Misery's Son

Chapter Eleven - Unstoppable

By Pixie518

If we had this night together, we’d be unstoppable...


When Squall pulled away, even going so far as to swipe at his mouth with one knuckle, Seifer staggered back slightly, his vision still hazy. Realizing how ridiculous he would look if he shook his head, he settled for blinking once or twice and regarded Squall through narrowed emerald eyes.

"No way does that get you off the hook for scaring the hell out of us today." He told him in the old, biting voice that Squall loved so much.

Squall shrugged and fought the urge to touch him again. He’d made enough of a spectacle of himself already; one that he was positive would not die a quiet death within these walls.

"Hey, Seif," Kato cajoled, "Give the kid a break, he just fought hell and all to avenge your honor." The sarcasm was thick and Seifer would have grinned if it weren’t so damned embarrassing.

Squall turned slowly to regard Kato. "Please. Don’t help."

Kato winked and crossed his arms over his chest causing the leather straps encircling his biceps to tighten tantalizingly. He shrugged and turned his attention to Laguna.

"Well hello, Mr. President." He drawled appreciatively.

Kiros scowled, his muscles tensing involuntarily.

"Kato," he began, voice weary, "Not tonight."

Kato moved to flop down into an empty chair. "Big fun you lot are tonight." He observed dryly.

Seifer turned to Squall reluctantly and asked in a low voice, "Where did you find him?" He nodded toward Kato.

Squall sighed and resisted the urge to look in the boy’s direction.

"He was guarding Seb’s…" Squall’s explanation was still in the process of being vocalized when Laguna made a noise that sounded as if it could have come from a ten year old girl.

"Seb?!" He squeaked, pinning Kiros with an accusatory glare. "Did he…? I know he just didn’t say…Please tell me I’m hallucinating! You two did not visit Seb today!"

Kato shrugged. "Well, I wouldn’t exactly call it a visit."

Laguna began to pace, stopping every so often to glare at Kiros or Squall or to advance threateningly in their direction only to pause and run a hand through his hair in frustration.

"I can’t believe…Kiros, I thought you knew better…and Squall! Are you out of your fucking minds?!"

Squall winced, afraid that he was about to witness something that might scar him emotionally. Laguna’s hair was sticking up and tangled, his eyes were wide and incredulous and he was looking at Squall like he wanted to ground him for life.

"I don’t think I’ve ever heard you say ‘fuck’ before, Laguna." Squall observed calmly. Kiros covered his face and groaned. Squall guessed that little comment was very ill timed.

"Well, then I have a lot of time to make up for, wouldn’t you say?" Laguna’s voice was climbing the scales with every sentence and Kato covered his ears.

"Jeez, pops, easy on the ears, man!" And then he glanced at Kiros. "I hope he doesn’t have any dogs around here."

Laguna ignored Kato and turned his glare on Kiros.

"All you had to do was watch him, keep him out of trouble and you couldn’t even do that! Are you punshing me for something, Kiros? Some imagined slight I’ve dealt you…what? You let my only son go into that monster’s lair and now you stand here and try to tell me that I shouldn’t be upset? Well? Answer me!"

Kiros shook his head. "I never said you shouldn’t be…" He began, but Laguna waved his words away.

"Oh, that’s enough. I don’t want to hear anymore out of you." He turned to Squall then and pointed his finger at him.

"What did you accomplish by risking yourself like that? Seifer is here, he’s safe now; it was stupid and arrogant of you to go there. You did it to feed your own ego and that’s the only reason. It’s irresponsible is what it is!"

Squall looked at the floor, biting his lip to keep his mouth shut. I will be quiet; I will be quiet…

"So what do you have to say for yourself? Huh? I’m waiting." Laguna rested his hands on his hips and tapped his foot impatiently while Squall searched his mind for the right answer.

"Well, I just…"

Laguna gestured impatiently with his arms. "Oh, just never mind. I can’t even look at you two right now."

Kiros moved toward Laguna, hand outstretched, prepared to subjugate himself if necessary. Laguna had a tendency to pout like a pampered housewife when he was in a snit.

"No, Kiros! Just stay in here with them and see if you can’t keep them from going out and hunting up a sorceress tonight. I need a drink."

And he turned his back, flicking a long tendril of hair off his face as he flounced toward the staircase, back rigid with indignation. He made it nearly ten feet before catching the toe of his boot on the rug and tripping himself up, quite ruining the magnificent display of self-righteous temper he’d worked himself into.

He looked at Kiros over his shoulder as he stomped up the steps and tossed out, "And move that goddamned rug." And then he disappeared around the second level hallway.

Kiros shook his head and lowered himself into a chair. "I do not need this shit tonight." He muttered.

Kato grinned at him, arranging his long body so that he curled around the chair like an exotic cat. "I know what you need." He grinned boyishly, his small pink tongue darting out to caress the corner of his mouth, the gesture at odds with the impishness of his smile.

Seifer offered Kato a disbelieving look. "You never change, do you, Kato?"

Kato’s smile vanished, sliding away like an illusion, and he locked eyes with Seifer. Blue to Green.

"You do." He said softly and Squall felt the words as though they’d been meant for him.

He moved in Kato’s direction, gloved hand clenching involuntarily and Seifer stopped him with a hand on his elbow.

