Longing for your smile

Chapter One

By Forbidden Angelus

Seifer looked at the picture in his hand and sighed. He traced the line of the smiling face in the photo and sighed again.

It cost me lots of guil… but it's worth them… he thought …He's so beautiful here…

He sighed for the third time. He was in his bedroom in the Garden, yes in the Garden. Cid had allowed him back but everyone still hated him. Squall and his friends tried to treat him civilly and he appreciated it, but whenever he walked around all of the students give him cool stares and talked behind his back. The things got worse when he fell in love, with… with him. So damn beautiful… And so unreachable… he checked his clock "Time for the class…" he whispered, standing up.

He entered the class and sat at his chair. He was in the last row, alone. All the students where talking about him and the shame he was for the Garden, but he didn't care. The teacher was saying things that he already knew, so he had time to watch again the picture

I know he won't ever love or even care for me, but I'm helpless…

Then the teacher said something very interesting

"Class, the next SeeD exam will be in three days, deadline for sign-up will be in four hours…"

SeeD exam?? If I pass I'll be spending more time with him, he's a SeeD, isn't he?

"Yo Squall, have you heard??" Zell asked him


"We will be in charge for the next SeeD exam!!" he said "We'll look over the students!!"


"Yes, Me, you, Selphie and Quistis!!"

"What is the mission??"

"Headmaster told me that we received a SOS by some people on the Island Closest to Hell… The message said that they were attacked by some kind of soldiers…"

"Soldiers?! No one can live there, it's full of monsters!" Squall exclaimed

"I know, that's why Headmaster wants us to follow the students and keep ready for everything…" Zell answered

"HEY!!!" Selphie exclaimed, running to them "Have you heard??" she asked, excited

"Of the SeeD exam??" Squall asked "Yes…"

"We were talking 'bout it…" Zell said

"Oh, so you know that Seifer's trying out??"


"Yes!! He said that he'll pass this time, he was pretty firm." Selphie continued "Oh, Irvine is calling me… Bye!!"

"Seifer is going to do the exam…" Zell repeated "Let's hope he won't be in my group…"


"Because… Because he's always pissing me off!! With all of you is changed, you can even talk with him without fight!! But with me he's different, he's always calling me Chicken Wuss and I… I hate that!!"

"Hey, Zell… Take it easy…" Squall said "…Put yourself in his position, he hasn't any friends here, everyone is turning the back to him, he's loner and loner… The only people who treat him like a human being are we, who was once his enemy… Do you think it's easy for him to get over this whole mess??" Squall asked, finally. Zell was speechless. He'd never thought of Seifer in this terms… Maybe he's different under that cocky-bastard mask…

"Hey Squall, hey chicken wuss!!"

…No! Definitely not!!

"Seifer…" Zell hissed

"Hey, chicken wuss… Have you heard?? I'm in your group!!" Seifer said

Oh no!! thought Zell

"So you'll be my teacher!!" Seifer said, before turning away.

"I HATE him!!" Zell exclaimed.

"Hey, Almasy!!" someone shouted "You traitor!!"

"Watch your mouth boy!!" Seifer said

"Hey, what's going on there??" Zell asked to no one, turning toward the crowd that had gathered around Seifer and another student.

"You shouldn't be here, Almasy!!" the student said

"But, I'm here, problems??" he said, crossing his arms

"Of course!! You are a traitor, Almasy!! And the traitors must die!!" he shouted

"Okay, now?? What should I do?? Trembling with fear, genius??" Seifer retorted, grinning

"Stop, you two!!" Zell exclaimed, emerging from the crowd

"I wasn't doing anything…" Seifer said

"Seifer, go to your room." Zell said, then pointed at the other boy ignoring Seifer's comment 'Yes, mommy' "And you'll come with me to the Headmaster!!"

Seifer turned back and did what Zell had told him, while he was going away, the boys whispered about him some 'bastard' arrived at his ears and something worst, too. He pretended he didn't care and went to his room.

Seifer locked the door behind him and sighed heavily. He sat on the bed and rest his head on his hand

"Shit…" he whispered.

He couldn't hold this anymore, he felt as if there was a heavy weight on his back, that pressed him down, that prevented him from breathe.

"Shit…" he repeated, laying on the bed. He reached in his pocket and took out the picture. He kissed it, then he turned around and tried to sleep.

"Headmaster Cid, here is the boy." Zell said, bringing the boy inside "What's your name?" Cid asked

"Galt, Kenneth… Student ID: 324567, Sir!" he said

"Why did you attack Seifer Almasy?"

"He's a traitor, sir." Kenneth answered

"A traitor? Zell, can you please leave us?" Zell nodded and got out of the room.

"Hey, Zell!" Squall called him "What did Cid said?"

"He's still talking with him." The blonde answered.

"Never mind. Here is the memo." Squall said, handing him a bunch of papers

"The memo??"

"Yes, the SeeD exam. We'll divide in four groups and follow the instructions." Squall said, walking away.

Zell shuddered and started to read the memo.

GARDEN MEMO to: Almasy, Seifer; Dincht, Zell; McKinley, Crys.<br>

Re: SeeD test.

"This is a reminder to be ready tomorrow at seven AM (0700 h) for departure to the Island Closest to Hell. You will be a rescue team. You must find Lady of the Sea's crew. Zell Dincht will act as you squad leader. You will be briefed again in more detail on the transport."


Zell sighed again and went to his room.

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