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This story features scenes of graphic sex between two of the boys from the ultimate RPG game Final Fantasy 8.

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If the idea of two hunky men having sex isn't your thing (or you're underage to read this kind of material in your country/region) then go away. Otherwise enjoy the fantasy -- which is after all, the name of the game... :-)

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The Memory Remains

By Spyguy

Squall Leonhart, the brave and mighty leader of Balamb Garden, looked on as his school and home of nearly a decade hovered effortlessly over the landscape of Galbadia's Monterosa Plateau.

It had been little over 24 hours since he and his newfound friends had defeated Ultimecia, the cruel and manipulative sorceress from hundreds of years into the future. Possibly for the first time in his life, he felt proud of one of his achievements, and also felt an overwhelming sense of satisfaction as the merciless creature gave away her power to Sorceress Edea.

He found it somewhat ironic that both these sorceresses ended up passing their powers on to the girl he held in his strong, powerful arms as they both watched the stars from the balcony. Irony was one possible way to look at the situation, another was that it had been destined.

Fate and destiny. Two things Squall had never really given much consideration to in all his seventeen years alive. Though he couldn't help wondering about it now that everything had finally settled down and Ultimecia's time compression had been halted. In fact since the adventure had started, the day he, Zell and Selphie had graduated the SeeD exam, Squall felt as though he had been subjected to a whole new range of feelings and experiences -- not just on a fighting level, but on an emotional one. Especially now that he'd met Rinoa, he knew that his life would never be the same as it used to be.

"Squall," Rinoa said softly as her head rested on his shoulder.

"Er," he lamely replied. The feeling of love was one of the many new emotions that had opened to Squall in the past few days. He didn't really know what to say during the tender moment that the two of them were sharing.

"I think the party's over," she replied, lifting her face to meet his. She glanced to the right where she could see the two other girls talking inside the Garden's main hall. "I'll see you tomorrow," she said to Squall before kissing him lightly and breaking gently away from their embrace.

"Where're you gonna stay?" he asked as he watched her walk off.

"With Quistis," she called back. "She's still got her instructor's apartment, so there's plenty of room. 'Night Squall."

Squall looked on as he saw the three girls disappear into the dispersing crowd. He sighed heavily and said his goodbye to her so quietly that only Angelo the dog could hear it. He raised his head and started to journey back to his luxury dorm, which he had been moved to since the dramatic return from the time compressed future. As he strode through the great hall, he realised that this was the first place he'd met Rinoa just a few nights previous. He also remembered that Seifer, his arch-enemy, had been the one to first bring Rinoa here.

He stopped moving. The sudden thought of Seifer going through his mind felt strangely ambivalent to the mighty SeeD. It was as though Squall could still see the good things about Seifer, despite his obvious treachery and megalomania. Squall reasoned that it was no good over-analysing how he felt about Seifer, the other man was too complicated to figure out. Squall did concede however, that no matter what Seifer did, he could never truly hate him.

"Hey partner," the loud, overly cheerful voice of Squall's team-mate Irvine Kinneas called out to him from behind.

"Hi Irvine," he said back, turning to face his friend and ally.

"What's up, man? You're lookin' kind of distant at the moment. You're not feelin' all sick and stuff like Zell, are you?"

Squall noticed that Irvine was holding up Zell, the 'toughguy' of their small group. He didn't look very tough now as the taller man held him around the waist to stop him from keeling over with nausea. "Uh, no. Just thinking, y'know, about things..."

"Yeah," Irvine grinned. "The past day's been a real head-trip. I'm thinkin' I'm gonna have the next couple of weeks off to relax. Or maybe the next month..."

"Still not decided if you're going back to Galbadia yet?" Squall asked, with the smallest tone of concern just noticeable within his question. He didn't really like the false cowboy when they'd first met, his 'way with the ladies' wanted to make Squall throw up with a leader's embarrassment. But now they'd all gotten to know each other a lot better, Squall found himself extremely reluctant to be parted from any of his new-found friends. Irvine, he now realised, was actually quite charming and deep-down extremely serious and sensible. As with any of the group, his departure would be a sad loss.

"Nah," Irvine finally answered after a second or two of silence. "There's plenty of time to go home and visit my folks. And the Garden's gone too, so it's not like I've gotta return and finish my training there either. I'm thinking that I'll stay here for a while." He looked at Zell, who groaned his discomfort back and clutched his stomach. "Besides, there's enough reasons to stay," he said with his usual smile.

"He's looking really bad," Squall said as he tilted his head to look at Zell's face. "I think he'll need a bucket tonight." Squall smirked before saying, "Told you not to eat so much."

Zell just groaned again and slumped, letting Irvine carry almost all of his weight.

"You need a hand carrying him?" Squall asked.

"Nope. Done this loads of times before, I'll be alright." Irvine lifted Zell up so that he was almost standing. Zell then instinctively put his arm over Irvine's shoulder for added support. "C'mon kiddo, let's get you in bed. See you later Squall." Irvine walked past and patted Squall on the chest in a friendly manner -- though in sudden reflection, Squall realised that it felt much more intimate than friendly...