"Leave him." He said gruffly.

Squall turned his steely eyes on Seifer’s and he shook his head finally.

"I’ll leave you to him, then. Better get some rest, we leave at first light."

Throwing one last heated glare at Seifer, he stalked off toward his room, back straight and cloaked in his icy mantle. He might feel betrayed, but he’d see hell freeze before he’d let Seifer know it.

Kiros bowed his head in his hands and gave a soul-deep sigh. He glanced up after a moment and leveled his gaze on Seifer.

"Two dramatic exits in one night…don’t think I can stomach any more. I suppose we can let them know which one is taking home the best supporting actress award tomorrow. We’re leaving early, boys. Get some sleep."

With that, Kiros rose slowly, as though he were pained, and made his way toward the back of the palace, where his rooms were located.

As the sharp click of his boots faded from the room, he called out behind him, "Night, boys."

Kato watched him exit, hips twitching in an undeniably mouth-watering manner and grinned at Seifer.

"Night? It’s early yet…"

Seifer stood in the same spot he’d been in since they’d all entered the room. Kato remained sprawled in his chair, head cocked, little smile on his lips. Seifer wanted to choke him.

"Why’d you come here?" He asked quietly.

Kato stretched one leg out to rest over the arm of the chair, where he let it dangle lazily. He shrugged.

"Seemed like a good idea at the time."

Seifer leaned against the wall and observed the boy carefully.

"Don’t even think about fucking this up for me." He warned ominously.

Kato’s eyes widened and he held up his hands to show his innocence.

"Hey, Seif, I’m just tryin’ to stay alive okay? I don’t want your boyfriend."

Seifer’s eyes narrowed and he took a step in Kato’s direction.

"I wasn’t talking about Squall."

Kato grinned then, slow and wicked and he rose gracefully from his seat to prowl over to Seifer, stopping inches from him.

"You think I still have designs on your manly body, Seif?" His voice was light and teasing, but his eyes burned blue fire. Seifer swallowed, glad that Squall had left the room.

"Don’t you?" He returned.

Kato bit his lip and traced the line of Seifer’s collarbone with the tip of one finger.

"Are you telling me that if I offered myself, you wouldn’t be tempted?" He raised his eyes slowly to meet Seifer’s, confident that he would not be refused.

Seifer grinned, unable to help himself. "Tempted, maybe. But I’m not so desperate anymore, Kato. I can tell you no and mean it."

Kato narrowed his eyes and stood on tiptoes to touch his nose to Seifer’s. His mouth hovered a fraction of an inch from Seifer’s and he licked his lips slowly, letting his breath brush over Seifer.

"You want me still. Even now, after all that’s happened, you want me. I’ll bet you can even remember how I taste. Deny it.

Seifer tipped Kato’s chin up with one finger and tilted his head slightly, admiring the sharp line of the boy’s jaw.

"I’ll admit that you awaken a lot of old feelings in me, Kato. You’re as beautiful as you’ve always been and yes I can remember how good you tasted, even after all this time."

Kato smirked, his lips curving knowingly, sweetly.

"But know this," Seifer continued, "As pretty as you are, I won’t risk him for you. No matter what you offer me, it can never be enough."

Kato closed the distance between them and joined their lips softly, his eyes fluttering closed as he pressed against the solid wall of Seifer’s chest. He hummed once, low and purring as he curved a hand around the back of Seifer’s neck. Lips still pressed to Seifer’s, he murmured, "You taste the same, love, like rain and sorrow and darkness. You still want me, I can feel it."

Seifer smiled against Kato’s lips, tempted by his kiss, but his heart unmoved. He pulled back and disentangled Kato from his arms, setting him back several inches.

"You can’t be enough, Kato. Too much has changed. You gave me what I needed when I needed it the most, and I’m grateful for that. But things are different now, I’m different now, and I won’t risk Squall Leonhart a second time."

Kato’s lips spread into a slow smile and he leaned back against the arm of the sofa, arms crossed over his chest.

"You love him." He said, grinning like an idiot.

Seifer flushed slightly but met his gaze all the same. "I love him."

Kato tipped backward, falling gracefully onto his back on the sofa where he curled onto his side and stretched.

"It’s about fucking time." He chuckled.

Seifer narrowed his eyes. "What do you mean by that?"

Kato snagged an orange from the coffee table and began peeling it lazily as he regarded Seifer with no small amount of amusement.

"Every time we fucked, it was his name that you called. When you slept, it was him that you dreamed about. It’s always been him, and I’ve always known it."

Seifer’s eyes shuttered briefly. "Kato, I’m…"

Kato cut him off, waving him off with a small amused noise.

"Don’t apologize. It’s not like I was in love with you or something." He rolled his eyes. Seifer laughed.

Kato chased a trickle of juice down the side of his wrist with his tongue and he flashed Seifer his smile, all blue eyes and pretty, even teeth.

"You’re awake now, Seifer. He’s here. You can tell him all the things you said to me, wishing I was him."

Seifer paused, the words bringing unintended guilt. "I didn’t mean to use you, Kato."

Kato raised an eyebrow. "Use me?" He scoffed. "You thought you were using me?" He laughed then, the girlish giggle that Seifer remembered so well.

