And now, I present, Once at the end-the epilogue, because I just can't leave this thing alone. Everything stated in once at the end applies here, except perhaps the violence part.

Once At The End


By Star


He watched the girl with a mildly amused expression as she screamed and ranted, choking on her own sobs. There where other people gathered around her, stroking her black hair and patting her back in an attempt to calm her down. Absentmindedly he ran his fingers through the hair of the man who slept, slumped against him.

"Fate's a bitch isn't it Rinoa," he murmured as the other man stirred, shifting to curl up more comfortably against him, "Good luck finding yourself a new boyfriend, because he's with someone who already loves him much more then you ever did."

With that he lifted the sleeping one into his arms, taking great care not to wake or jostle him. And, although the group in the room seemed to have never even noticed their existence, he seemed completely satisfied with his words.

And without so much as a shimmer in the air, they were gone.




I apologize to Rinoa fans, but I can just see her having this big tantrum if Squall ever died, and then going out to find a new boyfriend the very next day. So at least one of them is in character now. Don't kill me for it.

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