On a Dare

By fyre byrd

Seifer strode swiftly through the hallway. He was just back from a grueling mission and his nerves were frayed to the point where he was ready to snap at the slightest provocation. Then Squall walked by, his blue eyes unfocussed, bound up in some type of sight that went beyond the observation of mere physical things. His light brown hair was fanned messily across his forehead, making him look as though he'd just been in bed with someone and had forgotten to straighten himself up afterwards. Those sweetly swollen lips did nothing to belie that conclusion either. They always looked like they'd been sucked on, hard, just moments before.

That Squall failed to even notice his nemesis had come back from a mission to make his life living hell irked Seifer to no end. Seifer turned and grabbed Squall's shoulder, making the dreamy eyes focus on his face which he thrust close so that he could feel Squall's breath against his cheek.

"Hey Squall, I'm back, you little fuck." Seifer said with what he hoped was a nasty grin. He used to practice it in the mirror during his Disciplinary Committee days and although that was past he still often found a use for the expression.

Squall merely blinked and his eyes flattened slightly, he frowned a little harder if that were even possible and said, "What do you want Seifer?"

"Meet me by the Balamb Hotel tonight and I'll beat the hell out of you again," Seifer said, seasoning his voice with the right amount of scorn to provoke Squall to action. It was a well worn interaction between them, but no less satisfying for its familiarity. Squall's eyes acquired a gunmetal sparkle which showed he'd completely abandoned his inner monologue for the moment.

"I'll see you there," he said, still wearing that perpetual slight pout. Squall continued walking down the hallway, the displacement of his body causing the air to stir slightly leaving behind only the faint scent of his aftershave. Seifer smiled more genuinely as the shorter brunette walked out of sight, feeling better now that he knew they'd be fighting tonight, gunblades flying, the cool ring of steel on steel and the tang of battle on his lips. Perhaps Seifer could even make Squall angry enough to cut him again. Shuddering slightly with anticipation, Seifer opened the door of his room and pulled his casual clothes out of the closet.

It was late when Seifer finally came walking down the quiant, narrow, cobblestoned streets of Balamb. The street lamps wore faint golden halos and the sky displayed and early crescent of pale moon and blushed pink at the edges with the approaching sunset. Squall was leaning against the wall of the hotel absently tapping his gunblade against his boot, somehow managing to remain apathetic while looking the picture of boredom.

"Took you long enough," he observed mildly, watching Seifer from beneath thich black eyelashes. "Were you having second thoughts about taking me on?" The dead pan voice in which this statement was delivered heated Seifer's blood quickly. Squall's apathy always managed to spark the exact opposite reaction in Seifer. He couldn't stand the way Squall's understated phrases were so insulting precisely because they were spoken as though they were simple, unoffensive facts. Seifer gritted his teeth and jerked his head towards the harbor and the setting sun.

"Let's go where we'll be less likely to be disturbed. I really wan to fuck you up and it wouldn't do to spill blood on this fine establishment." Squall just pushed himself off of the wall and walked slowly around the curve in the road, his narrow hips swaying gently in his strangely girlish walk. Seifer filed that thought away to provoke Squall with later.

They faced off against each other by the edge of the water then, the sun lighting pink and orange sparks along the lengths of their blades. Seifer felt his pulse beating wildly as they stood there for a brief instant in complete calm, misty blue eyes locked with sharp green ones, then they were upon each other. Their gunblades scraped and crashed with musical sounds. Seifer grinned wickedly at the pronounced pout on Squall's face, the crease of concentration between his brows. Every instant of the battle was clear and sharp with adrenalin. Seifer's senses were heightened so that he could nearly taste the drop of sweat snaking its way down Squall's neck. Then Squall quickly got the upper hand as he always seemed to do, forcing Seifer closer to the water with several successive powerful blows that he could just barely catch with his own blade.

"Why don't you just give up Squall?" Seifer gasped as they stopped for a moment, blades sliding against one another due to the equal force exerted between them.

"Because I'll win," Squall said simply in that infuriatingly sure voice uncolored by emotion.

"Not this time," Seifer hissed angrily, kicking at Squall's ankle. The brunette scrabbled wildly for his balance, but he finally lost it and collapsed ungracefully. Seifer rushed forward in an attempt to prevent the fall, but saw clearly that Squall hit his head on the stone with a sickening thump as he sank beneath the orange painted waves, dazed from the blow.

