Author's Notes: Okay, this is probably the shortest of all my stories ever written and also the only one involving SeiferXZell. Well, so far. Ummm... I’m not fond of rape but sometimes, it can be tasteful, right? (Debatable) Then again, they are just fake characters. But so pretty... Also, this story was written for a special friend/fan of mine because they are so sweet and they love this pairing. Innocente, I love you ~_^ The story picks up right after the Game.

Meant To Happen, Meant To Be

By Kumaguro

“You wanna take me drinking?” Zell asked, unbelievingly.

“You’re the only one here, aren’t you?” Seifer scoffed.

“Well, if that’s the only reason you’re inviting me, then why would you bother?”

“Look, Chicken-Wuss, you bought me dinner with the last of your money and I got food poisoning. If I’m gonna be puking my guts out anyway, I may as well have enjoyed myself and thank you for your generosity.”

“Tsk. Yeah, okay, fine, I guess.”

Seifer smiled and escorted Zell into the bar.



“Look, Zell, when I asked you to come for a drink, that’s not what I meant.”

“But I’m so young.”

“I’ve only got a year on you. Now, come on, live a little. I’m buying so go wild.”

“Fine, I will.”

The waiter came back.

“Are you done with your chocolate milk, there, buddy?”


“So what’ll you have now?” The waiter asked, taking Zell’s cup away.

Zell looked up at Seifer defiantly and took a deep breath. Seifer held his own breath, anticipating Zell’s response.

“I’ll have a Shirley Temple.”

Seifer hit his head into the table.

“O...kay...” The waiter said... “And you?”

“Yeah, hook me up with another bottle of this stuff, please?” Seifer showed off his bottle which he’d just started.

“Alright. I’ll be right back, then.”

The waiter left.

“You little... Ahh! I don’t think there are words to describe you.”

“A goody-goody?”

“Naw, more like a Chicken-Wuss.”

“Don’t call me that!”

Seifer smiled and swung back his big bottle of alcohol.

“Ahhh.... So, how are you getting home tonight?”

“Cab with you I suppose.”

Seifer scoffed.

“You forget that we’re in Dollet where it’s impossible to drive back to Balamb?”

“Oh, yeah. So how are you getting home?”

“Staying here tonight. I’m not quite welcome back to Balamb Garden in case you hadn’t noticed.”

The waiter brought the drinks, smirking at Zell’s choice of beverage.


“I’ll pay for your cab and ferry, alright?”


Seifer tipped his bottle into Zell’s glass.

“Now, when I said DRINK, I meant DRINK.”

Zell scowled.



“You happy about Squall and Rinoa hooking up?”

“Yeah, I suppose. Whatever keeps him occupied.”

“I doubt if I’d be seeing much more of him or her anyway especially since... Well...”

“Hey, man, it wasn’t your fault. You were being controlled.”

“Yeah, another reason I should just kill myself.” Seifer swung back his drink.


“I never let anyone control me. I’m the dominant one. It’s just my nature.”

“Still no reason to kill yourself over it...”

“I didn’t tell you the other reasons...” Seifer replied solemnly.

Zell tried to act sincere and sip on his beverage but it was so strong and had such a God-Awful taste that he couldn’t help but grimace. Seifer laughed.

“A little much?”

“Let’s just say that I’m a virgin to a lot of things.”


“So, you were gonna tell me something about why you’re sad?..”

“Sad? No, I just have reasons...” Seifer smirked. “I’ll tell you when I’m drunk.”

Seifer turned his bottle upside down and drank the entire contents.

“I’m gonna die!” Seifer moaned as he leaned over the banister.

“C’mon, Seifer, you need to puke to get the bug out.”

“This is what I get for eating bad Chicken? This is the punishment I get?!”

“You wanted to get drunk, not me.”

“Well, fuck you, you can’t handle your liquor.”

“At least I can handle what I had tonight better than you, there.” Zell slapped Seifer on the back.

Seifer vomited furiously for a good number of seconds.

Zell looked over to see what else Seifer could retch.

“Well, you got all the alcohol, but you’re drunker than a skunk.”

“I need to find a hospital.”

