. "I get the picture." He turned to the barmaid. "Gimme that bottle of red wine there."

"Well the barmaid was an angel, and she looked so out of place,
And she said her name was 'Sunset', she was different from the rest.
And she couldn't help but notice the moment he walked through the door
That the gunman was something special and the bullet found its score."


The girl looked a little concerned but handed it over anyway. How could she say 'no' to Seifer Almasy? The man was a living god. She watched as the gunblader uncorked the bottle with obvious experience. Gorgeous *and* refined. Could he get any better?

There was a moment of silence between the two SeeDs. Irvine waited for Seifer to agree and let Irvine drill his tongue into that beautiful, mean mouth. Seifer kept praying Irvine would go hassle Squall or someone else for a kiss. Someone else besides his Chickie.

"Why don't you go hassle someone else?" Seifer asked finally.

"Because I want you first," Irvine smiled. "It's not too much for the birthday boy to ask is it?"

Seifer stroked his chin thoughtfully. "Yes. Far too much. Now leave me alone."

Irvine rested his chin on his hand and leant over the bar to get Seifer a glass. "Look darlin'," he began.

"What did I say about calling me that?" Seifer asked quietly.

From the tone of his voice Irvine got the impression that perhaps Seifer wasn't as cool, calm and collected as he appeared. In fact he looked a little angry.

"Aw, c'mon baby," Irvine turned on the winning smile. No one, not even Seifer could resist that one.


"And that one mistake you make is just enough,
And that one mistake is, boy, you talk too tough."


"Bugger. Off," Seifer snapped finally. "Don't make me hurt you."

"Why would you want to do that?"

Seifer shook his head, stuffed his vodka bottle in a trench coat pocket and headed outside with his wine. The cold air of this time of November ought to make it icy enough for the balcony to be abandoned. He would not have to cope with Irvine out here. He could relax and consider his upcoming doom. His own 21st. Quistis had had hers, now it was Irvine's turn, then him. No way did he want to get older, remind himself of all the things he thought he would have done by the time he hit 21. He hadn't really done any of them. He'd written a list once, in his journal, when he'd bothered to keep the damn thing. Nowadays he was too busy researching with Rinoa, studying for his GF exam or in bed with Zell to consider writing. It took too much time. Closing his eyes he tried to remember the contents.

Pass SeeD exam. Check, surprisingly. He had thought that one would take him a while whilst Headmaster Cid was boss. Not that the old man disliked him but he had certain criteria for his SeeDs. He would have been very happy to have Seifer as one of his 'elite mercenaries', he'd told Seifer last time they had spoken, but he didn't think the gunblader had been able to take orders well enough. That had always been his problem... except with Her. She had disproved that one, he'd followed her orders to a T', or at least Her Knight had. But he wasn't going to think about that. He always got angry and bitter and depressed when he thought about Her if he was drunk.

What else was there? Beat Squall? He hadn't done that so he'd ignore it. He scratched his chin in thought. He needed a shave. The gunblader almost laughed when he remembered the last one he had put down. Finding a girl. Not a 'nice' one but one suited to him. Clever, vibrant, strong, capable, not some stupid little thing that always needed to be rescued. He shuddered again at the memory of his failed relationship with Rinoa. Of course this list had been written before he had realised that the part of him that wanted a *male* body to fuck was the most dominant. Women were not his thing. They were way too... girly.


He rolled his eyes. Yay. Squall.

"What are you doing out here on your own?"

And Rinoa too. Things got better and better. "Drinking, thank you."

"A lot, by the looks of things," Squall commented.

"Are *you* going to start giving me advice now?"

Squall frowned at his long time rival. "No. I figure Quistis does enough of that for all of us."

"And you'd be right. Now is there a reason you're disturbing my peace? Or do you just enjoy irritating me?"

"You become even more of an arsehole when you're drunk."

The Ex-Knight took a deep breath. He had commanded armies. He had taken cities, conquered nations, slaughtered thousands and started the Second Sorceress War and had been unable to stop himself with an evil, sadistic bitch in his head, controlling him. If he could cope with Ultimecia controlling his mind, he could cope with Squall Leonheart and not lose his cool.

