Disclaimer: Squaresoft owns 'em. Notes: I got some of the little details from Anne Rice's novels. She wrote that when a vampire feast of a victim then that person's thoughts and memories can be seen and heard clearly through that bond. Oh yeah, and this is my first vampire story, so tell me what you think ^_^ Warning: Vampires, blood (nothing to bad), AU.

Love Lasts For Eternity

By Redrum

His fangs pierce the junction of shoulder and neck. His warm tongue pushes against my flesh gently, forcing more blood to surface to the wound. Wisps of blonde hair tickle my neck. His muscular arms embrace me, my ass flush against his crotch. The material of my faded black jeans creating friction against his growing erection, rubbing deliciously against him when he thrusts his hips forward. He groans against my neck, the vibration of his lush lips causing a shiver to go through me. A hand snakes down, deftly undoing the single zipper on my jeans. The material falls to the ground, by whatever supernatural force he uses. His large hand grips my leaking cock. In rythm with his thrusts he pumps my erection with a firm and steady grip.

I moan and let my head fall back against his broad shoulder, allowing better access to my neck. Cum spurts out of my cock. I feel the man behind me groan against my neck, and a slight wetness against my ass.

The blonde seethes his fangs, lapping the excess blood off my neck he pulls back slightly. My eyes widen and I turn to face him, wrapping my lean arms around his neck I pull him into a tight embrace. He gasps quietly, but his large arms soon pull me flush against him. I feel the cool flesh of his neck against my cheek, my blood travels through his system quickly, his flesh looses it's cold hardness, and his pale complexion gains a slight flush.

"Don't leave me again. Pease.." I whimper pitifully, but I can not take another of his leaves any more. He's always leaving me after I give him what he wants. "You know I have to. I have to return to 'the others'." Ah yes, 'the others'. He once told me that they keep track of what the other vampires are doing, so he can never stay too long. If he stays longer then necassary then 'the others' will know my location, and they will surely drain me.

"Make me one." He tenses slightly and pulls back to look into my storm blue eyes. "Are you sure?" He wanted to make me one of him the first day he met me. He said I have the capabilities to be a great vampire. Many people go crazy with the power, and new senses that come with being a vampire. He said that it isn't normal for someone like him to drain a human, but leave them alive. He never wanted to kill me. The first day he feasted on my blood I had given him my permission, and after filing through my thoughts (when a vampire feasts on a victim, that person's thoughts and memories are shared through the bond), he had become quite interested in me. I declined his many offers to siring me, afraid that if I became immortal and he were to leave me that I would have to live with the pain forever. But I know now, that he needs me just as much as I need him, and he would never leave me. I trust him with my life, and my soon to be undead life.

"Yes. I am sure." A smile lights up his face, his jade green eyes twinkle with happiness and relief. Relief that I have finally accepted his gift, and I will be with him for eternity. "You will never regret this." I know I won't.

He leans down to enclose my lips with his. Our warm tongues duel in equally shared passion. The rest of my clothes are soon flung off my lithe frame, and the blonde's clothes follow shoot. While still devouring my lips he uses his powers to collect them in a pile beneath me. I smile against his lips, pleased by the show of concern about my comfort. He pulls back, his breathing heavy (he always seems to forget that he doesn't need to breathe. Or maybe it's because breathing makes him feel more human). Gently guiding me down to the makeshift bed, he sits on my lean stomach (being careful not to put his full weight on me, if he wasn't so careful I could easily be crushed by his immortal strength. Even a simple thing like holding me could be the death of me). His eyes trail along my body, devouring me. Meeting my half lidded gaze again, his lush lips part in speech.

"You are beauty's perfection." He smiles and moves down between my legs. Looking up at my withering form he takes me fully in his mouth (as vampires have no gag reflex). The suction of his mouth, hollows his cheeks, the inside skin of them touching my cock. His tongue molds to the underside of my pulsing erection. I watch his blonde head bob up and down on my length. I close my eyes tightly, my muscles spasm, and milky fluid spurts into the blonde's eager mouth.

