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Author’s Notes: I’ve decided against rewriting it for too long. There might be a sequel trilogy, if I feel like it, but for now be satisfied with this.

Oh, and much thanks to Necromage and K-chan for their constant badgering.


By Alix Vitesse

Squall writhed in unbearable pleasure underneath Seifer, who himself was having trouble keeping the boy pinned beneath him. They were panting heavily in unison, the occasional begging moan seeping into both their ears and pulling at their energy even more to continue their passionate intercourse.

Their hands roamed aimlessly, thrashing about like insane limbs, unable to tell whether they were still sane themselves. This continued on, until Squall gasped, eyes frozen and voice void of defining the ultimate wonder being released now, tension and the world around him completely flushing out along with the silky white liquid being gathered and spilled from his lover’s thin, pink lips.

He wished he could have given Seifer more, after hearing his partner’s breath hitch in his own throat, and he empty himself inside Squall, marking him; claiming him with the sticky substance.

His eyes drew to a close, forgetting everything around him and focusing only on one thing: that he held Seifer near him.

The past dreams began to pulse across Squall’s mind like blood, except they were pictures with the one voice he did not want the pictures to relate to...

‘Listen to your heart.’

And flashes of a knife’s silver glint appeared, stabbing and piercing through a silver locket, which slowly opened to reveal Seifer’s picture stained with blood, and his on the other side scribbled with the word ‘change’.

The scene disappeared, replaced with Squall kneeling pathetically down beside a bloodless Seifer, pounding and scratching and cursing at the body without regress. Even Squall himself couldn’t mistake the words he was saying to the body.

‘You and I were one. But you were deaf. How can I hear, Seifer? How can I listen when you can’t hear and you are me?’ The scene disappeared again, and Seifer standing in a moonlit balcony washed over in his head. He stayed quiet, looking up at the moon with silent aquatic eyes glistening wistfully.

‘It’s too late for questions, Squall, find me, find me...’

A dull music began to play, brought in by the wind that had begun to blow all around Seifer, seeming to want to lift him up into the sky, the angel he was. He walked, gainsboro trenchcoat billowing softly behind him as he walked toward a sleeping Squall, being soothed to a deeper sleep by the mysterious, faint night concerto.


As Seifer turned around, Squall slept on, the quiet music fading away as his lover slowly began to fade away.

‘Listen for my heart, because it’s beckoning for you.’

Then... there was white.

‘Wake up, Squall.’

The sequence ceased and Squall bolted up, eyes still closed. But he knew it. Seifer was gone. Seifer had left.

But there was a feeling inside that made him certain that Seifer didn’t leave him. But that didn’t assure him enough.

He dashed out of the room, searching desperately everywhere he could, throwing everything aside with inhuman speed. His body was already begging for Seifer. How was he to stand not being in his arms longer than now?

Mind you, it wasn’t just because he wanted to make love with Seifer. He needed Seifer in ways even he couldn’t understand. And what was Seifer doing? Leaving him? One simply reply Squall had to him: What the fuck?

And he stood there, angry and confused, trying to find some sense in all that’s happened and in those goddamned dreams.

The dreams! Of course! But if the dreams were the answer... then what had Seifer done? Killed himself?

Oh, fuck no.

He ran to the bathroom, scared even to take the last steps into there, for he thought he was going to step in blood. Seifer’s blood. But there was nothing but the bland, white tiling on the floor and a piece of paper with black scribbles.

Black scribbles. Black writing. A message?

"My beloved Squall," it began, Squall making a disgusted noise as the tears began to trickle from his eyes. He had a sickening feeling in his stomach where it was going to lead, this damned letter.

"I thought we could use a little game."


"You forget, my love, that even though you are my partner... you are also my opponent. And I think this is exactly the practice we will need. If you find me Squall, then I know you love me. That you truly love me."

"Damn you, Seifer," he muttered hoarsely. "Why the hell do I still need to prove my love to you?"

"You’ve proved that you loved me Squall, I know that. But we need a little fun in our lives, don’t you think? And we’ll see just how long you last without me..."

Squall stared at the piece of paper. Was this his idea of a joke? Oh, but Squall wasn’t going to let him get away. And after all, he still had those pleading needs.

"Now where did I put my gunblade..."

And he had a lifetime for revenge.


Well life has a funny way of sneaking up on you
When you think everything's okay and everything's going right
And life has a funny way of helping you out when
You think everything’s gone wrong and everything blows up

In your face

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