"Fucking hell," Seifer yelled, his anger burning down to ashes abruptly as he saw that Squall was going to drown. Dropping Hyperion with a ringing clatter Seifer dived beneath the water and grasped Squall firmly beneath his arms, pulling them both to break the surface with a splash. Seifer swam awkwardly back to the edge of the stone walkway and hauled Squall over the edge, managing to pull himself up beside the limp form of his fighting partner. Squall was retching pathetically and spitting water out onto the stones, one hand curled on the pavement, the other clutching Lionheart tightly. Squall's hair was dripping in his face and half of his body still lay in the water. Seifer pulled him the rest of the way out and then propped Squall's body against his side and looked into the pale face, lit by the dying glow of the sun and the golden light of the street lamps.

"Squall, look at me. Fuck, are you okay?" Blue eyes opened with an effort and darted wildly, seemingly unable to focus on anything.

"Shit! Don't you pass out on me, you understand?" the face was devoid of expression, no frown marred Squall's lovely features which glistened with a sheen of moisture. His lashes were even dewed with drops of water and flickered, half open.

"Shit, shit shit, you did not get hit that hard, did you?" Frantically and desperately Seifer felt around in the drenched twisted strands of hair and found the bump on Squall's head causing him to wince beneath Seifer's long fingers.

"Ahhh . . . watch it Seifer, that fucking hurt!" Squall raised his head in protest and his full lips brushed Seifer's forehead unintentionally. Seifer felt himself fill with relief that although disoriented, Squall was going to be all right, probably. He didn't allow himself to examine his feelings too closely as the breeze swept in over the water, causing Squall to shiver against him. This recalled their proximity to Seifer and he unexpectedly felt his body stir at the sensation of Squall's wet flesh beneath his hands. His mind immediately supplied far more pleasant circumstances under which he could be touching a wet and shivering Squall.

"We're going to stay at the hotel," Seifer said brusquely, grasping Squall's shoulders and helping him up from the ground. Squall stumbled a bit then threw an arm over Seifer's shoulder to keep fromslumping back to the ground.

"I really kicked your ass this time, didn't I Squall?" Seifer asked harshly, supporting him as they made slow progress to the hotel which was blessedly close.

"Only because you tripped me," Squall managed to get out between clenched teeth. When Seifer turned his head, he found himself pinned by a smouldering blue-gray gaze. He didn't think he'd ever seen Squall this angry before. "By the way, I think I've sprained my ankle too." Realizing just how badly he'd fucked up didn't make Seifer any happier. He should never have used underhanded tricks to try and get the better of Squall. The last time it had happened they'd both gotten these scars and now Seifer had almost killed a fellow SeeD just because he couldn't stand to be in second place. Anyway, if Squall had a weakness it was that he never fought dirty, which didn't mean that Seifer should have used that advantage when they were having a sparring match. Feeling unpleasantly guilty, Seifer muttered "well it's a good thing I decided to fight you so close to the hotel."

"Too bad you couldn't have tripped me farther from the water," Squall said cooly, his usual calm regained. "I might have gotten up and finished you off." Seifer tightened his grip on Squall's arm angrily, making the smaller man gasp. He shoved Squall against the wall while he fumbled with the door and shoved his foot in the open space. Supporting Squall again, he shouldered the door the ret of the way open and they walked, dripping, to the front desk.

"Is it raining outside?" the dark-haired desk clerk asked curiously.

"Can we get a room?" Seifer asked, pointedly ignoring the question.

"Is he all right?" she asked, chewing on a nail and jerking her head at Squall whose eyes were half lidded with pain and who was still shivering slightly from his dunking.

"Listen, give us a fucking room, please," Seifer said, slapping a fistful of cash down onto the desk. The girl jumped and turned to grab a room key, then slid it nervously across the polished wood as though afraid that Seifer might bite her if she got too close to him.

"Nice people skills," Squall observed drily as Seifer helped him slowly up the stairs to their room. Seifer scraped the key angrily in the lock for a full minute before the door finally opened.

"Only one bed, what the hell?" Seifer said.

"Probably she thinks I'm your boyfriend and you like it rough," Squall observed humorlessly. Seifer glared at him and deposited him roughly on the bed, causing another quiet hiss of pain to pass Squall's lips.

