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Notes: Did this in my french class.. everyone got in trouble so we had to write a paragraph with a theme of snow. Luckily I love to write so this is what I came up with ^^ Punishment indeed.. Unfortunetly this is not yaoi since I had to hand it in to the teach.

Lone Ice Sculpture

By Redrum

The virgin snow blankets the hard earth. Only one set of footprints can be seen marring the crystallized surface. Twinkling snowflakes fall gracefully from the murky gray-blue heavens. A colour that not only rests in the sky, but in a pair of eyes as well. Large trees that were once full of lush green leaves are now cold and dead. No remaining leaves can be seen clinging to the branches. The wind sweeps gently across the land, caressing the lone figure. The only living form that dares to brave the cold winter air.

Puffs of air escape the figures parted lips, lips that have turned the lightest shade of blue. The figure is hard to define due to the layer of snow that covers them. The wind caresses the lone figure in question, flowing across a broad chest and narrow hips, the wind's questions are answered.

The man's chin length chestnut hair flitters in the breeze, icicles cling to the dark strands. A large bomber jacket is hugged tightly to his lithe frame. Faded black jeans cling to his muscular legs, offering no warmth. His black hiking boots keep his feet only slightly warm, the snow being so deep that it seeps into them. Silver buckles clank soundlessly against his hips. He has been walking for hours, seminally lost. Yet to stubborn to quit. Soon the icy wind and virgin snow will force him to collapse. His heart may be a block of ice, but his flesh can only take so much abuse before it gives.

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