Love of Ice

By ChangingTimes

Selphie ran, crying, screaming with rage, almost, back to her room. She slammed the door open, stormed in, and slammed it shut again behind her. Her body flung down onto the bed, and hands ripped at the pillow, tears rolling onto it, soaking into the fabric, which she tore in her hands, futile at first, then gathering her anger and tearing it viciously into two, three, five pieces. She flung the feathers out across the floor in white scatters. The silver-grey feathers clinging to her yellow dress, like Siren had shook her wings over her.

She knelt upright for a second, screaming defiance at the sky, before falling, weak and useless, back onto the bed. She felt someone sit down on the bed next to her, and wrap an arm around her shoulder. A faint translucent-silver outline appeared, then slowly began to fill itself out, forming the shape of the GF Shiva.

"…Shiva?" she whispered, sniffling back her tears. The ice-blue woman smiled gently at her, pulling her into a tight embrace. Selphie could feel the icy coldness of Shiva's naked breasts through her thin yellow dress, and found herself enjoying the feeling of their soft, chilly roundness against her own, and against her own bare flesh above the low cut neckline of the dress. A shock of pleasure thrilled through Selphie, her sadness almost forgotten for that instant.

She slammed on her mental breaks. Shiva was a GF, and (more importantly) was female. Selphie couldn't bring herself to even vaguely consider herself as gay. Of course, she had felt attracted to women in the past, but had put it down to the raging hormones of her teens.

Shiva placed her hands onto Selphie's shoulders, and pulled her upright, not unkindly.

She held Selphie's gaze for a moment, and Selphie found herself lost in the deep blue of her eyes, like bottomless pools of dark ice. Shiva leaned forward, tenderly, brushing Selphie's lips with her own. Selphie flinched back, startled, like a deer.

"I can see what you're thinking, you know?" she said, gently "but this wouldn't be happening if you didn't want it to, deep inside. Think about it."

Shiva gently stroked Selphie's hair, fading back into insubstantiality as she did so, "Tell me what you decide…" her voice murmured as she vanished.

The day passed well. Selphie could barely remember what had troubled her so much the night before, but now her mind was racing with thoughts of Shiva, and what her encounter had meant. She couldn't deny that she was attracted to Shiva, who wouldn't be? But she still wasn't sure if actually engaging in this sort of…. Thing, with a GF was quite right. She didn't dare tell anyone else, apart from Quistis, who she still regarded as being the most mature of the group. She approached her after lessons, and asked her whether she thought it was weird. Well, weirder than acceptable strange goings-on. Quistis' reply had been simple and to the point:

"There's certainly nothing weird about it. If the commander of SeeD is secretly screwing his arch rival behind his girlfriend's back, who is in turn publicly going out with Fuujin, who's best friend Raijin is sleeping with Siren, kissing Shiva seems normal!"

Selphie grinned ear to ear, and Quistis' responded with a wry smile, messing Selphie's hair.

"I suggest you hurry back to quarters then, there's probably someone waiting for your reply."

Selphie nodded, almost laughing out loud, as she returned to her quarters.

Once inside the door to her dorm, she felt that someone else was inside as well. She looked around, to see Shiva standing, naked as usual, in the kitchen, totally oblivious to her presence. Selphie waited, silently, not wishing to let Shiva know she was watching her yet. She studied the icy-blue woman's figure, drinking in the details greedily: She was slim, and light-boned, like a bird, but there wasn't a sharp angle anywhere on her body, soft curves melted into each other, her legs long and perfectly flawless, her slim thighs and the soft down where they joined tempting her. Her hips were slim, and marked only with the intricate dark blue patterns of tattoos, or were they her natural colouring? Her slender waist only hinting at the concealed muscles below the velvety-soft skin. Selphie's eyes travelled upwards, her breasts were quite small, firm and sweet like fruit just before ripening, Selphie remembered how cool the skin was, and how delicately her smooth-skinned arms had wound around her. Her gaze continued up, looking at her lips. They looked soft, and felt even softer. She touched her own lips at the memory, smiling softly. She looked up, into Shiva's eyes, which were now fixed onto her own. She had been spotted.

She was paralysed to move, afraid that Shiva would vanish, or be disgusted at her voyeuristic pleasure. Shiva catwalked toward her, her hips swaying, seductively, her gaze never leaving Selphie's. She reached her, and put her hands to the neckline of Selphie's dress, her fingers toying with the zip.

"Now that you've had a chance to study me," she purred, "I'm allowed to do the same to you."