"Squall, please fuck off before I let this vodka turn me into a homicidal maniac."

The Commander frowned. "Seifer, you really shouldn't be making threats at me--"

"Then fuck off! Hyne! Is it so much to ask that you lot just leave me the hell alone?!"

"Look, we're not--"

Rinoa laid a hand on her boyfriend's arm. "Squall, maybe you should go back inside."

"I'm not leaving you out here with him when he's like this," Squall argued.

"I can take care of myself," Rinoa replied. "If he does anything I'll just summon some magic. OK?"


"Seifer's not allowed to have it remember?"

Squall sighed, defeated, and, after gracing Seifer with one last scowl, headed back inside.

"So," Rinoa stepped up beside him and leaned on the railing. "I saw you come in with Zell."

"Did you?' Seifer asked. "How nice."

Rinoa took a deep breath, she wasn't sure she should be bringing this up with Seifer now, especially since it was obvious he had been drinking but if she didn't do it now would she ever find the courage?


"I don't want to hear it," he snapped. "Whatever you've got to say, apologies, accusations, questions or answers. I don't care. It means nothing to me now."

Rinoa stared at him, watching as he forced himself to stare off into the night sky. Did he really mean that? "Seifer, this does--"

"Dammit, Rinoa, I said I didn't care!" Why wouldn't she leave him alone? What was her fucking problem? She was just another constant reminder of his failure to do anything he'd ever expected of himself. She was supposed to be *his* girl. Instead now he liked men, he couldn't beat Squall, he couldn't--

"Are you going to interrupt me again?" Rinoa asked quietly. "Because what I have to say does affect you now. It's not about the past Seifer. It has nothing to do with... us."

Seifer turned his glare her way. "Rinoa, I don't care. And I don't want to know. You have nothing to say to me."

As he turned to walk away the young Sorceress tried her trump card. "Not even about Ultimecia?"

The Ex-Knight froze. No way. He didn't want to know. That was *definitely* the past. He didn't have to go back there. He *couldn't* go back there. No way. No.

He kept walking.


"Only takes a single bullet to bring the fastest trigger down,
Only takes a pretty woman to put a gunman underground,
And you may hear the same old story in every town on every street
The story of Sunset, and the Heartbreak Kid."


"Owww," Irvine held onto his cheek. "Quisty! It's my birthday! You can't slap me."

"I can and do," Quistis replied. "Selphie? Could you make sure he's kept on a leash from now on?"

Selphie giggled, still jumping up and down. "OK," she wagged her finger at Irvine. "You should know better than to try anything on Quisty."

"Oh come on Selph," Irvine argued. "I wasn't being that bad."

Selphie shook her head. "Well, then you brought it upon yourself. If you're going to do anything like that, Irvine Kinneas, then you shouldn't do it halfway. All out or not at all!"

Irvine shook his head as his energetic friend punched the air. "You scare me sometimes."

"Really?" Selphie looked excited at the prospect. "Cool!"

With a laugh the cowboy let his best friend drag him across the floor to dance. She really was nuts, he knew this for a fact. But then so was he, especially when it came to sex. Like that time with Zell.

'*Damn* hadn't he looked cute in that suit, especially with the sneakers. Somehow he managed to make it work, made it look cute, adorable. Mmm, Zell.'

The cowboy stopped thinking about that time with the martial artist quickly before Selphie asked him what was digging into her tummy.

When the dance was over Irvine went to find a possible candidate for present giving. So far the only ones who actually given him a kiss were Selphie and Nida. Irvine grinned, who knew the pilot would be quite so talented with his tongue?

The gunslinger headed outside to find Squall. The Commander and Seifer were who he'd really been after tonight. Seifer was now Absent WithOut Leave and Irvine was not so happy about it. It was his birthday, people should be running about after him like sick puppies. But, alas, they weren't, so many people didn't even realise it was for him that all these decorations were up. Sure the official end to the Sorceress War was also the 24th of November but hello! That had been 3 years ago, who cared about that now?

