Misery's Son

Chapter Fourteen - Godsdamned, Motherfucking, Unrequited Love?

By Pixie518

I know that to the winds my reason is cast

But since I have begun to speak at last,

I must go on and unto thee declare

A secret that I can no longer bear...



Zell awoke slowly, feeling warm and strangely protected, the muted sunlight falling in strained arcs across the room. He opened his eyes slowly, the brilliant blue of his iris? hidden and then visible as he stretched languidly and nudged the warm body beside him. Zell wasn?t one of those people who forgot, overnight, where he?d lay his head the night before. He knew without looking that he was lying beside Irvine and that Irvine had not yet awakened.

Zell wondered what time it was, but didn?t want to move to glance at the clock. He could tell that it was late morning, and judging by the way the sunlight filtered in it was cloudy as well. Raining would?ve been better. Then he wouldn?t feel so bad for sleeping the morning away. Oh well, he?d stayed up late the night before and figured he deserved a late morning every once in a while.

He covered his mouth with the back of his hand, yawning quietly, and turned his gaze on Irvine. The way he looked when he was conscious was tempting enough, but to see him in repose, the vibrant purple of his eyes shielded from view, his perfectly bowed mouth, lips shell pink and slightly parted, was altogether breathtaking.

Zell smiled, the faint softness of it lending his face an even more tranquil look. The ache in his heart, the one that only Squall Leonhart had the ability to ease, had not dulled. If anything, it had increased with the added guilt of waking up in Irvine?s bed and his silently lamenting the beautiful shape of the cowboy?s lips.

Zell sighed. Rock and a hard place. No shit. The fact that Squall was bringing Seifer Almasy home should have been enough to clear his conscience. At least so the act of getting naked and sweaty with Kinneas wouldn?t be an issue. But it wasn?t. And it would be. Zell?s heart was not ambiguous, no matter how much he wished it could be. When Zell loved, he loved intensely and Squall would have to tell him, with no uncertainty, that he loved someone else before Zell would be able to pick up the pieces of his heart and move on. Even though he knew, hells, he?d always known, that Seifer was the one Squall truly loved, he?d never given up hope. Hope that one day Squall would be able to see beyond Seifer Almasy and notice him.

Zell sighed, a small, resigned sound and Irvine chose that moment to open his eyes. How he could appear so oriented as soon as he awoke, Zell didn?t know, but Irvine was gazing at him with unmistakable cognizance. And then he smiled.

"Right here, Laguna. This will do well enough." Kiros was back to giving orders as though he were the President of Esthar and Laguna smiled, pleased that his General and best friend had apparently snapped out of his crabby mood and decided to join the living.

Kato sat, looking satisfied and not the tiniest bit wilted, between Squall and Seifer, arms crossed over his chest, leather bands biting into his skin.

"I?m hella thirsty, Kiros. Get me a drink?" He inquired lightly, his smile sweet and unassuming.

Kiros cut his eyes to Kato and growled. "Get your own damned drink."

Laguna pulled into an open space and put the car in park. He turned to Kiros with a weary expression on his face and sighed.

"Is this how it?s going to be from here to Balamb? Because I have to tell you, Kiros, I don?t think I can stand this constant bickering."

Kiros? expression didn?t alter, although he was incredibly put out.

"I don?t hear you giving that same little speech to your golden boy in the back seat, Laguna. Why shouldn?t I be insulted that you?ve chosen to deliver your warning to me alone?"

Laguna tucked his machine gun under his seat, unbuckling his seat belt and opening the car door.

"Because," he explained patiently, "You?re supposed to be the adult."

Kiros sat in stunned silence, completely still, as Laguna got out of the car and shut the door with a firm click. If he counted to a hundred, no, two hundred, maybe he could get out of the car, find a restroom and scream like a banshee with no one being the wiser. At least that way, Kato could go on drawing breath. For now.

Seifer chose that moment to nudge the back of Laguna?s seat.

"C?mon, Seagill. My leg?s starting to cramp, hurry up." He complained.

