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Once a Knight

Chapter 6

By Race Ulfson

I transferred to Rinoa every spell I had stocked. She smiled in her sleep.

I ran into Caraway as I slipped out the back. I saluted out of courtesy and he nodded acknowledgement. He couldn’t return the salute  - he was carrying a yellow lab puppy.

 I took the next train out to Esther. Home was only 17 hours away.

Broken glass crunched under my boots as I crossed the parking lot to the apartment I shared with Seifer. Movement caught my eye and I looked up to see our curtains, liners and all, billowing out through a broken window.

It’s been a long time since I was truly afraid. I thought Seifer’s enemies had caught up with him somehow, and I hadn’t been here to protect him. I dropped my bags, pulled Lionheart, and raced up the concrete steps.

The door was barely closed. I came in fast and low. Our apartment had been thoroughly trashed. It looked like my sound system had been what went through the picture window.

I looked up and Seifer was there, curled in a ruined armchair. He was smoking, which surprised me. My cigarettes, which surprised me even more. I had forgotten all about them. He was using one of our good company dishes as an ashtray, and by the looks of it, he was nearly done with the whole pack.

I felt the fear melt away, and I let Lionheart slide back into its junction. “I thought you had been attacked,” I said.

Seifer said nothing. His movements were tight, jerky. Angry.


He leaned over and stabbed out the cigarette he’d been working on. With a similar gesture, Seifer cut on the voice mail playback.

“Squall, I just wanted you to know how much last night meant to me. Thank you.” Rinoa’s voice. “I love you.”

I sighed and shook my head. “Seifer…”

“Let me guess. It’s not what I think.” His voice was rough. It must have been the cigarettes.

“No, it’s exactly what you think.” It was hard to talk. Must have been from ripping out the breather mask.

Seifer uncoiled and stood, his eyes flashing. “I can overlook the drinking. I can learn to live with the spy mercenary combat crap. Hyne, I can even forgive you trying to kill me.” He reached out and slapped the little playback unit off the end table. It smashed against the wall near my head. “But I will not tolerate you cheating on me!”

Fear, then relief, then guilt. Too many emotions too fast. I lost control of my temper. “Why do you get to make all the rules?! I’m sick of being your good little bitch!”

He smirked at me. All we’ve been through, and that smirk still makes me crazy. Lionheart was back in my hand before I knew it. Seifer’s eyes narrowed. He was unarmed but far from helpless.

Thundara slammed me back against the wall. Our television exploded from the excess energy. I shook it off and charged, ignoring Shiva’s protests.

I parried the second spell, Fira from the way the wallpaper scorched. Then I was on Seifer, pressing him against the wall, Lionheart at his throat, forcing up his chin.

“I. Can. Still. Take you!” I snarled.

The words bubbled out of him like poison from an infected wound. “But you can’t make me like it, Slut Boy.”

I turned the gunblade in my hand and trailed it down his throat, his breastbone, to his navel and below. Seifer’s this shirt split open and a thin line of red filled the shallow cut. I looked up at him; his eyes were dark, unreadable. He stood still, his palms flat against the wall.

His breath hitched when, with a flick of my wrist, I cut through the drawstring and waistband of the baggy lounge pants he was wearing. The silky material slid down his legs.

Seifer never wears underwear.

His left hand was glowing slightly. I put Lionheart back to his throat. “No more spells.” There was no question of whether or not I would truly hurt Seifer, but he wisely did not push. The glow diminished and disappeared.

This was about control. Seifer had all the power in our relationship, in my life. Seifer, Rinoa, Garden, SeeD, my father, all of them compelled me.

This was about regaining control.

I dropped Lionheart back into its junction sheath. I reached up and tugged Seifer’s shirt off his shoulders and down his arms. I twisted the fabric in my hand, forcing his wrists together, pulling him away from the wall.

Seifer stepped out of his ruined pants, watching me warily.

I knotted the soft fabric to keep his hands in place. I dragged Seifer over to our easy chair and pushed him down on it. I made him spread his legs by wedging myself between them. I forced them wider apart and knelt on the edge of the cushion, facing him. Seifer pressed against the back of the chair, trying to keep delicate parts from being pinched.

