Notes: Yes it’s another fairytale just not as stupid as the rest of them, there’s essence of mush.


By Purple Penguin

A castle stood upon a grey, jagged cliff. Thunder rumbled and lightening flashed overhead. One solitary light was on at the top of the tower. For a young prince had been cursed with being locked in a tower like princess, no one would ever want rescue him for he was a man and so he’d be there forever.

In the small town of Balamb two knights trained together. Sir Irvine of Galbadia and Sir Seifer of Balamb.

“I’m going to charm the ladies with my skills of knighthood.”

Seifer rolled his eyes. “I’m going to rescue my fair maiden from a castle and we’ll ride off into the sunset.”

“You don’t want to limit yourself to just one lovely lady I’m sure you’ll have plenty of offers.”

Seifer put a hand to his chest, staring off into the sky. “I have my eye on Lady Rinoa of Timber trapped in a castle at-”

“Sorry man you’re too late she was rescued by Sir Watts.”

“Oh well what about Lady Quistis of-”

“Sir Nida saved her recently.”

The blonde sighed. “Well there has to be a damsel in need of saving, who’s left?”

Irvine dug out his copy of damsels monthly and looked through the pages. Lady Rinoa and Quistis were taken, Lady Selphie got tired of waiting for her knight, she killed the monsters in the castle by herself and escaped. Lady Rumi was a Shumi so enough said. Ahh yes the legend of Hardcock castle, the princess had never been seen they only knew she was there because a light was always on in the window at the top of the tower. Rinoa had posed for photos from her window but it seemed this princess was shy, or maybe this girl was of high class he hoped he was good enough. Lady Rinoa had turned away the first Prince because she said he was too fat the poor guy then got eaten by a dragon.

“What about this one?” No one had ever tried to save her before because they thought she might be a monster.

“Hardcock castle? I don’t know no one’s ever seen her.”

“Well there you go it’s be a surprise like all that romance crap you go on about.”

“Yes you’re right.” He jumped up onto a stone, sword held high in the air.

*Cue dramatic music and spotlight*

“I Sir Seifer of Balamb will go to Hardcock castle and rescue my damsel in distress from the dangers, she’ll be my wife and we’ll ride off into the sunset together.”

“But you have no horse.”

“We’ll walk off into the sunset then!”

And so Sir Seifer took the hazardous journey to Hardcock castle. It was long and hard- the journey I mean. The brave knight thought he might not make it until finally he approached the castle. He battled through the hordes of paparazzi that had heard of his plan to rescue the princess, stopped for a second to have his make-up touched up and then he was on his way to save the princess. He climbed the stairs to the princess’ room and pushed open the door. The room was bathed in a white light like this was the perfect moment, destiny had brought them together and them he spotted the camera crew at the window with their artificial light. He pulled the blind on them as he approached the sleeping beauty in the bed. A slim figure lay under a blanket, a fair beautiful face half covered by a curtain of brown hair that hung over her closed eyes. The knight raised a hand to touch the perfect angel but as soon as he got close the blue/grey eyes snapped open and a hand came out to grab his wrist.

Seifer stared into wide frightened eyes to tried to look cold and angry.

“What are you doing here? Who are you?”

The knight was a little taken back by a deeper voice than he expected.

“Don’t be afraid I am Sir Seifer of Balamb I’ve some here to rescue you.”


“Of course isn’t that what you’re here for?”

“Y-Yes but I didn’t expect-”

The blonde frowned. What damsel didn’t expect to be rescued? Most of them had rehearsed their lines way before hand.

“Let’s get out of here fair maiden.” The knight picked up the girl still wrapped in the blanket without another thought. “Can I please have your name?”


“Lady Squall? Hmmm.” He frowned but shrugged it off. “I am Sir Seifer of-”

“Yeah you did that bit already.”

The knight carried the princess down the stairs, out of the castle and into the hordes of press. Seifer set the girl down she tried to hide behind him to stop the inevitable. Someone ripped away the blanket leaving “him” in a pair of boxers and a plain white tee. Everyone gasped in shock, Squall tried harder to hide behind his new knight but Seifer was as shocked as the others and took a step away from the brunette.

Everyone groaned at the same time and started to pack up their stuff. The princess was a man so that meant no love, no wedding, nothing to report. The next time Squall looked up the place was deserted. He picked up his blanket off the floor felling more than a little disappointed he’d hoped that this was his chance to leave the castle with a handsome prince. He turned to go back to his room.

“What were you doing in the tower? You’re a guy you should be the one rescuing princesses but playing one yourself.”

Squall spun round to see that Sir Seifer hadn’t left after all the blonde sat on a rock with his back to the castle.