Kiros opened the car door and stretched his long legs out before him, standing slowly and stiffly, glaring at Seifer the whole way.

Seifer pushed against the back of seat, causing it to bump Kiros on the ass as he stood. He turned, frowning, and pushed the lever under the seat, allowing it to come forward so the others? could get out of the car.

Seifer unwound his long frame gracefully, stepping out of the car with a relieved expression on his face.

"Damn, but that?s a long way to travel all curled up in such a small place." He said, grinning at Kiros.

Kiros arched an eyebrow. "Oh, I don?t know, Almasy. I thought you liked small, tight places." He observed neutrally, pretending to study the passersby.

Seifer smiled sweetly and mouthed the words ?fuck you?, tilting his head in a most beguiling manner.

Kiros returned the smile and held the seat up for Kato and Squall. Kato slid over to the door, sliding out of the seat, toes reaching toward the ground, much faster than Seifer had moved before him. He wiggled out, turning sideways, his nose brushing Kiros? as he moved closely by him. Kiros pulled back and scowled, motioning Squall over.

"Hurry up, pretty one, we don?t have all day." He barked.

Squall scowled at him, his belt catching on the vehicle?s cheap fabric seats. He reached behind him, feeling around for whatever had him pinned, and cursed fluently. Seifer grinned.

"You need some help?" He asked, his voice teasing and intimate. Squall blushed, deep and telling.

"No." He muttered, ripping at the seat and freeing his belt with a sharp tearing sound. He didn?t look back to see the damage.

"Tsk, tsk, Squall, you?ve damaged an official Estharian Government Issue vehicle. I?m pretty sure that carries a penalty." Kato grinned, his teeth flashing white, small and perfectly straight. Squall narrowed his eyes.

"Shut up." He muttered, too hot and irritated to bother verbally sparring with Kato.

Kiros closed the door and checked his watch.

"Okay, girls. Ten minutes, no more, no less. We?ve wasted enough time already."

Squall nodded, falling into step behind Seifer and heading toward the small convenience store, needing a drink and maybe even a sleep or two. Things could get uglier as the day wore on.

Kato snapped to attention, saluting Kiros smartly, his bare chest and ragged cut off shorts somehow ruining the formal effect. Kiros rolled his eyes and felt around inside his vest for the money he?d tucked into his pocket.

"Hurry it up. If you?re standing beside this car when I get back, we?ll leave you here." He warned him ominously. Kato bowed, low and reverently and skipped off whistling ?I?m the king of the castle?.

Kiros waited until Kato was out of view and he gave in to the smile that was playing at the corner of his lips. This damned heat was making him crazy. He was smiling when all he really wanted to do was unsheathe his blades and find a way to silence that little bastard permanently.

Laguna strolled through the doors then, the arid wind picking up tendrils of his hair and sending them dancing around the regal lines of his cheekbones. Kiros felt his throat tighten. Godsdamned, motherfucking, unrequited love. He wasn?t going to make it all the way to Balamb Garden...he just wasn?t.

"Heads up, Kiros!" Laguna called out cheerfully, tossing his friend an icy bottle. Kiros grinned and caught the bottle one handed, turning it to view the label. Iced Green Tea. That man knew him better than his own mother had. It was a damned shame he was so clueless.

"Thanks." Kiros nodded at him and headed toward the bathroom, planning on being back at the car before Kato was so that he could ensure he wouldn?t lose his seat.

As Laguna watched him vanish around the corner, Squall appeared through the loose, swinging doors of the store, his gait sure and confident when he turned once, and bestowed on Seifer the kind of smile that made a man?s knees weak. The knowing, self-satisfied smirk was still playing across his face when he turned back to face Laguna and he winked.

Laguna stood, bottle raised to his lips, mouth agape, never imagining he?d ever see that particular expression on his son?s face. And now, here it was and it made him seem so...normal.