"I guess I’m even better than I thought." He winked at Seifer and rolled to his back once more. "Better go soothe his ruffled feathers, knight of mine, before I beat you to it."

Seifer grinned, surprised to realize that he was happy to see his ex-lover. No matter what he stood for.

Squall rounded the corner quickly on his way to the bathroom, where he hoped extra towels would be kept, and just barely managed to avoid a head-on collision with Laguna.

He stepped back awkwardly, eyes lowering automatically, and mumbled an apology that Laguna didn’t quite hear, as he was busy lowering his own eyes and mumbling his own apology.

Squall looked up then and found himself meeting his father’s stare, noticing for the first time how similar his eyes looked to Laguna’s. Different color, same shape.

"Laguna…" He muttered

"Squall…" Laguna began. They smiled uneasily at their exchange and Squall suddenly wished he’d stayed in his room.

"I…uh…needed some towels." He offered in the way of an explanation as to why he was wandering around the halls.

"You should have called down to housekeeping, they would have brought some up for you."

Squall shook his head and gestured vaguely. "It’s not a big deal…"

Laguna stepped forward, his eyes suddenly intent.


The soft, insistent tone of his father’s voice brought his eyes up sharply.


"I’m sorry I lost my temper earlier. I didn’t mean to…well…I didn’t mean to. You just scared me and I’m afraid I didn’t deal with it very well."

He looked sheepish, an expression he seemed to wear more than any other. Squall began to feel the tiniest bit sorry for him.

"It’s all right. I suppose we should have told you." He relented.

Laguna stepped closer to him then, the look of happiness on his face as apparent to Squall as any emotion could ever be. He lay a hand on Squall’s shoulder and squeezed slightly. "I won’t let anything happen to you. You’re my son, and I will protect you at any cost."

Squall didn’t push his hand away, didn’t make his escape even though he wanted to. He simply stood, and allowed Laguna this small intimacy. He seemed to need it.

"I don’t need protecting, Laguna. You know that well enough." His voice was gentle enough to take the sting from his words and Laguna shook his head.

"By the time we feel the repercussions from what you’ve done today, we’re going to need each other more than you know." Laguna told him morosely.

Squall eyed him strangely when Laguna dropped his hand and stepped back.

"I never even told you what happened there today." He reminded his father.

Laguna shook his head sadly. "You don’t have to. I knew it all when you raised your eyes to mine."

Squall felt the breath rush out of him in one quick pull and he blinked once or twice.

"I had no choice." He told him solemnly, refusing to feign regret even for Laguna.

"And neither will we all, son. Neither will we all."

He was lying on Squall’s bed when he finally emerged from the shower, steam rolling out behind him, hazy and thick as he rubbed at his hair with a towel. He paused when he reached the foot of the bed, hating the way the corner of his mouth turned up, hating himself for being unable to quell the surge of emotion inside of him.

Seifer stretched out, long and golden and sleeping before him and Squall didn’t want to wake him. Although he knew that Seifer wanted to be awakened or he would never have fallen asleep on Squall’s bed. He wanted a confrontation, wanted to fight about earlier, but had instead fallen asleep and that was what brought the small smile to Squall’s face. He’d been given more evidence of Seifer’s vulnerability over the past two days than he had during their entire childhood together. Squall was still a bit unsure how he felt about it, discovering the invincible really wasn’t, but it didn’t seem to matter as he watched Seifer in repose, clad only in the pants he’d worn to bed the previous night.

Turning away, he moved to the bureau and withdrew a pair of drawstring pants. Hyne knew he’d rather just crawl into bed naked, but apparently that wasn’t an option at the moment. Conveniently for him, Laguna kept the necessities in each guestroom. Squall imagined that he needed to be prepared for every contingency. Might explain why he was such a fucking packrat.

Seifer stirred, limbs sliding gracefully across the coverlet as he moved and Squall watched his eyes open as if he’d never been asleep at all. They didn’t flutter open, nor did he struggle with the reality of consciousness, he simply opened his eyes and Squall immediately felt the weight of his gaze.

"Didn’t mean to wake you." He said with a small smile and Seifer frowned as he pulled himself up into a sitting position.

"Wasn’t asleep." He mumbled sleepily, rubbing at his right eye with one fist and stretching his long legs out before him.

Squall looped his towel over his neck and lifted his arms over his head to stretch his muscles.

"Whatever…" He muttered.

Seifer didn’t reply, mostly because Squall’s ‘whatevers’ had ceased requiring responses a long time ago, but he arched one perfect, golden brow and watched Squall as he worked his muscles, stretching and twisting, sometimes wincing when he turned too sharply.

Seifer watched him moving, not quite gracefully, but slow and deliberate and Seifer was getting perilously close to offering him a massage. He couldn’t imagine how Squall would react to such an offer, but he imagined that there would be a fair amount of stammering and excuse making.

"Squall." A low utterance, but it got his attention. He settled his gaze on Seifer, his body going still and his eyes narrowing somewhat.

"What." Low and flat, typical of him.

Seifer moved to the edge of the bed, long legs reaching toward the floor although he made no move to stand. He rubbed a hand over his face once before he turned to face Squall, his green eyes intent, focused.