Without another thought, Squall headed straight to his new dorm, eager to catch up on some much needed sleep. He understood how physical and emotional tiredness could screw up a person's mind. He accounted for Irvine's supposed subtle 'come-ons' with the fact that he hadn't slept for nearly two days and his outlook on things was quite blurred and confused at present.

He saw the door to his dorm just ahead. Without having to think, he pulled his key out of his jacket pocket and stepped into the room. Ever the private introvert, Squall made sure the door was closed and locked before stripping his dusty, slightly ragged clothes off to reveal a firm, well-toned body. While not heavily built, the muscles on his entire upper-body were completely solid. All those years of training with a gunblade had given him a physique that was muscular and slender at the same time, while also being not so built up that it slowed him down. He never looked this muscular in his regular clothes, which was a deliberate ploy not to draw attention to himself.

He turned off the light and slid into bed, completely naked aside from his white underwear. As a child, right back to when he was in the orphanage, he'd always worn at least his underwear to bed for fear of someone seeing him nude. It was something he'd always worried about on a private level, but something he'd never actually experienced. All his years at Garden, he had been known as a lone wolf and had never gotten close to anyone. He thought about this with a kind of sadness, the fact that he'd never let anyone else get close to him, either emotionally or sexually.

Or had he...

Squall thought hard about this. Surely he would've remembered if he'd had sex with someone, it was the kind of memory a person never forgets. Unless he wanted to forget about it...

Uncomfortable with this notion in his head, the handsome warrior turned over in the bed to make room for a new hardness in his underwear. Oh great, he thought, just what I need right now. Without thinking, he thrusted his hand down under the bedcovers and gripped his hard, pulsing dick. He started to stroke it slowly, just to relieve some of the pressure caused by the extreme suddenness of the erection. He softly moaned as his strong hand expertly caressed his tender manhood and started to imagine what it would be like if someone else did this for him.

Then it hit him. Like a shockwave through the brain, a repressed memory buried right to the bottom of his psyche burst through to the surface of his mind and struck him like a mallet straight to the skull. The feeling was further enhanced as he unexpectedly reached orgasm and fired a thick load over his hand, groin and underwear like a shotgun going off in a barrel. Slowly, he pulled his cum-soaked hand back out of the bed and looked at it in the pale moonlight. It was shaking. His whole body turned cold and shivery as he remembered a stormy night over a year ago when he made love for the first time.

The night in question was just after the results of a SeeD field exam. Squall himself hadn't gone on the mission due to injury, instead concentrating on honing his skills in the training centre. It was not long after he'd started using GFs on a regular basis -- chances are the memory loss caused by using these creatures had started to take effect, thus rendering him with little or no recollection of the incident. But he knew now. He remembered what happened that thundery night when he'd been in the training centre alone and he'd encountered a furious Seifer...

"You blew it Seifer!" an enraged Instructor Trepe yelled at the failed SeeD candidate. "You were expressly told to follow the orders of your team leader, and at no point were you to go off on your own! Look at yourself," she said with a calmer tone, "you almost got killed."

The tall young man looked up at his new instructor with disdain as he lay on the bed in the Gardens infirmary. "It's just a scratch," he snorted, while Dr Kadowaki bandaged up the deep cut on his right arm.

"But had it been just a few inches higher, then it would've slit your throat," the blonde woman tried reasoning to him. "Your graduation into the SeeD elite would've been determined by your ability to take orders and ensure the safely of your team-mates -- neither of which did you accomplish today on any reasonable level. Instead it was up to the rest of your team to rescue you!"

Seifer stood up as the doctor finished tying the bandage around his thick upper arm. "Look, Quistis, let's be honest here." He lurched over the young woman, forcing her to look upwards to meet his high-up face. "Xu couldn't lead a fish through water. She's weak -- you don't seriously expect someone like me to take wimpish orders from a person like her, do you?"

"Well," Quistis Trepe determinately snarled, pushing herself closer to Seifer for added effect (and to prove she wasn't intimidated by him), "if you hadn't been resting up in here for the past hour because of your stupid stunt, you would've heard that Xu passed. She's now a soldier in SeeD thanks to her bravery in rescuing a distressed team-member in mortal danger."

Seifer Almasy stepped back slightly, disbelief flooding through every part of his body. "No," he weakly griped, sitting back down on the bed as he tried to block out the feeling of rejection. "But I..." he started to speak, before clutching his head and sobbing into the palms of his hands.

For the first time ever, Quistis felt sorry for the man crying in front of her. She too knew how heavy the blow of rejection could be, having been subjected to it herself on many an occasion.

She sat down next to him and put an arm around him. "I'm sorry Seifer," she began. "There's always next time. If you'd just learn to control your impulsiveness then you'd be given a lot more consideration for graduation."

He stopped sobbing for a moment and stood bolt upright, knocking away Quistis' arm. "What would you know?" he hissed at her. "What do any of you know!" He grasped his slender, deadly gunblade from the corner of the room and headed for the exit.

"Seifer, wait!" she called out to him as he left the infirmary. But he didn't answer her. Instead he just stormed through the hallways of the mighty Garden, his gunblade tapping tediously against the top of his shoulder. He saw the entrance to the training centre just ahead and made a direct route towards it. He felt in the mood for beating the hell out of something, or someone. He didn't really care which.