“I-I don’t know I guess this fairytale’s a little screwed up huh?”

Seifer turned to look at him, seeing the brunette head back towards the castle. “Where are you going?”

“Back to my room.”


“To wait for my miracle.”

“But you could be up there forever.”

“I know.”

The knight sighed. “Wait.” He couldn’t just leave him up there. “Come on I’m going back to knight school and you’re coming too.”

“Knight school? But I can’t be a knight.”

“Then you can live in Balamb then but either way you’re coming with me.” The knight walked away down the mountain and the wrapped up brunette followed him.

The knight picked him up as they crossed over the stepping stones through lava.

“What are you doing?”

“Carrying you, are you complaining?”

“No but why?”

“I’m a knight you’re a damsel I’m supposed to carry you remember?”

“B-But I’m not a damsel.”

“Well not a female one no but being trapped in a castle and being rescued makes you a damsel so get used to it.”

The brunette remained silent leaning on the chest of his knight. “What now are you going to find another damsel to rescue?”

“I don’t know.” Once down the mountain Seifer put Squall back down, he cocked his head at the other man he could see why he had thought that Squall was a girl, the boy was beautiful.



“You’re were staring at me.”

“Sorry it’s just that did someone mistake you for a girl or something?”

The brunette frowned. “It’s not that odd I could have started a new trend for all you know.”

“Yeah well I could see how someone would make that mistake.”

Squall looked at him sharply. “Are you saying I look like a girl?!”

“No! Of course not....Well yes actually.”

The other man frowned.

“Not in a bad way.” He quickly corrected. “I don’t think you look bad!” He regretted it as soon as it was out of his mouth.

“Oh.” The brunette smiled at him and walked up seductively. “You think I’m pretty?” He teased.

The blonde edged away. “Oh look there’s a great- tree.” He ran off to see the interesting tree to get far away from Squall.

The two men walked until nightfall.

Seifer sat down under a grand oak tree. “This looks like the perfect place to stop and rest.”

Squall lay down beside him, head resting on a clump of moss.

The knight shivered, staring enviously at the other man who was tightly wrapped up with a fluffy duvet around his lean frame.


“Hmm.” He didn’t look up or open his eyes when Seifer called him, but when the blonde didn’t go on he opened one eye curiously.

“Can I share your blanket?”

“On one condition.”

“What is it?”

“This moss isn’t very comfy.”

The blonde allowed a smile and put out an arm as an invitation for Squall crawl under it and rest against his own body. The blanket wrapped around them both. The brunette fell asleep instantly but Seifer couldn’t sleep. The other man’s hair tickled his chin as he looked down on the sleeping beauty. His own feelings confused him, he remembered his thoughts when he first saw the brunette and thought he was a girl. He’d thought that he was perfect and wanted to protect him, hold him but when he find out that Squall was a boy those feeling should have gone away right? That was the problem because they didn’t go away, he couldn’t stop thinking that way. To him Squall was still smaller, weaker than him and he wanted to protect him. He looked down on the other man who slept silently. The blonde smiled they fit together perfectly as if they were made for each other. He flicked the bangs out of Squall’s eyes watching him twitch, trying to get away from whatever was disturbing his sleep. The brunette buried his head into Seifer’s throat. The blonde smirked slightly and surrendered to sleep with his arms around the smaller man.

He awoke feeling cold; the solid warmth was missing from his side. Seifer opened one eye to a nice sight. Squall stood topless stretching up to hang his tee from a low branch.

“Bit early for laundry isn’t it?”

The brunette jumped spinning round, throwing his hands in the air in fright. “I-err went for a swim and I-um didn’t want to swim naked so I-err kept my t-shirt on.”

Seifer almost whimpered in disappointment. Squall had been swimming in only his t-shirt and he had missed it? He saw that the brunette hair of the smaller man was wet and sticking to his shoulders.

Seifer rose slowly walking over to the wide river that ran through the forest. “Squall?”


“This miracle you mentioned, what’s that all about?”

The brunette moved up beside him to stare out at the river.

“Just someone who would rescue me for you and me know all that stuff.”


“Love me; want me not turn me away because I’m a male damsel in a castle.”

“Is that all?”

He nodded.

The blonde hid a small smile. I can do that. He thought.

The shorter man sat on the bank dangling his legs into the water. “When do you want to leave?”

“Whenever, it’s nice here and don’t you want your laundry to dry?”

“It doesn’t really matter.”

The blonde took off his trench coat and started to strip the rest of himself, hanging it all on along side Squall’s tee on the branch. The brunette watched him with wide eyes. “What are you doing?”

“Going for a swim, want to join me?”