"I need to talk to you, to tell you…"

Squall shook his head and turned his back abruptly, not wanting to be drawn into a conversation he wasn’t quite sure how to have.

"You don’t have to tell me anything. It’s over now, and it doesn’t matter anymore."

Seifer looked away, exasperation setting in rapidly.

"It still matters, Squall. Everything that I’ve been through these past nine months will matter for the rest of my life! How can you pretend that this doesn’t matter? You know what I’ve done, you know what’s been done to me so don’t pretend that it won’t always be hanging over us."

Squall shook his head again, refusing to look at him. "We’ve had our revenge, it’s over. There’s no need to bring it all back now."

Seifer stared at his back in disbelief, knowing that this wasn’t going to be easy by the way he’d squared his shoulders. Hyne, but he was stubborn and annoying.

Seifer stood then, moving to stand directly behind Squall, not touching him, but knowing that Squall was staring hard at his shadow.

"I’ll give you one very good reason why it has to be brought back now and that reason is lying on your father’s couch, sucking juice from an orange and contemplating whose bed he’ll be crawling into before the morning."

That seemed to do it. Squall spun around to face him, an almost violent anger in his eyes as he glared at Seifer.

"I’m surprised you didn’t invite him into yours." As soon as the words had crossed his lips, he wanted nothing more than to call them back and forget he’d ever thought them at all.

Seifer winced as though Squall had slapped him and he took a step back.

"Is that what you think of me? You think I’m going to pick up where we left off?"

Squall turned his head aside, feeling a little ashamed of himself, but still so spitting mad that he felt justified. Seifer went on in a low, hurt voice.

"If that’s how you feel, I wonder why you brought him here at all. You could have left him there, hell, you could have killed him too if you’d wanted. Maybe you wanted to test me, or maybe you just liked the way he looked."

Squall looked up then, derision evident in his sneer.

"Don’t try to trap me with that one, Almasy. I wouldn’t fuck that little slut with your dick, let alone mine, so you don’t have to worry on that score. And, yeah, maybe I wanted to see how you’d react to seeing his face after all this time, see if you still wanted him."

Seifer looked at Squall sadly, deeply hurt that Squall would think so ill of him.

"If I wanted Kato, Squall, I’d have taken him with me when I left and no amount of bullying from Seb would have stood in my way."

Squall sighed, sorry he’d mentioned Kato at all. He was beginning to sound like a scorned lover. It was embarrassing, to say the least.

"This is stupid. We sound like a couple of…" The words just wouldn’t come and no matter how he cast about for them, they continued to elude him.

Seifer grabbed him by the arm and pulled him against his chest with one fierce tug. His grip was painful and his eyes were desperate and Squall felt himself sinking fast.

"A couple of what, Squall? You can’t even say it! You just kissed me in front of your FATHER and still you can’t admit to yourself just what it is you want from me!"

Squall tried to pry himself loose from Seifer’s grip, his cheeks burning and his heart pounding. Seifer wasn’t done.

"You came looking for me, you asked me to come home with you, you killed for me today, and not for my life, either. For my honor! You come back here with blood on your hands and death in your eyes and still you won’t say it. You want me, Squall Leonhart, you want me so bad that you can taste me on the back of your tongue and goddammit, here I am! Wanting you back, needing you in ways you cannot even imagine, lusting for you now like I’ve done for as long as I can remember and still you want to deny me. What the hell do you think is between us? You think we’re comrades? Fellow warriors? Brothers in arms? Yes, we are, all of those things but beneath it all is your absolute compulsion to get on your back, wrap your legs around me and reduce me to nothing."

Seifer’s nose was inches from Squall’s and he was shaking him harder than he realized. Squall didn’t speak, didn’t deny, didn’t shake his head, nothing. But he was aware that Seifer was driving them both back toward the bed and he was powerless to stop it.

"Tell me you don’t want me, Squall. Tell me right now that you’ve dreamed of anything besides me since Time Compression and I’ll go back to my room right now. We’ll go back to Garden, I’ll become SeeD and we’ll all settle into life like the good little girls and boys we’re supposed to be. But if you’re honest enough to tell me the truth, then I’ll stay, I’ll be yours and I’ll never leave you again. You want me, Squall, I know you do. And I know because I feel it too. I always have."

He took a deep breath then, his eyes glowing jade, the passion all but tangible, flowing from his skin in big, powerful waves. He practically resonated. Squall trembled slightly, and forced himself to look up, up into those terrible, beautiful eyes.

"You didn’t let me finish." He began quietly. "You never let me finish. I don’t need to hear it because it doesn’t matter to me what you’ve done. I know you’ve killed, and I know you feel that you’ve done the unspeakable, but Seifer, so have we all. None of us are angels; we’re all beyond redemption, every last one of us. So I don’t want to know, I don’t need to know. You’re here and you’re alive and it’s all I care about. So, truth or not, you will stay, you are mine and you will never leave me again."

His lashes fluttered once as he called upon all his strength to say what he needed to say, what he’d sworn never to say, what he had to say before he drove himself mad with want. Seifer had gone as still as stone and was blinking in a way that Squall could almost call cute, but would never dare. He placed his hands flat on Seifer’s chest; his arms still captured in Seifer’s grip like he’d never let him go, and licked his lips once to bolster his courage.