Seifer followed behind him, gaze riveted on Squall?s tight, leather-clad ass, and his eyes darkened with lust as his tongue snaked out to trace the line of his full lower lip. Laguna almost clapped a hand over his eyes, feeling as though he were witnessing something incredibly private and intense. It embarrassed him, and even though, it made his heart lighten, for it meant that Squall was going to be okay. Eventually.

Squall reached the car first, looking refreshed and a little secretive as he opened the door and slid to the far side of the seat. Seifer paused once, setting his drink on the top of the car and reaching into his pants, shifting himself with a small grimace and then smiling at Laguna, jerking his head upwards in a little nod of acknowledgment before he grabbed his drink and slide into the car beside Squall.

Laguna averted his eyes, wondering if he were supposed to do something. Give him the thumbs up sign, maybe? And for what? Surely they hadn?t...not in such a small amount of time...there were people in there, for Hynes? sake!

Laguna shook his head. He wasn?t going to ponder that particular subject. It was simply too distasteful. He looked up then to see Kato sauntering out of the store, a can of strawberry soda in one hand, and a cherry lollipop in the other. His loose-limbed, rolling gait brought to mind unbidden lustful images, as Laguna was almost positive they were meant to. He moved like a finely oiled machine, his arms swinging at his sides, his hips twitching in that way that promised a wild night of whatever fantasy one could dream up. Laguna felt his stomach turn slightly. The heat must be getting to him. All he wanted was a nice hotel with an indoor pool and then he could escape the unusually high testosterone levels that were threatening to choke him.

He noticed Kiros headed towards him then, his familiar, efficient, take-no-prisoners stride that Laguna had come to recognize as Kiros? alone, and he smiled. Thank Hyne that some things were constant.

Laguna slid behind the wheel once more and started the engine, rolling up his windows and conceding that, yes, maybe it was too hot outside to forego the air conditioning. He heard soft, murmuring sounds coming from the back seat and he adjusted his mirror quickly, entirely too tempted to glance into it and see just whom was whispering to whom.

Kiros reached the car then, a split second before Kato and he opened the door with a nod and a tight smile.

"Ladies first." He said solicitously and Kato leaned against the car, raising the lollipop to his lips slowly and circling the tip of it with his small pink tongue. He met Kiros? gaze directly, dark eyes meeting azure ones and Kato slid the lollipop along his tongue until the stick and what seemed like half of his hand had disappeared into his mouth.

Kiros swallowed almost unnoticeably and forced a small smile.

"Nice try, brat. Get in." He ground out, hating the strangled sound of his own voice.

Kato slid the lollipop back out and leaned toward Kiros, the wicked glint in his eyes more serious than he could ever be and he flicked the tip of his tongue over Kiros? ear.

"I wasn?t trying...General." And then he ducked into the car, settling in directly behind Kiros? seat, tossing a little smirk in Seifer?s direction, who was doing his level best not to snicker. Seifer knew, however, that Kiros was rapidly reaching his limit, and he didn?t plan on being the one who pushed him over the edge. Kato was doing a bang-up job of that all by himself.

That slow, easy grin that Zell had begun to know as Irvine?s trademark did unspeakable things to his resolve. His lashes fluttered against the golden skin of his cheeks, his lips curved so sweetly, so perfectly, Zell had to wonder what kind of idiot he?d been not to notice where Irvine?s intentions had lain. But suddenly here they were, early in the a.m., clouds gathering with unmistakable intent and it all became crystal clear. Zell cursed himself for being ten times a fool and not figuring it out before when he?d always prided himself on his innate intuitiveness. Damn.

"How long?" He asked, his voice sleepy and intimate.

To his credit, Irvine didn?t feign ignorance, didn?t try the cowboy charm, didn?t give him that shit-eating grin that he offered to every woman he came into contact with. He simply reached out to trace the line of Zell?s jaw and smiled. A real one.

"Since the night of our victory party." He countered smoothly.

Zell closed his eyes once, opening them almost immediately when he realized that he had no right, no reason, to hide his thoughts from Irvine. Zell gave as good as he got, and since he demanded nothing less than total honesty, he was bound to return it in kind.