Irvine shook his head slightly, he was so very drunk. These thoughts were not normal for him, sure he was a self-centred slut but he wasn't *that* bad. Thankfully he spotted Squall stalking across the abandoned Quad toward him before he thought any more stupid things.

"Hey Squall," Irvine turned on the smile again. Maybe it would work this time.

The look on Squall's face, however, told him it didn't.

"Irvine, are you still wandering around?"

"Yeah," Irvine shrugged. "Looking for some fun. You got any?"

Squall shook his head.

"Not even in those tight leather pants of yours?" Irvine mentally grimaced but that line just would not let itself be swept aside. It was sleazy and awful and he knew it.

But Squall didn't even stalk off in a huff. He just rolled his eyes and leant over the edge of the Garden to watch the sea move beneath them. It was beautiful near Balamb at this time of year. It was also freezing but that could be dealt with if one had a fur-collared coat to keep you warm.

"You look cosy," Irvine muttered, his suit wasn't quite as wind proof as he'd thought it was. Typical of Squall wear something that was totally flattering *and* practical.

Squall looked up at him out of the corner of one eye. "C'mere then." He held out one arm toward the shocked gunslinger. But Irvine wasted no time, sliding his arms underneath Squall's jacket and around his waist.

"Thought you'd never ask," he joked.

The Commander sighed and rested his head against Irvine's chest, he could hear the cowboy's heart quicken its pace. "Did you get everything you wanted?" he asked quietly.

"Not quite," Irvine replied, resting his hands just above the gunblader's gorgeous leather clad arse.

"Oh?" Squall lifted his head and looked up at his friend.

"There was one more thing."

Squall didn't even begin to look suspicious. "What?"

"This." And the cowboy leant down to touch his lips against the brunette's. To his surprise Squall didn't struggle. Instead after a few seconds he opened his mouth and let the cowboy explore with his tongue. He tasted beautiful, like the smell of the air before the rain, like iced water, like warm green tea. "Fuck," Irvine breathed as he pulled back.

"What are you stopping for?" Squall asked quietly.

The cowboy couldn't believe his ears. "Wha-?" But he was cut off when Squall kissed him again suddenly. The gunslinger lost his balance and they fell to the ground, arms around one another's shoulders, lips pressed to the other's, tongues sliding together. So Irvine learnt what his friend and Commander tasted of. Winter. Surprise surprise.

When their lips finally parted Irvine smiled gently and brushed a lock of Squall's hair from his eyes. He knew their Commander was committed to Rinoa but he had to try that at least once. He tried to look into Squall's eyes to see what he had thought but the gunblader wasn't looking at him.

"Squall?" he asked gently.

"Mmm?" He was breathing deeply and erratically. Irvine wondered if maybe he'd gone too far. He didn't want to complicate things really. He was just... oversexed. Hyne forbid he hurt anyone he cared about, like the orphanage gang.

"You OK?"

"Huh?" Squall turned his blue-grey eyes to the cowboy and smiled shyly. "I'm fine, just a little... shaken."

Irvine sat back, pulling Squall up off the ground and close to him. The Commander was almost in his lap when he spoke. "Sorry."

Squall looked startled then confused. "For what?"

"That," Irvine replied. "I shouldn't have. I know you're with Rinoa. I don't want to cause any trouble between you, it's just--"

"Hyne, Irvine," Squall snapped. He sounded genuinely angry. "You think I would've done that if Rinoa hadn't given it her go ahead?"

"What?" the cowboy's eyes were wide. "Huh?"

"She knows I'm curious. When she saw you flirting with me she suggested I give it a go and see what I thought," he pointed behind him where someone was emerging from the trees. "So long as she and Selphie could watch."

Irvine's jaw dropped.

"But... I..." He grinned suddenly in realisation. "So what did you think?"

Squall tilted his head on the side and ran his tongue over his lips as though trying to remind himself of the taste. "Mmm, nice. I'm not giving up Rin though."

"I should bloody well hope not," the Sorceress replied.

Squall stood up and offered Irvine his hand. "Maybe we should try that again sometime."