"I want you. I need you. I always have and I always will and if you run from me again, I’ll follow you again. I haven’t resisted you out of fear of what other people would think of me, I’ve fought it because I knew, deep inside, how important you were to me, and it is terrifying. So, think what you want, but I do feel fear and indecision and still I’m here, doing what I’m driven to do. And I have nowhere else to go. You’re everywhere I turn and everything I need."

Seifer blinked again, once, twice, his brows drawn together in consternation and his head angled slightly. He opened his mouth to speak, but closed it again.

"Is that what you wanted to hear?" Squall asked, a slight smile on his lips.

Seifer only gripped him tighter and leaned in closer.

"Would you say it again?" He whispered against Squall’s forehead.

Squall shook his head, the love he felt eclipsed only by the enormous sense of relief that washed over him like a baptism.

"I’ll go you one better." He told him as he rose on tiptoe to brush his mouth against Seifer’s. "I’ll show you."

Kato’s eyelashes fluttered as he tried to orient himself to his surroundings. He was sprawled on his back, one arm dangling toward the floor. He yawned, stretched and discovered that his hair was stiff and that there was something cold and sticky on his chest.

The phone shrilled on the table next to the sofa and he sat up quickly, recognizing the ringing as the noise that had obliterated his beauty sleep. His half-eaten orange rolled onto the floor when he rose and he shook his head, chuckling at himself.

Leaning over the table, he picked up the receiver, wondering absently where the hell the servants were.


There was pause, and he could hear the person on the other end exhale. Kato grinned.

"Look, pal. The obscene caller bit is lost on me, it sorta gets me hot."

No hang up, as he’d expected, but a man’s voice answered him instead.

"Um…sorry I’m calling so late, but…could you tell me if…I mean, have you seen Squall…Can I speak to Squall Leonhart, please? If he’s anywhere around, I mean." A sigh, as if the voice on the other end was aware that he was babbling. Kato felt a little sorry for the guy. He had a sweet voice, not too low, nor too high. Perfectly modulated with an endearing lilt that Kato couldn’t quite place. He didn’t, however, have any trouble recognizing the hesitation and longing in the voice. Squall Leonhart had himself a boyfriend back home; Kato was willing to lay odds on it.

Unable to resist, his lips quirked up in a smirk very much like the one Seifer Almasy wore from day to day, Kato leaned a hip against the table and sighed regretfully into the phone.

"Sorry, sugar, but the Commander flounced out of here over an hour ago. I would imagine that he’s in his suite scratching and clawing at his Knight right about now." And then, in a low, conspiratorial voice, he added, "You know how they are."

Instead of anger, which was what Kato was counting on, he got a long silence underlying with a sort of pained disbelief.

"Oh, umm, okay…I…well…I suppose I’ll talk to him later, then." The voice got smaller and more distant with each word he spoke. Kato felt like a real ass. This kid, whoever he was, was head over heels for Squall and Kato felt as though he’d just kicked a puppy. Instantly repentant, Kato frowned at having had his sport compromised and he frowned.

"Hey, he’s probably still awake, I’ll go get him for ya." He offered and was surprised to hear the vehement refusal coming from the other end of the phone.

"Nuh, uh, no. Don’t do that. I’ll just…I can always…it’s not important."

Kato hurried to reassure him, "Hey, he’s coming home…"


Kato sighed and looked down at the receiver as he placed it back in its cradle.


Seifer crushed Squall against his body, his arms like vises. Years of pent-up frustration flowed out of him through the kiss they shared and it was almost intoxicating. Seifer continued to back them toward the bed until the backs of his knees hit the edge of it and down he went, falling onto his back and pulling Squall atop him.

His chest rose and fell rapidly with the effort to control the lust that rode him mercilessly and he tightened his arms around Squall while one hand slid upward to tangle into his unruly hair.

Squall moaned mindlessly against Seifer’s mouth, practically drunk with the feel of Seifer under him, his thigh rising between Squall’s to rub against him sinuously. Squall followed suit, grinding against Seifer’s leg, seeking, wanting. His hands slid up Seifer’s sides and he curled them over Seifer’s shoulders as he gave himself up to the kiss. It was unlike anything Squall had ever experienced before in his life. It was hot, possessive and yet strangely reverent. He felt as though he were drowning in it.

Seifer’s hands roamed over his back, as though he couldn’t touch him fast enough to satisfy his need and Squall felt his urgency, felt it roll over him and he responded the only way he could. With his hands, his lips, his heart…he hoped it was enough, for soon he would lose the ability to reason and Seifer would have to lead him where he would.

He pulled away slightly, and Seifer’s hands stilled, his green eyes unfocused and blurred, his lips full and red, his breathing ragged. Squall doubted he’d ever before witnessed anything quite so breathtaking in all his life.

Seifer didn’t speak, didn’t know if he could and he waited patiently. For what, he didn’t know but he was positive Squall would let him know what he wanted. After several seconds of electric silence, Squall licked his lips, his gaze caressing Seifer’s face, and lowered his mouth to Seifer’s once more. Seifer hummed sweetly against his lips as his arms went around him again and he felt Squall’s desire pressing so insistently against his thigh. He nipped at Squall’s lips, tasting them delicately, tracing the shape of his bottom lip before his tongue swept inside, and he took possession again.

