Moth in Flame

By Sasha Petalinkar

I have seen the brightest star fall, and rise once more.

How poetic. But then I have a tendency to flowery speech. The loneliness of sharpshooter, and all of that.

Loneliness indeed. I have understood how impersonal my kills are. I just point my gun, pull the trigger and... bang evil which is dead. Only that does not work that way. Only when I have seen the duel between two blade masters, I have began to understand. That was not a fight as it was a dance. Fast, deadly, and beautiful. Fire and ice, mercenary and knight, white and black.

I understand how Rinoa has fallen for both of them once I seen them fight. The true beauty of their skill does not show with an ordinary opponent, you must pit against each other to see it shine.

Seifer, the Sorceress Knight, cruel when he is most gentle, pragmatic in actions and romantic at hearth, beautiful as he is deadly, cold when he is most passionate...

Squall, the Commander of the SeeDs, strong and eternal like the mountains of Trabia, and cold and unreachable as they are. A black lion, defender of his pride...

Here I go again, poetic nonsense. But what can I do while waiting for my target, that to let my mind wander. How else to relieve the tension, especially now, for this I have no backup, no second chance. This time I will not fail, to much it is at stake now.

I remember when Seifer first took me, in the D-District prison. Perhaps I should call it a rape, for I was not very willing at first, although I not very unwilling for matter to be told, but rape is such ugly word to describe such wonderful experience. To say that we fucked is to vulgar, to say that we made love was incorrect. It is best to say that he took, forged me, like blade forged in the flame of his passion. When he was finished, I was worshiping him, and he deserved every ounce of my devotion.

Then he let me go. For moment I though that I was rejected, then he simply said, "Free Squall". That was my first step to understanding.

They use each other to define themselves. Without Squall Leonhearth there is no Seifer Almasy, without Sorceress Knight there is not SeeD Commander. Enemies, rivals, lovers, brothers, they are all of that and more.

After the Seifer's fire, Squall ice felt nice and comforting. And I knew why both of them took me. Seifer to send part of his fire to Squall, and Squall to take what Seifer left in me for him. I was a simple bee, carrying the pollen between two flowers. And like the bee I had my taste of nectar.

In last fight Squall was by cheating, not only that he fought with both Zell and Quistis at his side, that was not enough to trip over Seifer, but he also called not only Odin, which feel under the Hyperion, but Giglamesh as well.

But like the phoenyx Seifer rose from the ashes, like prideful beast, he fought with last ounce of his strength, fulfilling his mission. I wonder for what he fought, I priorities were the same, bring forth the time compression. Seifer to complete Sorceress bidding, we to be able to get to the Sorceress trough the veil of time. It seems that we fought only to save Rinoa. Waste of energy in my opinion.

I do not know what both of them see in her? Perhaps she is pretty trophy to be kept. She can never give them what they need or want. Neither love or the devotion.

That is why I stand here with my gun, silently watching. She does not understand that they need each other too. Her selfishness will destroy them all. But I know better. I will help them, once she out of the way. And after all, it is a duty of SeeD to kill the Sorceress.

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