Irvine was still desperately trying to comprehend to situation when he realised the others were almost gone. Thankfully Squall stopped and looked over his shoulder at the cowboy. "Happy Birthday, Heartbreak Kid."

When Zell returned to his room, Seifer was waiting for him. Sitting in the dark with a bottle of vodka, his trench coat in a pile by the door, his shirt with it, his boots undone and his eyes glazed over.

"Zell?" he asked the darkness.

"I'm here."

The little martial artist took off his jacket and approached Seifer. It must have been something pretty serious to get the gunblader in this state. Normally Seifer hated losing control. He knelt by the other boy's side and took the half empty bottle from his limp hand.

"Wanna tell me the cause for this?" Zell asked, removing the gunblader's gloves.

"No," Seifer shook his head. "Stupid Squall. Stupid Rinoa."

"Ahh," Zell pulled his fuck buddy up off the floor. "How about you sleep it off?"

Seifer shook his head. "I'm not that drunk. I just... I'm... Man, I hate this place."

As Zell lowered the taller blond onto his bed he considered this. Usually people, and Seifer himself, said Garden was the only place where he could ever be accepted. What had made him so depressed and angry?

"Where would you rather be?" Zell asked carefully, pulling off his boots.

"I don't know, I don't care. Everywhere sucks right now."

"Hmm," Zell stood back and watched as Seifer wriggled a little in his bed. Who'd've thunk it? Seifer Almasy half-naked in his bed. But then he'd been more than half-naked last time they were here together. How had this happened?

"What'd I say about thinking?" Seifer asked suddenly. "Leave to the professionals, Zell. All you gotta do is come over here and kiss me. Got it?"

Zell grinned. That should have seemed like an insult but for some reason the martial artist found it strangely endearing... and seductive. "I'll tell you what," he replied, crawling over Seifer's prostrate body. "You tell me something and I'll give you a kiss."

"No deal," Seifer replied. "I wanna fuck now, not after a d&m. We can talk later if you're so damn desperate."

Zell considered. He could make a stand, demand Seifer tell him what was wrong, but if he did that the gunblader would clam up for sure. If you wanted anything out of Seifer you had to make it seem like he was doing you a favour by telling you. He had to do it of his own accord. That meant giving in now. The little blond shrugged. Sex was also good. Much more fun than talking.

"K," he replied and leaned down to run his tongue across Seifer's. He started on the other boy's throat and moved up, just when the gunblader thought he'd taste the sweet flavour of the younger boy's tongue Zell turned his head and licked up Seifer's cheek. In his half drunk state the gunblader giggled and his partner responded with a laugh. "I didn't realise you liked that."

"Mmm," Seifer replied, watching with hungry eyes as Zell straddled his hips and rubbed against him. "You gunna tease?"

"Of course," the smaller boy replied. He slowly undid the buttons on his shirt, eyes on Seifer's, before peeling it off his back. Leaning down he took one of Seifer's nipples in his mouth and rolled his tongue around it.

"Zell..." the gunblader whispered, suddenly very sober. "Get the rest of those clothes off," he arched his back as Zell slipped one hand down Seifer's trousers and began massaging the stiffening length he found there. "Now."

"Mmm?" Zell replied around the nub of flesh in his mouth.

"Hyne damn," Seifer cried as Zell slipped his tongue lower, into Seifer's belly button and across the line of his briefs while his thumb slipped over the head of his cock. With one hand the martial artist fully undid Seifer's trousers.

"What do you want?" Zell asked as he pulled Seifer's trousers off and threw them on the floor. He tightened his grip on Seifer's manhood. "Where do you want to put this?"

Seifer let out a sound (half a laugh, half a groan) and arched his neck, bucking his hips into Zell's touch. "Don't care. You pick."

Zell considered a moment, running his hand over Seifer in teasing strokes, then speeding up. "How about we try both?"

Seifer moaned. He was really letting Zell have control he realised as the smaller boy positioned himself between Seifer's legs. He was like putty in his hands. "Zell..."

The martial artist lowered his mouth over the head of Seifer's penis and licked. He wasn't the biggest fan of giving blow jobs but, as it felt so damn nice having control over Seifer, he continued. He started swirling his tongue over the few inches in his mouth before taking him deeper.