"Why?" He asked quietly. "I mean, you and Selphie..." It sounded stupid, even to his ears. Because you spent time with someone of the opposite sex, even went so far as to appear very physically intimate with them, you were indeed involved?

"I?m sorry. That was stupid..." He began, wanting to bury his face in the pillow and scream.

"It?s not stupid. It?s what I?ve led everyone to believe. That you believed it as well is nothing more than a credit to my superb acting ability." He grinned then, and Zell smiled.

"You never said anything, never let on." Zell tucked one hand under his cheek and regarded Irvine with round blue eyes. Irvine pulled his hand back and propped his head up with one fist.

"Do you really have to go through this with me, Zell? Can?t you guess? Don?t you already know how I?ve hidden it, why I?ve hidden it? The sleepless nights, the carefully disguised glances, all of it? Haven?t you been doing exactly the same thing for the past four or five years?" His words might have stung had they been delivered in a harsher tone of voice. But they weren?t. Irvine?s soft, understanding glance told Zell that he knew exactly how it felt, and precisely how much it hurt.

Zell nodded, lashes fluttering once or twice as he composed himself and tamped down hard on the warm feelings that were threatening to rob him of his good sense.

"You?re right. You don?t have to say it. I already know." He looked up then, blue eyes more intense than Irvine had ever seen them before. "But it doesn?t change anything, Irvine. You?re still you and I?m still me and I still love Squall Leonhart more than anything else in this world. I can?t just turn it off, no matter how much you wish, hells, I wish, otherwise."

Irvine nodded, looking entirely too calm for Zell to believe he really felt anything for him at all.

"I don?t expect anything less from you, Zell. I know you better than you think I do. And if you?d rolled over for me last night, let me do the things to you that I?ve been fantasizing about for months, then I would know that you weren?t who I thought you were and that I couldn?t possibly love you that much after all."

Zell blinked, swallowed, and raised up one elbow to lean closer to Irvine, the pull of his beauty only intensified by the words that he?d offered.

"And so you wait." Zell said, more statement than question and Irvine smiled, nodding slightly.

"Nothing else for me to do. I don?t love easily, Zell, regardless of what you?ve heard about me. Everything will come together eventually. You?ll either love me or you won?t. And if it?s the latter, than I imagine it will be because you and Squall have found your way back to each other."

Zell narrowed his eyes. "And that wouldn?t bother you?"

Irvine chuckled softly, almost able to hear the wheels turning in Zell?s head.

"Hells, yes, it would bother me. It would kill me. But you?d be happy, your heart would be whole, and that, to me, is as close to my own happiness as I can get without having you beside me, every single day, for the rest of my life."

Zell took a deep breath, words having deserted him for what was probably the first time in his life, and he favored Irvine with a flirty smile.

"You want me, huh?" Teasing and light, it was his way of letting Irvine know that what had transpired between them would not affect their friendship.

Irvine only scooted closer, licking his lips and staring at Zell with undisguised need. He paused only when they were nose to nose, sharing the same breath, and Irvine watched Zell?s eyes widen, and then darken.

"That?s something else you shouldn?t have to ask." Irvine growled, low and seductive, and before Zell could blink, reached out to grasp the back of his neck, pulling him into an altogether breath-taking kiss that nearly obliterated Zell?s conviction.

Irvine angled his head, stroking Zell?s tongue with his own, his lips firm, but still so very soft and pliant while his fingers stroked slow, lazy patterns over the tender skin of Zell?s neck.

When he drew back they were breathless, eyes mirroring precisely the same shocked expression and Irvine touched his lips, as if to check that they still belonged to him. His heart turned over as he watched Zell?s eyes shutter before he offered him a tremulous smile.

"I?ll take that as a fair warning." Zell teased, unable to do anything else and Irvine blinked, shaken to his very foundation.

"Take it however you want, and let me know when you?ve figured it out." He smiled, shaking his head as though to clear his muddled thoughts.