"I'm going to get us something hot to eat and some towels or something so we can get out of these clothes, Seifer plucked at his heavy trench coat disgustedly and struggles out of it with difficulty, draping it over a chair before he stormed out the door and down the stairs. The desk clerk complied with his every request, wide-eyed and fearful. She gave him an armful of fluffy towels and said she'd send up some soup in a few minutes. Seifer climbed the stairs distractedly trying to calm his anger.

Squall's chilly demeanor was really getting to him, especially since most of what the blue-eyed man said or insinuated was true. Seifer felt like a dishonorable cur for his actions and he wasn't used to feeling like he was in the wrong. Maybe it was about time that he started evaluating his actions more closely and all things considered Squall might possibly have a concussion and probably shouldn't be left alone for any length of time in case he fell asleep. Seifer took the stairs two at a time all the way up and arrived at the door breathing slightly heavily as he flung open the door only to find Squall sitting on the bed and tugging at the sheets ruefully.

"I think I might have ruined the bed," he observed, indicating his damp clothing with a sweep of his hand.

"Don't worry about it," Seifer said removing his wet vest and pants, then wrapping a towel around his waist firmly before taking off his boxers as well. Looking over, Seifer saw that Squall had been watching him intently and wondered about that for a second. He tossed the towels over at Squall while he dried himself off. "Do you think you can get out of your clothing by yourself?" he asked, feeling bad about Squall's injuries all over again.

"I'm going to need help with my pants," Squall said, looking angry, but flushing a gentle pink as he stripped off his jacket and white t-shirt from a seated position. Seifer walked uncertainly over to the bed where Squall sat, his belt removed, pants undone, waiting miserably enough for this to have been his execution and not a simple necessity. None of Seifer's cocky comments or posturing attitudes covered this occasion, the removal of his best rivals pants.

"Uhhh just hold your legs out straight. No need to get up," Seifer said, trying to keep his voice from wavering. He couldn't think of a way to get Squall out of the rest of his wet clothes without looking at him and the brunette was so gorgeous like this. He was sitting there with his lip caught between his teeth, head lowered, his hair still slightly damp on his neck. Seifer realized that he'd have to kneel between Squall's legs to pull this off and frowned, his mind filled with thoughts that were embarrassing. It didn't help when Seifer grasped the waist of Squall's leather pants and realized that there was nothing but naked flesh beneath the supple cloth. The reason for Squall's blushes became all too obvious as Seifer noticed that the flesh at the juncture of his thighs was not totally quiescent either. Seifer pulled at Squall's pants, desperately yanking them off of his hips and trying to ignore the half-hard flesh that was so close that he could just lean forward and take Squall's shaft between his lips. Seifer squeezed his eyes shut and slid the tight leather down another foot. Seifer didn't think that erection was for him, perhaps Squall was thinking of an ex-girlfriend or something. As Seifer carefully eased the leather down over Squall's damaged ankle he loked back up at Squall's flushed face. His eyes were firmly closed and his breathing was uneven, a sight that was far too sexual for Seifer's peace of mind. Now, rather than wanting to punch Squall he just wanted to be the cause of his arousal. Seifer wordlessly handed Squall a towel and sat down to dry Hyperion and Lionheart, where they leaned against the table.

"Thanks Seifer," Squall said weakly from the bed, laying back with his eyes closed. Seifer gasped and strode quickly over to the bed, shaking Squall's shoulder. In all of the commotion over Squall's disrobing Seifer had completely forgotten the reason why he rushed up the stairs so quickly. "Don't go to sleep Squall," he urged, "you might have a concussion."

"Good thinking," Squall said sheepishly, gray-blue eyes opening and training on Seifer's face where he leaned over the bed.

There was a timid knock at the door and Seifer looked up and groaned, "I forgot, that chick from the front desk is bringing us soup."

Incredibly, Squall grinned at the news, "I wonder what she'll think when she sees this?" Seifer rolled his eyes and opened the door. The dark-haired girl blinked several times as she tried to take in the sight of a half-naked Seifer. She craned her neck and took in Squall, laying draped across the bed in only his towel and gasped out, "ahhh excuse me for interrupting. Here's your soup, sir."

"You weren't interrupting anything," Seifer growled, taking the tray from her. He was more angry that she hadn't actually interrupted anything, than upset at her assumptions.