"Zell..." Seifer murmured. It could almost be embarrassing how much he was letting go but Zell's tongue sliding into the slit at the head of his cock made it all worthwhile. For a second he tried bucking into Zell's mouth but strong hands held him down. Sometimes he thought it was a good thing Zell was so strong, it meant he could hold his own, other times it irritated him. Like now, he wanted to force his cock deep down that beautiful throat and fuck Zell's mouth. He tangled a fist in Zell's hair and tried pulling him closer but the martial artist grabbed his wrist and pulled it out of his golden locks.

Lifting his mouth from Seifer's rock hard erection for a moment Zell said, "If you're going to be like that I'll stop."

"No," Seifer shook his head. "Don't." He looked down at the smaller boy between his legs, a glistening drop of pre-come on the corner of his mouth. Suddenly the gunblader forgot all about the blow-job, he wanted his tongue in that mouth and his cock deep inside Zell's body. He wanted to hear those cries of pleasure as he came deep within him. Bugger blow jobs, they were good in their place but he wanted to fuck. Now.

He sat up and, grabbing at Zell's head, pulled the smaller boy up to his lips. In a second his tongue was running over the other boy's teeth, plummeting into that warm, slick cavern of Zell's mouth. He was so hungry for the martial artist he barely even realised when he started biting. Teeth sinking into the smoothness of Zell's cheeks, down along his jaw, and settling at his neck, just under his ear.

"Nnn, Seif..." the little blond murmured. By now he was hard himself, and dying to free himself from the black suit trousers he was still wearing. "Clothes," he added breathlessly.

The gunblader pushed him roughly onto his back, undid Zell's trousers and ripped them off without letting go of Zell's skin in his mouth. He dug his short fingernails into the smaller boy's thigh and pulled it around his hips violently. He had sobered up quickly, and now needed to be surrounded by this bundle of energy. He had to get inside Zell. Fumbling a little he slid his fingers around to Zell's arse and found that orifice waiting for him.

"Lube," Zell mumbled, wrapping his arms around Seifer's neck and his legs even more tightly around his hips.

"Wheresit?" Seifer demanded. He didn't care about lube he wanted to fuck, had to, couldn't survive another second if his cock wasn't firmly entrenched in something hot, and slick, and tight.

"Dunno," Zell replied. He grabbed Seifer's hand that was currently supporting the older boy's weight and brought it to his mouth as the gunblader collapsed on top of him.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Seifer asked, struggling to regain some dignity. Then Zell's mouth closed around his fingers, licking and wetting them thoroughly. When Seifer realised what the martial artist was doing he grinned and leant to lick the smaller boy's chest, curling his tongue around a nipple.

Zell arched up to his warmth mouth, teeth scraping Seifer's fingers as he did so. "Ahh... now, Seif." He tightened his grip around Seifer's hips to emphasise the point. "Fuck..."

The gunblader reached behind the other boy to slide his fingers into the tight hole at the base of his spine. Even now, after they'd fucked so many times, Zell was mercilessly tight. It was hard enough to slide just one of his fingers into the smaller body but when Zell relaxed against him the gunblader ran his fingertip along his inner walls and brushed against that spot that would send Zell arching his back and crying Seifer's name. He quickly added a second, then a third finger. When Zell was pushing back against him like one struggling to hold back an orgasm, Seifer slid inside him, and Zell moaned out his name.

"Zell..." Seifer breathed in reply, breath washing over the smaller boy's shoulder. He forced the martial artist further into the mattress as he pushed in as deep as he could without breaking the other boy. "Hyne, how can you still be this tight?"

