Author’s notes: Okay so things get a little mad in this chapter. This is the final chapter cos I’m bored of this story now.

Warning: Rinoa bashing.

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Chapter Six

By Purple Penguin

Xu sighed. It had been a long day, Squall had left her in charge of the whole Garden and she was starting to see why Selphie had said he needed a vacation. Not only did she have to handle Garden, but she was also without three instructors, the moral officer, and the head of the D.C.

She began to sort out the piles of paperwork that littered the desk when the intercom beeped.


She franticly searched for the intercom button.

“Yes, what is it?”

“Rinoa Heartilly is here to see you.”

Xu frowned. What could that bitch want?

“Send her in.”

She looked up as Rinoa trotted into the room looking upset.

Xu really hated Rinoa. She wasn’t that bad, but she was bitchy towards Quistis and she acted whiney and childish. Xu had become one of the group after the war, but she had always clashed with Rinoa.

“Xu, where’s Squall?”

“He’s on vacation with Ellone and the others. Why?”

“I need to speak with him. I have great news.” She sighed grinning from ear-to-ear.

“I’m pregnant.”

Xu stared at her open mouthed.

“WHAT-er... are you sure it’s Squall’s.”

“Nope, that’s why I need to find him to do a blood test.”

Xu nodded. “I bet you’re hoping it’s your boyfriend’s.”

“No, I want it to be Squall’s, and then we can get back together.”

Xu nearly laughed. “You’ve got to be kidding! Squall’s not going to get back with you just because you’re carrying his baby! Besides Selphie tells me he’s got someone else in mind.”

“WHAT! But everyone says he’s still single, and if he hasn’t got over me by now, he must want me back.”

She was clutching at straws and she looked desperate.

“Rinoa, I’m sorry there’s nothing I can do. Why not wait for Squall to get back and talk to him.”

“Where is he? Can’t we go out there?”

Xu sighed, resting her palm on her forehead.

“He’s in Esther somewhere camping. What good would it do to go out there? And what do you mean ‘Can’t WE go out there?!”

“Well, you can’t expect a proper girl like me to go gallivanting off into the wilderness alone can you?”

Xu desperately tried to think of something to put her off the idea.

“Besides,” Rinoa continued. “What better place to make up than the great outdoors. Sooo... why not put Nida in charge and come with me.”

“Oh, I can’t.”

“Pleeaase, if they complain you can blame me.”

Xu sighed. She had to admit she did need a vacation.

“Okay,” she reluctantly agreed.

“YAH! You won’t regret it I swear.”

Xu found the intercom button, sending out a message to the whole garden.



Nida arrived less than five minutes later.

“Nida, I’m going away for a while with Rinoa. I need you to take over here, alright?”

“What!? You’re going on vacation!? But I’ve worked hard, why am I stuck here?”

“Nida, don’t whine I don’t want to go, but Rinoa has things to sort out.”

“Let me come with you, I’ll be useful I swear. You can get someone else to cover garden.”

“Like who?”

“... Er... Oh the head of the library, she’s dedicated.”

“I hardly think running a library is the same as running Garden.”

“Please Xu, I’ll show her everything. She’ll be perfect I swear!”

Rinoa smirked. “You just wanna go so you can fuck Ellone.”

Nida glared at her. “And you’re going so you can get into Squall’s pants.” Rinoa glared back.

Xu threw up her hands. “Fine. You can come, but if I find out you’ve leave a junior class man in charge I’ll string you up by the dangly organ between your legs.

“YESS!” Nida jumped up punching the air. “You won’t regret it.”

“Somehow I doubt that.”


Squall slowly opened his eyes a soft smile on his face. He turned over and stretched lazily being careful not to wake his companion. He pulled himself up on his arms glancing over at his sleeping lover. As Squall gently ran a hand through Seifer’s hair he stirred in his sleep not quite waking turning away from whatever was trying to disturb his sleep. Squall reluctantly let him be. He dressed quickly and ducked out of the tent. He expected to be the first up and was surprised to see Selphie sitting in a tree gazing out at the lake. She was quiet and very unSelphie like.

“Hey, what are you doing?” He asked.

Selphie jumped before looking down with a sheepish expression.

“Hi, I’m looking for Dodos they’re supposed to come to land this time of year.”

Squall blinked. “Did you just say Dodos?!”


“Selphie are you feeling okay? You do know that Dodos are extinct right?”

“Well I can see them come up here.”

