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Part 3 - Never again

By Kyrri

Squall pressed his hands deeply into the pockets of his pants as he moved down the corridor. A small smile quirked the corners of his mouth upwards as he continued down the empty causeways.

He hated to admit it, but being dragged into going to Selphie's party had not been that bad, after all. That of course was after most people had had enough of staring at him in his blue shirt. So what if he was wearing a colour. It wasn't a crime.

At least his head was screwed on straight again, with any thought of Seifer safely locked away. Out of sight and out of mind. Well, perhaps not entirely out of mind...

Something had bothered him tonight... Seifer hadn't been present at the party. Squall had promised to make an appearance and had ended up staying close to two hours for no other reason than the blonde gunbladist's absence.

As long as he didn't have to look Seifer in the eye he was doing all right in his book.

But he couldn't help wondering just where Seifer might be. Selphie would most assuredly give the blonde an earful about not showing up tomorrow. Squall definitely didn't want to be in Seifer's shoes when that happened.

He was fast approaching his own door and began to dig around in his pocket for the key. Stopping in front of the door he extracted it and turned the key in the lock. It clicked shut...

Frowning he turned the key again before pushing the door open.

The room was dark and he turned his back towards it as he flicked on the light and pulled the door close behind him, locking it again.

His breath left him as he was jerked backwards by the collar of his shirt. Rough hands spun him round, shoving his back up against the wall as cold metal bit into his throat, millimetres away from drawing blood.

Blue eyes rose to meet green orbs. "Seifer?" Squall choked out as he tried to regain his breath. "What the...?" Seifer just smiled wickedly, the hand that wasn't wrapped around the blade's hilt coming up to trail light fingers over Squall's chest, playing with the blue fabric."

"You should wear blue more often, Frosty. It really brings out the colour of your eyes." Seifer whispered in Squall's ear, leaning forward so that their faces were almost touching, his warm breath causing an odd sensation compared to the cold metal of the gunblade.

Squall gulped, the movement causing the blade to bite through the soft skin of his throat, a thin red line appearing where it had cut. Desperately he tried calming himself enough to slip behind his uncaring mask.

"What are you doing here, Seifer?" Squall asked, his voice sounding far steadier than he felt as he tried to create the illusion that he was the one in control, instead of being pinned helplessly against the door.

Seifer smirked causing a spark of anger to ignite in Squall, but he suppressed it, keeping his emotions firmly in check behind his mask. "Oh nothing much. Just thought I'd return your gunblade," the blonde drawled, pressing the blade a little closer to Squall's throat.

Unwillingly the SeeD Commander's eyes darted downwards to the Griever pendant that was suspended from the blade's hilt. His eyes widened in shock. Where had Seifer gotten that? It wasn't like him to let his weapons lie around. Your weapons were your best chance at survival - caring for them was the first thing you learned as a SeeD trainee.

Squall looked back up at Seifer, apprehension in his eyes as he tried to remain calm in the face of a smirking Seifer, who had somehow managed to obtain his gunblade.

Seifer's free hand was moving slowly upwards, undoing his shirt's buttons as they went. Sometimes gentle fingers would slip beneath the cloth, allowing a warm hand to gently caress his bare skin, before retreating again. Brushing over his nipples, the fabric causing an interesting sensation against them, making them peak and stand to attention; causing Seifer to grin more deeply as Squall tried to fight his body's betrayal.

The exploring hand finally reached his throat, light fingers moving over the thin red line, tenderly wiping the blood away, before Seifer brought red-dyed fingertips to his lips and kissed the liquid away.

A soft moan escaped Squall's lips and he turned his head away, resolving not to look, not to be tempted, but the blade stopped the movement and Seifer's hand moved to cup his chin forcing him to meet the taller man's jade gaze.

Squall, glared up at Seifer, his mouth set into an angry line as the blonde's fingertips slowly traced the outline of his lips. "Let me go!" The brunette commanded furiously, ignoring the little voice in the back of his head that shouted, 'Please, don't.'

Seifer just continued to smile, keeping the blade firmly in place, while his eyes turned considering. A moment passed before he answered simply, "No."

The room temperature dropped a notch as Squall glared at him. "It wasn't a suggestion, Seifer. Let me go!" he said the last three words slowly, articulating each one perfectly, letting his anger infuse them.

Seifer's eyes danced in amusement as he stared down at the SeeD Commander, before speaking again, letting the blade bite just a little deeper to emphasize his point. "You don't seem to get it, Frosty. You're not in control here. I am."