Zell deliberately tightened the muscles in his arse, squeezing Seifer further inside him. He grinned wickedly as Seifer moaned loudly. The gunblader wrapped one arm around behind Zell, leaning on it as he gripped the martial artist's cock in his fist. Then he settled into their routine, pulling himself out slightly, then ramming back in with unrestrained force and passion. Savagery was a keystone of their fucking, raw passion, control and overwhelming, mind consuming pleasure. Seifer fucked Zell violently, fast and rough, but Zell gave as good as he got. Sinking teeth into the other boy's shoulder, neck or any other part, gripping Seifer's body to his as tight as he could with his arms and legs. It wasn't because it hurt, but because it didn't. They weren't making love, when they fucked they owned the other, possessing their body as much as they did their own. And when they came they did it together, spilling themselves inside the other or over their skin, to be cleaned later by loving tongues. Afterwards they would curl together, exhausted and tingling, to sleep in each other's arms. This wasn't love. It was sex.

Pure and savage.

One Week Later

Zell's breath came in quick short gasps, as he arched his back against the metal wall of Ragnorak. Seifer barely paid attention as he slammed into him harder until the pattern of the metal grates was evident on the smooth skin of Zell's back.

"Hyne," Seifer breathed, as he pushed inside the smaller boy one last time, coming deep inside him. He'd thought maybe the sex would get boring after a while but it was just coming up to two months now, and it was only getting better. How long would that last though?

He let Zell down from the wall, and did up his trousers. They'd learnt to carry condoms around with them now, not because either of them had anything (Seifer had made Zell have a check up earlier on) but so when Zell came he didn't mark Seifer's clothes. Zell was still breathing heavily when Seifer was all ready to return to the bridge and prepare for their night mission. He hadn't made any move to straighten or clean himself up. So Seifer stepped close to him and pulled the used condom from the martial artist's limp cock.

The gunblader threw it into a rubbish bin beside him before pressing up against the smaller boy again and pressing a kiss to his lips.

"What?" the gunblader asked finally.

"Good... sex," Zell replied with a little smile.

Seifer smirked. "It always is with me."

They stood together for a moment as Zell rearranged his clothing.

"I've been countin'," Zell said suddenly, doing up his belt.

"Counting what?" Seifer asked, not that he really cared but conversation was nice sometimes.

"Us, how many times we've fucked this week."

Seifer raised an eyebrow at this. "And?"

"Since Monday, 12:00 am... Well you were already inside me then but we hadn't come so I'm countin' it..." Zell frowned. "17 times."

A slow, lazy smile spread across Seifer's face. "17?" he nodded. "I consider that pretty impressive in..." he glanced at his watch. "Almost 7 days... You want to see if we can get it to 20?"

Zell grinned. "I didn't count those two times. So it's actually 19."

"Are you counting how many times I come or you?" Seifer asked, approaching Zell with a hungry look back in his eyes.

"Both, we're even." Zell swallowed as Seifer leant down to kiss him, the older boy already tugging at Zell's just done up fly. "Wanna fuck again?"

"Nah," Seifer shook his head, grinning at Zell's disappointed pout. He leant down to breathe in Zell's ear. After sending a shiver down the other boy's spine he spoke. "I want to suck you," he licked up the side of Zell's neck. "K?"

"Yes," Zell replied quickly. "Fuck yes."

The gunblader dropped to his knees suddenly, practically ripping Zell's jeans off his hips. Zell gasped and took a few short steps backward to lean against the wall again. Seifer hadn't given him head since that first time and even then he couldn't be sure if it had actually happened or not.

Closing his eyes Zell surrendered control, Seifer was so damn good at what he did to the smaller boy's body, Zell was beginning to form a decision in his mind. Maybe he should just let Seifer do what he wanted. What did it matter if he was giving in? He liked it. He was getting what he wanted and--

His thoughts went out of his mind as soon as the gunblader's tongue licked across the head of his cock. And then his knees went weak. "Seif..." he moaned. "I'm gunna... fall over..."

The gunblader wrapped his arms around Zell's waist and carried him to the bench beside them. He figured this room had probably been an equipment room, though it looked more like the changing room they had back at Garden.

Once Zell was seated Seifer started again. He ran one hand up the inside of Zell's thigh, following slowly with his tongue- teasing was half the fun of giving head, or maybe it was just with Zell. Then he nipped lightly on the pale flesh, before settling Zell's legs over his shoulders and taking the head of his cock into his mouth.