“WHAT?? Why? What’s wrong?”

“I mean Hotel.”

“Oh. Okay.”

“Wow, you really lucked out, this being the only room left in this hotel. But, man, was it expensive.”

“How much was it?”

“400 gil.”

“Fuck, that’s all my money.” Seifer said as he started removing his clothes.

Zell blushed when he realized that he was watching Seifer undress so carelessly.

Seifer went into the bathroom and the shower began running. Zell sat back on Seifer’s bed and stared up at the ceiling.

“He’s gorgeous...” Zell whispered. “I wonder if I can tell him that I have a crush on him... Well, tonight’s no good... He drank so much, he wouldn’t remember what I told him. Or maybe I can get him to kiss me goodbye before I go– WAIT!!!” Zell shouted as he lunged from the bed and into the bathroom.


Seifer ignored Zell as he brushed his teeth in the shower jets then scrubbed his face with a wash cloth.


Seifer still didn’t respond. He turned off the water and opened the shower door, stepping out, dripping wet and naked. Zell stared longingly at Seifer’s tanned muscular form. Then he snapped out of it and turned his head away.

“Are you looking at me?”

“Uh, no, I just have to ask you something.”

Seifer walked out of the bathroom. Zell followed.

“So, what do you wanna ask me?”

“I need to know how I’m supposed to get home if you spent all your money.”

“Oh. Well, I guess you’re fucked, then, huh?”

“That’s not fair! You said you’d take care of me!”

“Well, I guess I can’t, then, huh?” Seifer said as he sat down on his bed, covering his eyes..

Zell crouched in front of Seifer, subconsciously snagging a great view of Seifer’s manhood which hung over the bed.



“Why are you sad?”

“The hell do YOU care?”

“I cared enough to take you out, didn’t I?”

“I don’t need your pity, Zell.”

“Then what DO you need?” Zell snuck in closer to Seifer’s appendage, trying to look into Seifer’s eyes.

“I don’t know... I’m just so lost... I know I messed up... After Ultimacia, All I can remember was that I was respected and that I was in love with Squall. Everything else is just... Lost to me. Everyone else knows that I did bad things, but I can’t remember. And now they call me a traitor.”

“You were... in love with Squall?”

“Yeah, but I never told him.”

“So, it must have hurt you to see him kiss Rinoa the way he did, then, huh?”

Seifer sniffled.

“So, where are you gonna be staying tonight?”

“I don’t know! I have no money anymore!”

Seifer took his hands away from his eyes, looking down at Zell. The redness in his eyes was already fading.

“You know... My bed’s big enough to fit two... I could let you stay if you make it worth my while...”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s been a long time since I’ve had sex, Zell.”

Zell smiled and dove his mouth over Seifer’s shaft. Seifer ripped Zell’s head up by his hair.

“What are ya doing?!”

“I thought you said that you were...”

“I just wanted you to touch it...” Seifer looked down at himself, both boys witnessing an erection. “But look what you did; you got it all excited. May as well finish the job now...” Seifer let Zell down between his legs again.

“I... don’t wanna.” Zell said as he turned away.

Seifer softly grazed his fingers through Zell’s hair around his ear.

“Why did you do it in the first place, Zell?”

“Because I... Oh, what does it matter? You’re drunk.”

“Don’t you wanna take advantage of me?”

“What do you mean?”

“Kiss me, suck my dick, do whatever. In the morning, I won’t know what happened but I’m sure I’ll be smiling with a hangover.”

Zell thought about what Seifer said, processing it thoroughly. Then he licked his lips and flicked his tongue over Seifer’s tip then continued up. He straddled his naked friend and wrapped his arms around his neck. He went in to kiss Seifer but Seifer pulled away.

“Or better, please don’t kiss me?”

Zell noted to himself that Seifer sounded desperate in his tone of breath. Zell smirked sadly and began his descent. Seifer aided Zell down, noticing how aroused Zell was becoming.

“Zell, your nipples are hard.”

“Well, yours would be too if you were aroused like I am.”

“Why are you so horny?”

“Because I’m gay and I’ve had a crush on you since I watched you so high-and-mighty on the float back at Deling City. You were so HOT! And you still are!”