Fresh-faced and full of energy, Squall Leonhart slashed his way through the monsters that inhabited the training centre, not stopping to think as each new creature came at him. Eagerly, he sliced the monstrous hoard into small pieces as his gunblade moved effortlessly through each and every one. He played the game like a deadly ballet as he danced through and around each enemy like they weren't even moving at all. But they were moving. The plant-like grats secretly formed a circular position around the skilled fighter and prepared their simultaneous attack. As Squall hacked away at all the grats in front of him, he wasn't prepared for the onslaught that caught him unawares from behind.

One by one, the grats piled onto him and tied him up with their vines. He screamed out as they tightened their grip and forced him to drop his weapon. Knowing that he had no other choice, Squall started to summon Shiva, an ice-magic GF to help him out of the grats' clutches. Before he could finish the summon however, a mighty flame rose around him.

Seifer leapt into the air to perform his Fire Cross limit technique, aiming it directly at the swarm of monsters that covered Squall's entire body. With an amazing flash, the grats became engulfed with flame, quickly releasing their prey as they thrashed about in agony. Within seconds, they were nothing more than crisp black piles of ash on the ground. Squall looked around to see the burning wastes creating small puffs of smoke around him, while Seifer stood grinning above his head.

"Thanks," he meekly said as he got to his feet. He looked around for his gunblade, picking it up where he'd dropped it just a few seconds before.

"Like I did it for you," he snorted, watching with interest as the younger man picked up his weapon.

"Then why did you do it? Why not just let me die -- or at least get brutally injured and beaten to within an inch of my life?"

"Where'd be the fun in that? Believe it or not Squall, I need you. I thrive on the competition that only you can provide me. Everyone else in this place is weak -- we're the only ones with real strength." Without another thought, Seifer raised his gunblade and struck a rock with so much speed and power that it split straight in half. He glared at his destruction with a wild glint and satisfaction in his eyes.

"Oh," Squall said. "It's like that then..."

"What're you talking about?!" he snapped back, angered at the shorter man's presumptions.

"You failed the SeeD test today, didn't you? That's why you're here, hoping to let off steam with a session against me. Sorry Seifer, not tonight." He started to walk away, then stopped to say "I'm sorry. Really, I am sorry you didn't pass."

As Squall continued to leave the training centre, the anger inside Seifer began to swell uncontrollably, making him shake with rage. "Don't walk away from me now," he said with a marginal threatening tone in his voice. Still Squall walked away from him. "I said don't leave me!"

Like a puma, he jumped forward and tackled Squall to the ground. Winded from the impact, Squall was helpless against Seifer's unexpected full-on attack and did nothing as he was yanked up off the floor and pushed into a fence.

"What the hell are you doing?!" he yelled at Seifer, while readying his weapon.

"What d'you think?" he sneered back, grinning like a madman. "I'm trying to make you fight. I need this right now and you ain't gonna stop me from getting what I want!" He lunged forward, gunblade raised, and hacked at where Squall was standing. Instinctively, Squall rolled out of the way and charged a basic thunder spell which struck Seifer with a low-level amount of electricity.

"Good boy," he hissed. "Just what I wanted you to do. So are you gonna fight, or do I get to pound your pretty face in right now?"

Gunblade ready, Squall made a couple of steps backwards. "I'm always ready to fight you Seifer," he answered. "But not because I want to. At the moment you're angry and delusional, which makes you unbalanced. Fighting you now would be unfair and unacceptable." He raised his gunblade higher into the warm air, then proceeded to let it go. Both young men watched as Squall's weapon hit the ground, releasing it in protest. "I want to help you Seifer, but I won't do it fighting you until one of us drops from exhaustion. Believe it or not, I do respect you equally as a fighter, but your judgement often gets clouded. That's why I won't fight you now. You think that attacking me will help ease your inner turmoil and make you feel better -- but it won't. I'll end up making you more competitive and keep pushing you further and further until there's nothing left of yourself. Then what'll you do?"

"So what're you saying to me?" he answered back, surly and hoarse. "Stop fighting and find another way to show the world how angry I am? That's the words of a loser, of a scared little boy who's too afraid to fight in case he gets hurt."

"I'm not afraid to fight you Seifer," Squall answered back indignantly. "I'm not afraid of you, period. I will fight you if there's no other way..."

"Then prove it." With that, Seifer rushed towards Squall and slashed out with his gunblade. Again Squall dodged the attack and prepared to charge another magic spell. Seifer however, had foreseen this and casted a silence spell over his target, mere milliseconds before Squall's own spell would've been complete. Unarmed and without magic, Squall knew that the only way to stop Seifer would be to escape his current furious strikes and try to disarm him somehow.

As Seifer made a horizontal slash with his weapon, Squall expertly timed a sweeping kick to knock the other man off his feet and bring them both to the ground. Squall clasped his hands together and struck Seifer's right arm so he would release his weapon also. His aim was spot on, hitting Seifer right where his wound was from the SeeD exam, forcing him to let go of his deadly gunblade. Furiously Seifer headbutted Squall, catching him just where the nose meets the forehead and causing him to stagger backwards as he held his face. Before he'd even had time to stand up, Seifer released a flare spell so powerful that it hit Squall and sent him flying backwards fifteen feet and knocked him through a small hole in one of the perimeter fences.