Squall let him deepen the kiss and he tilted his head obligingly, inviting him in, embracing him fully, beyond the ability to question his own actions. This was where they’d been heading since their lives had joined so irrevocably as children. This one moment was the culmination of years’ worth of need and denial. It wasn’t something Squall felt he could fight against any longer and so he let it go eagerly with little regret. How could he feel regret when surrender was so very sweet?

Seifer broke the kiss, gasping for air, searching for words and Squall’s mouth went immediately to Seifer’s neck where he tasted the soft skin beneath his ear. Seifer moaned as Squall’s tongue traced slow, lazy patterns down the length of his neck and he eased his other leg across Seifer’s, straddling him, the pants he wore doing little to conceal his straining erection.

Seifer lay on his back, staring at the ceiling but seeing nothing as he let Squall feast on him, his mouth trailing soft, hesitant kisses down his neck, over his collarbone, over his shoulder until the teasing became unbearable.

As if sensing Seifer’s tenuous grip on his self-control slipping inch by agonizing inch, Squall arched his back and drew his knees up along Seifer’s sides and rubbing suggestively against the full length of Seifer’s erection. Squall flickered his tongue over Seifer’s shoulder lightly before sinking his teeth into it playfully.

"Squall…if you keep that up, I won’t be able to stop." He warned gruffly.

Seifer’s voice whispered over Squall almost physically, sounding as though he were near death. It excited him, frightened him. Seifer was letting him know that he could either leave now, or they could continue. If he touched him even one more time, there would be no going back. Ever. Squall opened his eyes and sat up, his fingertips trailing lightly over Seifer’s chest. He slid against him teasingly and was rewarded with Seifer’s agonized groan and the almost imperceptible twitch of Seifer’s erection beneath his own. Squall grinned slowly, a siren’s smile, and rolled his hips again. Seifer’s eyes narrowed and his chest rose and fell shallowly.

"I don’t want you to stop." He told him huskily and Seifer’s eyes slid closed with relief, as though he’d just been handed the keys to Heaven. And as far as he could see, that’s exactly what he’d been given.

Squall stretched out then, gracefully extending his body along Seifer’s, his thigh stroking over Seifer’s hip as he went. Seifer moaned in protestation, wanting him back in his lap, but Squall lay one finger against his lips and dropped one tiny kiss against his chest.

"Shhh. I’m not going anywhere." He promised. And Seifer raised his head to watch him, his lips parted, panting slightly and what a sight it was. Squall moved over Seifer’s body, inching down slowly, dropping sweet kisses in his wake. Seifer rose on his elbows to improve his line of vision and his gaze fell on Squall as he began to work the knot that held Seifer’s pants over his hips. His fingers worked deftly, a direct contradiction to the rapid beating of his heart and when he finally freed the ties, he closed his eyes and rested his cheek against Seifer’s still-captive erection. Seifer felt the breath catch in his chest and he found that he couldn’t speak, couldn’t form words.

He wanted to ask Squall what he was doing, wanted to hear the words from his lips but he couldn’t bring himself to speak and break the spell.

Squall hooked his fingers in the waist of the pants and began to tug, grinning when Seifer lifted his hips obligingly.

When he’d tossed the pants aside, he moved over him, braced on his hands and felt the heat of Seifer’s cock rubbing against his belly as he leaned to place one parting kiss in the middle of Seifer’s chest. When he slid down again, rubbing the underside of Seifer’s erection, he closed his eyes at the minuscule amount of wetness left behind on his own chest. Seifer was beyond ready and Squall knew exactly what he wanted.

Bending his head to Seifer, pausing only inches away from Seifer’s need, he closed his eyes and savored the moment. Seifer made a small noise that sounded suspiciously like a sob and he whispered brokenly, "Please."

Squall wrapped his fingers around the base of Seifer’s cock and he guided it masterfully to his lips. He couldn’t have said what drove him on, or how he knew exactly what Seifer would like, but somehow he did. And it was unspeakably good.

He didn’t tease the head with his tongue, didn’t stroke it lightly to tease his lover, but took him completely into his mouth, wrapping his lips around the tantalizing width and heat of him and pulled him in slowly.

Seifer arched his back, his hips snapping up of their own accord and Squall lay one restraining hand on Seifer’s hip to steady him. He knew this wasn’t going to last nearly long enough as he wanted it to and he wouldn’t allow Seifer to speed it along.

"Gods, Squall…" He ground out, the husky sound of his voice calling to something primitive inside of Squall and he moaned, long and needing, while Seifer slid dangerously low in his throat.

Squall slid his hand up Seifer’s hip and along his belly, his hand coming away slick with Seifer’s sweat. Squall could feel him pulsing against his tongue and into his throat and he stroked him slowly with his tongue.

Seifer began sucking air into his lungs like he’d never breathe again and his head rolled back and forth against the bed feverishly. He was getting close, Squall could feel it, and he was ready.

He moved his hand to push Seifer’s balls closer against his cock and the small movement brought him into contact with the back of Squall’s throat. Squall tightened his lips on him and his tongue caressed him like velvet. It was enough.