Seifer threw himself back on the bed.

“Zell, don’t make things up.”

“I’m not...” Zell lost his train of thought as he still had that big piece of meat staring him in the face.

Zell took his bare hands and massaged Seifer’s thighs. Seifer moaned in pleasure. Zell leaned up, putting his lips over Seifer’s magnificent heat. Seifer moaned louder, urging Zell go do deeper and he did. Then Seifer put his hands through Zell’s hair, massaging his head as Zell pleasured him. Zell let his tongue run underneath Seifer, sending thrills up the taller boy’s body. Seifer pulled up and rubbed Zell’s arms. Zell pulled away from Seifer’s arms and ripped off his jacket. Seifer reached down and pulled Zell’s shirt over his head. Zell went back down on his crush but Seifer pulled him up onto the bed and put him on his back.

“Whoa, Seifer– What are you doing?”

“C’mon, Zell, if you didn’t want it, too, you wouldn’t be here.”

Seifer threw Zell to the top of the bed. And whipped off his pants. Zell gasped. And he was even more intimidated when Seifer crawled between his legs.

“I don’t want this.”

“Oh, sure you do. C’mon.”

Seifer pushed himself inside of Zell. Zell screamed as he dug his nails in his aggressor’s forearms.

“Seifer, no, please! Oh, God it hurts!”

“It’s so good! Fuck, Zell!”

“Please stop!”

“Uh-uh. I just got started.”

Seifer stroked inside of Zell and the submissive boy cried, wailing loudly.

“This isn’t fair!”

“It’s so great!” Seifer growled in Zell’s ear.

“No!!!” Zell screamed.

“Ung, I love you!” Seifer shouted as he released himself into Zell’s little body.

Zell screamed back, clutching his attacker. Seifer collapsed over top of Zell, holding him firmly under him.

The next morning, Seifer woke up to the sound of shower water running and someone in it, singing. He rolled over, avoiding the light, groaning. The water stopped running and minutes later, Zell came out of the bathroom, whistling. He jumped on the bed next to Seifer.

“‘Morning, lover.”

“The fuck you talking about, Chicken-Wuss?” Seifer groaned as he hid from Zell.

“You don’t... you mean... You don’t remember last night?”

“Fuck, no... I’m so fucken hung over.”

“Well, we... Um... We did it.”

“Aw, fuck... Just don’t let it go to your head.”

“What do you mean?”

“Whatever happened, happened. That’s it. Today, you go back to Balamb and that’s the end of me.”

“But... You said you loved me.”

“People say weird things when they’re drunk. You shouldn’t believe anything they tell you especially me.”

“Okay...” Zell sniffed. “Fine. Then I’ll just go now, then.”

The door opened and closed. Seifer stumbled out of bed and made it to the bathroom. He had his morning piss then looked into the fogged mirror where Zell had obviously been doodling. There was SXZ in the centre of a heart with an arrow through it.

Hours went by. Seifer had 15 gil on him and wound up at a small coffee house where he was seated and waiting for a waiter. He thought he saw Zell in the kitchen when the door swung open but that was impossible. But then Zell came out of the kitchen in an apron with a tray. He noticed Seifer and promptly ignored him and attended the people at the table behind Seifer.

“So, what can I get for you, then, have you decided?”

“Zell?” Seifer interrupted as he gently took Zell’s hand.

“Don’t touch me.” Zell responded coldly, not acknowledging Seifer. “Okay, so, one Latte, and for you, ma’am?”

“Zell, why are you here?”

“You sober, yet, Seifer? So, two Lattes coming right up.”

Zell left. Seifer got up and followed Zell in past the doors.

“Dincht, don’t you ignore me!”

“Don’t boss me around, Seifer! Just stay the hell out of my life!”

Seifer cornered Zell and Zell looked up at him, angrily, hurt.

“I’ll leave once you tell me something.”

“What? Make it quick. I’m on the clock.”

“What are you doing as a waiter?”

“I needed to make some money to get home.”

“What happened last night?”

“You RAPED me then you told me that you LOVED me! And I was STUPID enough to believe you!”