Slowly he stood up and looked around for his weapon. There were many plants around the place he'd lost it, making pinpoint location a difficult task. Instead he went over to where Squall's gunblade lay and claimed it as his own, then followed the direction in which he'd sent his nemesis flying.

Squall hit the ground and instantaneously curled into a ball, allowing his tired body to roll backwards for a few more feet. He uncurled and collapsed on the wet ground he'd ended up on. As he glanced around, he could see clouds hovering above him, giving the dark sky a soft, feathery texture. He realised that he must have unwittingly come across the so-called 'secret area' in the training centre. It was a place where people met after curfew, and it was usually full up. Tonight however, was different -- apart from the rain that was spitting down continuously, most were attending the SeeD graduation ball, leaving the secret area desolate and completely quiet.

Squall knew that Seifer would find him sometime soon, but felt too physically depleted to make a move and run away. Without his gunblade, he was also incapable of pulling off a limit break attack. In retrospect, he realised how stupid it was to throw down his arms and expect Seifer to welcome a way of working out his frustrations through other means. At least his intentions were good, at least he cared. He knew for a fact that no-one in the entire academy cared about Seifer Almasy, with the possible exceptions of Quistis, Raijin and Fujin.

Even though he argued and fought with him constantly, never at any point did he ever hate him. He just wished that Seifer would stop hating him back. What would it take to make him realise that they had much more in common than either would admit, and get him to put aside their differences...

Squall suddenly raised his head, aware that slow footsteps were heading towards him. In anticipation, he lifted his upper body off the soaking wet ground until he was almost sitting upright. Knowing that without his weapon he was practically incapable of performing a decent physical attack, the solemn young man turned elsewhere for help.

With a wicked smile ripping across his otherwise handsome face, Seifer lurched over to where a helpless-looking Squall whimpered from pain on the dirty ground. "And so it ends," he sneered, dangling Squall's own weapon over him. "It's been a fun game, but now comes the finishing move." He lifted the gunblade high over his own head, mostly for dramatic effect, and aimed it just to the right of Squall's chest so that it would hit the ground and not his rival. He may have been sociopathic, but he wasn't a murderer.

He drew the blade towards the earth with demonic speed, ready to claim his victory, but suddenly lost his focus when Squall unexpectedly reacted.

"Seifer!" he yelled, pulling away the other man's attention before hitting him full-on with an ice spell in the face.

"Arrg!" he grunted dropping the weapon and grasping his face in frosty agony. Without thinking, he took a couple of steps back as he tried to steady himself. "But... But how?!"

"Silence magic's only as good as the person who casts it. I know for a fact that your magic isn't that good because you never train it up."

Seifer cursed himself under his breath for thinking that Squall would stay under the influence of a silence spell for long. Silence was a magical ability that caused the target to become unable of casting magics or summoning Guardian Forces. Seifer hadn't planned on Squall's resistance to these type of magical inhibitors and realised now that whatever you did to him in battle, he would always find another way to fight back. He was truly unstoppable, but not necessarily unbeatable.

"You bastard!" he roared. "Don't think you've won yet." He opened his cold eyes as far as he could, still reticent from the ice, and tried searching for the gunblade.

"No Seifer," Squall coolly replied. "It's over..." As he watched the other man stumble around, he performed one final spell, putting Seifer instantly into a sleep-like state.

"I, I was so... so close," he stammered before collapsing as the sleep spell took effect. Squall hadn't reckoned on Seifer falling straight forward however, thus making him land right on top of the already floored man.

"Dammit," he said, looking at the figure heaped on top of him. He tried shrugging the snoozing Seifer off of himself, but to no avail. He was much too heavy to move. Squall reasoned that all the training Seifer put in made him ultra-strong and therefore extremely muscular -- hence the extreme weight on top of him. "Well I wouldn't mind so much if you weren't asleep," he joked, not really thinking about what the remark would've sounded like to someone outside of the situation. Again, he tried pushing him over to the side, forcing all of his available strength into the act. Too exhausted to successfully complete the movement, Squall gave up, letting Seifer's limp body once again crush his tired frame. As a last resort, he used an esuna spell to wake him arch-enemy in the hope that he would remove himself.

As the magical energy absorbed into Seifer's powerful figure, he awoke slowly and drowsily. "Bastard," he mumbled, lifting his head but still not moving from atop his prey. "Cheap trick, anyone could've done it."

"Yeah," Squall smirked back, looking Seifer right in the eye. "But not anyone would go against you unarmed..."

"Good point," Seifer reasoned, and again dropped his head onto Squall's chest, tired from the fight and the sleep. "Think I'll just stay here for the rest of the night," he mumbled, taking comfort from Squall's warm, broad pectorals.

"Er, Seifer," Squall started to speak. "Could you, y'know, kind of move off of me..." He felt embarrassed just asking what seemed like a reasonable request.