Squall cambered up the tree and sat beside Selphie.

“Look.” She pointed to the horizon.

Squall stared carefully in the direction she pointed. He felt a presence behind him and someone started to kiss his neck. He jerked away looking back.

“Selphie? What are you doing?”

“I don’t know, it’s your dream not mine.”

“What? Dream?”


Squall opened his eyes to find he was back in his tent, naked and beside Seifer who was snuggled up beside him, kissing his neck. He sighed. That explained why Selphie had kissed him.

He smiled sitting up slightly ignoring the complaints from his lover.

“Where are you going?”

“Going to check Selphie’s not looking for Dodos.”

Seifer’s eyes narrowed. “What?”

“I had a dream that Selphie was looking for Dodos. So I need to check I’m awake.”

“You are awake, trust me.”

“Oh, no. You might be a figment of my imagination. I may be asleep.”

The blonde smirked before grabbing the brunette pulling him down forcing his mouth to Squall’s kissing him hard. After breaking off the kiss he grinned.

“You convinced yet?”

“Well if you are a figment you’re a very sexy figment. But I think I need more convincing.”

Seifer chuckled as Squall kissed him again. He ran his hands down the bare torso of his lover. He had wanted to touch Squall for years so now he had to make up for lost time. Seifer put a hand up to gently stroke the back of Squall’s neck before moving it into his hair. Squall began to purr like a cat in contentment. Seifer grinned, he loved that sound. He had just started to trail kisses down his lover’s neck when the tent flap opened and Selphie stuck her head in.

They both groaned and Squall put his head down into the hollow of Seifer’s throat.

“Morning guys. Come on you have to get up. Xu phoned Quistis and apparently there are going to be three more joining us. Nida, Xu and Rinoa.”

Squall looked up quizzically. “Rinoa? Why?”

“I didn’t get the details. All I know is we all have to be up and dressed before they get here.”

“And what if we don’t?” Seifer asked just to be difficult.

Selphie sighed. “Do I really have to make the same threat as I did to Zell and Irvine?”

She crawled over to the corner of the blanket that covered most of the couple’s nakedness giving it a teasing little flip up in the air.

“WHOA! What are you doing?!”

“Aww are you naked under this?”

The two shared a horrified look.


Selphie smirked evilly.

“Hey, Quistis,” she called. “You might wanna come see this.”

Squall reached for his clothes as Seifer wriggled beneath him to keep their ‘bits’ hidden by each other’s bodies.

Quistis shook her head sniggering.

“Selphie, don’t be so cruel. Leave them alone.”

She grabbed the short girl by the waist and dragged her from the tent kicking and screaming.

“NOOO!! Let me have my fun!”

“Thanks Quisty. We owe you one.” Squall called.

“Oh, are we there yet?”

“Does it look like it? We’re in the middle of nowhere.”

“I’m sooo tired. I’ve never walked this far in my whole life.”

“Rinoa, we only got off the train half an hour ago. Stop whining!”

“Yeah well, why did you come if you didn’t like walking?”

“Shut up Nida! I told you I have things to discuss with Squall.”

Nida paused as Rinoa walked past him.

“Spoiled brat,” he murmured.

Xu shook her head.

“I heard that... you... you.... Big Meany!”

Nida just walked past her. “Come on, Rinoa.”

“No you apologize now.” She tried to look angry, but instead she seemed very childish. She folded her arms in front of her, pouting.

“Apologize to you?! You gotta be kidding! No way!”

“Then you’re not welcome on this trip anymore right, Xu?”

“I’m not getting involved.” She held up her hands as a sign of peace.

“Then I’m not carrying your pack anymore.”

Nida threw down Rinoa’s stuff that he had agreed to carry.

“What! You can’t. What am I supposed to do with it?”

“Carry it, maybe. Pull your weight for a change.”

“I can’t carry that. I’m a girl.”

“Xu manages.”

“But I’m a proper girl.”

“OOHH! Insult! Xu did you hear that?!” Nida grinned widely thoroughly enjoying the chance to rinse Rinoa.

Xu rubbed her forehead in frustration.

“Why me?” She muttered.

“Oi guys, maybe when you’re finished being childish you’d like to continue with the journey, but I’m going now. Bye.”

“Xu, wait up, I’m coming.” Nida followed her. Rinoa looked at her pack in despair.

“What you’re just gonna leave me here? Xu? Nida?”