Seifer’s heart grew heavy and sincere. He put a hand along Zell’s face. Zell hit it away.

“Don’t touch me.”

“God, Zell, I’m so sorry.”

“Yeah, well, sorry doesn’t save my ass hole, Asshole.”

Zell snuck around Seifer to get back to work.

Seifer sat outside the coffee shop for hours when it started to rain. He hesitated to go into the shop for shelter. But the water was like cold needles piercing his skin. So Seifer sought shelter. He waited to be seated and asked to be put in a corner where Zell could avoid him if he wanted to. Seifer noticed that there were only 2 people working and very seldom, Zell emerged from the kitchen. Zell came out of the kitchen and made his way to Seifer. When he got a look at who he was approaching, he grit his teeth and rolled his eyes.

“What do you want?” Zell asked bitterly.

“I just wanted... Um...” Seifer really started to hesitate.

“Well?” Zell said impatiently.

“I’ll have a... Shirley Temple.” Seifer said with his head down.

“Is that some sort of sick joke, Seifer, ‘cause I ain’t laughin’.”

Seifer looked up at Zell, hurt.

“Can I buy YOU a drink?”

“Not while I’m working.”

“When will you have a break?”

“I’m not taking a break. I made an arrangement with the boss here that I can work till I earn enough to get home.”

“......When you get there, maybe you could do me a favour and say hi to everyone for me?”

“We’ll see.”

“Hey, what do you want from me, Zell?”

Zell sat in the bench across from Seifer, staring at him coldly.

“I want you to leave me alone so that I can forget that you ever said that you loved me.”

“Is that all?”

“Do you have any idea how good it felt to hear you say it?”

“.......” Seifer rubbed circles in the table, avoiding eye contact.

“Do you know how long I wanted to hear you say it?”

Seifer couldn’t respond.

“And what hurts more is that you couldn’t even kiss me.”

“Or tell you why I’m so sad.”

Zell sighed.

“WILL you tell me?”

“I thought you were working.”

“I’m trying to figure out what’s more important.”

“What do you mean?”

Zell stood up and took Seifer’s wrist, leading him away.

In another room, Seifer was thrown into a seat. Zell circled him and removed his little apron.

“Alright... I don’t wanna forgive you for what you did to me but I feel that I should be fair and let you justify what you did and-or said.”

“Would you stop moving so I can look at you when I say it?”

Zell stopped in front of Seifer.

“...I’m ashamed to be gay.”

“Is that all?”

“Well, that’s a lot for me, you know? But the other reason is that I never wanted to let anyone down. And I did. Big time. And when I tried to kill myself, I failed. And I felt like even more of a failure if I couldn’t even do THAT right!”

Zell knelt down between Seifer’s knees. Seifer hid his face in his hands.

“I disappointed everybody and I don’t even know what I did!” Seifer sobbed.

Zell sat up and wrapped his arms around Seifer.

“Oh, Seifer, don’t cry, don’t cry...”

Seifer held Zell tightly. He buried his face in Zell’s neck.

“And then I hurt you.” Seifer whined.

“There’s nothing we can do about that now. Just live in the present.”

“No one in the present wants me...”

Zell held Seifer tighter.

“*I* want you...” Zell said sweetly.

“Don’t lie to me, Zell. I don’t need your sympathy.”

“I think you do.”

There was silence.

“I... DO love you... Zell... But I’m not in love with you. You understand?”

“How did you know?”

“The thing you wrote in the fog on the mirror.”

There was silence again.

“I gotta get back to work. I’m relying on tips.”

Zell walked away.

It was late that evening. Zell was cleaning off the remaining tables. Seifer watched from the corner table he was at before. When the tables were done, Zell sat with Seifer and started counting his tips.

“I don’t think I made enough.”

“You’ll have to see, won’t you?”

Seifer grabbed a pile of Zell’s change and started counting.

“You know, even if I never see you again, I don’t want to hear that you killed yourself, Seifer.”

“....Thanks. I wish more people cared like you do. Psh. No, I don’t. The less people, the less I have to disappoint.”

“Don’t say that! You’ll get your life back on track! And if I need to, I’ll HELP you!”