That incorrigible smirk was back and then Seifer leaned forward, capturing Squall's lips with his and catching the shorter man entirely off guard. Squall's gasp of surprise unwittingly deepened the kiss as Seifer slipped his tongue inside.

Long moments passed, during which Squall's hands came to rest on Seifer's chest, hovering there, somewhere between pushing the blonde away and drawing him even closer. But the moment passed as all coherent thought fled from Squall's mind, his hands simply remaining there, digging into the fabric of Seifer's shirt.

They broke apart long minutes later. Jade and blue eyes just staring into each other's souls, but Squall could not accept the betrayal of his body. How could he possibly want Seifer? 'Does it matter?' that little voice in the back of his head asked. Now even his mind was betraying him. He closed his eyes, refusing to look at the taller man.

He couldn't have enjoyed kissing Seifer. He didn't enjoy kissing Seifer. 'But you did!' the treacherous little voice reminded him. He'd enjoyed it a lot.

Seifer wasn't pleased with his reaction. Squall could feel the blonde's eyes boring into him. Gentle fingers stroked his cheek, before a warm palm cupped his face again.

"Open your eyes," Seifer whispered, but the blue gaze remained stubbornly closed. A sigh escaped Seifer before he placed feather-light kisses on each protective lid, causing them to fly open.

"Come now, Frosty. It wasn't that bad." Seifer said, his free hand, beginning to make its way leisurely downwards, caressing its way down Squall's chest. Squall shook his head. "Don't call me that," he replied tersely.

Seifer just chuckled softly, his free hand toying with the buckles of Squall's multiple belts, before all three fell to the floor, one by one. The Seed Commander gasped as a gentle finger ran down the length of his fly, pressing the zipper enticingly into the evidence of his body's treachery.

"Hyne, Seifer," Squall gasped, causing the blonde man to grin. Why did this have to feel so right when it was so wrong? 'Maybe because it isn't wrong,' the little voice supplied and just for once he wanted to believe it.

"Seifer," Squall whispered, his resistance all but crumbled, "don't do this." He gasped as agile fingers pressed teasingly against his arousal, his hips bucking forwards of their own will. "We shouldn't do this," he continued after regaining some measure of control.

"Why not?" Seifer asked, jade eyes burning with inner fire. "You can't deny you want to," he added as he cupped the brunette's arousal through the rough material of his pants, his thumb trailing over the trail of his zipper once more, eliciting a grown from the captive man.

"It's not right," Squall half-moaned as Seifer latched on to his neck, kissing the pale expanse before biting down. His tongue flicked out to sooth the mark, before he kissed it again, loving the little noises the shorter man made.

He pulled away slightly, before whispering against Squall's throat, just below his ear. "What makes you think it's wrong?" His hand was still teasing its way across some of the more sensitive parts of Squall's anatomy, working the shorter man into a frenzy, listening to him moan. He smirked as he pulled his hand away when the brunette bucked, the smirk deepening when Squall moaned at the loss of his hand, opening eyes that had fallen shut moments before.

"It... it's just..." Squall stuttered and fell silent, unable to think of any reason that would hold up against Seifer's persuasive techniques.

"Cat got your tongue, Frosty?" Seifer asked, smirking all the way, his eyes dancing. "Think I can help you with that." he didn't wait for a reply; instead he leaned forward, locking Squall's lips in another soul-consuming kiss.

There was a harsh metallic ring as the blade hit the floor, but Squall didn't mind. Seifer was kissing him again and this time he let the taller man in willingly as he wrapped his arms around him. Their tongues duelling, fighting for dominance as the last of the SeeD Commander's reservations crumbled to dust.

He wanted Seifer and he didn't care, not now when this felt so right.

Slowly Seifer started moving towards the bed, pulling Squall with him as he pushed the blue shirt off the shorter man's shoulders, allowing it to fall away the moment Squall's back completely left the door.

Their lips finally parted as Squall felt the edge of the bed bump against his legs. Stormy eyes looked up at Seifer, lips parted and bruised from soul-consuming kisses. A strong hand pushed him backwards down onto the bed, leaving Seifer to stand over him as he raised himself onto his elbows.

The blonde grinned at him, before leaning over him, pressing him down once more. Seifer toyed with the Griever pendant at Squall's neck as he leaned on his elbow, looking down at the brunette, smiling at the strikingly blue gaze, any trace of grey having been washed away. "So beautiful," he whispered, before locking his lips to a spot just above Squall's collarbone, letting his tongue flick into the hollow there.