"Oh, well have a good night sir," she squeaked and scurried away down the hall. Squall was laughing quietly on the bed. Seifer paused, bemused after setting the soup down on the table to observe this incredibly rare occurrence. It was in the nature of a meteor shower, or some other precious heavenly phenomenon to see the turned up mouth, the shaking shoulders and the way Squall's eyes lit up from within like gray stained glass with candlelight glowing through. Seifer couldn't help but notice how attractive Squall was when he was helpless with laughter.

"Come, have some soup," he said mildly, trying to still be angry at something and quickly failing. Squall was sitting up and climbing out of bed as Seifer walked over to help him. Accidentally putting too much weight on the injured ankle Squall swung about dizzily and fell against Seifer who just managed to rasp his waist and pull Squall's ass directly against his crotch. Seifer's body responded immediately to the soft curve of Squall's body which pressed against him. Seifer wanted to push him away and pretend it hadn't happened, but he knew it was too late when Squall gasped and stiffened, actually putting more pressure on the obvious evidence of Seifer's arousal. Tightening his grip on Squall's hips Seifer made another of his snap decisions, "Gods Squall," he moaned, pulling Squall's hips harder against him and rubbing Squall's ass against his hard cock, "I can't take it anymore."

"What are you doing Seifer?" Squall asked breathlessly as Seifer rocked his hips against the scantily clad brunette.

"What's the matter Squall, scared? I dare you." Seifer hissed.

"Dare me to what?" Squall asked, his voice not as cool as it usually was at this point in their little game. "I dare you to let me fuck you," Seifer said, his voice deep with desire. "If you're too much of a wimp to go through with it, that's fine. I'll bet you've never been fucked before and I understand if you can't take it," Seifer's voice took on a mocking edge, which was only marred by the continued gentle thrusting of his hips.

"Try me," Squall whispered, taking the bait as he never failed to do. "In any case, if I don't let you, you'll only come in your towel," he rubbed his ass hard and deliberate against Seifer's cock.

Stilling Squall's motions with one hand, Seifer drew Squall back onto the bedon his lap. "You won't get out of it that easily now, however," Seifer growled, his voice full of promise as he licked at the back of Squall's neck.

"Well, it's only practical," Squall said, carefully turning so that he kneeled across Seifer's lap. "It will take my mind of the pain, keep me awake and warm us both better than any soup," he ticked off these items on his fingers and smiled. "A very efficient solution to all of our problems. Wouldn't Quistis be proud of us learning to become team players?" Seifer laughed and captured the full lips he'd been longing for. Sucking on Squall's lower lip he slid his hands down Squall's sides, removing the towel on his way to grasping Squall's smooth buttocks in both hands. Squall parted his lips and slid deeper into the kiss, rocking his hips teasingly against Seifer's. He pressure was just enough to make them tangle tongues more forcefully, but not enough the sate the hunger of their bodies. Seifer, although he heard a voice withing him chastising him for behaving an undignified manner, found that voice drowned out disturbingly by the gnawing hunger between his legs that needed to be appeased.

Seifer drew back from the kiss only far enough to look into Squall's eyes which sparked with a different fire than that which was present during their battles. Seifer lay back against the bed, leaving Squall seated across his thighs. "I don't want to hurt your ankle any worse so let's do it like this," he urged, taking off his own towel and simply taking in the beauty of Squall's naked body.

"But won't it hurt when you . . ." Squall asked uncertainly.

"Maybe a little," Seifer admitted. "Gonna chicken out, Leonheart?" Seifer asked reaching down to stroke Squall's cock and watching, entranced as Squall's head tilted back and his eyes fell shut. "You never ever fight fair, do you Seifer?" Squall asked, his customarily emotionless face full now of shifting passions. One moment he seemed nervous and uncertain, the next vulnerable and afraid, but finally desire seemed to win out as Seifer continued to squeeze his length with a steady hand.

Seifer offered his fingers to Squall to suck on while he continued pumping his cock. Squall's hot mouth embraced the offered fingers while his drying hair fell into his eyes and his hips moved involuntarily into Seifer's grip. Seifer couldn't believe how wonderful Squall was like this. All this time, he'd taunted and baited him, trying to get him to respond, when all it took was to touch him like this. Squall's pouts were undeniably pleasant, but watching his pleasure was so much better. Seifer felt a mind numbing tightening in his stomach as he watched Squall arch his back at the two fingers carefully worked inside of him.