“That’s a real sweet offer, Chicken-Wuss but how does it hold up?”

Seifer went to reach for another pile of change. Zell’s hand held Seifer’s in place. Seifer looked up into Zell’s eyes.

“Don’t be such an asshole and accept my help when it’s offered, alright?”


“So, what are you doing about sleeping tonight?”

“Under that stars. It’s beautiful out. It quit raining hours ago.”

“Ah. How much did you count?”

“40 gil.”


“You’re short?”

“Yeah.” Zell groaned. “It’s a hundred gil to boat.”

Seifer tossed his last 10 gil on the table.

“Well, I wish I could help you out... Maybe I could whore myself. It’ll only take an hour.”

“Don’t do that... Look, maybe I can work tomorrow.”

“Well, where are you gonna sleep tonight?”

“Is the grass big enough to fit two?”

Seifer smiled.

“Talk to your boss and let’s go. It’s late.”

Zell smiled and got up, then he left.

The boys took a stroll through the park, hand in hand, looking at the sky.

“It’s so beautiful out here.”

“Yeah, I know. Dollet is my favourite place in the world.”

“You think you’re gonna live here?”

“I may as well. It’s not so far from Balamb that anyone that wants to see me can’t and the place is nice. So when I get a job, I can rent a nice apartment.”

“What’ll you work as?”

“Probably a Mechanic. They have no use for soldiers here anymore.”

“You know... My Grampa taught me a lot about cars...”

“Oh, really?”

“Yeah, when I was 6, I did my first oil change.”

“Well, congratulations.”

“Come back with me, Seifer. Please?”

“Zell...” Seifer stopped walking. “I don’t belong there.”

“Nobody really BELONGS anywhere, Seif, it’s all about adjustment and adaptation.”

“Where did you learn such big words?”

“Don’t tease me, Seifer, I’m being serious.”

Seifer chuckled then sighed.

“I’m gonna miss you, Zell.”

“No, you’re not, ‘cause I’m not leaving you.”

“Yes, you are, you’re going back to Balamb tomorrow.”

Zell clung to Seifer’s arm.

“Can’t you understand that I want to be with you?!”

“Zell, there’s no room for me in your life. You have to go back and forget about me. I messed up my life and there is no way I can ever go back–”

“Don’t you know that there’s always a chance to change??? But you have to take it! Don’t be so hard on yourself and start believing that you can be a good person! I know you are!”

“Zell... You can let go of me.”

“No! If I let you go, you’ll leave!”

“This is where we’re sleeping.”

“Oh.” Zell settled down.

Zell let Seifer go and Seifer sat on the grass. Zell sat cozily next to Seifer. The tall boy put his arm around his soft friend. There was a soothing silence. The wind carried away their breath. Zell inhaled the sweet-smelling air.

“Maybe I’ll quit the military and just live here, too.”

“Don’t ruin your life like I did.”

“Moving here is not going to ruin my life.”

“Fine, then don’t ruin a good thing. What do you want me to say?”

“I want you to say ‘Great! We can start over together!’”

Seifer chuckled.

“You really wanna do that? Would you wanna live together, too?”

“Would save us both half the rent...”

Seifer held Zell in closely, closed his eyes and kissed Zell softly on the lips. Zell kissed with Seifer, slowly pulling himself in to him. Seifer’s lips were softer than what Zell had imagined and the passion backed by them made the kiss all the more beautiful. When Seifer pulled away, he looked into Zell’s eyes which stared right back. Seifer licked his lips.

“You’re so persistent. That is so cute.”


“No ‘but’, AND, I would like to see where we can go together.”

“You mean... as a pair?”

“Yeah.” Seifer smiled.

Zell took Seifer’s lips softly, leaning him down to the ground. Seifer complied with the younger boy and lay his head in the fresh grass. Zell straddled over Seifer and ran his hands up his shirt. Seifer pulled away and squeaked.


“‘Cha doin’?”

“I wanna get you excited.” Zell grinned.


“To celebrate our first night as a couple.”

“Are you sure?”

Zell nodded.

“But if you’re gonna say it, I want you to mean it.”