I was still angry and to be honest, intended to force myself on him. Seifer had never allowed me to top him in any way. I looked down at his watchful eyes and realized this wasn’t about control.

It was about trust.

I leaned over Seifer and kissed him, claiming his mouth. I scraped my teeth over his lips enough to make them darken and swell.

“When will you learn to trust me?”

Seifer closed his eyes.

I sighed and nipped along his jaw, and down his jumping pulse to the hollow of his throat.

Very softly, he said, “You slept with her, Squall. You cheated on me.”

I worked my way lower, scrolling my tongue over his left nipple, hearing his heart pound. I looked up, trying to control my own hurt and anger.

Seifer of all people should know I had no choice. He did know it. His sorceress had raped him often enough, biting away chunks of his will along with his flesh.

Rinoa and I were different. We cared for each other.

“I came back to you,” I said, and I reached down to pull the lever on the side of the chair that activated the full recline. Seifer fell back, his legs forced up in the air, and I slid partially under him, helped by the smooth leather of my pants against the soft worn fabric of the chair.

“Squall…” Seifer said, startled and amused at the position he was in. Until he realized his ass was firmly against my erection.

“Trust me,” I ordered, and I lifted him up so I could take the tip of his shaft into my mouth.

Seifer relaxed back and purred. I licked and sucked and managed to keep him distracted enough that I could get my glove off and the lube from my pocket. Seifer wrenched away from the first probe of my slicked fingers, his eyes wide.


“Trust me,” I asked. I put my lips back around his cock and slid my fingers inside him.

I smoothed my still gloved hand over his tawny body, tracing the welt I’d left, teasing his navel, pinching his nipples. I found the spot inside him and Seifer’s cock twitched and jumped under my tongue. I eased back, pulling my glove off with my teeth, then coating myself with the sweet lube.

“Squall… please.”

I wasn’t sure if Seifer was asking me to stop or to continue, and decided it had no impact on what I was about to do, anyway. He writhed, trying to coax me back. I looked down at Seifer’s body and up into his bright green eyes. Still wary, even hazed with want and lust.

“Trust me,” I begged, and I thrust into him.

Seifer gasped and bucked to meet me and we moved together.

“I was afraid you weren’t coming back.”

“I was summoned. I came back to you. Have never left you. Will never leave you.”

He arched up against me, muscles taunt, and his skin flushed as the orgasm hit. Seifer’s release pulled my own with it, and I spilled my seed into his body.

I collapsed on Seifer’s chest. He murmured something and my heart sang. I fumbled for a response, hoping had the courage to say it.

“I love you, too”, I said.

Later, snug in our beds, after I had gotten my revenge on Squall by making him squirm and beg and purr a little, I apologized for trashing our house. “I’ll buy you a new sound system.”

Squall snuggled. “Is ok. Needed upgrading anyway. What happened?”

“I was jealous. And scared, that she’d keep you somehow.”

“Rin and I don’t have that sort of relationship.” Squall nuzzled my shoulder and I obligingly pulled him closer. Sleepily, he continued, “I gave her her power back. Wasn’t much. Didn’t even know I was holding it.”

I wondered if that was a bad thing, Rinoa and her powers, and what the long-term repercussions would be. I decided Squall and I together could handle most anything. I let my eyes close.

“No Gift of Hyne,” Squall said. “Rin doesn’t have it. Wonder who does.” He fell asleep.

It was a very long time before I followed.


(( Thanks to tricia, gwendolyn-flight, Redrum, AtheneMiranda, Pix, faery-of-fiction, Mata, and Guesto-chan. Irvine has a lil something in his stash for all you darlin’s.  Squall does love Rinoa, he just can’t stand her. Sort of like a relative you get along with better after she’s moved away. I went with Hayward to keep with the Galbadian custom of naming men after Californian campuses (Laguna Beach, Irvine, Hayward… I thought Chico might be too much…) No, poor Squall has no morals at all. He wasn’t raised to have any. He understands duty and responsibility and even public opinion, but any concept of fidelity is only to make Seifer happy. I’m glad you don’t all hate me for killing the dog. Thank you all so much for the kind reviews. There’s a short epilogue, and the Hero arc is done.  Acid Rain and I will be working on the Fever Arc, and I hope to have Blood Knight ready to post soon.))

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