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Author's Notes: This is a little complicated, all the pairings switch in the middle.

Obsession Kills

Chapter 8 - Changes

By Purple Penguin

I look up through the windscreen at the tall abandoned building. This place is on my list of sightings.

I glance at the blonde who’s sat beside me. What the hell am I doing?! He’s not used to this I could get him killed!

I should never have gone to the club that night. I can’t change. I’m stuck on the wrong side of the law but I don’t have to drag him down with me.

I don’t really understand him I guess that’s why I find him interesting. Men can be so predictable, women are better but men are better in bed. I’m trying not to get too attached to him cause I think he’d prefer one of the others maybe not Squall but possibly Zell. Their relationship interests me. They fight each other every step of the way for not reason. Zell has never defended me in the past so why start now? Seifer gets so wound up by Zell the proof is in today, he said he was so angry that he had to start fights with criminals. Zell doesn’t know that Squall has forgotten him so he thinks he still has a responsible to the brunette.

Huh I’m analysing things again. It’s kind of my job to analyse a situation so now it’s just habit.

After parking the car I open the boot/trunk. Seifer’s looking up at the building in wonder he looks like a child.

I attach the strap to the automatic and put it over my head. I take a dagger and put it in my secret pocket under my shirt in case the enemy catches us. My backpack is filled with grenades and timed mines.

“Come here.”

Seifer steps up to me waiting for me to tell him what to do. He reminded me of a puppy awaiting his master’s orders.

“My researchers have come up with some sightings at this place.”

He shut the boot/trunk and followed me up to the heavy iron gates.

“We’ll go in the back way and search the whole building.”

He remained silent. I was surprised he had managed to stay quiet for this long he didn’t seem the quiet type. What was he thinking? He was hard to read.

The main gates were strong and solid so I climbed up and over like a cat landing nimbly on the other side. I looked at Seifer through the railings.

“What are you waiting for? Come on.”

He looked up doubtfully up at the gates. With some difficulty he climbed up the gate and fell clumsily off the other side.

I fought back a smile, retaining my icy exterior. It was comically really. The badass detective comes into my world and turns into the bumbling sidekick.

I turn away from him not waiting for him to recover his composure before I walked off round the back of the tower. He jogged to keep up with me.

“What if this place is crawling with those guys?”

That’s the first thing he had said in all this time. I suspected he was afraid.

“We’ve got enough bullets.” Was my only reply.

He tensed slightly. “You mean you’d casually kill them all? What if there are innocent people in there?”

I gave him a hard look. “I’m an assassin. It’s not my job to care about my victims, if you want to leave then go.”

He made no move. “Fine let’s get this over with.”

I let him kick the weak door in. Of course I could easily do it myself but I didn’t want him to feel completely useless. The door banged open to an empty room. It was deafeningly quiet. You could literally hear a pin drop. I walked ahead of Seifer and opened the door at the other end. Carefully I peeped out. There was no one around and still no sound. I steeped out to find myself standing in a large hall on the narrow walkway that ran around the edge. At one end there were stairs to the space below, at the other end it looked like an abandoned office or something. I beckoned Seifer through the door behind me.

I nodded to the office. “Go take a look. I’ll keep an eye out for trouble.”

I had spoken in a hushed whisper but this place was so enclosed and metallic that my voice echoed. I watched Seifer until he left my sight. The hall below me was still empty. I carefully listened to the silence in case there was something I’d missed earlier. I tensed as I heard footsteps but relaxed as Seifer walked up to me. Why was I so nervous? I’ve done this loads of times although then I was alone with no one to baby-sit.

“I found this.” Seifer handed me a leather folder. Lots of documents fell out of it as I opened it.

One piece of paper was a letter written in the handwriting of ‘Raijin Tribal’ who was the guy both Seifer and me were after.

“You may want this.” I handed it to Seifer. He would need it for proof of the stuff Raijin was into for his bosses even if he would never get the arrest him cause tonight he dies.

“They have been here once. They may come back.” I dropped the folder and walked towards the stairs. “Come on let’s look around some more.” Our steps echoed so noisily that if there were anyone in the building they would have been here by now.

The space below had small dead ended corridors in the walls. They would be great in an attack.

“This place is deserted.” Seifer said from behind me. “We’re wasting our time.”

“In a hurry to get back to Zell are you?” I sneered. I grimaced at the jealously in my voice. Why should I care if Seifer wants Zell? It’s non-of my business.

Seifer spun round to stare at me in utter shock. He’s so dense, I can see it.

“W-What?!” He tried to say more but he seemed at a loss for words.

“You’re not fooling anyone... expect Zell but he’s as brainless as you are. I can see how you feel about him.”

“W-What?! Zell?! You’ve got to be kidding! I can’t stand him!”


“Why do I hate him?”

I nodded.

“I don’t trust him.”

“Why? I trust me although you shouldn’t.”

“I don’t like him with Squall.”

I raised an eyebrow. That comment didn’t help his argument at all in fact it helped mine.

“Not in that way I’m only protecting Squall.”

“Hmm has he had lovers in the past other than you?”

“Of course.”

“Do you hate all of them?”

“No they were different. They weren’t dangerous or.. Or...”

“Cute?” I offered.

He sneered at me. “I do NOT want Zell!!”

His voice went quiet. “And even if I did he hates me and wants nothing to do with me.”

Seifer didn’t seem to realize it but he’d almost admitted it with that last comment.

“Don’t be so sure. Zell has never protected me in the past so why is he so desperate for me and you not to be together?”

He looked puzzled.

I continued. “He has no reason to hate you, he isn’t afraid of you and he doesn’t need your permission to date Squall but yet he seems to spend more time fighting with you than being with his boyfriend.”