Selphie cringed, shyly, and Shiva smiled at her, softly. She tenderly drew the zip downwards, and spread the dress across Selphie's breasts, revealing them, pert and pale, the nipples a darker shade of rose pink. She smiled approvingly, and slid the dress to the floor, one hand brushing gently across the soft curl of hair between her legs, as the dress fell the rest of the way.

Her arms wound around Selphie's body, which was trembling with nervousness. She rested a light kiss to her lips, then pulled back, taking her by the hand and leading her to the silk-sheeted bed. She laid her down, then lay down beside her, stretching across her and stroking Selphie's breasts, circling round them teasingly until her fingers reached her nipples, and gently massaged them into hard points. She took one between her lips, and licked at it softly, deepening her light touches into a sucking kiss, one hand massaging the other breast skilfully, the other underneath Selphie's back. Selphie gasped at the pleasure, as her body wriggled slightly under Shiva. The ice spirit drew one leg across Selphie's own, so she lay, partially straddling the girl's pelvis, massaging her breasts, as Selphie tensed and relaxed and gasped under her.

She kissed her mouth softly, trailing her kiss down her throat, across her collarbone and down her breast, licking her nipple teasingly as she passed down south. Her hands fell to Selphie's hips, and her tongue caught on her clitoris, causing a short gasp to issue from Selphie. Shiva smiled up at her, and did it again, then licked all around it, before pushing her long tongue up, kissing Selphie, licking around inside her, making Selphie moan with pleasure. Her tongue was soft and warm, and its motions inside her were almost fluid. The tip touched on the spot which would drive her wild, then retreated again, and Selphie pressed her hands down onto Shiva's head, entangling themselves in Shiva's hair. She pushed her, trying to get the tip of that wonderful tongue to touch her the same way again. It did, but this time stayed there, flicking and rubbing against the walls inside her, making her toss and buck, her hips rising up off the bed, but Shiva held her down, licking at her inside, feasting on her.

Shiva withdrew, teasing her, kissing her, letting her taste herself on Shiva's tongue, which explored her mouth deeply. Her own tongue slipped into Shiva's mouth, exploring tentatively, then going deeper as she gained in confidence. Shiva drew away, and Selphie rolled, so that she was on top of the blue skinned woman, sucking and licking at her breasts greedily. Shiva sighed with satisfaction, meshing her own hands into Selphie's hair, before laughing with pleasure, and flipping the girl, so that she was below her once again. Selphie tried desperately to continue licking at the cold nipples, but Shiva lifted herself right up off her, and ground her pelvis against Selphie's, arousing her further.

"This is how it's done…" she breathed into her ear, before lowering her head to Selphie's breast and giving it the treatment it deserved, before moving to the other and repeating her actions. One hand moved between Selphie's legs, and stroked her clitoris, causing Selphie to jerk upwards. Shiva laughed titillatingly, kissing her again, before slipping her finger inside Selphie. Once it was inserted, she stirred it around gently, as Selphie convulsed with pleasure below her, her skin blushing all over. Her other finger joined the first, and Selphie moaned louder, tossing her head back into the pillow, now drenched with her sweat.

Selphie was powerless, wild with desire. Shiva withdrew her fingers, leaving Selphie feeling empty, and sat up on her, straddling her, rubbing her moistness against Selphie's, the fluids intermingling.

"I'll bring you…." She teased, "you just have to ask…."

Selphie nodded, breathlessly.

"You have to say it, I'm afraid. Just say it. Tell me what you want me to do." Selphie's eyes opened wide, and she tried to gasp out the words:

"Shiva, I… Need you. Inside me. Now." Shiva smiled.

Her fingers rushed up inside Selphie's opening, so fast it was almost painful, but their rubbing motions fast brought her back to the peak of ecstasy, thrusting in and out regularly, going deeper each time. Selphie moned and sighed, Shiva catching her lips in a hot, sticky kiss. Selphie freed one hand, and slipped it around behind Shiva then back through to caress her clitoris instinctively, before pressing a finger up into Shiva. Shiva deepened the kiss with a moan of pleasure, and pulled Selphie deeper onto her.

Their breasts rubbing together, hot pleasure driving them mad, Selphie came first, falling limp below the beautiful GF, who then collapsed on top of her, completely spent. Selphie sucked her own juices off Shiva's fingers, as Shiva did the same for her, before curling up, her head pillowed on Shiva's breasts. Shiva wrapped both arms around Selphie, holding her close, protectively.

"Don't worry, Selphie." She whispered, gently, "This time I won't just vanish."

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