Love Bug

Chapter 7

By Purple Penguin

Instructor Trepe stood in front of her class. “For our training session today we are lucky enough to have two high ranking SeeDs with us.” She nodded at Squall and Zell

Lark winked at Squall from his seat on the front row. The brunette looked away differently but inside he wanted to smile back.

Instructor Trepe looked over her class. “Before we go has anyone seen Zen?”


“Or Irvine?”

“Oh yeah.” Zell yelled suddenly. “He might not be here; I sort of had his key to something a-and now I’ve sort of... lost it.”

Quistis rolled her eyes. “Okay, is this a key to something important?”

“Yes. Sorry Quisty-er-I mean I-Instructor Trepe.”

Squall and Quistis shook their heads at Zell’s sheepish apologetic grin. The class giggled while Seifer smiled affectionately. The short blonde blushed and stared at his feet.

“If that’s all then let’s go.”

Most of the class lunged from their seats and ran from the class room, probably hoping to have a quick smoke before their Instructor got down there.

Lark hung back in the doorway and smiled as Squall approached him. “Hey, can I walk with you?”

“S-Sure.” Squall walked beside the black haired man. “I-I-I-I wanted t-to ask you s-something.”

“Hmm, like what?” He watched the brunette slightly amused. Did he make the great Squall Leonhart nervous?

Squall took a breath. Okay this couldn’t be that hard, right? Selphie had dared him to ask out Lark and he never said no to a challenge, although he really did want to run away hide right now.

“What is it?” Lark prompted after a moment of silence.

“Do you... are”

The other man laughed and patted Squall on the back. “Don’t worry about it, your conversation skills are legendary.”

The brunette blushed. “Sorry.”

“I don’t mind, look if you want I’ll tell you some stuff about me and then you can say stuff about you, deal?”

Squall nodded. Getting to know this guy first would make it easier, right? He would tell Selphie that he will do it later.

“I transferred from Galbadia garden, I’m Galbadian born and breed I grew up in Deling City. I’m single, gay and I’ve got a female best friend who’s a little crazy. You?”

Squall paid special attention to the bit about being single and gay.

“I was in an Orphanage until I was five then I came here to garden and I’ve been here ever since. Also single and my best friend is more than a little mad.”

Lark chuckled. “Selphie right?”

He nodded.

“She didn’t seem that bad to me.”

“Wait till you see when she’s been at the sugar.”

Again he laughed. “So... are you straight?” He was a little disappointed when Squall didn’t say he was also gay.

Squall shook his head. “Bi.”

“Oh.” Was all he said out loud but in his head he yelled. ‘YES!’

In the training centre they fell silent to listen to Quistis. “Listen up everyone we’re going T-Rexuar hunting, you’ll spilt into three teams and Squall, Zell and myself will have a group each.” She split them into groups and gave Squall one of them. With the way she smirked at him he knew she had purposely put Lark in his group not that he was complaining.

Zell took the group with Seifer in and led them through the bushes. The tall blonde kept looking at him in a really strange way and the rest of the group obviously hated him but he didn’t so much as glare at them. Who was this impostor and what had he done with Seifer?

“Okay guys, does anyone know how to catch a T-Rexuar?”

“We could use bait. Someone could sit in an open space and look helpless.”

Another girl joined in. “Seifer should be bait, he’s big enough for the T-Rexuars to see.”

Zell narrowed his eyes. “No one is going to be bait. Pair yourselves off and look for T-Rexuars.” They all paired up leaving Seifer as the one without a partner. “Don’t go of too far!” Zell called after them.

“What is the matter with you? Why do you let them do that?”

“There’s nothing I can do. You heard Squall any trouble and I’m out of here.”

“He can’t throw you out of defending yourself verbally. You’re Seifer Almasy you don’t take crap from no one, remember?”

The tall blonde smiled at him again. “You know what? I-”

He was cut off by a scream. “T-Rexuar!”

The two ran in the direction of the noise. A huge T-Rexuar pushed through the trees beside them, it almost took Zell’s head off but Seifer shoved him forward and sliced the neck of the monster.

It roared and swung it’s tail Zell jumped it but Seifer wasn’t quick enough, he hit the floor hard. He looked up to see Shiva attack the monster and as soon as she was gone Squall ran to help them followed by Lark. The blacked haired man fired one of his arrows hitting it in the eye. Zell cast aura on Seifer, he did crossfire which finished it off and it fell with it’s large neck wound spilled blood and guts all over Zell.

A member of his group ran up but she stopped dead in front of Zell and held her nose. “EEWW! You smell terrible.”

Zell looked round to see that the others had also moved away from him. “What? It’s not that bad stop being babies.” His annoyance turned into concern when Seifer limped up to him.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah. I think that thing hit me harder then I thought it did.”

“You should go to the infirmary.” Squall told him. “Zell you go too and take a shower while you’re at it, okay?”

“I don’t stink that much.” He walked out slowly so Seifer could keep up.

The tall blonde smiled affectionately. “Actually you do stink pretty bad.”

Zell pretended to bit offended. “Great everyone’s ganging up on me..” He wiped some goo off his arm. “Do you want some monster goo?” He grinned. “I think you do.” He hugged Seifer; the monster guts stuck to the other man’s clothes.

Seifer pried him off even though he liked having Zell so close. “You’re disgusting. If the doctor won’t let me in now because of the smell then it’s our fault.” He smirked, an old Seifer smirk. “And then you’ll have to be punished with a good spanking.”

The look on Zell’s face was priceless.

“I’m kidding, it was a joke.”

“Oh.” He said after a while.

“Do you wish I wasn’t joking?”

Zell smiled. “Are you flirting with me?”

“Me? No.”

“I think you are.”

The tall blonde just shrugged as they entered the infirmary.

“What the hell happened to you two?!” The doctor stood up.

“We’ve been monster hunting.” Zell held up a hand “Don’t worry I’m not staying.” He waved at Seifer. “I’ll see you later, okay?”

“Yeah okay. Bye.” He grinned, watching the blonde leave.

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