"You okay?" Seifer asked, wanting to be sure that all of this was perfect so that maybe Squall would come back for more the same way he'd come back over and over again for their brawls.

"Yeah," Squall answered breathily, "keep going."

Seifer gently moved his fingers in and out while squeezing Squall's cock. Seifer brushed at Squall's prostate sending him twitching and gasping.

"Gods, is that what it's supposed to feel like?" Squall asked resting his hand on Seifer's chest for balance, his eyes catching at Seifer's beseechingly.

"Yeah and it gets better," Seifer replied, not able to believe that this beautiful sexual creature could possibly be the same Squall whom everyone used to say was the product of a union between Shiva and some poor human.

"I'm ready," Squall said, drawing Seifer's hand away and pinning him with a glazed blue eyed gaze. He leaned down so that his lips brushed Seifer's ear. "Give it to me," Squall whispered.

Seifer gasped, feeling that low sultry voice go straightto his already stiff cock. Seifer grasped Squall's hip with one hand and guided his cock to Squall's body.

"Go slow," he warned. Squall eased himself gently down onto Seifer's cock, trembling slightly. "Easy, Squall, easy," Seifer said through clenched teeth. Squall took a moment to relax, staring deep into Seifer's eyes. Even when he'd been laughing earlier, those beautiful blue eyes had never glistened quite so beautifully as they did now. Then Squall got that impish look on his face and moaning deep in his throat he took the rest of Seifer's length at once and started to move again. "Stop, hold on please," Seifer groaned, holding Squall still with both hands. He looked down, hair falling in his big blue eyes.

"Did I hurt you?" he asked, sweetly innocent.

"Not at all," Seifer managed still gripping him tightly, but grinning wistfully now at his own expense for one. "It just felt so good. Didn't want to end it too soon."

"Oh," Squall smiled, seeming immensely relieved at the news that he was doing well. He stroked Seifer's cheek and bent down his head for a long kiss. Seifer eased his grip on Squall sometime during the kiss and the brunette began to move again. If the tight heat of Squall's body wasn't enough to get Seifer off, then the sight of his ruthlessly taking his pleasure from Seifer's hard hard cock would have done it. Muscles bunched and corded in Squall's thighs as he rode Seifer's cock with his head thrown back and his lower lip caught between his teeth.

"Touch yourself Squall," Seifer directed, watching with intense pleasure as Squall became completely lost in the sensations. It wasn't long before the brown-haired man was gasping and writhing while cum poured out of his cock and his body grasped Seifer so tightly that he thought he'd die. Closing his own eyes with the intensity of the wave of pleasure that crashed over him Seifer thrust once more into that enveloping heat and filled Squall with his seed. The sweat dampened brown hair lay strewn across Seifer's chest, where Squall had collapsed, breathing heavily, his body limp and motionless.

"Squall, you're not falling asleep, are you?" Seifer asked frantically, stroking the brown locks away from the ruddy face. He felt lips moving against his chest as Squall breathed his response to burn into Seifer's flesh.

"I'm not asleep." Restless fingers slid down Seifer's chest and stroked his thigh absently. "Mmmmm . . ." The vibration of Squall's voice travelled electrically to the pit of Seifer's stomach. Sucking kisses were placed along his collarbone and inquisitive blue eyes came up to meet Seifer's face.

"That felt really really good," Squall said with his usual knack for painting his words with absolute conviction. Seifer watched, entranced as Squall nuzzled his face into Seifer's neck and carefully slid his undamaged leg up to rub against Seifer's.

"I can't believe it," Seifer said softly, smiling. "Squall Leonheart cuddles." He stroked his fingers through Squall's soft, born, unruly locks marveling at the man he held cradled in his arms. Seifer reflected, with amusement that he'd gotten his wish after all, whatever happened between them after tonight, Squall Leonheart would no longer be able to ignore him or pretend at icy detachment. "Squall?" Seifer asked a few minutes later, interrupting the smaller man at sucking on his neck.

"Yes?" he asked leaning on one elbow in order to better see his lover. Seifer felt a thrill of fear and joy go through his heart simultaneously.

"I dare you not to leave me, to stay and see what we can be together, at least for a little while," he spoke out rather hurriedly.

Squall shifted a bit so that he could lean down and kiss Seifer's forehead. "You know I've never passed up a challenge from you," he responded, blue eyes crackling with mischief.

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