"What's the matter Squally boy? Getting turned on and need to go back to your room so you can jerk off while you think about me?" Seifer sneered, watching Squall's annoyed face glare back at him.

"Screw you, Seifer," he snapped back as he tried pushing him off again.

Seifer resisted the attempt to be removed and started grinding back, digging his groin into Squall's, aware of the impending hardness that both men were beginning to experience. "So you do want it, eh?" he sniggered as he felt the other man's throbbing prick battle against his own. "It'll be a pleasure..."

"Stop it, you fucking bastard!" Squall yelled, equally repulsed and aroused by Seifer's kinky gyrations. He could feel his hard meat beating against his underwear as Seifer's own hard-on pushed into his through the layers of clothing that separated them. It was a divine torture -- a sensation like being tickled, whereby it produces a positive physical response, but all the time it happens you just want it to stop.

"What're you gonna do?" he grinned, groping Squall's dick and rubbing it through his training trousers. "There's nothing you can do now to make it stop," he hissed. "You're too tired to push me away and you're all out of magic -- I can sense it." In a further act of degradation, he started unzipping Squall's trousers while maintaining his hold over him by keeping his arm against his throat, just firm enough so as not to choke the beautiful brown-haired man that squirmed underneath him. Eagerly he guided his hand past Squall's tight underwear until his cold hand was gripping the warm package within. He asserted his grip so that he held the dick in his hand and slowly started to rub it up and down. "I'm gonna toss you until you cum," he whispered, gradually building up his speed ever so slightly so that Squall would be made to suffer for that extra bit longer.

By this time Squall had stopped resisting Seifer's advances and conceded to let himself go with the experience -- but not because he wanted to however. He just wanted to get back to his room, like Seifer had said, and shoot off in privacy. Once Seifer had started performing the hand-job, he'd found it extremely difficult to resist, due to the extremely sensitive nature of his cock. He'd always secretly wondered what it would feel like to have someone else do the work for him, and now he knew. He just wished the circumstances were slightly different though.

"Uh, oh yeah..." he groaned as Seifer worked the full length of his long shaft.

"Starting to like it now baby?" Seifer said, the satisfaction dripping off his words. "Face it, you're stuck now. The ultimate humiliation -- being forced to cum in your pants by your own arch-rival. I bet you're seething inside, underneath that ecstatic image on your pretty-boy face." He smirked as he watched Squall's panting face with a kind of intensity that went beyond mere passing interest. "Just say the words and I'll stop."

"What words?" Squall croaked, barely able to speak from the wonderful and skilled stimulus Seifer was providing.

Seifer stopped rubbing, and yanked the pulsing manhood until he heard Squall squeal in pain. He then started stroking again as he spoke. "You know what words. Tell me this is what you want... Tell me that you want me to jerk you off; that you want me to make love to you. I know it's what you want."

"I don't know what you're talking about!"

"Yes you do! I've seen the way you look at me. I'm your secret wet dream! Well guess what, it's all happening now. Just tell me what I want to hear and I'll stop pumping your nice fat cock."

Squall knew that Seifer wouldn't let up until he'd heard those few words and made Squall degrade himself in front of both of them. He also knew that he was really getting genuinely turned on by Seifer's damn good handiwork. Maybe this was what he wanted. He'd always known Seifer was an extremely attractive man, but attractive to him? It was an area of life Squall had never given any thought to before -- but if this really was what he wanted and Seifer was right, then why deny it? Surely it would be more enjoyable if he admitted it and just let Seifer claim a victory for once. Sure of his answer, Squall made one more deep search into his soul before speaking, and let go of all of his inhibitions...

"Alright!" he said, hoping that Seifer would ease up a little before he sprayed his seed.

Seifer responded, slowing down to gentle, soft strokes.

"You're right Seifer, this is what I want. I admit it, the idea of you working my tool makes me hornier than anything I've ever known before in my entire life. Now this is happening, on some deep-down level I don't want it to stop."

"Oh yeah!" Seifer sneered back. "You're my bitch now baby."

"No, you're wrong. The reason I want it is the same reason that you do..."

"And what's that?" he indignantly asked, gripping the cock hard again.

"Because I'm in love with you..."

Seifer's face went numb. His sadistic expression quickly faded as a state of shock made his entire body rigid with a form of primal fear. He removed his hand from Squall's dick, in turn relieving Squall from the mounting orgasmic pressure that soon would have exploded from his tense body.

"You're lying," he said after a couple of seconds silence. "You don't love me. No-one could love me! You're just trying to trick me so that you can mess with my head." He grabbed at Squall's groin again, this time not for pleasure as he squeezed the entire package tightly in his clenched fist. Squall screamed as his balls were pulled in ways that no man should ever have to experience. "Don't you dare screw with my head! I'll rip your nuts off, I swear, if you ever pull that bullshit on me again!"

"I'm not lying!" Squall tried to answer back as best he could. "I am in love with you. And you are with me. Why else do you think there's so much tension between us?"

"Because we're rivals!" Seifer desperately replied. "We're meant to hate each other because we're the only ones that can equal each other in battle!"