Rinoa quickly picked up the pack with little difficultly and ran to catch up.

Quistis sat on the bank, her feet dangling in the cold water. She smiled as she watched the strange events unfold before her. She grinned widely as a girlish shriek pierced the air made surprisingly by Squall ‘the ice prince’ Leonhart. It was rare to see Squall smile, let alone shriek before the war. Squall half swam, half ran through the lake desperate to get away from his lover who soon caught him and tickled him mercifully. Quistis shook her head. It was good to see Squall truly happy, Seifer was good for him everyone agreed on that.


Seifer lunged for the wriggling body of his lover, grabbing him kicking and screaming round the waist dragging him back towards the waterfall. Finally getting a firm grip pulling him up and into a kiss. He felt Squall go limp in his arms, (Well most of him went limp.) losing all resistance and instantly responding to the kiss. Seifer backed up slowly and carefully so as not to break the kiss leading Squall under the waterfall. He pulled away from his lover once he had the brunette where he wanted him.

“So what was it you said you always wanted to do under a waterfall?”

Squall grinned wickedly.


Quistis watched as the couple kissed under the waterfall. She was just thinking how incredibly hot they looked together especially from this angle. Her eyes nearly fell out of her head as Seifer really closed the gap and one of his hands disappeared from view. Seeing as all Squall wore were a pair of trunks it didn’t take a genius. She blushed, figuring she should give them a bit of privacy.


Xu flicked through the directions Selphie had given her over the phone; it looked like they were close. She watched the majestic waterfall, it was peaceful and beautiful.

“Don’t tell me what to do!”

“You can’t take care of yourself you’re a big baby!”

Xu sighed. She’d had to put up with them for miles.

“We’re nearly there, Rinoa.” She said wearily.

“You made it!”

Xu turned to see an energetic Selphie standing on the hill.

“Welcome to Camp Selphie.”

“Oh, you don’t know how happy I am to get here without me having to kill those two idiots.”

“That bad huh.”

“Worse, but I’m too exhausted to explain.”

Rinoa ran up and past Selphie.

“Get lost Nida I gotta find Squall.”

“Er... Rinoa... about that. Rinoa?” Selphie looked sheepish and ran after her. “Boy is she going to get a shock.”


Rinoa followed the sound of voices until she reached the clearing. She gasped at the sight in front of her. Quistis sat roasting marshmallows, Irvine and Zell were holding hands and if that wasn’t weird enough Squall sat on Seifer’s lap and they were feeding each other marshmallows.

“Squall?” She asked in a small voice.

“Hey Rin, what are you doing here?”

“Someone told me you wanted me back.”

Both Squall and Seifer stared dumbly at her.

“I guess it was just a rumour.” She shrugged surprisingly cheerful. “Oh well back to the boyfriend.”

“Wait a minute.” Xu looked seriously confused. “What about the baby?”

“What baby?!” Squall asked.

Rinoa looked guilty. “Oh that, we made that up.”

“WHAT!! You mean I left garden and came all the way up here and... Who’s we?”

“Me and Nida.”

Xu was seriously pissed. “You mean you two are in LEAGUE!!” She glared at Nida who was trying to slink away.

“Come on I REALLY needed a vacation and so do you!”

Ellone came up beside Nida and he put an arm around her.

“I get it,” she said slowly. "You two are just horny teenagers who were hoping to get laid! But it seems we’ve got quite enough HORMONES ALREADY!!” She stared hatefully at the two pairs of lovers who were kissing.

“Xu.” Quistis said gently. “Don’t be too hateful we’re all together. Let’s just enjoy the end of the vacation.”

Everyone else settled down around the fire as Xu stopped seething.

“Give me a marshmallow then,” Xu ordered.

“Oh, and Squall, if there’s an imbecile commanding Garden then blame Nida not me.”

The SeeD commander shrugged going back to necking with Seifer.

“Don’t you care?”

Squall shrugged.

“Am I the only one who cares about that place?!”

“HEY! I’m on vacation.”

“Xu, don’t piss everyone off it’s so immature,” Rinoa said in a snooty voice.

“ME?! Wanna talk about immature?! You’re the goddamn queen at that you fucking bitch!!”

Xu stomped off in a huff.

Rinoa sighed. “She needs to grow up.”




I may add another chapter depending on if I can be bothered and if I get time as I’ve started two new multi-part stories. And for the record I like Nida but I had to make someone whiny enough to argue with Rinoa.

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