“If I tell you before, that’s like trying to get you into bed.”

“What bed?” Zell asked sillily as he sat up further on Seifer’s chest.

Seifer smiled.

“I love you, Zell.”

“I love you, too, Seifer.”

Zell leaned down and hugged Seifer. Seifer held Zell close to him.

“This is perfect.”

“Yeah...” Seifer agreed.

“I love you.”

“You just told me that, silly.”

“I know but I love saying it.”

“So aren’t we gonna do it?”

Zell grinned and descended Seifer’s form and undid his pants. Seifer sat up and took off his jacket, laying it behind him. Zell removed Seifer’s pants, leaving him in only his shirt and boxers.

“Wait.” Seifer halted.


“This isn’t right.”

“What’s not?”

Seifer sat up and held Zell by the shoulders. Zell was confused so he just became putty in Seifer’s hands for him to mould and place where he wanted him. Seifer put Zell on the long, gray trench coat and straddled over him. He leaned down and put his face close to Zell’s.

“I’M the dom.”

Zell smiled and stole a kiss from Seifer. Seifer sat up and removed Zell’s jacket and tank top.

“Zell, your nipples are hard.”

“I’m so aroused, that’s why.”

“Okay...” Seifer trailed off, licking one of those perky nipples.

Zell cooed in excitement, weaving his fingers through Seifer’s hair. Seifer trailed his tongue down to Zell’s navel, stopping just under it and tearing at the younger man’s belt. Zell cooed louder, anticipating something wonderful. Seifer removed Zell’s pants and looked up, questioningly at the blushing boy.

“Do you ever wear underwear?”

“Sometimes when I’m wearing a suit.”

Seifer smiled and kissed the base of Zell’s already hard shaft. Again, Zell cooed loudly. Seifer kissed up Zell’s arousal and bobbed over it thoroughly.

“Oh, God, Seifer... Yummy.”

Seifer sucked on Zell and stroked his shaft until the submissive boy’s organ wept. Zell moaned loudly, questioning whether anyone could hear him. But he didn’t care.

“Oh, Seifer... Get inside of me.”

Seifer flicked the tip of his tongue along Zell’s tip and climbed up the smooth white body. He grinned when he plastered his body over Zell and snatched a kiss from him. Zell snuck his hands between himself and his lover. Seifer pulled up. Zell removed the purple cross shirt that Seifer was wearing then slid his hands down to his waist and snuck down the boxers, leaving both boys naked. Seifer huffed and grinded his erection along Zell’s, throwing both of them into near orgasm.

“Come inside of me. Please.”

Seifer kissed Zell once again and inserted himself into him slowly. Zell mewled for more penetration. Seifer slowly pushed in further, kissing Zell’s neck. Zell held Seifer in as closely as he could. Zell knew when Seifer was fully in. It only hurt slightly. He wrapped his arms and legs around the towering blond and rubbed his body against him. Though his movements were limited, they aroused each of them to the fullest extreme. Seifer moaned loudly and Zell robbed that sound from his mouth. The two kissed fully as Seifer rocked in and out of Zell. Then Seifer pulled away, panting. He was about to withdraw when Zell held him. Seifer looked into Zell’s beautiful eyes.

“INSIDE of me...”

Seifer smiled and swept his lips past Zell’s. He continued to rock within Zell’s little body until he was driven into his climax. He yelled loudly and Zell’s orgasm was soon to follow. Seifer stayed inside of Zell as he lay down, kissing his lover all over his face and neck.

“I love you.” Seifer whispered breathlessly.

Then Seifer pulled out of the younger man and took Zell by the arms and rolled him on top of him. Zell took the coat to cover himself and Seifer who was now under him.

“I love you, too... So much.”

The boys shared a lustful kiss then Zell rested his head on Seifer’s chest.



“No matter what had to happen before for us to wind up here, I’m glad it did.”

“Me, too. I guess we can say we were just destined to be together.”

“Yep. Forever.”

“G’night, lover.”

“G’night, lover.”


Yah, yah, I know, it’s not all that great... But I was stuck with writing the others (Pretty Boy and A Taste Of Your Own Medicine)

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