Disclaimer: Squaresoft owns 'em. Notes: I got some of the little details from Anne Rice's novels. She wrote that when a vampire feast of a victim then that person's thoughts and memories can be seen and heard clearly through that bond. Oh yeah, and this is my first vampire story, so tell me what you think ^_^ Warning: Vampires, blood (nothing to bad), AU.

Love Warms the Ice

By Redrum

A sheet of glistening ice
covers the vast expanse of dead earth.

Large trees
with their stiff, snow covered branches
thin and whip like, they sway in the chilling breeze.

Long, deadly sharp icicles
cling to the indifferent branches.
They strike the cold earth
like venomous serpents.
The weak struggle to hold on to their safe paradise.

The full moon
cast its' pale, eerie light
onto the earth that has now become
a tundra.

An otherworldly silence blankets the land.
No animals scurry about
no buildings cast their unwanted shadow.
Only two humans soak in the cold beauty
only two beings appreciate the silence.

The tall blonde buries his nose in the others' neck
he loves the smell of
leather, musk and vanilla
that wafts from the smaller brunette.
His nostrils sting with the icy air that invades them.

The smaller man sighs in content
large muscular arms tighten comfortably around his slim leather-clad waist.

Warmth seeps through him
like molting lava.
Feeling protected
and loved in his lovers' arms
he lets himself relax.

Enjoying the presence and closeness of another human being.
Feeling at peace in this chilling tundra.

The blonde lets the other soak in the icy air
knowing that his usually cold personality
loves to stand in the middle of ice covered earth.

Even if he did get sick afterwards
it was worth it to be let into the others cold world.

The peaceful calm of the tundra
is soon broken
by the uplifting snow
and the swirling fresh ice crystals
falling from the smoke-blue sky.

The larger man laughs
(the brunette's lips twitch at the husky yet almost musical sound)
opening his mouth
he lets little white diamonds
collect on his warm tongue.
The icy crystals melt quickly
leaving a refreshing yet slightly tangy aftertaste behind.

Smiling brightly
the smaller man joins in the laughter.
His soprano voice mixes with the others baritone.

The two create such a beautiful sound and picture
that even the cold and indifferent tundra can appreciate

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