Zell grinned, flashing small, pointed teeth. "Everything okay between us?" He asked, needing reassurance. Irvine reached out to him, touched the tip of his nose.

"Better." He told him, and lay back on the bed, still panting slightly. "Definitely better?"

The passing landscape was becoming less and less interesting to Kato and was instead threatening to lull him to sleep. He struggled to keep his eyes open, his mind alert, as he was afraid that if he drifted off, he might miss something.

He turned his shaggy head to glance at Seifer, whose golden head was leaning on Squall?s shoulder, his soft, contented whimpers causing an unwelcome wave of nostalgia to rise up in Kato?s mind.

Squall turned his blank stare on Kato then and noticed where his gaze was fixed. The Commander?s body grew taut and his silvery eyes narrowed, almost as though he knew what Kato was thinking...or rather...remembering.

Squall slid a possessive arm around Seifer?s shoulder; his expression quite openly hostile and Kato bit back a grin. Imagine. Commander Leonhart, the human glacier, the fucking Lion of Balamb had all but shoved a flag up Seifer Almasy?s ass to stake his claim. How utterly...amusing. Kato almost wished Seifer would wake up to see Squall holding onto him like a jealous girlfriend. On second thought...he?d probably be just as pleased as punch. Scratch that.

"Why?nt you wrap his dick in cotton while he?s asleep?" Kato whispered, his lips curling into that irritating smirk that made Squall want to commit Hara-Kiri. Kato blinked innocently, another scathing retort forming on his tongue when he heard the grinding gears of another vehicle approaching and, judging solely by the ear-splitting sound, it was approaching fast.

Kato spun around in his seat, the burnished golden strands of his hair glinting under the sunlight. He looked back at Squall, any hint of teasing chased away by the shuttered, controlled gaze of an assassin.

"Get down." He shouted, confident that he would be obeyed. He was. Squall slumped down immediately, pulling Seifer tighter against his body as Kato leaned over the both of them, his hand sliding beneath Laguna?s seat, searching.

Laguna barely had time to look over his shoulder before he heard the explosion behind them. Seifer sat up immediately, his eyes hazy and unfocused, his irritation at having his slumber disturbed glaringly obvious.

"What the fuck is going on?" He shouted over the cacophony of noise, surprise giving way to anger as he twisted in his seat in an attempt to get a better look.

Kato immediately shoved him back down, securing his grip on Laguna?s machine gun and leaning his back against Kiros? seat. He shot Seifer a dark look and bumped his shoulders against the back of the seat.

"You know exactly what?s going on, Knight of mine and you better keep your heads down, both of you, until I tell you otherwise." He didn?t await a response and instead glanced over his shoulder at Kiros while he unclipped the shoulder strap from the weapon. "Kiros, I need you to lean forward and give me some room." That said, he popped the clip out of the gun, observing it with an expert eye and snapped it back in, securing it.

Kiros moved closer to Laguna; ready to shield him from gunfire if need be, and allowed Kato to push the seat further up while his finger slid over the button that controlled the window. Squall watched Kato lean his body out of the vehicle, one arm wrapped around the seat?s headrest while he pulled himself up and perched in the open window.

Kato?s skyblue eyes narrowed, his smooth, innocent face taking on a completely different expression as he somehow managed to sight his target with the vehicle swerving and bouncing in a wide, uneven path.

"Motherfuckers hit us with a fira. Squall, you better cast. They?re not finished."

Squall nodded and proceeded to cast protect on first Seifer, then Laguna and Kiros. Eyes closed, fingers pressed to his forehead, he murmured words that Seifer couldn?t quite make out as the magic wove around them all, protecting them. Squall turned his head slowly, preparing to cast on himself when he realized that Seifer was already forming the words of the spell he?d just cast. That only left...

Kato was firing on the vehicle behind them in short rapid bursts, his aim was faultless, even left handed, and Seifer watched him cling tightly to the side of the vehicle as Laguna went over a dip in the sand a little too fast.