"That's just an excuse, and you know it! It's not hate between us Seifer, it's love. A feeling that we share only for each other. That's the reason why we're both loners and why we fight all the time." He felt Seifer's grip on his balls lessen, allowing him to relax slightly. It was also a sign the Seifer was listening, and believing.

"I don't understand," he started whining. "How can I be in love with you of all people and not even know it?"

"It doesn't matter any more," Squall softly said. "It's all been said now." He put a hand through Seifer's short hair and felt his confused face with the other. "It's all going to be different from now on..." he said as he pulled Seifer's head down towards him until their moist lips were touching. To Squall's surprise, Seifer went with the kiss, feeling truly intimate with someone for the first time in his angry life. While Squall felt the same as Seifer, the overall feeling didn't seem quite so alien to him. He wanted it to last forever, but he knew it had to end sometime.

Gently he pushed Seifer back, and was pleased to see that the other man was smiling. It was the first time he'd ever seen him smile, and he sincerely hoped it wouldn't be the last. "Y'know," he said, still embarrassed at the newfound, yet exciting experience, "I'd really like it if you'd finish that hand-job properly... Without crushing me," he added.

Seifer let out a small laugh and got up onto his knees. He started to pull Squall's trousers down properly, then stopped. "I, I was wondering if I could do more than that."

Squall raised his wet shoulders off the ground, supporting himself on his elbows so that he could see Seifer's face. "What d'you mean?" he asked, half-knowing what the answer would be.

"Yes I love you too," he answered. "Now I can see it, I want more than to just wank you off. Squall, I want to make love to you properly..."

"Then do it," he said, plain and simple. "Seifer, you were right about being my sexual fantasy also. I'd locked it away so well that I didn't even know it until just now. There's nothing more in the world that I want at the moment than to be fucked by you."

Seifer saw the deep longing in Squall's brown eyes and continued to undress his lover. As Squall's trousers and underwear reached his feet, Seifer merely pulled his boots away, not stopping to untie them. Exposed, he saw Squall's delicious erection for the first time, beating in rhythm to the heartbeats that provided blood to power this amazing work of nature. It resting temptingly atop two slender, strong and smooth legs. Seifer caressed these pale, yet gorgeous limbs before lifting them up high enough to reveal the small, tight hole at the epicentre. Without being asked, Squall held his ankles so that Seifer could explore this newfound territory further. He lowered his face so that his mouth was level with Squall's virgin asshole, and said "Are you sure?"

"Yes," was all Squall needed to say, and with no further delay Seifer tasted the eager crack with all of his mouth and tongue. Squall groaned with delight as the invading tongue went deeper into his body, reaching parts that no-one had ever touched before. He felt amazing as Seifer rimmed him with equal pleasure.

While his face buried itself further and further into Squall's tasty anus, Seifer made use of his hands, massaging the shaft between the ass and balls, bringing Squall into a new zone of sexual ecstacy that he never knew existed. Gently Seifer fondled the sensitive balls that hung low in their large scrotum, hoping to remove any pain caused earlier by his angered grasp. Squall felt the urge to explode. The incredible pleasure brought to his lower-regions by Seifer caused him to want to blow his wad right there and then. He started to jerk his throbbing manhood in time with Seifer's tongue thrusts, hoping for a quick response so that the pressure mounting in his massive balls could be relieved.

Seifer felt the prick above his head start to move. Coupled with Squall's deep groans, it caused him to stop rimming to tight ass and look up at the writhing, horny man he'd just eaten. "No," he said, putting a hand on the one Squall was using to pump his meat. "Not yet. There's more I want to do to you first." Gently he released the hand and, in turn, Squall removed it from his desperate erection. Squall watched as Seifer pushed his still clothed cock against his exposed and hungry asshole. The gesture only turned him on more and made him moan for Seifer's hard dick to fill his void right now.

Watching as Seifer unzipped his trousers was possibly the single most intense moment in Squall's young life. He stared with solid anticipation as he slowly saw the manhood that was going to be his first fuck revealed to him. It was like a birthday present being unwrapped when you knew what was inside, and you also knew it was the only thing you wanted in the world at that particular moment. He could see that Seifer didn't wear underwear as he slid down the loose training trousers that he'd worn to the SeeD test earlier in the day. The first thing he saw was a thick patch of light brown pubic hairs which soon were skewered from view by the large cock that bounced up, finally free from its material prison. As Seifer finished sliding down the trousers, Squall could see possibly the biggest and lowest-hanging pair of balls he'd ever seen. He'd always thought his were big, especially compared to those of the other boys in the changing rooms, but Seifer's glorious pair were definitely the largest and nicest he'd ever had the pleasure to see close-up.

"Like what you see?" Seifer grinned as Squall reached forward and handled the plentiful package with equal excitement and awe. "Well it's all yours baby." He brought up his hand and spat into it. Then, with a cheeky grin on his face, he stroked his cock a couple of times, soaking it up with the saliva. Squall again raised his legs, bringing them a bit further back this time so as to allow deeper penetration. Seifer looked at the expectant ass beneath him, fingering it with one hand while the other guided his giant fuck-tool towards the tight crack.