Seifer cried out hoarsely, Squall’s name tripping easily off his lips as he came in a rush of sensations, too many to actually name as they made themselves known in the heated flood of his release.

Unprepared for the amount of semen that filled his throat, Squall swallowed rapidly, choking once only to swallow deeper when he caught his breath. Seifer was whimpering still, even as his involuntary thrusts began to taper off and Squall raised his head then to look into his eyes. Seifer sat up suddenly, grabbing Squall and pulling him down upon him again. His entrancing green eyes held him motionless as he studied Squall’s face, knowing that he would remember the way he looked at that very moment for the rest of his life.

His eyes had darkened to a blue the color of suede, his lips were swollen and pink and one drop of Seifer’s come clung to the corner of his mouth, the evidence of his sin. Seifer brushed his thumb over it, gathering it easily, and running it along the seam of Squall’s lips. His tongue darted out to retrieve it, lapping it up like so much cream and Seifer could almost hear him purr. Squall closed his eyes as he sucked deeply on Seifer’s thumb, removing all traces of the musky, bitter flavor.

Seifer felt his cock stir to life again, his ardor somewhat cooled, but nowhere near to being dissipated.

Squall smiled seductively before lowering his mouth to Seifer’s, his tongue invading sweetly, slowly, so that Seifer might discover the joy of tasting his own essence on Squall’s tongue.

He moaned again, the sound becoming something of a drug to Squall. Something he wanted to hear when he awoke every morning and when he fell asleep every night.

Seifer let him rest against him briefly, arms going around him contentedly before he moved suddenly, rolling Squall beneath him. Surprise registered briefly in those bluish depths, but soon gave way to realization and finally to hunger. Seifer swallowed once as he worked to divest Squall of his pants and cast them aside without a glance.

"Squall. I don’t have…anything…with me here. If I take you, it’s going to hurt."

Squall met his gaze and smiled, touched that Seifer would think of his comfort when they were both so hard and ready.

"It’s all right, Seifer. I’ll be okay." He assured him and Seifer shook his head.

"You don’t understand, Squall, it’s really going to hurt and I don’t want to hurt you. I’ll wait if you want to, I won’t mind."

He sounded so sincere that Squall didn’t doubt him and he couldn’t believe the extent of Seifer’s concern when he himself was perilously close to begging. He reached down, trailing one finger along the side of Seifer’s erection.

"It’ll be okay." He murmured and Seifer shook his head, desire warring with the need to be practical.

Squall ran his hands up Seifer’s tightly muscled back and he stretched sinuously, arching his back temptingly.

"Please, Seifer. I want it, I want you. Don’t make me beg."

Seifer’s eyes closed for a moment and then he nodded tightly, his fingers resting against Squall’s lips, seeking entrance. Squall obeyed, sucking two of Seifer’s fingers into his mouth and tonguing them thoroughly. Seifer couldn’t suppress the groan that escaped his lips and he spread Squall’s thighs with one hand as he withdrew the other from Squall’s mouth.

Covering Squall’s body with his own, he moved his hands between Squall’s thighs, brushing his erection as he sought his tight entrance. Squall closed his eyes, his heart beating so hard he felt sure that Seifer could hear it and he tensed automatically when he felt Seifer’s finger pressing bluntly against him.

"Seifer…" A whispered plea. Seifer rubbed his cheek against Squall’s, savoring the little tremble that shook his body.

"Easy, baby. Just relax, I’ll be careful." He promised.

Squall wrapped one hand around Seifer’s forearm and tangled the other in his golden hair as he breathed deeply, the anticipation almost overwhelming.

He trembled uncontrollably when Seifer pushed into him, invading him, stretching him, not from pain but from something else. Something unnamable.

"Kiss me." Seifer whispered and oh, he did. Captured his lips quickly, completely, thoroughly and Seifer moaned against his lips just from the taste of him. It was something he’d never tire of.

Seifer moved his finger slowly, in and out, just to test him and Squall writhed beneath him, searching for that elusive something that the touch of Seifer’s body seemed to promise him.

Seifer added another finger within the tight passage of his body and Squall arched his hips completely off the bed for he was twisting his fingers, curving them against the natural shape of him and Squall cried out. Loudly. His voice husky and wanton and altogether lust-inducing and Seifer closed his eyes against it in an attempt to keep his wits about him. Squall, on the other hand, was past caring and didn’t give a damn if he woke half the town with his moaning and pleading. Just as long as Seifer didn’t stop.

Seifer moved over Squall then, unable to stand the feel of him anymore, needing to be inside him so badly that he shook with it.

"Wait." Squall stilled him as he was about to guide his erection forward and Seifer looked up, startled, so afraid he’d changed his mind.

Squall slid out of his arms and inched down the length of the bed on his back until he was faced with Seifer’s cock. He wasted no time in steadying it with his hand and it jumped involuntarily. Squall smiled once and guided it into his mouth, sucking deeply, licking, tasting and when he withdrew, it was slick and gleaming. And Squall was ready.

Seifer hauled him back up the length of the bed and settled over him heavily, the lust unbearable. Squall felt Seifer pressing into him and he raised his hips instinctively. Seifer slid his palms under Squall’s ass and he lifted him up, angling him slightly.