Squall moaned, letting his fingers trail over Seifer's back, tugging at the material of the blonde's shirt. "To many clothes," he stated, making the taller man smile against the brunette's skin. Impatiently Squall tugged upwards and Seifer moved, helping the shorter man pull the offensive clothing off. It landed in a heap on the floor beside the bed.

Squall sighed as his hands encountered bare skin, raking his nails over Seifer's broad shoulders as the blonde started to tongue his way downwards once more. A small moan escaped the brunette as Seifer circled his navel, letting his tongue dip teasingly inside.

Clear blue eyes watched as Seifer's long fingers started to toy with the zipper of his pants, pulling downwards to reveal the brunette's straining erection. The blonde smirked at Squall's lack of underwear before leaning down, letting his tongue flick at the exposed tip, causing the shorter man's to moan and buck as his hands fisted in the bedclothes.

Strong hands pressed Squall's hips down, holding him still as Seifer closed his lips around the leaking tip, letting his tongue push against it, savouring the taste of those creamy drops. The blonde's hands tugged at Squall's pants and the brunette obligingly lifted his hips, allowing Seifer to pull them off even as he mourned the loss of the taller man's mouth on him.

Seifer was back a moment later, pressing his lips against the inside of one pale thigh, before continuing what he had started. Squall bit back a groan as warm heat encircled his member once more. An expert tongue trailing along the underside as gentle teeth grazed over the top, Seifer's hand wrapping around the root, stroking what he couldn't comfortably hold in his mouth.

Squall could feel the pressure building within him as he teetered on the edge, Seifer's talented mouth driving him closer and closer to completion. Green orbs met his as his hands tangled in blonde hair. Seifer grinned against his straining flesh, before starting to hum, pulling Squall deeper into his throat.

The brunette could feel Seifer's finger trailing over the puckered hole that offered access to his body, before it suddenly pushed past the ring of muscle, pressing into a spot that caused waves of such pleasure, as he had never experienced before to course through his body.

Squall came into Seifer's mouth, shouting the blonde's name as the taller man greedily swallowed the creamy liquid. He watched, unseeing as Seifer pulled away moments later, licking his lips, green orbs clouded with unbridled lust.

"What did I say about clothes," Squall said, moments later, trailing a lazy finger over the place where Seifer's pants met with the bare skin of his chest after he came back down from where he had been flying.

Seifer grinned, "Thought you didn't want this, Leonhart" he said, softly.

Squall closed his eyes at that, causing Seifer to frown until he saw the edge of the Commanders lips twitch upwards. Startlingly blue eyes opened to focus on his, the half-smile still playing across the brunette's features.

"And what exactly has that got to do with the fact that you're wearing to many clothes?" Squall asked. Seifer watched as the shorter man's tongue flicked out to lick his lower lip, before the smile deepened slightly, blue eyes laughing at him. "Take those off. Now."

There was no way of mistaking the command in Squall's voice and for once it was an order Seifer didn't mind following. The SeeD Commander watched hungrily as the blonde unfastened the button of his jeans, before swiftly shrugging out of them.

The brunette immediately assaulted him, bringing their lips together once more in another passionate kiss. Seifer was breathless when Squall pulled away. Storm clouds where starting to form in the beautiful orbs once more, starting to eclipse the pure blue that they had been moments before.

Squall's hot breath played across Seifer's parted lips, as the brunette's stormy gaze consumed him. "I want..." Squall began, but his eyes fell downwards and he couldn't continue, until he felt Seifer's palm cup his chin once more, turning his face upwards so that their eyes would meet.

"What do you want?" the blonde asked, his voice soft as he let one finger trail tenderly down the scar that marred Squall's features - the scar that bound Seifer to him.

"I want..." Squall began again, somehow finding the strength to continue in the emerald gaze that met his. That gaze promised him anything - everything... he just needed the courage to ask.

"I want you inside me," the brunette whispered, seeing shock fill those beautiful green eyes. "Please, Seifer, before I change my mind. I'm only going to ask once."

"Squall...?" the sound that escaped Seifer's lips was half-entreaty, half-moan.

"Only once." The brunette repeated, the slight smile back, masking the vulnerability. "Before I come to my senses."

Seifer nodded, before pulling away. He planted a kiss on Squall's forehead, before the shorter man could protest. "Be right back."