"Ahh!" Squall whelped as Seifer's thick cock made contact with the rim of hard muscle that guarded his rectum. Seifer continued his invasion into his one-time enemy's ass, letting himself penetrate inch by inch until he was completely inside, his large balls resting against Squall's hot, hyper-sensitized skin. Squall could only moan with pleasure as his anus was pulled apart by the thick root of the man he loved.

"Oh yeah!" Seifer howled. "This is like nothing I've ever imagined!" He leant forward and rested his hands on Squall's chest, digging underneath the thin t-shirt until his fingers entwined themselves around the two pert nipples. He started to pull his cock out of Squall, beginning a slow and gentle thrusting motion and giving the tight rim enough time to relax into the new situation. As he pushed back and forth, he teased the small nipples until he was squeezing them, forcing little moans of joy from the man whose body was being so ecstatically worked.

"Arrg! Oh Seifer!" Squall growled as Seifer began raising the speed.

"Your ass is mine now!" he grunted back, barely able to speak from the sensations Squall's insides provided his hard and horny tool. He let go of the nipples, unable to keep his balance without a proper grip on his boy-toy and readjusted his hold on the strong legs instead.

"Is this your first time?" Squall asked through his tense, clenched teeth.

"Yes," the other man replied, concentrating on the wild feelings moving through his hard organ and down through his groin into the rest of his body.

"It's just that, you're so, so good!"

"I've been thinking about it for a long time. Unh! Oh this is it!" He moved the pace up until he was slapping Squall's backside with his balls and hips. He regulated his thrusts so that he was pulling the whole length of his manmeat out of the now supple ass before ramming the entire thing back in again. It left Squall feeling like Seifer's shaft was tearing him in two from the inside. As Seifer moved faster and faster, he pushed against Squall with increasing strength, forcing his knees to rest roughly against his chest. Squall joined the overwhelmed Seifer, grabbing the strong large hands that gripped his legs for support, and screamed along with him as his ass seemed to reach bursting point.

Then it happened. Seifer reached climax and orgasmed so violently his entire body writhed and tensed up until he was as rigid as his spunking prick. He screamed in ecstasy and he filled Squall's ass with what seemed like a gallon of cum. Squall reacted in kind, the sensation forcing him a step closer to his own orgasm, and pulled his sphincter in tight so that it milked every drop of juice from Seifer's cock.

He saw his own manhood creating a pool of pre-cum on his stomach. He continued to watch as Seifer gradually came to a full stop and pulled his well-worked dick from the satisfied hole, the entire shaft covered in his semen. Squall could feel some of Seifer's jism start to drip out of his ass where he'd been so well-filled. Seifer merely grinned at him before lowering his mouth and continuing his earlier rimjob, licking up the leaking juice. Squall smiled as he thought about Seifer eating him own jism and began rubbing the pre-cum on his stomach, coating his hand in it and then licking it also. He'd never tasted his own cum before, and it made him eager to find out what it was like. As he cleaned off his hand, he savoured the salty, manly taste of the pre-cum.

"Taste good?" Seifer asked, lifting him head from Squall's wet, sore asshole.

"Oh yeah," he cooed, getting up off the wet ground and crawling closer to Seifer. "I want more," he said, going down on the taller man. He took the whole shaft into his mouth so that he could suck away the cum left remaining from Seifer's almighty fuck.

"Mmm, that's really good," Seifer groaned as Squall performed his first blowjob. "But there's no point trying to get more out of me -- I'm bone dry now." He rolled his balls through his fingers to indicate their emptiness. Squall stopped sucking the giant muscle and straightened up to face his lover.

"Still some in here though," he said, leaning forward and kissing the beautiful man in front of him. Seifer responded happily, circling Squall's tongue with him own so that the other man could taste the spunk left in the corners of his mouth.

While the deep kiss continued, Seifer moved his hand down to Squall's raging hard dick and gave it the much needed attention it deserved. It didn't take long for Squall to start feeling the effects of Seifer's skilled hand and he broke away from the kiss as he threw his head back while he grunted and groaned. A few strokes later and he spewed his thick white load all over Seifer's face, roaring as his climax sent shockwaves through his fit, muscular young body.

Seifer let go of Squall's fading erection, smiling as he felt the heavy splatter of cum on his face start to drip down to the ground. He poked his tongue out and licked a couple of drops up, moaning his approval of the flavour his lover's salty juice provided.

Squall leant forward and moved his long, thick tongue over the cum-trails that streaked across Seifer's face. He slurped up every last drop left on Seifer's face before giving him one final kiss, sharing his jism and mixing it with Seifer's own in the private sanctuary that existed when their mouths connected.

As they swallowed the last of the cum in their mouths, they finished their long kiss. Squall fell into Seifer's broad arms, exhausted from the incredible session. They stayed like this for a few minutes longer until Seifer broke the tender moment.

"I er, I've gotta go now," he nervously said, getting up off the ground and pulling his trousers back on.

"Are we gonna keep seeing each other?" Squall asked, somewhat unnerved by Seifer's sudden change in mood.

"It's probably best we don't," he replied, forcing his zip back up and wiping his mouth free from some of the dried up jism that still lingered.

"But why?" Squall asked, standing up and grabbing the other man's arm. "Please tell me!"