Seifer furrowed his brow.

“He keeps going on and on about you. About how much you piss him off, that you’re an asshole and-”

Seifer cut me off. “That doesn’t sound very positive to me. Sound like he hates me.”

“The context is not the point. The point is that he won’t shut up about you.”

“Whatever. I don’t want Zell.”

“Yeah right. Let’s get this over with and-”

I was cut off again this time by the sound of gunfire and suddenly bullets were flying past our heads. We both ran into separate dead ends to hide in.

I aimed my machine gun at anyone who came near me. I looked up at the walkway above us, dozens of men ran down the stairs and many crouched firing at us from above.

I made a brave yet stupid move of moving out slightly of my hiding place to look for Seifer. There was no sign of him, as I went to move back into my hiding place a bullet hit me in the arm sending searing pain along my whole arm. I stumbled back into the dead end still firing ignoring the pain. I’ve been shot before it’s not that big a deal.

Suddenly the people from upstairs disappeared and fewer men were coming near me. I could just see a crowd of people beginning to form. I wondered what have happened before I realized Seifer had ran out of bullets, easy pickings for them.

I have to admit for a minute I had thought to take the distraction to ran off and leave him there but even I’m not that heartless. I quickly removed two hand grenades from my backpack, shoving one in my pocket. The other I pulled the pin and threw it as far as I could in to the crowd of men.

Everyone scattered in all direction, many did not get far enough and I shot all I could.

The whole building shook as my grenade exploded.

Some guys screamed but they were cut short.

I walked out into the carnage. Nothing had caught fire because of all the metal although some of the corpses had licks of flame on what was left of their clothing.

I walked over the bleeding pile of corpses. Some were missing limps, I guess they were the nearest to the grenade.

“Seifer?!” I called.

I found him huddled in a corner; he had thrown up which wasn’t surprising as the air smelt heavily of burning flesh. I would have thrown up too but I was used to it and my mind was focused on the pain in my shoulder.


He looked up at me like a scared rabbit.

“Let’s get out of here. Don’t look down.”

If he had seen the corpses he would have thrown up again.

We both hurried from the flesh smelling hall through another door and down a very long corridor. It suddenly acurd to me that we came from upstairs so we would have to go up somewhere.

“We have to find some stairs.” I informed Seifer.

Seifer was very pale and very quiet.

We approached the end of the corridor. Just as the pair of double wooden doors burst open and a big, burly, dark skinned man stepped through. He smirked menacingly at us. He wore black leather pants and a blue waistcoat with no shirt. He held a huge rocket launcher.

“Ya can put down the gun Miss Trepe. Ya not going nowhere ya know.”

I sneered back at him keeping my cool, calm exterior even though I was starting to panic slightly. Slowly I removed the gun and dropped it to the ground.

The door opened a little bit and a short girl stepped through. She stood beside Raijin but she didn’t look like a friend probably a slave. She stood shoulders hunched staring at the floor, her silver hair dropped over her shoulders. She wore black pants and a blue shirt. She was dirty and obvious afraid of both Raijin and us.

She dared a glance at me that’s when I noticed the eye patch. Her good eye was green and full of fear. I felt sorry for her, she would be a pretty girl if she got clean clothes and had a shower.

I thought of all the things he’s probably made her do. My anger increased.

“Get their weapons.”

The girl walked to Seifer with her head down, she took his pistol and gunblade.

Raijin inspected the gunblade with interest.

The girl came over to me. I handed her my machine gun.

Raijin seemed so distracted by Seifer’s weapon and I remembered the grenade that was still in my pocket.

Slowly I removed it and pulled the pin. I didn’t want the five second wait so I waited for three seconds then threw it. It exploded right in Raijin’s face blowing his head from his shoulders.

The gunblade clattered to the ground.

The girl screamed and panicked, flailing her arms around everywhere.

Seifer picked up his gunblade; he looked ill again.

“We have to go back the way we came.” I explained.

The strange girl had sunk to the floor hugging her knees.

“Come on we can get you out of here.”

She didn’t move just rocked backwards and forwards muttering something over and over.

Seifer looked back at me. “What are you waiting for? She’s the enemy.”

I narrowed my eyes at him. What a hypocrite.

“She’s a slave; it’s not her fault.”

I knelt beside her. What was I supposed to say? I’m not compassionate usually.

She looked up at me her eye full of hope, fear and sadness.

“Don’t worry we won’t hurt you..... We can get you out of here.”

I gently pulled her to her feet and slowly at arms length she walked with me. I speeded up forcing her to hurry.

Seifer stepped back into the flesh room and promptly threw up.

We crossed the room heading for the stairs. The girl took one look at the mangled corpses and fainted. I caught before she hit the floor.

Great just wonderful an easy job had turned into this.

I easily lifted her into my arms and carried her like a child.

“Do you want me to carry her?”

“No I’m fine.” She was light. I could feel her ribs she was so thin and weak.

She seemed a wreck both physically and emotionally. It made me glad I’d killed the bastard.

I followed Seifer back through the room at the top of the stairs.

His jog turned into a sprint as he got out into the daylight.

I carefully passed the girl to Seifer who was sat on top of the gate. I climbed over and he passed her back to me.

Back at the car Seifer eagerly switched the black fleece for his trench coat while I laid the girl down in the back of my car.

I dropped Seifer off at the hospital he probably wanted to tell Squall about his little adventure.

I glanced back at the girl. I really should go back to my base to get my wound seen to but what will I do with her?

I guess she could sleep on my sofa.

I must be going soft. I’m Quistis Trepe professional bitch; I do NOT bring home strays. But it would only be for a night or two.

I look back at her again.

I’ll take her home tomorrow.

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