Author's Notes: 10 minute fic Challenge from the LxS group.

No Help

By The Wandering Englishman

The door swung open violently; sunlight from the window making the bathroom seem several shades whiter than it should have been. Tears dropped onto the pale tile, mixing with the dripping blood coming from the dark haired man.

Tripping his own feet, Laguna suddenly found himself falling towards the porcelain sink. If bleeding to death wasn't bad enough, he was going to die with a stubbed toe. He laughed, despite himself, before looking into the mirror above the basin.

Hyne, he was going to die. He knew it. His usually tanned skin looked far too pale; the blood loss had progressed that far.

He quickly opened the cabinet hidden behind the mirror, hoping his lover would have something that could save his life. He ran his good hand along the bottom of the various bottles of oddly glowing potions, the look on his face becoming graver as he realised none of the things in his cupboard could help. Potions did nothing for blood loss.

"Squall!" He finally shouted, worry slowly creeping into his voice as he looked down at his still gushing wound. Laguna waited a moment, frustratedly looking over the razors and shaving cream on the bottom shelf. For a SeeD, Squall didn't seem that prepared.

"What is it?" The soft-spoken voice asked from the doorway, frowning at the fear plastered on the older man's face.

"I'm bleeding to death, Squall...and there's nothing in here that can help." Laguna fell back against the bath, sitting down before putting his head in his hands.

Smirking, Squall opened the cabinet below the sink, pulling out a small box before kneeling down in front of Laguna.

"Can I have a look?"

The greying man looked away, holding out his left hand, obviously trying to be brave in front of his mercenary son.

It didn't take long after that.


Laguna cocked his head, looking down at the injured hand, smiling brightly as he changed his gaze to Squall.

"If you need them again, Laguna, the Band-aid's are in the bottom cupboard."

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