Giving one last hard suck on my flaccid member he slithers back up my body.

"Delicious." He smirks, leaning down he gently separates my lips with his white tongue. I moan when I taste my own cum in my mouth. We swap it back and forth for a little while until I swallow it fully. Pulling back the man kisses my jaw line, his warm lips trailing down to my neck. Lapping the scar that is already there, I feel the tip of his fangs press into the white scar. I gasp when he sinks his teeth fully into me.

"This will hurt." My brows furrow in question, but I soon find myself screaming in pain when the blonde thrusts into me suddenly. Silent tears make there way down my cheeks, virgin blood trails out of me and onto the man's cock. "Shh.. I'm sorry. There is no other way for the first time." I nod slowly. I already know that the rush of virgin blood will quicken the whole process, and with my blood coating him he will be able to pass for a human. He explained to me once that when a vampire is trying to make another, they must be joined and the vampire's fangs must be deep inside the victim. If the victim he is trying to turn into a vampire is a virgin, then when that blood is spilled onto him he will gain more powers. He will be able to walk out into sunlight, he won't have to worry about crosses or any of that kind of nonsense. And the victim in return gets turned into a vampire, and gains all the extra powers of the other. Of course if the victim is not a virgin then none of the above will happen.

My tears have long since stopped and I am now thrusting willingly with the blonde. My cries of passion soon start to die off as I become weak from blood loss. The man comes inside me, and I answer in turn. Pulling his fangs away from my neck, he quickly bites into his wrist and holds it to my mouth. My eyes start to drop, but the blonde shakes me roughly. "Come on! Just drink from my wrist and you'll be okay. Then you can sleep. Please don't close your eyes.." Nodding mutely I grab his arm weakly and place my mouth over the bleeding wound. My sucking is slow at first, but soon gains strength as more of his blood rushes into my system.

"That's it. Good job." I snort slightly at his comments, but continue to suck forcefully on the wound. It's slowly starting to heal, so I sink my normal human teeth into it fiercely, causing another spurt of blood to come out. "Enough." My eyes close in pain, and I let his wrist go hesitantly. The wound soon closes up, and only a small amount of blood lyes around that area.

"So, now that there is finally no risk.. what's your name beautiful one?" We have not been able to tell each other our names since the others will be able to track the name through my head and his. When a vampire and his victim have that blood bond they do not receive information such as the victim's name through their head. No one really knows why, but they don't bother to question it.

"Squall." He smiles, and cups my face in his large palm. "A beautiful name for a beautiful man. My name is Seifer." I grin in happiness, nuzzling against his palm I pull his body to mine and embrace him tightly. He squeezes back with a little more of his full strength (now that I almost a vampire I can handle a little more of his immortal strength. But until at least twenty four hours when his blood has had a chance to run through my system, I will not be able to take his full strength just yet).

"Let us go to sleep Squall. Tomorrow is another day, and I am looking forward to seeing the sunset." We smile at each other in content. Seifer rolls our bodies so that I am lying on top of his muscular body, and we both drift off into a different state of sleep that humans have never heard of. It's almost like a coma, except Seifer is able to hear if any intruders are near. Sighing in peace I cuddle against him, and nuzzle my nose against his neck. "I love you Seifer." "And I love you Squall. I'll love you for eternity."

The moons rays travel across the building's roof. The white light reflects against two naked bodies joined together in love. The following morning will bring a beautiful sight to the blonde man lying underneath the brunette. He will finally be able to see the sunset, and the way the other man's auburn hair twinkles in the sunlight. The brunette will finally be able to wake up with his lover, and he will finally know of the love and peace that can only come from being with the one you love for all eternity. Their undead lives together will have many problems concerning 'the others', but the time they spend together will out weigh even the worst of times. They will be together forever. And their love will continue to grow and blossom with each new day.

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