"Nnn," Zell moaned tangling a hand in Seifer's hair. Now he could see why Seifer always dug his fingers into his scalp when he gave the gunblader a blow job. He gripped on to the bench with his other hand determined not to buck into Seifer's mouth, he knew how irritating that was. "Seif," he murmured as the older boy slid his lips further down his erect shaft. "Hyne..."

Seifer slid his tongue across the flesh in his mouth. Zell tasted good down here too, he noted happily. He closed his eyes and settled into a rhythm, wondering absently how Zell was doing. His thoughts were answered when Zell tightened his grip in Seifer's hair.

"Yes," he breathed. "Hyne Seifer..."

The gunblader would have smirked but he was busy, instead he settled for tightening the grip his lips had on the other boy.

"Hyne yes," the martial artist breathed throwing his head back and suddenly releasing himself deep in the gunblader's mouth. He hadn't realised Seifer would be able to fit his entire length in there but damn was he glad he could. He'd have to see if he could get Seifer to do that again some time, he was really fucking good at it. Especially considering the only usual stimulation Zell got when they fucked was Seifer's hand.

Seifer pulled back, grinning and looked up at the blissful expression on Zell's face. He kissed him once gently, letting his tongue flit inside the martial artist's mouth teasingly.

Zell smiled into the kiss. It was a familiar taste but still slightly different from what he was used to, it felt strange to think this was the taste of his own come. He tightened his grip on Seifer's ribs with his knees and pulled him closer though the denim shorts around his shins were somewhat restraining their movement. "Seif..." he breathed as the older boy ran his tongue along the side of his jaw. "What about you?"

Seifer pulled away and looked down at his own cock, now limp in his hand. "I already took care of that," he answered and dived back onto Zell's waiting lips.

Then they heard the muffled clang of footsteps on the metal grid of the Ragnorak's corridor floors, and they pulled apart, both breathing heavily. Zell pulled his shorts up and buttoned them as the footsteps came closer.

"We've been fighting," Seifer informed Zell, wiping the come from his hand with an old rag.

"Of course we've been fighting, dumbarse," Zell snapped, falling back into their comfortable act.

"And whose fault is that?" Seifer demanded, approaching the smaller boy menacingly.

"Yeah, it's always my fault isn't it, you shithead?"

"We've arrived," Xu informed them, arriving at the door. She waited just long enough to be sure they had both heard her before leaving, wondering why the hell Squall ever agreed to send them on missions together.

'Honestly those two,' she thought. 'Will they ever stop arguing?'

Back in the store room Seifer's hand slid around Zell's waist as he pulled the smaller boy in for a passionate kiss.

"I doubt it," Xu muttered aloud.





Author's Note

Ooo, plot AND sex! Yay! And a damn long chapter as well. I'm not sure when the next chapter will be up, it's about Seifer's birthday, Hynemas and the New Year. It may end up being two chapters if it gets phenomenally long like this one did. We'll see.

Sorry about the bit of IrvinexSquall business going on in this chapter. I'm a fan of these two but for this story I intended to keep them apart. However, I was reading Wandering Tonberry's 'Time After Time' last night and they were just so cute together they kind of flowed into my story too. Sorry. But they *are* cute. Just like Seif and Zell. XD (If you haven't read 'Time After Time' read it. Selphie's damn cool in it, as are the rest of the gang and Seifer and Zell are... well, Seifer and Zell. Awesome as always.)

Wow! I love reviews. Thank you guys so much. I'm turning into a review junkie. Can't get enough praise and it *does* make me write faster. I have two writing assignments due at uni this week but I'm doing this instead. It's much more fun than writing children's stories.

Song: "Heartbreak Kid" by Icehouse. I couldn't help it, the moment I heard this song I thought of Irvine and I just knew I had to use it somehow. I'd never really thought about Seifer (or Squall) as being a gunman before but then I realised it would be so much cooler if the barmaid was falling over herself for Seifer instead of Irvine (but Blondie doesn't notice because he's too busy being pissed off) so I swapped who the lyrics were referring to for that stanza. This is the semi-song-fic Chapter. The Sudden SongFic Chapter comes a bit later on. Say Chapter 12.

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