Squall closed his eyes against the sharp pain that enveloped him, but it paled against the knowledge that Seifer was claiming him finally. Squall watched in fascination as Seifer rose to his knees and clutched Squall’s ass tightly within his grip. He slid in slowly, fighting the urge to join them quickly. Squall remained silent at first, the pain too great to actually give voice to it and he bit his lip to keep from crying out. Seifer, however, had no such inhibitions and he uttered a strangled cry as he slid home, seating himself deeply within Squall’s body even as it struggled to dispel him.

Seifer stilled, letting Squall adjust, and he leaned down to join their mouths savagely, the lust that rode him proving to be a demanding master, indeed.

"Squall…" He gasped against Squall’s lips, and Squall nodded, not sure he could speak.

"Oh, Gods, Squall, it’s so good, you feel so perfect." And he opened his eyes once, the light in them scouring the darkness to meet Squall’s gaze. "Are you okay?" He asked worriedly.

Squall nodded once, ignoring the thin line of blood that ran unchecked from the corner of his mouth. Seifer dipped his head to lap at it slowly, almost ashamed at the surge of lust that the sight of Squall bleeding and moaning sent crawling over him.

Seifer slid his hands around to clutch at Squall’s hips, lifting him, moving him, helping him along until Squall found his rhythm. He’d begun making a noise that sounded like a cross between a mewl and a purr deep in his throat and it was driving Seifer mad.

Seifer slid his hands up Squall’s thighs and wrapped them loosely about him, high up on his waist. Squall moaned, clinging tightly to Seifer as he wrapped his arms around his neck and pulled him down for another kiss. Seifer met his lips hungrily; his tongue sweeping in as soon as their lips made contact and Squall sucked it eagerly, wringing another moan from Seifer.

Seifer kept his hands on the backs of Squall’s thighs as he began to thrust deep, keeping his strokes slow and even as his body grew slippery against Squall’s. And still he made that mewling little sound that caused Seifer’s body to constrict painfully.


Squall opened his eyes the tiniest bit and Seifer watched, enchanted, as one lock of hair tangled with his long lashes and he blinked, eyes hazy. He smiled once at Seifer, looking entranced and frenzied and Seifer moved one hand between them to take Squall’s erection into his hand. Squall gasped, back arching and Seifer tightened his hold even as he angled his position, rolling his hips against Squall, sliding into him deeply and, on the upstroke, hitting something inside of Squall that made him want to raise completely off the bed and start praying.

"Oh, Gods, Seifer, don’t stop! Right there…please…"

Seifer bowed his head, his hair brushing against Squall’s chest as he began to stroke him with his hand even as he continued to pulse deep within him. Squall slid his hands into Seifer’s hair, pressing his face against his chest and pulling on the short golden strands as he cried out breathlessly, drawing ever nearer to his completion.

"Seifer…please…" He begged, unabashed in his need, the fire that rushed through his veins sparking dangerously.

Seifer’s grip never faltered and he kept his rhythm steady as he pushed blindly against Squall’s body, sweat dripping off of him to fall poetically over Squall.

When he felt something in him give and he knew the moment of truth was at hand, he rose slightly, his strokes becoming shallow and quick as he continued to pull at Squall’s cock.

Squall broke then, his muscles clenching tightly around Seifer as he spilled his seed over Seifer’s fist and he screamed. Hyne help him, he screamed loud enough to shatter crystal palaces and the sound of his voice, that high-pitched wail forming around Seifer’s name was enough.

He spilled hotly into Squall then, unable to stop thrusting even when he felt the last drops being wrung from him.

When Squall had ceased his movements beneath him and had grown quite still, Seifer collapsed against him, sliding slickly against his chest and wrapping him tightly within his arms.

He paused, inches from Squall’s face and simply enjoyed the mingling of their breath, nearly undone with the flood of emotion that enveloped him at that moment. Squall panted lightly, his eyes meeting Seifer’s directly.

"Are you okay?" Seifer asked him softly, still feeling a little guilty for not insisting that they wait.

Squall didn’t speak, only nodded his head slightly and it was at that moment, when their bodies began to cool, that Seifer noticed the shudders that wracked Squall’s body.

"Squall, you’re shaking, are you okay?" He moved to draw the blanket over them and he tucked it around Squall tenderly as he moved next to him, pulling him close.

Squall moved into his arms as though he were seeking warmth and he rested his head on Seifer’s chest, marveling at the sense of peace that had settled over him. So this was what coming home meant. It felt like nothing Squall could put a name to and he didn’t particularly want to try. Something so powerful, so all-encompassing shouldn’t have a name, yet it did. Love.

Squall closed his eyes wearily and felt himself drifting and Seifer felt his lips against his skin, curving into a smile as his breathing grew deep and even. And Squall whispered once, almost in awe, "I love you…"

Seifer closed his eyes against the exquisite pain that such an admission brought as he answered, "Always…"



~the boys belong to Square and the title belongs to The Calling. And just in case you’re wondering, when I think of Kato, I always imagine him as speaking with a decidedly cockney accent…he’s SUCH a tart. And I know that some of you (and you know who I’m talking to) will be a little miffed at the treatment our Zelly is receiving at the hands of Callous Squall, but I promise his heart will mend…very soon…

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