"Just get off of me!" Seifer ferociously snarled, swiping Squall away and knocking him back to the ground.

"What the hell's wrong with you? I thought you loved me!"

"Yeah, well... I don't. I was just using you for a cheap fuck." He leaned down and grabbed Squall by the throat. "And if you ever tell anyone about what happened here then I'll kill you!" He let go of the fallen man and turned quickly, heading straight for the exit.

"Seifer please!" Squall pleaded, but with no luck. He watched on as the love of his life walked away from him, just as enraged and angry as he'd ever been. "So this is how it ends then, is it?" he said to thin air, curling into a tight ball on the sodden ground while the clouds above thundered and poured the rain down harder and colder than they had done in long time. "Oh Seifer," he whispered into the bitter wind. "I don't want it to end like this..."

But it did. As he lay in his bed, the regressed memory played hell with his soul. He remembered the life-changing experience for the first time in nearly a year, and it tore him up inside when he thought about how Seifer had hated him since that day. Another small but significant fragment of memory also surfaced in Squall's mind. As he chewed over the multiple thoughts rushing through his head he realised that there was some unfinished business that he needed to attend to.

He waited until the early hours of the morning, when the sun had just risen over the small country of Balamb. The final destination for the mobile Garden was the original foundations from which it tore away when Galbadia launched a missile strike at the it just a few days previous. Squall left as soon as it had docked and settled, taking an academy car a couple of miles west to Balamb town, a place world-renowned for its fish, of all things. He parked the car next to the harbour and made his way down to jetty until he reached a small, private yacht moored there. To the side he saw a sad, lonely young man fishing in tattered clothes. Quietly he walked down the wooden structure until he was standing behind the solemn figure, and put a warm hand on his shoulder.

"I heard fishing's good around here at this time of year," he said, as casual as he could be.

Seifer stopped momentarily, before craning his neck up to see the man standing over him, his handsome features silhouetted by the orangey-dawn sunlight. "What, what're you doing here?" he asked with a world of disbelief striking into his heart.

"Someone told me you were here," Squall replied, sitting down on the jetty so he was level with Seifer. "I thought I'd stop by and see you."

"You must hate me," Seifer scowled, lowering his head with shame. "After all the things I've done. Especially the way I've treated you..."

"It wasn't your fault. Ultimecia manipulated you as she did with Edea and Rinoa. If I really thought you were evil, I'd never have come down here to see you."

"But I am at least partially to blame. She looked into my mind and brought all my darkest thoughts to the surface until I started acting them out without coercion. Now try telling me I'm not responsible..."

"Everyone has an evil side to their personality, it's only human. But it's the people who have the strength to admit their mistakes that deserve love and forgiveness."

"What're you saying?" Seifer asked, this time turning to face Squall as he spoke.

"I remember Seifer," was all he said in reply.

"Remember what?" Seifer dumbly answered back, half-certain of what Squall was about to say.

"I remember the night we first made love in the training centre. I'm not quite sure why, but I think the memory loss caused by using GFs repressed it deep into my subconscious."

"Hmm," Seifer responded, a faint smile just becoming noticeable on his dimly-lit face. He put down the fishing rod he was holding onto a stand next to him. "It's funny," he said after a short silence, "but I always thought the way I treated you afterwards by threatening you and then running off made you stop caring about me."

"I never stopped loving you, Seifer. Love isn't something that just disappears overnight."

"I thought it had. I was so sorry about freaking out after we'd made love that I tried to apologise. But the next day, when I tried speaking to you in the hall, you just blanked me as though none of it had ever happened. I couldn't believe that you did that to me after everything you'd said."

"I know, I can recall it clearly now. That's when you took off for a couple of weeks, when you went to Galbadia, right?"

"I met Rinoa then," he sighed. "I felt so rejected by you that meeting her seemed like a blessing, like a way to forget about you. But it didn't work. I wasn't ever able to stop thinking about you in that way. I wanted you back so much that I started to hate you again. I couldn't bear the way your eyes were blank and uncaring for me. I just wanted to hurt you... It was all my own stupid fault!"

"That's all in the past now," Squall assured the brittle, fragmented man next to him. He put an arm around Seifer's wide shoulders to comfort him. "That's why I'm here for you right now," he said softly. "I remember everything now, which is how I know you still care for me too. But most of all Seifer, I remember how much you mean to me."

"But how can we go on from here?" Seifer asked. "After all the spiteful and cruel ways I've tormented you over the years..."

"I'll manage. If there's one thing I've learned from the past few days, it's that people change -- not always for the better -- but they really do change, every day of their lives. I can see it happening in you as we speak." He ruffled his spare hand through Seifer's messy, unkempt hair, provoking a playful smile on the face of him lover. "And that's how we'll get by, one day at a time."

"And if we don't?" Seifer whispered, barely able to ask the question.

"Then at least we'll have our memories... Besides, maybe you can teach me how to fish."

Seifer laughed. He laughed louder than he'd ever done in his entire life. It was a new day, and he'd just been reacquainted with an old love. He understood what Squall was saying about change. And he could feel it inside himself, he was changing for the better.

-The End-

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