“I-I can’t m-my t-shirt is-”

“That doesn’t matter we have to wait for our clothes to dry anyway so please?”

The brunette shook his head and Seifer shrugged lowering himself into the water, he shivered at the icy water on his warm skin.

“It’s a little cold.” Squall belatedly told him

Seifer gave him a look. “Thanks for the warning.”

He dived under the water swim downwards. Squall tried to watch him but he couldn’t see he anymore. After a while and Seifer still hadn’t come up for air Squall grew worried. He leaned out as far as he could with out falling in. A figure shot out of the water in front of him, grabbing the startled brunette and pulled him into the water. He came up in front of a grinning Seifer; he splashed the other man with water. “That wasn’t funny I thought you drowned.”

“I didn’t know you cared.”

Squall frowned and turned to go back to the bank but Seifer grabbed his arm. “Wait Squall lighten up we’re in the middle of nowhere have some fun with me huh?”

The brunette tried to think of a way out but there was nothing. “Okay but just for a little while.”

“Great.” The blonde swam off down the river.

“W-Wait for me!” Squall followed. Seifer swam really well he started to imagine him as a giant fish with a golden gills. He came out of his head when something shoved into him hard.

Squall frowned at the smirking Seifer and they started to wrestle in the water.

15 minutes later. They stopped in a tangle of legs and arms. “I win.” Squall said smugly, heading for the shore.

“What? You did not! That was a draw.”

“I retired and before that I was winning so therefore I win!”

“You quit!”

Squall pulled himself up onto the bank walking away with a call of. “I win and that’s the end of it!”


“Or are you a sore loser?”

“No but-”

“Not listening!”

It was just past noon by the time the two men got moving again. Seifer knew they had to cross the river and quickly scooped the brunette up into his arms before he knew what was happening. Squall made a very unmanly noise in surprise, causing the blonde to laugh as he stepped up onto the slippery log bridge to cross the river.

“What are you doing? Put me down! I can walk on my own.”

“And what if I don’t want to?”

Squall struggled, kicking his legs.

“I don’t think you should do that, if I slip then we both go swimming-again.”

The brunette pouted and stilled in the knight arms until they were over the river. Seifer didn’t put him down, waiting for Squall to tell him, but the brunette didn’t.

He didn’t really mind carrying the smaller man but he had to ask. “Don’t you want me to put you down?”

“Well if I was a girl you’d have to carry me right?”


“So I thought I might as well exploit this.”

The blonde smirked.

“Hurry up bitch!”

“Yeah, yeah don’t push it or I’ll drop you in the mud.”

The two men approached the top of the hill that over looked the town of Balamb. “What will you do now? Everyone will know about what happened, what if they all laugh at you for bringing me with you?”


“I could wait here and follow i-in an hour or something like that.”


“On the other hand what if-”

Seifer finally cut him off with a gentle kiss. The brunette stilled in shock. “W-What was that for?”

Seifer cupped both sides of the brunette’s face. “Listen okay I don’t care what they say and you shouldn’t either.”

Squall cocked his head in puzzlement. “But-”

“I like you okay in a..... damsel sort of way.”


“That a I-wish-I’d stayed-in-my-castle oh? Or a good oh?”

He smiled slightly. “Good oh.”

“Oh.” Seifer smirked.

“Don’t you start that again.”

“Come on lets go.” He took Squall’s hand in his and went down the hill.


The blonde let go of him and grinning, marching towards the cowboy who was walking his way.”

“You’re back man.”


The cowboy patted his friend on the back. “I heard what happened man that’s tough but I bet there are many of other damsels that need resc-” He trailed off seeing Squall way back peering round a hedge at them. “Y-you brought hi with you? Why? What are we going to do with him?”

“He can stay with me, I have a house in Balamb it’s fine.”

“B-But he’ll get in the way of your sex life.”

“It all you think about?” The blonde walked away a few steps and held out a hand to the brunette. “Irvine this is Squall.” He took the other man’s hand, then wrapped an arm around him.

“Oh.” The cowboy said in realization at the looks his friend gave him he knew.

“Seems to be the word of the day.” Seifer muttered. “Squall this is my friend Irvine.”

The two nodded at each other.

“Come on man everyone’s been waiting for you to get back.”

“Yeah in a minute.” He turned to Squall. “Stay, I live in Balamb you can live with me.”


“We can have our own wedding, that is if you want.”

The brunette nodded. “I want but about what people will say?”

“Fuck them.”


“Come on say it. Fuck them all!” He grinned, causing Squall to smile too.

“I have friends that I want you to meet.” He pulled Squall into the building, turning to receive a quick kiss. “Come on.”



Was that really bad? come on be honest how bad was it really?

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