"Sorry, Kato!" He shouted, both hands gripping the wheel while Kiros pressed a steadying hand between his shoulderblades.

Kato nodded once, his movements tight and controlled. "Don?t worry about me, just drive." He called back and Seifer moved over to his side, one hand gripping Kato?s upper thigh in an iron grip as he attempted to hold him steady.

"Who is it?" He asked, his voice purposely low, but carrying anyway. Kato released his hold on the headrest and cradled the gun in both hands as his eyes darted over the other vehicle?s windshield, seeking...

"You know godsdamned well who it is." He bit back, the muscles in his arms constricting as he shouted triumphantly and raised the gun again, cradling it against his ribs as he found his target.

"Daemon." Seifer breathed, and Kato chuckled.

"In the flesh."

Squall glanced between them, from Seifer to Kato, and he realized that they shared many secrets. Secrets that Squall was not privy to, and might never be. The thought irritated him, even angered him a bit as he wondered when and if Seifer would finally be ready to confide in him.

The blinding flash of another fire spell had their vehicle rocking forward again as Laguna pressed the gas pedal to the floor and swerved to the right in a wide curve.

"The girls are with him." Kato shouted back to Seifer. "I?ll try not to hit them." Squall stayed pressed against the door, behind Laguna, everything happening entirely too fast for him to get a handle on what he could possibly do to help in this instance, and so he did as Kato had asked and kept his head down. Seifer held Kato steady, the muscles bunching in his arms and across his back as he fought to hold the other blonde steady.

Kato ducked inside then, still sitting on the door, but with his upperbody back in the vehicle.

"Bastards are shooting at me." He panted and held his hand out for another clip. Kiros handed one to him wordlessly, watching the vehicle careening up toward them on the right.

"Kato. They?re moving in." He told him, low and ominous. Kato nodded once and tossed the spent clip out of the window, popping the new one in.

"This won?t take long." He promised, and then he was back outside the vehicle, hoisting himself up on one knee and taking aim. His eyes met those that he sought, as black and as empty as death and Kato felt the longtime rage surging through his body.

"Hope you kissed your mommy goodbye this morning, you motherfucker." Mumbled though it was, Seifer heard it, and he closed his eyes as he felt Kato?s body tense. All he could hear after that was the staccato rhythm of the machine gun and a series of explosions. And then Kato yelped, and Seifer felt the taut muscles go lax almost immediately. Fuck?

"They got him, Seifer, pull him back in, he?s been hit!" Kiros shouted, panic straining his voice and Squall looked back, watching the vehicle fall back as a man?s body slumped half out of the driver?s window.

"He got him, Seifer. The driver?s down. I don?t see anyone but the twins in there." Squall informed him, watching in near disgust as Vema leaned over, opened the door and nudged the driver out, letting his lifeless body roll out of the vehicle and onto the desert sand.

She slid into the driver?s seat gracefully, spinning the vehicle around in a smooth, wide circle, headed fast in the opposite direction just as quickly as they?d appeared. Squall watched, unable to tear his eyes away, as Sanura pushed open the hatch at the top of their vehicle and leaned out, seemingly unfazed by the fact that Kato had been firing down on them for the past two miles.

She waved at Squall, a flirty, self-assured little wave, and blew him a kiss as the vehicle disappeared over the horizon. He could almost swear he heard her wicked little laugh as they faded from sight and he looked slowly over to Seifer, quicksilver eyes meeting jade ones and the sight that greeted him made him feel as though his chest had been hollowed out.

Kato?s lithe, compact frame was draped over Seifer?s lap. His head back, his arms dangling loosely, his eyes closed. And his lifeblood was draining out of his body and onto Seifer with each beat of his heart.

Squall swallowed, shock silencing him as he shook his head, recognizing the fear in Seifer?s eyes as he blinked rapidly, disbelief and shock misting his eyes as he looked pleadingly at Squall and whispered, just once, "Help me..."




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