The blonde was across the room in an instant, digging in the pocket of his trench-coat for some unfathomable thing, before he returned clutching his prize firmly in his hand.

Squall stared as Seifer revealed the small bottle of Potion, looking up at the taller man questioningly. 'I don't want to hurt you." Siefer whispered and Squall nodded, his lips quirking as the blonde covered the last of the distance between them, parting the brunette's legs with his knee as he dribbled some of the liquid onto his fingertips.

Seifer pressed their lips together again as he slipped one slick finger inside, swallowing Squall's gasp of surprise. The brunette instinctively tried to pull away from the gentle intrusion, but Seifer ran his free hand soothingly down his back, as he sucked on Squall's bottom lip.

Finally the smaller man began to relax and Seifer slipped another finger inside, scissoring them to try and loosen the virginal entrance. Pain shot through Squall and he pulled out of the kiss, biting his lower lip, as he tried to relax and allow the penetration.

Seifer made soothing noises as his fingers pressed more deeply inside until they brushed over Squall's prostate. Pleasure, overwhelming pleasure shot through the brunette, travelling up his spine and making him moan as the pain just seemed to disappear.

He moaned as the pleasant sensation faded; Seifer removing the source, before something much larger than two fingers entered him, causing his insides to burn.

Seifer penetrated him slowly, giving him time to adjust, to get use to the feeling of being stretched. When Squall relaxed once more he thrust forward causing the small man under him to cry out. He adjusted the angle slightly so that he could thrust against the brunette's prostate with every stroke.

Squall writhed beneath him, meeting his thrusts halfway as he tried to get Seifer to increase his pace even further. The brunette moaned and cried out as the taller man thrust into him again and again. He was achingly hard even though he had come only a short while before and the delicious tingle of pleasure down his spine each time Seifer slammed forward was driving him into a frenzy.

Long fingers wrapped around his cock and started to move along with the thrusts in a counter-rhythm. Squall was teetering on the edge, he couldn't hold on much longer. His hands fisted in the bedclothes as he came, spurting warm liquid into Seifer's hand.

A few more deep thrusts and Seifer joined him in bliss, spilling his seed deep within the brunette. It took a moment for the blonde to recover, but the sensation of someone brushing their fingers through his hair brought him back to reality.

Squall smiled up at him, the grey in his eyes having vanished completely, replaced by a contented blue. Seifer smiled back as he slid out of Squall, before wrapping his arms around him as he lay down on the bed, next to the brunette.

The smaller man leaned back against him contentedly, their bodies fitting together as if they had been made for each other.

"Squall..." Seifer breathed against the brunette's neck.

"Shhh... sleep Seifer." Squall answered, closing his eyes, a half-smile still etched upon his lips as he followed his own command, his breathing slowing.

Seifer, however couldn't sleep, but just lay there, cradling Squall in his arms and wondering why he hadn't done this a long time ago. He had no idea how long he just stared at the back of Squall's head, when he started shivering.

Tiredly, he reached for the blanket and was surprised when he brushed against something freezingly cold. He pulled his hand back sharply, before glancing over his shoulder to stare up into the sparkling eyes of none other than Shiva.

"What the..." he started to query, but Shiva laid a finger to his lips, shushing him, before she continued to pull the blanket up over both of them.

"Sleep now," she whispered, "but when morning comes do not let him leave your sight. Do not let him deny this happened, because he will try."

"Wh..." Seifer tried once more, but Shiva would not relent.

"Let him sleep. Love him as he sleeps. Worship him when he wakes. He will be yours. He wants to be yours. I promise." With that she tucked the blanket under Squall's chin and leaned over the bed, to place gentle blue lips against his forehead.

"Goodnight, sweet prince." She whispered as she trailed a finger down Squall's cheek, smiling as her prince shivered in his sleep.

She straightened before walking towards the door. Just before she reached it she looked over her shoulder at Seifer and smirked, winking. "You sound just like a cat when you make that purr-noise deep in you throat when you're buried to the hilt in him."

Seifer stared at her, his face reddening slightly as she just laughed and disappeared, flickering out in a series of blue light, even as her laughter resounded through the room, reminding him of ice, hitting the rim of a glass.

He turned back to stare at Squall. The brunette had turned in his arms and he ran a gentle finger down one pale cheek, tracing the glittering outline of icy diamonds Shiva had left.

"I'm not letting you go." He whispered

And he wouldn't. Never. Not even for a moment.



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